Our New Mayor

I’m not telling the truth and you can’t make me…

Our esteemed City Council appointed lobbyist-councilcreature Jennifer Fitzgerald to be the new mayor a couple weeks ago. Supposedly it’s her turn again. How and why Jan Flory was appointed Mayor Pro Tem is anybody’s guess, especially since Bruce Whitaker and Ahmad Zahra have been on the council longer without appointment – supposedly the criterion for getting the job.

Zahra and Jesus Silva Quirk are no doubt angling to grab the mayor titlee when they run for re-election in 2022. They aren’t too bright, but they’re smart enough to count in four-year increments.

But the nasty machinations of our talent-free council are not the point of this post, merely a rolling introduction. What I really want to share is the completely self-serving and fraudulent mayoral bio Ms. Fitzgerald has placed on the City’s website, the first two paragraphs of which I reproduce here:

Mayor Jennifer Fitzgerald was elected to the Fullerton City Council in November 2012 and served as Mayor Pro Tem in 2014/2015 and Mayor in 2015/2016. In her first three years in office, Mayor Fitzgerald played a key role in several significant accomplishments, including a $3.5 million retroactive refund of water rate overcharges, public safety reform, a substantive increase in funding to repair the city’s aging roads and water infrastructure, and adoption of new transparency measures for public employee labor negotiations.

Mayor Fitzgerald represents the City of Fullerton on the Board of Directors for the Association of California Cities-Orange County Chapter and she is a Member of the Board of Directors for the Orange County Taxpayers Association. She is a former Metropolitan Water District Director, Past President of the North Orange County Chamber (formerly Fullerton Chamber of Commerce) and past Member of the Board of Directors for the Fullerton Historic Theater Foundation. Previously, she served the City of Fullerton on its Planning Commission and General Plan Advisory Committee.

It’s pretty bad that Fitzgerald is trying to take credit for the water refund she fought tooth and nail to minimize. It’s worse that she is trying to get gullible folks to think she has done anything about police reform , when in reality she has been an ardent defender of cover-ups for eight years –  including hush-up settlements and even being implicated in hiding the drunk hit-and-run perpetrated by her buddy Joe “Wild Ride” Felz. The unkindest cut of all may be her bragging about “increased funding” for street and water infrastructure that she and her comrades let sink into a deplorable mess – the worst in Orange County.

At least this go ’round she omits her oft-repeated lie that she has balanced budgets, but her re-election campaign material will no doubt rectify the omission. I’ll be checking into that.

And finally I direct your attention to paragraph two, wherein the tone deaf Fitzgerald blithely recaps all the public money laundering agencies she has consorted with, peddling her wares as a lobbyist for one of the greasiest operators in OC – Curt Pringle.

17 Replies to “Our New Mayor”

  1. How is she going to explain her sanctimonious speech in which she promised not to take any salary for her “services” and then reneged? That’ll look good (bad) on a campaign hit piece.

  2. She was kicked off of Metropolitan ONE WEEK after being appointed due to a blatant conflict of interest.

    What a lying sack of shit.

  3. I take umbrage with your claim that Fullerton has the worst streets. Everyone knows that badge of honor goes to Santa Ana, hands down.

  4. Ducks gotta fly. Politicians gotta lie. They can’t help it. Only greed, envy and malice reside in the shell of their hollow souls.

    1. This particular idiot seems special.

      Literally pushed the council to adopt as high a water tax as possible, almost as much as the full illegal amount, then turns around and celebrates giving people their money back that was illegally collected.

      That shit is evil.

  5. From her campaign website:

    “In my eight years on council, I’ve worked hard to reform and strengthen our police department, increase road reconstruction and repair and balance the city’s budget.”

    Lie, lie and lie. The FitzPringle trifecta of lies: cops, roads, budget. She’s failed on all three.

  6. I can’t wait for the City’s lawsuit attempt to silence the FFFF blog gets thrown out. Our lobbyist mayor is going to be exposed for obstruction of justice in the Drunken City Manager incident.

  7. This lawsuit seems a waste of time and energy to just prove a point. Meanwhile our new Mayer and her appointed sidekick appear to go nearly unchallenged in their campaign to ruin Fullerton. Permatizing the paid parking program in the downtown for one which is frustrating patrons and hurting business. They admit that their best revenue is derived from parking tickets. There have been over 75 appeals failed of these unfair confusing parking meters. Fitzgerald admired that the Christmas lights in the downtown are disliked but says they can be used yearound because they change colors. Please drop this lawsuit and bring back your battle this unbalanced partisan city meetings.

  8. “In 2016, a drunken Felz was involved in a hit and run before being pulled over by the Fullerton Police Department. He was then driven home by the FPD. One of the responding officers, former Sgt. Roger Jeffrey Corbett, was charged with falsifying the police report in an alleged attempt to downplay the incident. Corbett pleaded not guilty and his trial is currently underway.”

    Anyone know when and where’s the trail at?

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