Fullerton Observer Acts as an Arm of the State, Actively Helps Pursue FFFF as Criminals

Fullerton Observer in their Native Russian

In a twist worthy of Pravda, the Fullerton Observer has gone all-in with being an arm of the state. Sharon Kennedy retained a computer expert to help the city in their lawsuit against us, a rival news organization here in the City of Fullerton. That “expert” has now written a declaration for the city in their lawsuit against us evil “hackers”.

Sharon Kennedy’s own contracted “expert” is now working in cahoots with the city. In a terrible look for local journalism Kennedy has literally retained somebody to help the government attack the First Amendment. From his declaration (emphasis added):

I was retained by the newspaper, Fullerton Observer, to analyze the expert declaration of Matthew Strebe submitted by the City of Fullerton and provide an independent opinion on whether a connection could be made between the City of Fullerton’s Dropbox account and the Defendants associated with Friends for Fullerton’s Future Blog, including named defendants Joshua Ferguson and David Curlee. I reviewed the Declaration of Matthew Strebe, summarizing his forensic analysis of the incident involving the City of Fullerton’s private records.”

The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press came to our aid, as have multiple other outlets. Meanwhile the Observer is the only, I repeat THE ONLY, media outlet to openly support the City in attempting to limit the first amendment to whatever the government wants it to say.

It’s not often you get to see a journalistic outlet try and tank a rival at the behest of government – well, not often outside of Mother #Russia anyways. Yet, here we have the Fullerton Observer helping attack us with “expert” testimony while simultaneously claiming on every article their desire to “Protect local journalism”.

Thankfully while Fullerton Pravda…. I mean the Observer was carrying City Hall’s water we went ahead and found our own expert who concluded the following [Linked HERE]:

“The evidence presented by the City in no way supports any allegation of “unauthorized access” or “exceeding access” of any computer system. The evidence shows that the City itself placed this information on the internet without access control allowing anyone full permission to download the content. The access logs, even if authenticated, do not substantiate, in the absence of other corroborating evidence, that all Tor, VPN, and foreign traffic belongs to the Defendants. Nor is Mr. Ferguson’s use of PureVPN a sufficient or even suggestive data point to implicate guilt.”

This case just keeps getting crazier by the day. I knew Sharon Kennedy and her Observer had issues with this blog but I never expected her to literally contract somebody who then attacks us in court at behest of the city’s ludicrous and defamatory allegations.

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27 thoughts on “Fullerton Observer Acts as an Arm of the State, Actively Helps Pursue FFFF as Criminals

  1. The Yellowing Observers have hated FFFF since the day it started because:
    1) The BooHoos hated Bushala
    2) The BooHoos, being Boohoos are congenitally disposed to act as unpaid running dogs to the bureaucracy in City Hall.

    All you have to do is search on the word Observer and you’ll get the whole picture – Sharon Kennedy and her tribe attacking anybody who dares question the long arm of government, government incompetence, government arrogance.

    The Observer hasn’t said a critical word about Fullerton’s corrupt cops and stumblebum city employees in 25 years.

  2. When your “newspaper” fights against the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, you might be an evil piece of shit.

    Where the hell is super-liberal Jesse LeTour? Busy suckin off the government teet?

      1. The Observer has been a pinko rag for decades and now make no bones about being openly pro socialist/communist and espouses every leftist cause that exsists while vilifying any Christian, conservative, non -woke cause they encounter as phobic-this or hater-that….they do NOT represent most citizens of Fullerton yet we have to have them rammed down our throats at every newstand in Fullerton… I am heartily sick of this fish-wrapper!

  3. A little birdy told me the city is having “nuclear aneurysms” over the FFFF declarations filed this week. Especially something Curlee wrote. The city is scared as hell.

  4. The only thing the Observer is good at is finding gullible advertisers to pay for publication. I lived in Fullerton and owned a business there 25 years ago. I refused to advertise in their leftist, pandering rag and don’t understand why anyone in the city would. No one takes their tripe seriously as they don’t report anything close to real news.

  5. The Observer is not leftist. I’m a Fucking leftist, but I’m clearheaded enough to think it’s totally wrong when power is abused. To target individuals and a blog to serve as a deflection for a massive blunder and incompetence on the part of the city goes against everything I stand for. This leftist is pro free speech, anti corrupt government, on an advocate of speech. The Observer supports the establishment. They will point out injustice as long as it’s does not get too messy. Corrupt police and an attack on a blog, whose politics they don’t agree with, that they don’t have the stomach for. Culturally sensitive proclamations, period appropriate door knobs and bike lanes is more their speed. They won’t confront power. In their defence their readership are all in their eighties. They are wrong because they are cowards not because they are left of center.

  6. As part of the settlement Josh and FFFF should require the City of Fullerton to fly the ‘Free Speech Flag’ year-round over City Hall so no one will ever forget this atrocity.

  7. By the time Kelly Aviles gets done with the city of Fullerton they’re going to owe her about $150,000. Plus Ferguson about 100K and Curly about the same. But, the city wont learn a gd thing. First, they have no shame, second, they don’t give a rats ass, it’s not their money. Third, nobody will be held accountable.

  8. Endorsed Dick Jones for re-election to the Fullerton City Council in 2008.

    The Observer is, at best – something to wipe your butt with, but only if you have no toilet paper.

    Case Closed.

    1. The campaign of Karen Haluza ended a few thousand votes behind Mr. Jones. One of the most interesting questions of this election is how Haluza failed when her main opponent was subjected to a strong, independent opposition. We believe the answer lies in the efforts of The Fullerton Observer to undermine Shawn Nelson’s campaign, an effort that included its endorsement of Mr. Jones. The endorsement of The Observer, whatever its intellectual merit, has been worth around 2500 votes in General Elections over the years – just about the difference in the vote total between Haluza and Jones. One can only speculate on the outcome of a Quirk/Haluza “bullet vote” strategy by the Observer and its kindred spirits. The Observer could have gotten its own favored liberals elected and rid Fullerton of a an incurably rude buffoon.

  9. Sharon Kennedy hates FFFF because one of its commenters(me) outed Sharon as a lice infested, food stamp recipient who lived in a discarded school bus with her two kids in Northern California. With lice exploding from her head, food stamps dangling from her hands, leaning against a rusting, yellow bus, she describes her life as “Optimism” in her paintings (her word not mine). Like the rest of her family, she is adept at playing dress-up using her very local newspaper to promote her and her siblings sham accomplishments. She has no talent, no formal training or education in fine arts or journalism, but she has fools who financially support her quest to shut down FFFF.

      1. Mean is persecuting people so to pander to corrupt politicians and to obliterate those who expose their nefarious acts. And it is accurate, as I personally knew this woman and her family from 1972 to 1984.

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