Don Bankhead Dead

The thing that many people thought inconceivable has happened. Don Bankhead, former Fullerton city councilman, has gone on to his reward.

On Earth, Bankhead’s reward was being the only person in the 170 year history of California to be recalled twice from the same office.

Details are non-existent to the general public since no published obituary is readily available. However the Loma Vista website informs us:

James “Don” Bankhead
Saturday, January 4, 2020 at 12:30 p.m.
Graveside Service

Note – I found this write-up on-line. No mention of 2 recalls. Still the only thing other than my own post. Sort of sad.

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  1. I always thought he ran for office just to get even with the people who denied him the chief job. He sure did love being sucked up to.

      1. We all have feet of clay. But too many have heads of clay, too. Many of them gt into politics to prop up their egos.

    1. I couldn’t walk in his shoes. They were size 15. Anyhow, he sure rested in peace during all those meetings where he was being paid to stay awake.

        1. Bankhead raked in several tens of thousand a year milking the various boards and commission he was appointed to. Plus hos phony disability pension paid for by us. I’d say Bankhead’s parasitism was pretty lucrative.

    2. Thank you, The Other Guy. Regardless of what someone thinks of a person or their past, let them rest in peace. Some people just can’t let it go. Slamming a person who just passed ….really?!!

      1. “Passed?” Passed “Go” and collected $200?

        The man’s dead. He is unaware of any aspersions cast in his direction. Why do we have to forget 25 years of boobery stoogery and incompetence?

        1. He sure blocked a lot of potentially superior candidates. And during his looooooong tenure Fullerton went to shit.

        2. Thank you The Other Guy and Debra.

          While you may think he is unaware, his friends and family are not!

          Whether you agreed with his politics or not, my dad gave over 60 years of his life to the city of Fullerton and was a hero to many. My brother and I had the honor of sharing stories with him these last few days reminding of all the good things he did in his life.

          He served this country during the Korean War
          He ran to a neighbor’s screams to save a kid that set himself on fire grabbing the burning child, running through a fence to jump into a pool.
          Served as a Fullerton Police Officer for more than 30 years, actually helping people. Then, because he wasn’t done serving this community he loved so much, he followed with 30 more years on the city council.

          Alzheimer’s is a horrible disease that steals every little bit of a person over a long period of time. My dad was a strong proud man. He suffered silently with this disease for years while it stole pieces of his memory, his confidence, his safety and his sanity. My dad fought till the end.

          So continue to hide you anonymous trolls, and take heart that your hateful words reach his children and grandchildren. I hope you’re proud.

          1. I’m sure your Dad did a great many things.

            He was a shitty City Councilman and let a lot of good people get hurt by bad cops.

            You’re right, as his daughter, to defend him. We’re right, as his victims, to criticize him.

            Enjoy his pension.

          2. So sorry for your loss. Please give my deepest sympathies to your mom. He was a good person. Politics are politics we should keep that aside. Never forgot the advice he gave me either.

          3. Hi Evelyn, my dad has the room next to your dad’s at Sunrise and I was sad to learn of his death. I have met you father several times in my 23 years here in Fullerton and was privileged to chat with him from time to time as I was visiting my dad. Our family extends our condolences to you and your family in this time of loss. Requiescat in Pace.

                1. The “expert” who got on the witness stand and said Ramos and Wolfe and Cicinelli did nothing wrong? That Steve Rubio?

                2. That Steve Rubio set up the taxpayers for big payouts to the killer cops. Maybe Steve will stop by and explain how he intentionally fucked over his employers (us).

  2. I knew that most of the people posting malicious comments on this thread were horrible people and unabashed cop/council haters, but the level of nastiness to his daughter is unwarranted and actually shocking to me. Is there no comment too distasteful? Can’t you let it go for just one thread given the circumstances?

    1. Maybe we’re not horrible people and unabashed cop/council haters.

      Maybe, just maybe, we don’t like a bad decision maker who spent thirty years driving our city into financial ruin.

      1. Even then it would make you a distasteful imbisel that has no clue that the state raped the city funds. Name one decision Bankhead made that would constitute that commitment. Well wait for you to google it…..

    2. Aw, clam up. If cops and councilmen don’t want to be subjected to criticism after hey croak then they ought to give more thought to what they do when they’re alive – especially when they are complicit in the Culture of Corruption at the FPD.

        1. Are you denying the Culture of Corruption exists and that the council elected by the union lets it happen?

      1. Nope. But I dare one of you moronic morons to post a real name… or pull civic duty for even a month. Smh

  3. Congrats, the contributors and supporters of this blog just hit a new low. You truly are horrible human beings. Karma’s a bitch. I’m sure she has something extra special in store for all of you.

    1. What’s the problem? The man is dead and FFFF reported it. So sorry the post didn’t have any glowing praise for a bumbling, incompetent, tax-aholic.

    2. Wow. If that were the way things work karma would be working in overdrive trying to catch up to the Culture of Corruption and its cowardly enablers on our city councils, the biggest one of which was…Don Bankhead.

      1. I’m sure Karma has something special for you Mr. Peabrain, and living in mom’s basement and having her support you isn’t it.

        1. Sorry, I don’t believe in karmic justice. If it existed Manny Ramos, Cicinelli, Wolfe, Mater, Siliceo, Rincon, Bair,
          Corbett, Hughes, Gibert, Goodrich, Hampton, et al would be in prison for their manifest crimes.

          And if it did exist FFFF would be rewarded for truth-telling, not punished because some lame-brain criminal lacks the ability to admit his own criminality and is mad about getting caught.

  4. When your father or mother dies, may you receive back ten fold what you rendered here with your words.

    1. Uh, oh. Wishing that is very bad karma. And karma is a bitch. And come to think of it, so are you.

      “Rendered?” Use you pension dough to buy a thesaurus.

    2. What kind of shitty person levies that kind of course?

      You better take a long hard look in the mirror. That’s a pretty dark spot you got there.

  5. Interesting that this blog, that Bankhead hated has become the closest thing to an obituary he has. Rest In Peace (if that is possible)…
    Thank you for the update FFFF.
    Bankhead taught us a lot about recalls.
    It was a great education.

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