BREAKING NEWS: Fullerton to Waste Time and Money Accomplishing Nothing

Sometimes problems are complicated. Sometimes they’re not.

Fullerton’s biggest problems aren’t really that complicated. The real reason our problems get worse and worse every year is because our elected officials insist on spending their time and energy on inane and self-serving gobbledygook that serve no real public purpose and/or accomplish nothing beyond weak symbolism.

Look no further than tonight’s agenda. Fullerton is going to spend a few hours (after Jesus Silva approves cutting yet another tax payer check to one of his campaign donors– Townsand Public Affairs– so the city can pay to lobby his wife) accomplishing exactly nothing. We’re going to vote to support spending time and money to weigh in on a legal discussion between the United States Federal Government and the entire State of California concerning immigration enforcement.

Because Fullerton and it’s 140,000 residents need to say something special that can’t or won’t be said by the Federal Government, who represent nearly 400,000,000 people.

Here are some topics not on tonight’s agenda:

1) Fullerton’s $5,000,000-$8,000,000 structural deficit for the current fiscal year.

2) Fullerton’s $50,000,000 budget gap over the next five years.

3) Why recent property sales of $4,000,000 went to filing this year’s deficit instead of fixing roads like we were promised.

4) How Fullerton plans to address $100,000,000 in deferred road maintenance

5) When the zoning code will be amended to prevent another mosoleum from being errected on Harbor

6) What to do about downtown puke piles

7) What to do about downtown brawls

8) What to do about rampant drunk driving?

9) What to do about tax evasion on illegally collected revenue at downtown bars?

10) Finally, why after over a year, has the city council not ordered Councilwoman Fitzgerald to release unredacted phone records from the night of City Manager Joe Felz’s Druken Ride as well as police body cameras for the entire event?

Poor Sappy

When you drive home tonight, count the potholes you hit and the homeless you pass, then ask yourself why Fullerton needs to spend ANY of its time and money getting into a pissing contest between Donald Trump and Jerry Brown.

11 Replies to “BREAKING NEWS: Fullerton to Waste Time and Money Accomplishing Nothing”

  1. The council doesn’t have solutions to any of these problems. Even if they did have ideas, they still don’t have the will to implement them.

    1. That’s because you need to elect them again or maybe even put them into higher office so then, THEN, they’ll finally be able to get some things accomplished.

  2. I wish the agenda on the City website was an April Fools joke. But alas, it is not.

    The council fiddles while Fullerton burns.

  3. Can you imagine if Jesus quirk silva remains on council long enough and gets his turn as Mayor? Do you remember Julie Sa? What an embarrassment….

  4. Evil prevails when good people stand by and do nothing. The roads in Fuullerton are a bit uncomfortable but on another note..I’m not sure I like the road that gov.Brown is taking all of us down..many of our neighboring cities refused and our fighting back…collectively this speaks this was bigger than our roads…a house decided cannot stand…I think its time to take a stand for something beyond our own apathy

  5. I been thinking about it Fish, I postulate; Why Fullerton needs to spend ANY of its time and money getting into a pissing contest between Donald Trump and Jerry Brown? ; Its because we can’t figure out where the new bridge to Hillcrest Park goes to.

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