Need a pen?

Need a pen or pencil?  How about a coloring book, a fire badge sticker, or a hat to keep your head dry from the rain this weekend?

I guess it’s a good thing Fullerton is swimming in surplus cash.  Oh, wait…

Nearly $1,700 for this stuff despite it being known all year long that we’re in a budget crisis.  The entire amount was charged to General Fund accounts.


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  1. More waste to prop up the fragile egos of our precious fire heroes.

    Meanwhile, the union political coffers are flush with cash. Maybe the taxpayers can hold out a boot.

  2. Nothing better to talk about than a few bucks for some promotional items ?
    Let me tell you about my heroes, the Fullerton Fire Department ,these very well trained and well equipped heroes saved my family members’ life recently and you should pray to God that if you or one of your family members need them that they are there doing for you or your family member what they have done for me and my family.
    God Bless Fullerton Fire Department

      1. Well, here’s my guess. Five trucks and four engines showed up from Anaheim and Buena Park and realized the idiot had a high pulse rate from climbing up the steps of the front porch. Then they all stood around for half an hour discussing their second homes and the boats they haul to the river.

        Heroes = Deserve!

    1. A few bucks? That’s $1700 for a bunch of plastic garbage and some stickers. If the they want to “promote” themselves and their ridiculous salaries and benefits let them pay for it.

  3. one that knows nothing:

    They goddam well better be there at their cost to the taxpayers.

    What did this “promotional” trash have to do with your family member? That’s right. Not a thing.

  4. Hopefully you will never need them but when you do your perspective will likely change.
    As far as what they did for my family member is to save their life. When one of the Trauma Center physicians came to see my family member because he did not believe they survived he told me that the speedy, professional actions of the FFD saved my family members’ life.
    Too bad you waste your life being so angry

  5. Hero=Deserve.- After rereading your message I detect some envy and that combined with all of your anger is not healthy for you

    1. Envy? What normal, hardworking taxpayer who can’t retire until 67 wouldn’t envy some goober who sleeps most of the shift (or washes his truck), makes a handful of paramedic calls per week, rakes in a fortune via ginned up overtime and gets to retire at 50 with a massive pension?

      Hell, yes. Color me envious.

  6. Curly! You’ve uncovered some real corruption here! You need to send this information to every news outlet in the state!

    1. $1700 could have paid for 25 underprivileged children to play a season of youth soccer. Why do you hate children? Sad.

  7. Why don’t we talk about something way more disturbing? The fact that we have a modified American flag placed on every police car in Fullerton now and the REAL AMERICAN FLAG HAS BEEN REMOVED.
    The problem with wearing this adulterated flag stems from an apparent violation of U.S. Flag Code, which states that: “The flag should never have placed upon it, nor on any part of it, nor attached to it any mark, insignia, letter, word, figure, design, picture, or drawing of any nature.”
    Many may be patriotic in their love of the flag, the official usage of a modified flag on police officers’ uniforms is nothing less than an assault on the flag itself. To create and apply their own flag to our city vehicles should raise an eyebrow of everyone.
    As Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf, the Nazis’ emblem needed to be both a “symbol of our own struggle” and “effective as a large poster,” which is similar to how the police are incorporating the use of a disfigured American flag on their uniforms.
    While officers have a right to wear a blue stripe as a means of showing support for law enforcement, the intentional defacing of the U.S. flag to represent something other than the initial intent of the flag comes across as extremely unpatriotic and potentially dangerous – even if the intentions behind it are genuinely good.
    Symbols have power and the co-opting of the American flag into a unique police symbol cannot be seen as a benign move, as there is evident historical precedent in the modification of already powerful symbols being used as a means of propagandizing the public.

    1. Friends for Fullerton’s Freedom,
      Please! If you are going to start hammering Fullerton for putting a modified U.S. flag on police cars, then you need to include virtually every other facet of our society. Modified versions of the stars and stripes are made into clothing, blankets, hats, caps, furniture, beer cans, underwear and an exponential number of other products. All of it done by private enterprise to make money. How many citizens know how to properly discard of U.S. flag? How many know how to properly fly the flag? I suspect the number is woefully low. The same self-righteous idiots who criticized the NFL players for kneeling during the national anthem are probably violating the flag code in a variety of ways themselves.

      1. The thin blue line flag is an important symbol. It represents the police unions’ departure from the goal of protecting the principles of the U.S. Constitution. The symbol clearly broadcasts their progression towards unification as a gang of corrupt, armed criminals.

        I’m glad they fly their own flag. They’re not part of us anymore.

  8. Fire fighters deliberatly grounded two water dropping helicopters at the start of the canyon fire. Lazyness + greed = corruption . the canyon fire was out a day after it started but several thousand fire workers collected overtime for over a week walking around the charred remains of their own slow responce . Its time we have some retraining for our overpaid “$ervice worker$ who have overIndulged themselves with Hero mentality, starting with Knabe the “triple dipper”.

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