Fullerton PD Corp. Ryan Warner, left, and Officer Timothy Gibert are honored during a city council meeting for their work in getting drunk drivers off the road.
Incredibly expensive photo paid for by the taxpayers of Fullerton

One of our fine stable of anonymous sources has informed us that former Fullerton star DUI cop Timothy Gibert was on the scene of former City Manager Joe Felz’s Wild Ride.¬†Since the event in question has been deliberately shrouded in mystery, I can’t confirm if this is accurate, but I can say that if true, the needle in the FFFF irony meter just jumped into the red zone.

See, like Mr. Felz, Mr. Gibert has recently found himself in hot water with the District Attorney, albeit (I love writing “albeit”) in San Bernardino County where he and some pals are accused of some nitwit scheme to rip off Home Depot with returned merchandise.


The big fish that got away….

How funny. Was the decorated DUI Hero there the night the Joe Felz flashed his get Out of Jail Free card after careening off Glenwood Avenue, ploughing over a parkway tree and trying to drive off on his rims? Yeah, that would be ironic.

11 Replies to “Ironic?”

  1. Too bad the police are not endowed with a keen sense of irony. I wonder what MADD matriarchs will have to say about this whole humiliating affair.

  2. FFFF gets a lot of value out of those high quality Behind the Badge OC photos. Maybe that rip off is a blessing in disguise.

      1. Yes, it’s a rip-off alright. But it’s sooooo fun messing with the caption to remind these chuckleheads we’re on to their scam.

        No we just need to find three councilmembers with some huevos. At least one apiece.

    1. Here’s the explanation: everyone is hiring their own incompetent relatives and then ignoring all of the warning signs. Nobody cares.

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