Crime? How About Some Punishment?

Looking Heavenward for help…

File this one under “Jeezus We’re getting Desperate.” Trotting out a stock photo of an old lady and comparing ripping off “Grandma” with the recall of Josh “Gas Tax” Newman? Man that’s lame.

Opponents of the recall, i.e. the building trades who work on public boondoggle projects like high speed rail, seem to think this sort of nonsense sells. Well, the consultants will burn though a lot of that union cash, but there’s really no way to defend the indefensible: Newman voted for a highly regressive gas tax that will hammer the poor and people on a fixed income while his pals in the trades make bank building stuff like Jerry Brown’s $60 billion bullet train – whether it’s needed or not.


The Democrats in the Legislature have climbed all the way up onto their high horses claiming that recall petition signers were lied to and that recalling Newman won’t get rid of the gas tax, an objection that is really just based on a desperate semantic ploy.  The fact is that getting rid of Newman is simply the first step in yanking the chain of the politicians in Sacramento who would rather tax us then curtail their own addiction to wasting the gas tax money we have already been sending them every time we fill up. The end game is a repeal of the tax, and of course, prevention of any more gas or car taxes.

The Democrats have pulled out all of the ethical stops in attempting to derail the recall. They tried to pass midnight legislation changing the recall rules after the recall signatures had been submitted. Then they put pressure on the California Fair Political Practices Commission to re-interpret their standing rules so that Dem politicians can help bail out Newman financially, proving that when it comes to maintaining their super-majority, no trick or hustle is too low to put into action.

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  1. Lying to Grandma isn’t a crime. It’s a sin. It’s also a sin to raise regressive taxes that hurt Fixed Income Granny.

    But so long as the unions are getting their beaks wet and Newman is getting face time with the Governor, it’s all good.

  2. Newman’s problem is that you can’t defend against a recall without advertising for it. These expensive consultants know they have a lost cause on their hands, but that won’t stop them from eagerly spending someone else’s money.

  3. These jackoffs dropped their Sacramento court case against the Newman recall last month. They gave up trying to convince a judge that it was a lie. Judges can usually smell bullshit.

    Linda Gardner vs. Alex Padilla in his official capacity as Secretary of State of the State of California
    Case Number 34-2017-80002633-CU-WM-GDS
    Request for Dismissal filed. 08/23/2017 Fawley, Joanne(Petitioner); Gallagher, James(Petitioner); Gardner, Linda(Petitioner)

  4. I will vote AGAINST the recall and I suspect most of my Vista del Verde neighbors will too. I would vote FOR a ballot initiative that would cut police pensions, repeal the ‘car tax’, and stop the bullet train. But the reality is that if the recall is successful, the ‘car tax’ will not go away. The GOP in California is as useless as the tits on a boar hog.

  5. So what Newman defenders are saying is that the voters are too stupid to know what they do. I agree. Maybe our great honorable legislators ought to pass a bill that gives voters a chance to rescind their votes for union funded politicians like QuickSilva after they get bombarded by millions of dollars worth of false mailers paid for by our so-called “public employees”

  6. I don’t see anyone challenging the use of the most damning photo of the petition circulator with red chloroplast signs that say “Stop the Car Tax.”

    It appears to be clear evidence of the crime described in the political mailer.

    1. Please cite the penal code section of this alleged crime.

      Heads up: Lying to voters is NOT a crime. It’s protected speech.

      Newman lied. Repeatedly. Why isn’t his ass in jail if lying to voters is a crime? This is simply selective outrage directed at political enemies, which is the grade school equivalent of taking your ball and going home after someone hurts your feelings.

  7. I was accosted by these paid liars more than once in front of Staters on Bastanchury as they targeted the many seniors that visit that store and more than once I called them out for what they were paid liars and all they could talk about was the $3.00 per signature they were getting then it got bumped up to $5.00 per signature.
    Most of the paid signature gatherers looked quite unemployable to me.
    Hopefully they were paid as employees but no doubt they were paid as “Independent Contractors” that never pay any payroll tax or FICA Disgusting

  8. i find it hard to understand why, in the presentation of your point, you use the Name that others revere, simply to bring attention to your point. There must be others that feel equal discomfort.

      1. Yup, this is certainly the right place for anyone who wants to offend people. It’s not to difficult to be offensive when you hide behind a computer screen and post under pseudonyms. I believe they call it cyber-bullying. This site wrote the book on it.

        1. No one has ever been offended by this site who didn’t deserve it – or jail time. FFFF has never bullied anybody. The greedy and incompetent in power want it nice and quiet with no questions asked and no backward glances.

          1. Yes. I always find it remarkable how quickly the establishment conflates criticism with bullying – or some other nonsense. It’s obviously a psychological defense mechanism, but you have wonder how sincere it really is. Of course these people seem to lack any sense of self-introspection so it may be a heartfelt self-righteousness.

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