Behind the Bullshit: Poor, Poor Pitiful Me

It was only a matter of time before the laughable pro-cop PR outlet called Behind the Badge (that we pay for) went from trying to impress us with Fullerton cops’ good works to putting the poor lads on the psychiatrist’s couch.

Service pistol concealed in robes…

A typical BtB “article” reads like a veritable life of Saint Francis of Assisi, in which the sick are healed, the hungry are fed, and the homeless housed. But not the piece I’m writing about today. It was crayoned by a well-pensioned Anaheim former cop called Joe Vargas, and it refers to a Pew Research Center report about a survey that allegedly proves how tough and dangerous cops say their work is, what with all those suspicious black folks and noisy critics doing all that complaining. Why, Good Heavens! They are almost afraid to go out on the streets, seemingly.

Off course Mr. Vargas fails to inform his readers that the survey is all about impressions and opinions and doesn’t provide a nickle’s worth of statistical information about the real risk involved in being a police officer. It’s all about feelings.

And now let’s enjoy the self-serving takeaway provided by Fullerton’s police union:

I have a different question…

Oooh. Scary stuff!

Here’s an alternative question: does the cops’ ability to be shielded from the consequences of their own illegal behavior by POBAR, and by a justice system and by union-elected politicians that coddle and protect them at the price of justice itself, impact public safety? Of course we all know the answer to that.

By the way, it’s too bad Vargas doesn’t cite results shared in the entire Pew article, which paints a much less dire picture of how cops view their  jobs. But Behind the Badge is  pure for-profit propaganda, so expecting an honest essay from Officer Joe is a lot like expecting a good reason for someone to end up in the Fullerton jail.



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        1. If those 950 followers weren’t reading some really good and revealing stuff you wouldn’t even be here.

          Anyway, just in case it really did matter, FFFF has been back for three months while the comical Behind the Bullshit has been sucking off the taxpayers for 4 years – so you got that going for you, LOL!

        2. What’s facebook? My kids say that real working people don’t facebook. I guess its a pension thing that us civilians don’t have time for.

          1. A good facebook citizen clicks in “like”, reads the first three lines of each post an uploads a one second ephemeral impacting picture in order to accumulate likes. The more likes one accumulates ,the more valuable as a facebook citizen one is.

    1. and don’t forget the “true” victims in blue …. I just wish the national flag wouldn’t be used,which represents the cost of defending our country, to restore the dignity to the agency which has lost someof its respect in the recent years . On the contrast a logo that seems towork better…”To protect and serve “,if truly understood and realized can rekindle respect for this agency if both can be implemented equally.Its not all about the elite part which is “protecting”…When the focus is also on the serving part, then the focus tends to be also on preserve life when the heat is on, and not just protecting our own assets.

  1. Now taxpayers are paying for editorials so the union can promote it on Twitter?

    This money could be used much better elsewhere.

  2. Must I go to Facebook to say FFFF is the best blog in OC? Bologna!!!! I won’t do cheap marketing to be trapped by FB’s big marketing business.

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