The Sorrowful Saga of Sukhee Kang

The writing was on the wall…

The year is almost over and I would be remiss if i didn’t briefly recount one of the most memorable events of 2016 – the carpetbagging candidacy for State Senate of Sukhee Kang, the former dismal Irvine councilman who, uninvited, declared his candidacy THEN moved to Fullerton to make it legit. He bought a mini-mansion on a golf course. He had an Irvine flunky named Dan Chemilewski try to make the thing appear normal and kosher, but that failed.


The simpering smile became a trademark

Sukhee racked up a bunch of endorsements from a state-wide pool of politicians who really didn’t care much about it one way or another; and all the local small fry who were too chicken to question the inevitability of a carpetbagger with a dreadful record – in a whole other State Senate district.

Sukhee got schooled…

In the end, Sukhee spent  a ton of money, almost all of it his own. The more he spent, the worse it got. And on election day he lost to a guy named Josh Newman by three points – a remarkable disaster that left almost every Democrat in Orange County – and the state – quickly looking for the exit.

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    1. I smell it too, and I have a canine sniffer. However a quick canvassing of the nominating committee finds this completely acceptable, given the circumstances.

  1. Kang was so completely clueless that you sort of had to feel sorry for him. He didn’t have a single friends to tell him to cut it out. Not one.

  2. I hope the sad story of sukhee will result in party fixers stop playing games. None of those endorsements were from people who knew anything about our district, nor did they care.

    The funny thing is that Quirk went along with this when she could have done that deal herself. Now Newman’s in there for at least 4 years, maybe 12.

  3. I remember the day after the Primary election when Kang’s supporters were especially bitter. One of them insisted on facebook that Kang wasn’t really a carpetbagger because you can see Irvine from the hills where Kang bought his home (aka the “I can see Irvine from my house” defense).

  4. Yeah, Sukhee and his handlers are all hideous.

    Sukhee portrayed himself to the voters as a “University Educator”. He tried fooling voters into believing that he was a professor at CSUF. Many of his $600,000 mailers were taken at CSUF with what looked like students standing around him acting like they were listening to him talk.

    That was insulting and very misleading. Don’t these politician types have any shame? Yeah, I know the answer…NO.

  5. Everything about this sack o’ crap was a lie. There wasn’t a single thing that was legitimate. But does that make him any different than Lou Correa or Loretta Sanchez?

  6. Dan Chemlewski’s perpetual insincerity was really exposed by his shameful defense of carpetbagging this year. What a scumbag. The Dems need to clean these rats out.

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