16 Replies to “The Mouse Comes A-visitin’”

  1. Looking like that he mind find himself on the wrong side of a taser to the face.

    But hey, with Danny Boy as VP at least the video won’t be that bad.

  2. Some of us happen to think that the Chief has done a great job in a tough situation. Why don’t you stick to the “questionable” things instead of the ridiculous???

    1. Considering the fact that he was one of the main creators and enablers of the Culture of Corruption he gets no praise from me.

      And lookie at his final act going out the door: a cover-up for his boss. What a guy! The Wide Blue Waistband must be so proud.

  3. Drunk or not drunk what an incredibly poor decision was made by Fullerton Police Chief Danny Hughes for not calling in the CHP to investigate as soon as he became aware of the situation. Who benefits from that decision other than Joe Felz. Not the city who has to suffer the poor publicity and continued loss of reputation. Not the Fullerton Police Department who again appear to be incompetent buffoons. Not law enforcement as a profession who suffer from the cowards among them who ask for the position of authority and don’t have the strength of character to do what needs to be done.

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