Molly’s Problem


Nothing intelligent was forthcoming...
Nothing intelligent was forthcoming…

Could be trouble’s a-brewin’ for our old acquaintance, North OC Community College District trustee Molly McClanahan.

Now, in case you’re not familiar with the life and times of McClanahan, here’s a primer: rightfully recalled from the Fullerton City Council in 1994 for imposing a stupid and unnecessary utility tax (at the behest of the public employee unions), she was tossed a little political plum as an appointee to the NOCCCD. There she has been a reliable cheerleader for a bloated, overpaid and incompetent administration for over 20 years.

A few years back we followed the tale of the magical football stadium at FJC, an embarrassment on so many levels that I won’t recount them, just give you Loyal Friends the link.

Seven years have passed and apparently the football practice facility is still slated to become a completely unnecessary game day venue – given the fact of the FHS stadium a few hundred yards away and the CSUF stadium less than two miles away. looks like some of the neighbors are still as unhappy about this as ever. In fact, somebody has started a website dedicated to pressuring McClanahan to act on behalf of her constituents instead of her district bureaucrats, with the promise of a recall. Since they linked to the old post of ours, I felt compelled to return the favor.

Now Molly may have a problem, maybe. Recalling anybody is hard, especially in a big JC district that nobody even thinks much about. Yet the NOCCCD has seven much smaller individual districts. I don’t know for sure, but I’m supposing the individual trustee districts have about 70,000 people, so gathering signatures would not be impossible. But would anybody off the hill behind the campus even care?

Unfortunately, the website isn’t real clear on what how McClanahan is supposed to do anything at this point. Maybe the proprietor of that blog will stop by and give us some more information. One thing is certain, though. Whoever is behind this is pretty pissed off. The hostility comes through loud and clear; and tellingly, there is a pointed reference to McClanahan’s illegal gift-taking from a bond peddler and the consequent FPPC fine.

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  1. Bankhead was recalled twice. Of course he was recalled twice from the same office, so that still record looks safe.

  2. I wonder how ol’ Molly is going to cluck-cluck and harrumph her way around this. This stunk seven years ago and it still does.

  3. So how was this resolved in 2009? Or did the colleges just drop it hoping everybody would forget eventually?

  4. It should be recalled that Molly also endorsed the Grifter Ticket of Fitzgerald and Bennett, so there’s that demerit, too.

    1. At least she stood up for us when FC let that ex-cop-turned-safety-officer threw around some poor kid last month. Thanks Molly!

            1. There were a meeting and a follow-up memo. There is a firm doing an investigation. I think the school paid for it so it will be independent.

              1. Molly certainly wouldn’t want a rush to judgment.

                Our minds will be changed once we’ve seen the video. Oh wait, we have seen the video. So let’s waste money on an investigation.

                Where have I heard that before?

  5. I’ve talked to the people in those neighborhoods. They’re angry. Who wouldn’t try to protect their property values and quality of life if all it took was a recall?

    1. I don’t like the Fullerton Observer Matt, however I don’t mean to denigrate those of you who do.

      And for the people who like the Fullerton Observer, denigrate means ‘put down’ ; – )

        1. You must have missed the lack of integrity at the Fullerton Observer because you’ve had your head firmly planted up their rear ends for so long that it’s making you dizzy and unable to think clearly.

          1. How did the Observer come up as a topic in this discussion? Or is this blog going to quickly degenerate into a scatter-shot hate-fest directed at the Fullerton Observer and anyone perceived to be on the left side of the political spectrum?

            1. This blog has taken more shots at the right than at the left, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about. Maybe the Observer just sucks.

              1. I don’t know how it came up on this thread, either.

                The Fullerton Observer doesn’t suck. To suck, someone somewhere would have to have had some sort of expectation. None exist.

                1. Right, it’s simply repeating what’s been posted on the Fullerton Informer.

                  Those kooks are so touchy, you’d think they’d be used to ridicule by now.

    2. Since FFFF is up and running again, maybe the Fullerton Informer will disappear, and that loon Imbriano along with it. What a nut job! Alas, I doubt we’ll be that lucky. It’s scary to think 5,000 people voted for that crackpot.

        1. I’ve been happy my whole life. I love Fullerton. I love the PD, the streets, the schools, and the microwaves.

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