Fullerton’s Real Volunteer of the Month: the Taxpayer

Forbes Magazine has a very timely look at some of the highest paid city managers in California. Look who made the list at number 10?


And note that this is before the $10,000 savings from having to avoid the cost of defending a potential DUI charge is factored in.

Of course this just scratches the surface of Fullerton Taxpayers’ generosity, because Felz is only our third highest paid public employee, and he was the fourth highest paid the night of the Sappy incident. The highest, of course, was the man who made sure he would never be charged in the first place.

Doug Chaffee owes us all his parking space for the next meeting.

Thanks to Jack Dean at Fullerton watch for the heads up on the full article from Forbes, found here: I strongly recommend reading the entire piece to get a sense of the scope of waste in California government in general.

18 Replies to “Fullerton’s Real Volunteer of the Month: the Taxpayer”

  1. Quality leadership doesn’t come cheap.

    Booze, however, is pretty damn affordable when you’re making $297,240 a year.

  2. It seems to me we could all do a lot better than Felz, clearly the position doesn’t pay enough. Doesn’t Fullerton deserve the best? How can we get one of those guys like Philips or Diaz?

  3. Doug Chaffee’s law firm is across the street from City Hall so he doesn’t need the parking space. So every month he used to have a presentation during the council meeting where he gave his designated space to a person he deemed to be Fullerton’s volunteer of the month. The volunteer would receive a placard that reserved Chaffee’s parking space for the volunteer for the month.

    1. I remember that. Did Doug’s friends ever tell him that people don’t give a shit about a parking space at city hall? Geezus.

    2. Good God. Why would anybody want to park at City Hall who didn’t work there?

      This must be some sort of joke right?

      1. I think this a great gesture, honoring those among us who give of themselves so selflessly. I would love to have that placard to hang in my home or office!

        Mr. Chaffee really has his hand on the pulse of our great town!

  4. And the saps that populate Fullerton just elected the Queen of Public Employees in Fullerton, Jennifer Fitzgerald another 4 years on the city council so this parade of public employee profiteers will continue unabated/

    When will the people of Fullerton ever learn not to trust the goody two shoes hypocrite of EV Free that sets people like Joe Felz free after he blindly mows down obstacles on a residential street that children could have been playing on.

    Is that the Fullerton that Jennifer Fitzgerald would create for her own children?

    Apparently so.

    1. Fitzgerald is taking this issue very seriously. The issue is being dealt with at the highest levels within Curt Pringle and Associates.

  5. With the Drunking Driving Cover-up all in place and behind us now Joe Felz has announced that he has found the right man for the Interim Chief Job…..

    ——— DAVID HINIG ———

    Hinig David Profile
    Fmr. PVE Chief of Police, David Hinig:
    PVE’s rid of him after a few months of dishonor

    DAVID HINIG: David Hinig was a lock to be inducted onto the PVE Police Department Wall of Shame for allegedly making false or misleading statements in response to a public inquiry while in possession of self-contradicting evidence, in addition to appearing to condone alleged police misconduct by Aaron Belda, Erick Gaunt, Steve Barber and Hazel Menendez. The men, women and children of Palos Verdes Estates collectively genuflect to God that this horribly dishonest and disingenuous man David Hinig has left our fine city, now unfortunately in the bumbling hands of Jeff Kepley.

    CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATOR? The long record of civil rights violation allegations against David Hinig is extremely disconcerting. On April 22, 1997, after the cost to the City of Arcadia rose into the tens of thousands of dollars, the honorable U.S. District Judge Robert J. Kelleher entered a judgment and order against co-defendant David Hinig as Arcadia Chief of Police for violation of the Civil Rights Act (Case # 2:94-cv-04571-RJK). Previously in June 1995, Judge Kelleher denied defendants’ motion to dismiss the case. On July 21, 2003, David Hinig was served again in a lawsuit in which he was named a co-defendant for alleged violation of the Civil Rights Act (Case # 8:03-cv-00301-SJO-MLG). On December 15, 2003, David Hinig was served in yet another lawsuit in which he was named a co-defendant for alleged violation of the Civil Rights Act (Case # 2:03-cv-07179-ABC-Mc). Astoundingly, on April 7, 2006, yet another case alleging civil rights violation was filed against co-defendant David Hinig, this time in the Superior Court of California (Case # BC350368). Source: Bloomberg Law dockets. This is the man that the PVE City Council chose to protect our residents? More details that expose David Hinig as the shameless man that he is viewed to be are available by E-mailing ankur@savepvefromtonyd.com.

    REJECTED BY RIALTO? Soon after the judgment and order against David Hinig in a case against him et. al. for violation of the Civil Rights Act (see above), it appears clear that Hinig sought to salvage his career by reportedly attempting to become Chief of Police of the Inland Empire city of Rialto. However, after a thorough background check by the decision maker similar to Tony Dahlerbruch but in Rialto’s “city administrator” position, David Hinig’s application was rejected in favor of Michael Meyers, who served as Rialto’s Police Chief from 1998-2005. Thus, while Hinig apparently was not qualified enough to lead a town in the Inland Empire, the PVE City Council and Tony Dahlerbruch’s questionable judgment and perhaps less thorough vetting process put David Hinig in charge of protecting ours.


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