Armed And Dangerous

Bad Cop, Good Cop

Christopher Jordan Dorner is on the loose. Heavily armed and with nothing to lose, this ex-LAPD cop is bent on deploying any means necessary to implement his “manifesto” of revenge on those he deems as dirty cops, and even their families.

So far three people are dead and Torrance cops have shot up two women in an incompetent case of mistaken identity.

While we may ponder the outcome of the current manhunt for this apparently deranged former police officer, it also behooves us to contemplate the means and methods that created and permitted Dorner’s cophood in the first place.

The LAPD is now quick to point out this guy’s history of nutsiness, and yet somehow Dorner was given access to training and weaponry in both the military and in the LAPD that are now being used effectively against civilians and the cops themselves.

How did that happen?

At FFFF we have offered a glimpse of the LAPD mindset in the personages of former Fullerton Police Chief Pat “Patdown” McKinley and his idol, LAPD Chief Darryl Gates. And we have seen an influx of LAPD cops and tactics into Fullerton since McKinley’s arrival in 1993 – current Police Chief Danny Hughes’ formative years, in fact.

Then there was the flurry of claims and allegations against FPD cops for brutality, culminating in the callous and lethal assaults on Veth Mam and Kelly Thomas in 2010 and 2011, caught on video.

It appears that in the police business potential violent instability is seen as less of a problem than a tool to be unleashed on an unruly citizenry.

All of which begs the questions: how hard is it to become an LAPD (or Fullerton) cop, particularly for ex-soldiers, and why in the world aren’t we weeding out the Christopher Dorners before they get a badge and a gun?



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  1. Great questions Mr. Peabody.”This is an intelligent man who has stared into the dark heart of corruption,” Ruth Iorio, a 33-year-old LA screenwriter, wrote to HuffPost in a Facebook message. “Now he’s taking vengeance upon it, trying to turn the LAPD into the victims they have persecuted, including Kendrec McDade, Alisia Thomas and Kelly Thomas.”

      1. I figure that if you are not the LAPD, then you have nothing to worry about. Dorner won’t be coming after you, but then you will after worry about the LAPD & FPD.

  2. All recruities should have good letters of recomendation from former schools to show ability to get along well with others and to show propensity to serve and work well with others.Tendencies for bulling or being bullied may contribute to the application review process to assess emotional stability. One of the things recently to show up on the news is that Dornan said he was bullied at his school when he went to Norwalk Christian.

  3. Or Mr.Peabody, did LAPD retaliate against an honest cop who reported corruption?

    LAPD’s history of doing such is WELL documented.

    NO I am not suggesting Dorners conduct is justified in what he has done, but those are issues that should be equally discussed and one should take ALL the potential facts of this case into consideration.

    EVERY person has a breaking point.

    Here is one of many articles that suggest this possibility.

  4. It’s time to gut POBOR. We’ve made law enforcement untouchable. There isn’t a single politician out there that has the balls to fix this.

  5. It’s my understanding it was LAPD who shot up the truck when guarding the home of one of Dorner’s targets in Torrance. The two women shot appeared to be Hispanic and are mother and daughter. The mother, 71, was shot twice in the back and the daughter, 47, was shot in the hand.

    Hearing these shots a block away, residents called local cops to report gunfire. Here is where Torrance cops shot up the second truck, narrowly missing the driver. Random cars and homes were also from stray bullets.

    It’s clear by both incidences, it’s shoot to kill. I doubt this will end with Dorner alive. Even more worrisome, we’ve reached an era where law enforcement openly shoots first, ask later and are always relieved of fault or prosecution.

    What Dorner is doing is wrong. But you have to go all the way back to what started this. He lost his career because he dared speak up against a fellow officer. They do not want him talking to anyone now.

    1. In my opinion that photo has been greatly altered. There were a lot more holes in that truck. There were close to 50 rounds pumped into that vehicle from what I and other colleagues were shown and recollect last week from all over the media. This is really obvious that the media in this digital age is one of massive deception. Folks we need both eyes open and the third one between the two at 20/20.

  6. The media at the behest of LAPD has launched their spin on Dorner to make him the bad guy, 100% at the end of the day, using ANYTHING they can to paint him the culprit, and DEFLECT any wrong doing on their part, however slight.

    Of course those talking the smack are doing so with many body gurards surrounding them.

    Let the Kelly Thomas debacle be your guide.

    Let Ben Lira’s comments further guide you in LOOKING outside the box.

  7. Let those cops who shot up the OLD LADIES pick up truck delivering their morning newspapers be your guide in discussing the PARANOID cops that can’t handle a homeless man with an attitude.

    Those brainless wonders LET loose a barrage of bullets because they THOUGHT it might be Dorner, OH MY GOD!!!

    What will the FPD trolls say about this debacle, will they STEP up and put their names to all the BS that has been brought forth to date?

    1000 plus cops after ONE man, and they are stepping all over their manhoods and DO NOT know what to do NOW that one of their own has called BS on the system.

    JUST FREAKIN PRICELESS!!!! LE answer, the guy is nuts, and WE didn’t have anything to do with it.

    1. Psychos dont feel or know guilt, when it has to do with them or their circles, explaining themselves away and justifying their actions, is what defines them and their opposition to humanity.

  8. anyone has a clue what’s going on hermosa and harbor ? past 3-4 days i can see squad cars and unmarked police vehicle………

    1. yes, I was pulled over by an unmarked car near there on LaPalma. I was on my way from my dentist. They said that there were burgleries in the area and they saw my bike inside my trunk with the trunk tied down. I wasn’t buying it. I think its just were the unmarked cars like to hang while on the time card near the city limits.

    2. There’s are three people on Doerners manifesto living in fullerton. That’s why so many unmarked units. La habra has 2 in thier city.

      1. you sure? as ive said earlier harbor /hermosa area we have unmarked vehicles and a FPD squad car 24/7 it started last week wed or thurs

  9. Doctor wins $5.2 million in planted gun case
    February 08th, 2013, 3:59 pm · · posted by RONALD CAMPBELL

    “…A jury on Friday ordered a Santa Ana hospital chain to pay a doctor $5.2 million for its role in a planted-gun case.
    Dr. Michael Fitzgibbons had claimed the former head of Integrated Healthcare Holdings Inc., the owner of four central county hospitals, had set him up for arrest on a gun charge in June 2006.
    The jury returned the verdict after less than five hours of deliberation. It will return next week to determine punitive damages.
    The infectious disease specialist was arrested and handcuffed in the employee parking lot at Western Medical Center – Santa Ana after police found a handgun and a pair of black gloves in his car. Police questioned him and searched his car after receiving two anonymous 911 calls claiming that a man driving Fitzgibbons’ car had waved a gun in traffic.
    Fitzgibbons denied owning the gun. DNA testing of the gloves and the gun excluded him. He was never prosecuted.
    The arrest followed a series of clashes between Fitzgibbons, the former chief of staff at WestMed, and the corporate leadership of IHHI, which had bought WestMed and three other hospitals in March 2005.
    “This was an attempt to murder my client’s career,” Fitzgibbons’ attorney, Ted Mathews, told the jury during closing arguments on Thursday.
    Mathews focused on the actions of former IHHI chief executive Bruce Mogel. Mathews said Mogel set out to “humble” Fitzgibbons after the doctor won a legal victory over the hospital chain in mid-June 2006…”

  10. Be extra careful Fullerton people and residents, a Doctor on the news said he probably wants to go out in a public blaze of warfare glory.

    And if he goes online and looks up police corruption, Fullerton would be amongst the’ biggest hotbed, he did already kill a Cal State University of Fullerton Basketball Coach.

    Thank the FPD for all the outside agencies in Fullerton. Early on after Kelly Thomas, a new University Police Chief was put at CSUF, the Chief is a State Officer, from Command of OC Sheriffs dept. at John Wayne Airport.

  11. Its a stretch. Dorner is a different story. Our story, the community of Fullerton, is not about revenge manifestos coming from fired police officers.
    Ours is about how our community has suffered under the Fullerton PD’s “culture of corruption” that is protected by our civic leaders past and present

    1. “Benjamin Lira” is not that different, If memory serves me whistle blowers are quite rare, when you look at recent timely news.

      LA is not a soft target for him right now.

    2. So you don’t think there’s a manifesto to rape, pillage, and loot Fullerton? One way or another?

      Guess again, and while you’re at it think about the millions that are going to be dropped on that homeless shelter property.

      1. “MC SATANS GLORY!!!” -Do the opposite of the oathes ethics and laws, with a general sadistic form of Evil!!! 🙂

        I dont think they are smart enough to write a manifesto.

  12. Pretty funny. An ex- LAPD cop has LAPD crapping peanut shells. Going on 4 days now and all the LE in SoCal can’t find this guy. A bunch of incompetent clowns. I wish I could opt out of taking police services and get a big discount on my property taxes. Worthless.

  13. Pttbull it’s about a 1,000 cops out and about chasing Dorner, others filling vacant spots within their own departments because of a shortage of manpower.

    Gee what would LE do if a couple of other Dorners suddenly popped up?

    Clearly someone would have to mobilize the National Guard.

  14. This guy killed an innocent girl and her finance. If you do a little research you’ll see even his ex girlfriend and ex wife think hes crazy. A good person would never kill innocence no matter what. This guy is a monster and anyone who trys to justify it in any way is just plain stupid. If he wants to kill cops that’s one thing, but to kill their families? Its amazing how any story is brought back to Kelly Thomas. This is completely different. This appears to be an obsession for some people. As for “pitbull “, if you have an idea of how to find this guy then why don’t you enlighten every police angency in the county to your bright idea. You must be a brilliant person or a Moron. I’m guessing the latter so I wont expect any great plan to capture this monster. If you don’t want police service then just move to Mexico where there is none and see how that works out for you.

  15. just plain stupid :
    This guy killed an innocent girl and her finance. If you do a little research you’ll see even his ex girlfriend and ex wife think hes crazy. A good person would never kill innocence no matter what. This guy is a monster and anyone who trys to justify it in any way is just plain stupid. If he wants to kill cops that’s one thing, but to kill their families? Its amazing how any story is brought back to Kelly Thomas. This is completely different. This appears to be an obsession for some people. As for “pitbull “, if you have an idea of how to find this guy then why don’t you enlighten every police angency in the county to your bright idea. You must be a brilliant person or a Moron. I’m guessing the latter so I wont expect any great plan to capture this monster. If you don’t want police service then just move to Mexico where there is none and see how that works out for you.

    So explain to me I am a bit confused, if Dorner had just shot other cops things would not be as bad, or you would understand this in a different way?

    You seem to be upset with killing family members, but you might not be as mad if just cops were getting shot.

    Were the ex-wife or girlfriend VERY specific in their comments about Dorner being crazy, or were they just general comments like we so often see from people looking for a little fame or fortune?

    1. “You seem to be upset with killing family members, but you might not be as mad if just cops were getting shot.”
      This statement is sad. I would hope that people feel, what this devil has done is wrong on all levels. Domestic terrorism is not something you want to see in your backyard.

  16. Exactly cg, and I was asking a question for the record, not attempting to set the stage for a double standard or trying to downplay this tradegy in anyway.

    There are 2 areas of responsibility here.

    Dorner to be held accountable for his actions, and LAPD for theirs if there is any.

    I am very confident there will be at some point.

    Chief Beck is doing what everyone saw Hughes do when the Kelly Thomas case broke.

    Simply switching directions once things heat up, ALL in order to cover their own ASS.

    Unfortunately, the taxpayers will suffer the most while those responsible point fingers in different directions, and at each other.

    1. You must admit, the LE and their families, with good cause, are jumpy. But more mistakes must be avoided. Being cowboys is not the answer. I was very disturbed to see Fullerton named in the devils manifesto. We just can’t seem to stay out of the light…..I am afraid the devil is regrouping and will hit the people more carnage.

      1. Fullerton was mentioned in his dissertationon gun control. He was referring to the mass killings at Cal State Fullerton in late 60’s to early 70’s

  17. Now shifty Charlie is offering a $100,000.00 reward for information leading to the capture of Dorner!
    After reading comments from various Facebook posts and media blogs, very few would trust Charlie and LAPD to come through with their end of the bargain if they indeed had information leading to his capture.

  18. That message was for cop haters that are turning this guy into some kind of hero against corruption. My point was that even cop haters should be disturbed by his actions. I fully support police officers.

  19. It’s incredible to me that so many of you just read Dorner’s manifesto and take his word at everything, solely because he is badmouthing the police.

    In addition to reading the entire, unedited manifesto, I recommend that you also watch the YouTube video of the guy who was supposedly kicked so that you can gauge his credibility. You should also read the Appeals Court decision, which lays things out fairly well.

    Did Dorner consciously make a false accusation? Maybe, maybe not. But the evidence suggests that it was, in fact, false. The burden of proof in an employment matter is not the same as in criminal court.

    This is likely something that would not have resulted in termination if Dorner had been a well performing and well adjusted probationer. But he was not performing well, and his preexisting emotional problems were becoming more and more evident. LAPD may have seen an opportunity to get rid of someone that clearly was not going to work out. And now some of you seem to want to shift the blame for Dorner MURDERING people to LAPD.

    DORNER, AND DORNER ALONE, is the cause of this.

    1. Solely because he is bad mouthing the police? Not hardly.
      Many tuned into this blog due to all the truth it revealed in advance about the cover ups and misdeeds of FPD concerning the Kelly Thomas case. Any one who has grown up in So Cal in theist 50 years has been rear-ended by cops or know someone who has.
      And in summary, anyone right-minded who has read Dorner’s all too detailed Manifesto would tell themselves, ” how could one make all this up?”

      1. Dormer isn’t making anything up, he is just telling the world what has gone on in LAPD for decades, and LONG before Dorner was old enough to be a cop.

        Ol Charlie’s tactics are typical political spin to save his butt or his minions from the feds or some attorney that isn’t going to give LAPD a pass for their misdeeds.

        ONLY Dorner is to blame? Go pick a fight with someone, when they kick your ass see what happens when all is said and done.

        Think you will walk away 100% clean with no worries, OKAY!!!!

  20. “The Los Angeles Police Department will reopen its investigation into firing of Christopher J. Dorner from the LAPD after he made a complaint against Sgt. Teresa Evans. Dorner said that during an arrest, Evans kicked suspect Gettler, a schizophrenicseveral times.
    Following an investigation, Dorner was fired for fabricating that Evans kicked Gettler.However,
    the schizophrenic man’s father, gave testimony that supported Dorner’s claim. After his son was returned Richard Gettler asked “if he had been in a fight because his face was puffy” and his son responded that he was kicked twice in the chest by a police officer.Chief Charlie Beck reversed his tone when asked two days ago when asked about Mr. Dorner’s accusations at a news conference.

    “You’re talking about a homicide suspect who has committed atrocious crimes,” he said. “If you want to give any attribution to his ramblings on the Internet, go right ahead. But I do not.”

    Asked about Mr. Dorner’s efforts to clear his name, Chief Beck said, point blank, “It’s not going to happen.”
    Charlie Beck is reversing his descision to appease the growing distrust of the community.
    “Charlie Beck is a very savvy guy, who really understands community relations and community policing. Right now, it’s in his interest to quell these rumors.”
    This could be why officers stood back and said nothing about the Kelly Thomas beating out of fear that their superiors (cpt.Hughes) would accuse them for not being a team player and ultimatly risk losing thier job.”good job” was what they heard instead when they all got back to the “huddle” ready to plan thier next move.

  21. Jumping to Conclusions :
    It’s incredible to me that so many of you just read Dorner’s manifesto and take his word at everything, solely because he is badmouthing the police.
    In addition to reading the entire, unedited manifesto, I recommend that you also watch the YouTube video of the guy who was supposedly kicked so that you can gauge his credibility. You should also read the Appeals Court decision, which lays things out fairly well.
    Did Dorner consciously make a false accusation? Maybe, maybe not. But the evidence suggests that it was, in fact, false. The burden of proof in an employment matter is not the same as in criminal court.
    This is likely something that would not have resulted in termination if Dorner had been a well performing and well adjusted probationer. But he was not performing well, and his preexisting emotional problems were becoming more and more evident. LAPD may have seen an opportunity to get rid of someone that clearly was not going to work out. And now some of you seem to want to shift the blame for Dorner MURDERING people to LAPD.
    DORNER, AND DORNER ALONE, is the cause of this.

    LOL, many might use the manifesto as an argument.

    I guess you missed the link I posted that paints a sordid past for LAPD LONG ago.

    I don’t need a manifesto to point fingers at LAPD, I will use court cases where they have paid millions to cops for doing EXACTLY what Dorner said in his manifesto.

    NOW argue that and impress us.

  22. Here is a thought everyone, maybe Charlie Beck should hire our beloved friend Gennacco to come in and give LAPD a clean bill of health.

    For this mess a mere $250k should do it.

  23. Maybe we can hear a spin or two from the kool-aid drinkers why the cops shot up two different vehicles because they “thought” Dorner was in them.

    OH WAIT, I can hear it now, they are scared, an honest mistake. THEY have every reason to fire on anyone driving a pick-up that might contain Dormer.

    Hope Dormer isn’t driving a Honda now.

    Sorry, no HOMELESS man with an attitude in this scenario, who failed to obey commands.

    Hell those poor folks didn’t even get to hear, “see these gloves”, the cops just opened fired, and what pops out one vehicle, TWO old ladies delivering papers.

    The other poor bastard was driving a grey Honda pickup, blam blam blam, oops sorry WRONG GUY!!

    Someone with a BRAIN should have taken these folks down and bought them a NEW truck of their choice.

    1. No spin, they screwed up, big time.

      The first to fire at each scene should be fired, period, no matter what.

      All others who fired shots, no matter what, should be given significant time off and training. It was likely a case of contagious fire.

      Large settlements will no doubt be paid to the victims, and they deserve them.

      The point of my argument was why not congratulate LAPD for getting rid of a problem officer before he could do harm to the public.

      To most of those here, LAPD is in a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” position. So you’re argument is they should have let a cop they identified as problematic with emotional issues stay on the force? Would you like that better?

  24. So if the cops had been better shots than they were, the DEATH toll would be 6.

    3 by Dorner
    3 by the cops.

    All innocent, who did nothing wrong.

    Since the cops have all joined forces, then they ALL share the good,bad and ugly that has been brought forth so far.

    NOW spin that stuff.

  25. Your assuming Dorner is a problem child
    cause LAPD said so.

    If LAPD didn’t have their own history of
    lying and cheating I would Agee with you.

    I am refering to LAPD brass.

    1. ACU, in no way absolving LAPD from past misdeeds, I’d be careful with the Dorner bromance. Any good that could have come out of his termination case has been completely negated. He went from potential whistleblower to piece of shit who deserves what he get from the boys in blue.

    1. All that BS makes it harder and less that really good officers would join or stay.

      Dont get me started with the Teachers Unions and their stupidity.

    2. If you find that news article worthy of hanging onto and waiving it around ok.

      I guess she should have took her concerns to LAPD then and there. It appears she didn’t, so now some of her commentary becomes suspect too.

      I noticed that none of that was used in Dorners termination showing a seedy past that further justified his termination.

      Such bizarre behavior as alledged by the girlfriend would be grounds for LAPD to send him to a shrink if the complaints were substantiated, it appears the girlfriends concerns were never addressed at the time.

      So did LAPD cover that up, or was the girlfriend lying then or now?

      I must have missed how Chief Beck used Dorners girlfriends allegations to paint him a mad man.

      If true when alledged it would have been grounds for the US Navy to pull his top secret clearance.

      Seems that wasn’t done either, a naval intelligence officer who is what his girlfriend says would be of great concern to the Navy.

      Seems they weren’t.

      I’ll call BS on the girlfriend at this time.

      Any female who goes on line looking for a boyfriend WELL, you take that for what it’s worth too.


  26. JTC here is another thought. LOOKING at your analogy thinking as you do, then WHY is Charlie Beck even bothering to RE-OPEN Dorner’s 3 year old termination.

    Why would he be concerned about racial issues coming from a LYING mad man?

    Hell Charlie’s got Dorner’s girlfriend as back-up.

  27. JTC not sure how long you have been reading on this site, but I would like to remind you the ONSLAUGHT of crap Ben Lira faced on this very blog when he called BS on FPD.

    Funny when he named the very FPD trolls by name they seemed to disappeared.

    The most glaring troll was JOHN DOE, no question in my mind that fit the Barry Coffman profile.

    Yep I bet Dorner had to face off with guys like Goodwrench,Coffman and others more than once.

    You can see the bravery of them like you see what’s happening on the street right now.

    Cops so freakin scared, they shoot and whatever they think looks like Dorner.

    The FPD trolls had there fun with me too, but only from the keyboard.

  28. I find it humorous that Feinstein and her evil cohort, came out and asked that we not become vigilantes, and turn in our guns, are they high? So, then you come out and say 300 thou for this guy- O my. Dead or alive, they will haul out the carcass, after each and everyone of those currupt fucktards, he was complaining about will make enough over time, for a new wave runner..Yippie! Dorner has been on ice for a few days, we all know it, but wait they have unleashed the drones, in riverside- this guy is the first american to be hunted via drone on US soil.I vomited. They will have some fantastic shoot out, and lie about everything. Welcome to our POLICE state.

  29. This blog is boring. Full of armchair quarterbacks. Nerds that have probably never been involved in a fist fight. Also could never do a job like being a cop. Who cares what you think. Probably fat and sitting in your underwear all day surfing web. Go get some fresh air. Hasta.

        1. JPS, I believe you just revealed yourself to bee one of those FPD trolls of whom ACU referred to above.

          You’re an absolute bust! Just because Mike refers to himself as a cop you immediately apply your keyboard lips to his fanny-hole.

  30. Here’s a laugh for all of you!!! Took the dog for a walk. Saw a man coming towards us pushing a supermarket cart. He was yelling at his invisible friends. I stopped to let him go by, he stopped and started barking at my dog, So I let my dog bark at him and he moved on. The really funny part he was wearing short, shorts with rinestones, a very tight baseball shirt and to top it off knee pads. Who said Fullerton is not interesting.

  31. Denise Roberts :
    From what I have read, he experienced injustice in the police department. It’s incredible that he is out maneuvering them. INCREDIBLE

    According to the FBI website Corruption and Local Government Corruption, is a National Security issue, it erodes public confidence, and creates a economic nightmare (FPD and Tijuana Fullerton, BABBYYY!!!)

        1. cg, it sounds like lately you’ve reached a more balanced and reasoned view of things. It’s good to see.

          1. Yep, things have happened in the neighborhood. That I do not like, go figure. You know Neighborhood Watch, and that. Sick of homeless shit. OH wait did I say that out loud….Yep I did…

          2. Trolls often hijack commentor names, their immature behavior is a very likely symptom associated with some sadism.

  32. cg :
    You need to step away from the blog…..just for awhile…just read for a while…It will be clear for you…

    You need to see the bigger picture, reading comprehension and retention are very key.

    1. Don’t be disappointed, but my big picture is making it to retirement, and having my home safe and neighborhood safe. So, I will let you worry about the BIG picture. Life is tough, but just hang in there and you will make it too. There are many problems, but life goes on. Sorry, to be so blah, but to many friends passed in 1 week for me to care.

      1. Wish you all the best, death shouldnt be all sadness.

        When you look at our little picture “WERE TOTALLY FUCKED”, imagine for just one week, what an effective and efficient agency could do for us, instead we have a force scared of their own shadow, and willing to sell their souls to stalk, threaten and crucify, anyone and everyone such as FFFF, a group of caring citizens, and intelligent to boot.

  33. Police corruption can’t be ignored
    January 16, 2013 7:00PM

    “More than 300 Chicago police officers have been convicted of serious crimes since the 1960s. We list them and our proposed recommendations for curing police corruption in a new report to the mayor and the aldermen. Police crimes include beating innocent citizens, protecting drug dealers, accepting bribes, murder and lying about torture. Thirty percent of these crimes involve police officers convicted of illegal drug dealing and protecting street gangs.

    The problem of police corruption is not caused by occasional flawed police officers or “bad apples.” Rather, the apple barrel is rotten. Too many police officers violate citizens’ rights, engage in corruption and commit crimes while avoiding discipline or prosecution…”

    1. Mike Carona’s Curse: Two of the Dirty Ex-OC Sheriff’s Tainted Benefactors Die Within Weeks At The Age Of 61
      By R. Scott Moxley Sat., Jan. 12 2013 at 9:45 AM

      “…Asher liked the Bible-thumping Carona–once a rising star in the California Republican Party, an Arnold Schwarzenegger confidant and a sheriff who eagerly accept bribes (cash, fine suits, casino chips, hotel rooms, illegal campaign contributions, booze–lots of booze, private jet rides and, yes, a boat).

      Carona, who is serving a 66-month sentence in a Colorado federal prison, once arrogantly declared (before his arrest and while he served on a top-secret George W. Bush national security task force) that investigating FBI and IRS agents had only found evidence of “the nigger money”–smaller sized bribes.

      Carona didn’t know that his statements were secretly recorded by Don Haidl, a Rancho Cucamonga used car salesman, who illegally gave Carona more than $200,000 in 1998 to defeat Santa Ana Police Chief Paul Walters for the county’s top cop job…”

  34. They’re looking for a big black dude. So far, they’ve shot the hell out of two ladies and a skinny white surfer.

    We’re lucky the keystone kops are such lousy shots. It looks like they pumped most of their ammo into the tailgate of the first rig, and god knows where the bullets went in the second incident.

    The police in SoCal are the easily the most serious threat to life and limb for law-abiding citizens. There’s no doubt about this; the pro-cop/anti-cop pingpong tourney has been going on for years, but there is no doubt now that these bozos are out of control. They are out of control, and the control should be us. We’ve pretty much handed over to them the ability to commit lethal mayhem against us, and they’re doing it. Every day.

    Those two ladies were delivering papers, and the cops shot the shit out of their vehicle for no good reason. The other guy was going surfing, and the cops rammed his rig and shot at him.

    It’s ironic, but if these a-holes in blue actually knew how to do what they were trying to do, all three targets would likely be murdered.

    I’m suggesting a Barney Fife Rule in Southern California. All the keystone kops get one little bullet, and they have to keep it in their shirt pocket. We’ll all be far safer and better off. These idiots are dangerous.

    1. “It’s ironic, but if these a-holes in blue actually knew how to do what they were trying to do, all three targets would likely be murdered.”

      Too true. Should we be happy that the cops are so incompetent, or sad? Or both.

  35. It looks like Christopher Jordan Dorner has some support out there which historically is the case when you deal with that kind of folk hero until a Jewish back stabber, Judas Iscariot type, comes along and sales Dorner for a fist full of dollars.

    Do you need extra cash Golem?

    1. Bill Chaffee :
      I wonder if Dorner could have avoided his violent outburst if he had found a publisher and written a book.

      Interesting point, it makes you wonder what Dorner might have tried to do about all this from a non-violent standpoint after his termination.

      There is a substantial gap in time from his final appeal to his first set of murders.

      It is also interesting that Dorner waited until after he was discharged from the Navy to launch his assault on the world.

      I think it’s safe to say he spent some time planning this scenario.

      But what else did he do to fix this problem in a non-violent way that we don’t know about?

      This $1 million reward will simply add to the frenzy in So.Cal.

      Dorner has evaded capture so far because he is NOT talking to anyone, no contact with friends or relatives which is usually the key to capturing a fugative.

      Makes you wondeer if he is still alive. If he is, he is better at the game than most would have thought.

  36. Denise Roberts :From what I read, he has experienced injustice in the police department. It’s incredible that he is out maneuvering them. INCREDIBLE

    out manuvering pathetic fat cops that have xero training but shoot, your shocked- must be a white girl.

  37. Jumping to Conclusions :
    Here’s a more complete picture of Dorner:

    Interesting read, but I am not impressed with an FBI profiler.

    WHY you ask? What is missing out of ALL these opinionated articles?

    WHERE the heck is the US NAVY in all this. NOT a word so far. Good or bad.

    The FBI profiler is making both the US NAVY and LAPD look like fools because it sounds like both agencies SHOULD have detected some of what this article is saying BEFORE all this happened.

    NOTICE not a word in this article that SUGGEST anything LAPD MIGHT have done could have set this guy off.

    Hell I don’t see anyone suggesting PTSD from the 11 months Dorner did over seas.

    They are painting a picture for sure, but it seem very incomplete at this time.

    WHERE is the US Navy?

    1. Reportedly, he was stationed in Bahrain – not a hotbed of warfare. However, given he was Naval Intelligence (per reports), he could have had some covert missions; regardless, he seems to be running rings around law enforcement unless he’s deceased…

  38. Here is another thought for those thinkers out there.

    Don’t you all find it ironic with all the articles we as adults have read over the years about BULLYING within the public schools from grammer school up through high school?

    The effects it has had on creating MASS shootings or acts of violence when the person who launched their misdeeds it was later discovered was a serious target of one or more bullys.

    Of course the EXPERTS come out of the wood work telling everyone that ACTION must be taken to stop this.

    This FBI profiler and many others like them NEVER freakin address the culture that exsists within Law Enforcement that creates this same atmosphere.

    Some know it as a hostile work environment.

    You could see just a small spectrum of that right here at one time.

    If you read the manifesto you can see a twinkle of that when some of Dorners peers used the “N” word frequently. TOO frequently for him.

    When Dorner get’s tired of it, he grabs one to get his attention and tells him to knock it off.

    THAT is a hint to those who don’t know. YES LAPD has suffered from this strange culture for years.

    My POINT is you just don’t see those famous people out there who address these issues.

    Such topics are not part of their agenda when trying to cover their butts.

    If you do a little research you will find such issues are very much in the legal archives of the courts.

    1. Well if you think LAPD with their sordid past has credibility, I would say the answer is NO.

      If you have been proven to be a LIAR more than a few times, it’s safe to assume your still a LIAR.

      Putting a new Chief in place does not erase the PRIOR established lies of department heads or minions.

      Putting Danny Hughes in charge of FPD did not make the BS go away that looms over their head.

  39. If it was not for the grace of Almighty God, those two INNOCENT women would have been killed too. Dorner murdered 2 innocent people and the police ALMOST did as well. That BS doctored photo of the truck that has less holes in it than it did last week showed most of the holes in the passenger side. If they thought that Rambo was in that truck and acting alone then why did they shoot at the passenger side? Did the photo shoppers clean up the wrong side of the vehicle?

    1. I would say credit should go to Toyota and modern automotive steels, that have an incredible amount of impact absorbing ability.

  40. Dorner may have been set up to be fired. however, I sense the LAPD sensed Dorner was grotesquely immature man who believed the world was out to get him.
    Dorner is not a product of a corrupt leadership at LAPD. His actions in the police academy shows he was immature, silly. The kind of guy that gets someone killed due to their foolish behavior.
    the case of Dorner is a radical departure from the Kelly Thomas beating death by Ramos, Cicinelli and Wolfe. These three fullerton Police officers were not misfits , only inculcated into corruption by their decades long corrupt leadership.
    I notice Pat Mckinley the retired fullerton police chief from 1993 to 2008, who went on national televeision as a Fullerton city council person and knowledgeable in police work due to his education and experience no longer defends Ramos, Cicinelli or Wolfe. Instead , he seems to shun the public eye and has no further comments about the Kelly thomas beating death by his own police officers.
    Cicinelli, Ramos and Wolfe have been abandoned by their “brothers in blue” and the city of Fullerton.

  41. VAN, then LAPD should have fired him then and their using your logic.

    NEWS flash, the best time to fire one is when they are on PROBATION, a simple “thank you” you did not pass probation and THATS IT.

    All the other hoopla is not needed in terminating a probationary cop.

    SO LAPD is still responsible using your analogy.

    Maybe some of you should start attacking the US NAVY too, they had the guy on board for 11 years, and they haven’t said a word.

  42. Policing jobs are a magnet for sadists and sociopaths. Policy needs to b changed on every level, like compulsory, and limited service by all mentally fit and able bodied civilians, and stop makeing carreers of it, so sociopaths can get a strangle hold on the system, like union thugs.

  43. SORRY to bust the public’s theories and analogy but here is a SERIOUS issue that jump opened up this can of worms even bigger.

    Captain Quan Dorners lawyer says this to the LA TIMES.

    “This officer wasn’t given a fair shake,” Quan said, according to transcripts of the board hearing. “In fact, what’s happening here is this officer is being made a scapegoat.”

    Those police administrators JUST CRAPPED reading this.

    Of course I am sure some idiot with a badge will call this guy distgruntled or crazy too.

    This guys daughter was just murderer and NOW he says this.

  44. I say fire everyone on the force, including the Cheif, and start all over again without a union, but this time, actually screen out the sociopaths, and sadist this time.

  45. When Quan said what he said, then or now simply brings out more questions.

    Was Quan simply giving the appearance of trying to represent Dorner knowing full well he was doomed based on past practices of LAPD managment and their distain for whistle blowers?

    Quan should know he is a Captain and I bet authored a few terminations himself.

    Of course we don’t have the entire transcript to read, but did Quan back up his statements before the BOR by showing past practices of disparate treatment?

    I see no mention of anything of that nature in the Court of Appeals decision upholding Dorners termination.

    What is glarring in the manifesto, and in the Court of Appeals decision is the comments of the Sergeant from the Harbor police that told Dorner to FIX HIS TIE after he arrived on scene.

    Both Dorner and the Court of Appeals called BS on the Sergeants testimony, because Dorner was wearing a Class B uniform that day. He WAS NOT wearing a tie that day.

    On it’s face that alone was a lie that should have been figoursly challenged and it appears thus far it was not.

    Just the tip of the iceburg in my opinion. One lie is one lie, how many more lies is there?

    If anyone in this game had any clue of the game playing based on pure experience it was Captain Quan, NOT Dormer with his 3 years experience with LAPD.

    NO COP in their right mind or having the SLIGHEST clue of POBR or union activity would EVER have a Captain from his own department represent him in a matter like this.

    Is this another sham all in itself?

    If Quan said that then, what does he have to say now?

    Where are the briefs filed by Quan arguing in defense of his client when the case moved to Superior Court?

    Funny how LAPD protective league is silent thus far.

    1. “Returning veterans, ex military, ex police officers, marijuana card carriers, anyone on psychotropic medication, anyone who has been treated for any mental illness or depression, anyone on the no fly list, and anyone that thinks views the government as no being trustworthy must not be allowed to own a gun” —–

      This is what the government wants and that is where this is all going so don’t kid yourself. This psy op running man show will end like DB Cooper and the control freaks will never let this or any other crisis go to waste so fasten your seat belt and open your wallet wide because we are paying for the show and the ride.

      1. Unarmed drones will be used on Dorner and armed drones will be eventually be used domestically on Americans. The slippery slope is lined with the pills, the greasy cheeseburgers, the booze, the drugs, the idiot box’s talking heads’ propaganda, the pornographic filth and trash TV programming, and the mindless bullshit sports diversions. The slope is being greased by the silent pulpits occupied by the hireling preachers on the real issues that threaten us all.

          1. I am as together as you can get. It is the masses that are falling apart at the seams as the walls close in. Look your kids in the eyes as you put them to bed and ask yourself this question-what will they say about you as they find themselves in a real life nightmare? The country is financially and morally bankrupt. Its citizens DO NOT have to follow suit.

          2. It may seem like he’s falling apart at the seams, but I think that he is referring to the “building blocks of society”.

    1. He should be. ACU is Dorner with a keyboard instead of a gun. Of course, the San Bernardinobrass call ACU crazy for that!

      1. They sure do Steve. And haven’t scored any points in their favor in the last 6 years.

        The hits there just keep on coming.

        Dorner just broadened the spectrum in a very nasty and unfortunate way.

        First and ONLY defense to exposing corruption and a broken system from our beloved official crime fighters, the messenger is crazy.

        Steve they attempted to prove that officially and failed we me many times.

        Dorner only had 3 years of experience, I had 20.

        Add an additional 6 years of serving the BS right back at them. They still haven’t scored any points in the game.

        Their inept approach to most of this can be seen in Dorner’s planning.

        Their fear, actual fear is show in the 2 seperate shootings of innocent people.

        Two different approaches to sending a message, one within the law and one very much outside the law.

        In either case it sends the system into a tail spin. The lawful method just takes longer.

        1. Our victories are numerous and glarring.

          Sheriff Rod Hoops retires 2 years into his first term. Caught lying in deposition, among many other issues.

          New Sheriff John McMahon already under fire for his lying and cheating. Verified by court transcripts.

          Union President William Abernathie steps down after a barrage of misdeeds and inept performance.

          Multiple Internal Affairs investigators exposed for lying. Verified by court transcripts.

          Current shake up in Internal Affairs with new personnel being brought in.

          Old corrupt lawyers in the Union being exposed, new law firm brought in. Old law firm loosing money.

          New law firm has exposed Sheriff’s department corrupt internal investigations.

          Changes in the works to get cops a better legal defense program and get rid of corrupt labor representatives.

          The social media has been devestating to the “good ol boys” verified by many higher ranking officials who are HONEST.

          To bad Dorner did know what most of us do now.

          He could have gotten an attorney who would have called BS on LAPD’s managment practices and some folks might still be alive.

          The public needs to wake up and look up HIGH into the managment of certain agencies and see that MOST of the corruption or failed system falls upon their misdeeds or inept performance, which simply filters down into the rank and file.

          Shall we use the analogy of “father like son”.

  46. Reading that link streetwise and seems like that guy should have been fired. What’s your point? Are you saying randy quan deserved to have his daughter murdered by a maniac? Seems like there are a lot of brilliant people on this blog. Funny that none of them have any power in government. All big mouths with no clue.

    1. Becks descision to reopen the case with Dorner is more about building trust with the community and transparency of the department procedures. Its not his intent to bring any justification or lack of.
      there is no justification for what he did but Dorners orriginal appeal may have been legitimate and worth looking into as he was charged with falsifying a police report that had legitimate backing by withness fathers tesitmony. Mabey the attorneys that represent the police officers union should be occasionaly examined to see if they are in fact truly representing thier clients best intrest and that no trickery is going on in order to purge the department. Although it may “seem like that guy should have been fired”, its important to follow trustworthy procedures in order to reach that conclusion, not leaving an officer feeling like he was railroaded out of the department but that he was rather formaly discharged in an honorable way. …Probably alot of the potential misbehaving problem officers could be eliminated early on through a more rigourous hiring and recruitment procedure with more inphasis on securing good recomendations to even be considered for recruitment.

  47. All you dorner lovers and LE haters please tell me what Riverside Officer Crain did that he deserved to be murdered while waiting at a traffic signal? Why are there people glorifying dorner’s murder spree and trying to make him a hero ? Why is this blog a venue for promoting a murderer of innocent people and everyone of his murder victims are innocent of anything remotely related to his termination in 2008? SHAME on the people running this blog
    Those that run this blog SHAME on you for

            1. Who the hell cares? IT DOESN’T MATTER.

              Attempting to shift the blame onto someone who didn’t beat the man is the act of a coward.

              There are worse names for you, but this one will work for now.

        1. Keep telling yourself that troll, the rest of the world knows that his Father was no where near dowtown Fullerton, the night that his 137 pound shirtless son was murdered in cold blood by our “peace officers”.

          1. You are right Fullerton Lover. His dad was never around down town Fullerton ever to try to give him shelter or a sandwich.

          1. Ok R.D. you are a pathetic little man that thinks knows everything, but knows crap. Stop embarrassing yourself and stay away from the council meetings.

                1. HUH? :
                  He wasn’t murdered by 6 cops. He was murdered by his father who threw him out like a dog.

                  ^What a Police Troll’s pathological thinking looks like^

      1. Now you’re comparing a bum to a war veteran doing his job. The poor bum story has gotten old. Now you’re using it to justify the murderer of innocent civilians and police officers. Ridiculous. Get over it. There are plenty of bums left in Fullerton begging for money.

    1. Riverside officer Crain is an example of a senseless murder and tragically he leaves behind a wife and kids.

      I will say this. Officer Crain’s murder could have been prevented if more officers stood up against the WIDESPREAD RAMPANT CORRUPTION IN ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT. The ubiquitous silence of the brethren in blue and green all over merely energizes the polarization of those like Dorner who maybe not so delusionally sees himself as an ISLAND in a sea of sharks with no recourse but to live a demonic dream of a revenge thrill kill. One needs to look no further than the murder of Kelly Thomas in my hometown-the officers were left on duty for almost 2 months with video assistance rewriting their reports with absolute silence from the so called chief and the entire FPD apparatus with the exception of the BS that spewed out of Goodfornothingrich. It took worldwide coverage and local outrage and protests JUST TO GET THEM OFF THE STREETS almost 2 months later. The men and women in blue REMAINED SILENT even after case after case was documented of frame ups, cover ups and even another possible murder that took place in the jail with a smashed DAR as a calling card.
      What could be worse if what happens when a civilian become a Dorner? If it takes a full tactical alert of statewide departments to find one nutball what will become of society if a handful of nuts crack? What if more than a handful say enough is enough. To whom much is given much is required and all LAW ENFORCEMENT must live up to their oaths. Society teeters right now. Maybe this is why the DHS has purchased enough ammo to put 6.3 bullets in every man woman and child in this nation. That is a fact.

  48. reasonable person :Reading that link streetwise and seems like that guy should have been fired. What’s your point? Are you saying randy quan deserved to have his daughter murdered by a maniac? Seems like there are a lot of brilliant people on this blog. Funny that none of them have any power in government. All big mouths with no clue.

    big badge doesnt mean your always right either? Your a bootlicker, bad cop apologist. Go figure? Speaking of figures- anybody see goodrich after his stomach stapling? he looks gross.

  49. Truthseeker, what you say is 100% true. Yay Muuurrrica!! Home of NDAA, where our Govt is in court right now trying to get the right to kidnap and murder Americans.

    Keep in mind, when you make too much noise, you get “suicided.” They killed Phillip Marshall, his kids, and his dog.

  50. Tax subsidized (aka socialist) police force must be disbanded. By definition tax leeches will only protect themselves and their crony politician cronies, everyone else be damned. Fullerton and LA are well aware of it.

    1. I think that the rest of the world is finally getting a taste of what has been going on here in LA and Fullerton for far too long whenever they watch the news reports of police officers shooting first and asking questions later of several innocent citizens in their zeal to protect their own.

    1. money (and conceal carry) in citizens pockets?

      with the amount of property, sales and all other local taxes people are paying, almost everyone could afford private security, though conceal carry is cheapest and most effective (that’s why our tax eating overlords don’t like it so much).

  51. “The LAPD is now quick to point out this guy’s history of nutsiness, and yet somehow Dorner was given access to training and weaponry in both the military and in the LAPD that are now being used effectively against CIVILIANS and the COPS themselves.”

    Wait…What???? Um, COPS are CIVILIANS!!!! Lets get that one straight. If you don’t want to be a civilian anymore, just join the military then. Any branch will do. The “COPS” are a CIVILIAN POLICE FORCE, end of story, there’s NO “grey area” on this. (NOTHING AGAINST THE AUTHOR)

      1. -and with the end of the Posse Comitatus Act by the signing of The John Warner Defense Authorization Act they actually are.

    1. Good point Dan F.

      If you listen to those who are pointing out the nutiness it still comes back to who was asleep at the wheel, only suspect is LAPD.

      But so far the nutiness is not part of the hearing in Dorner’s termination so far.

      And you would surely want to include the nutiness right along with the lying and false allegations to.

      Seems like LAPD is attempting to find some loose nails at this late date to drive into Dorner’s coffin.

      All this information now out in public surely is not helping LAPD’s perceived brilliance.

  52. Oh for the love of God! Todd Spitzer is up in Big Bear as the “supervisor” representing Irvine – what an ass/media whore.

  53. There was nothing to weed out prior to Christopher Dorner’s employment. LAPD created the monster Dorner became and now many must painfully deal with it. The tools in place to weed out the mentally ill in the police selection process works very well.

    Dorner was not fired because he was black, he was hired because he is black. He was fired because he was a “Whistle Blower.” Dorner being fired was a microscopic message to Dorner himself, but the enormous message with his firing was to the rest of the LAPD. “If you see or hear something that is abusive or corrupt, keep your big mouth shut or we’ll fire you too!”

    Police administrations can handle complaints from the public. They understand those complaints and are prepared to deal with them. The ego’s of chief’s, sheriff’s, commanders or captain’s simply cannot stand a rank-and-file officer coming to them with complaints about abuse or corruption within their department’s or division. Simply put, these administrators are offended by internally generated complaints because it shows them, and everyone else that a subordinate knew something before they did.

    What Dorner likely struggled with, and angered over daily, which festered into rage and tragedy in the end was the intentional, antiquated legal representation he received from Ret. Capt. Randal Quan. Dorner likely only became aware that his legal representation was substandard after the fact. Dorner then likely felt foolish for believing a retired captain from his own police administration was actually going to work hard on his behalf to save a job his administrative friends a colleagues were trying to take away.

    Attorney and Retired LAPD Captain Randal Quan is friends with Attorney and Retired LAPD Captain
    Paul Coble of the Law Firm Jones & Mayer in Fullerton, CA. Both are friends/colleagues with Retired Captain and former Fullerton City Council Member Pat McKinley. Paul Coble is a hired gun; a hatchet man that helps police chief’s and sheriff’s from throughout Southern California fire undesirable police officers and deputies; especially Whistle Blowers. Dorner never had a chance as Quan was going to provide the most minimal of defenses to a client like Dorner. Quan’s loyalty is and will always be with police administrations.

    Dorner’s ultimate meltdown was a long process. Initially when fired, Dorner was hurt. He felt betrayed, embarrassed, and humiliated. Quan, his attorney, was someone Dorner trusted to right the wrong done to him. Quan then betrayed him, as did a rubber stamped appeals process.

    Dorner’s untreated hurt turned into anger. His untreated anger turned into depression. His untreated depression turned into rage. This ultimate rage led to his murderous retaliation; but even in his rage, his focus remained clear as to whom his enemies now were. This is why the civilians Dorner encountered after the Irvine homicides were not murdered by him. Dorner’s rage extended to his former rank-and-file colleagues as they stood silent in the wake of his termination, and likely all the friends he once had in the LAPD turned their backs on him. Any LAPD officer that remained friends with him would find themselves being fired as well as an example to all.

    One of the many unreported ironies in this tragedy is as it relates to the Riverside Police Department. In 2010, then Riverside Police Chief Russ Leach was arrested for DUI/Hit & Run after crashing his unmarked police unit following a drinking binge at the 215 Strip Club in Colton, CA. One Riverside officer who refused to help cover up the accident was, you guessed it, fired for Whistle Blowing. You the public, and the law enforcement (Family?) turned their backs on him as well. So who is at fault for these retaliatory terminations taking place with impunity? The press and you the public are. For as much as you both demand honesty and integrity from law enforcement, the moment one of these officer’s blows the whistle, you all suddenly turn into Tony Soprano and call them a Rat! Or better yet, a disgruntled employee. Truth be told, you can’t take “Yes” for an answer when it comes to Whistle Blowers. In the competitive, money driven media market, the new media will cease to be the self-ordained Whistle Blowers of police corruption if they allow law enforcement officer’s to successfully do that job themselves. But hey, that’s not your problem; right?

  54. Truth Be Told:

    Dorner was not fired because he was black, he was hired because he is black. He was fired because he was a “Whistle Blower.”

    This is a very powerful and IMO a true statement.

    1. @ Daniel Ciello

      It could very well be Dorner never fully contemplated the true motivation behind his termination, and antiquated representation. I suppose in his mind, race would be his immediate and historical explanation for his termination. The maliciousness and tenacious prosecution of Whistle Blowers by police, city and county administrators is so viscous that Dorner likely could not recognize it ever possible that white chief’s, city administrators and attorney’s could possibly hate him more for Whistle Blowing than for being black.


    DAMN dude that was good, one of the best written explanations I have read to date.

    And your comments are CLEARLY supported by previous court decisions right out of the LAPD history books.

    More than a few HONEST cops who won their cases after being retaliated against for testifing on behalf of a terminated employee.

    Priceless commentary sir, priceless!!!!

    1. @ Anti Corruption Unit

      Thank-You for your kind words Sir. Unfortunately, great web sites like this and others will be the sum total of exposure mine and most other posts on this issue will ever receive. Reporters get their marching orders from their editors, and though many reporters read these postings, none will risk their future employment absent a Green-Light from them. To these editors, truth is relative, but income is tangible. Is what I have said financially advantageous to report on in the mind of an editor? It is not. What I have written will likely make many of their readers, viewers or listeners uncomfortable, which in turn will make their sponsors uncomfortable. There are exceptions such as with Kelly Thomas, but look what the founder of this site had to do and endure before someone in the media would finally cease in their conscious and deliberate omission of the Kelly Thomas story!

      1. TBT there is some satisifaction at least from my neck of the woods, many papers are struggling these days as many are switching to social media for information.

        Many readers are learing quickly that the media is nothing but a bought and paid for propaganda machine for the corrupt ones.

        Even back in the day when the papers were running hot and heavy lots of things discussed now were not talked about in great detail.

        Even the good stories died quickly leaving many questions still un-answered.

        We all know if FFFF had not did what they did the Kelly Thomas saga MIGHT not have become a national story.

        That speaks for itself.

        1. @ ACU

          That’s a very good point. We are living through a media transition as a culture whose final outcome is still being written, and even with so many other options now, TV and/or visual media still seems to be the most dominant influence. We are a visual society.

          An example of how TV Media is still such a dominant force in our culture comes from, of all people, Ozzy Osbourne. Long after the cancellation of his reality show, he said he is still mobbed by fans of that show. What he found amazing was these adoring fans knew nothing about him being in Black Sabbath, never heard of Black Sabbath, and knew nothing about his solo career and multi-platinum selling records. He said though he felt complimented, and a little offended also, he said it wasn’t until that moment that he fully realized the immense power of television. An FFFF cable show, or local access cable show would be a good thing maybe?

      2. The founder of this blog couldn’t have walked into the perfect opportunity to further his own agenda. Do you think he really gave a shit about Kelly or for that case, the homeless? What a joke!

  56. Denise Roberts :From what I have read, he experienced injustice in the police department. It’s incredible that he is out maneuvering them. INCREDIBLE

    they are fucktard on roids, not to hard to out weasel a pack of hot dogs.

  57. LAPD now denying reward pledged by CORRUPT COP UNION. LAPD claims Dormer was caught by professional police work. LAPD contends all TIPS provided by the public were USELESS.

    HA HA HA

    1. Why do you think they gave the burn orders that incenerated everything except his license and wallet-what a joke. Dead men tell no tales, and his execution prior to arrest, arraignment, trial and conviction and sentencing conveniently voids the reward. That is the new Amerikan way. Kelly Thomas, The Branch Dividians, and yes even Dorner were all the recipients of the new justice in Amerika. When the second ammendment goes they will be doing this for kicks.

      1. Sorry Truth, I don’t care how he went. As long as the monster is gone. He killed 4 people….Would you feel the same if that was your daughter or son? I don’t think so. You would be out there too. We will see how the blood money goes. I don’t care about that either. I only care about the families that have their lifes turned upside down. So sad…….I have seen what a murdered child does to a family, and it’s not pretty….

        1. @ cg

          My comments were in reply to the overwhelming question posed by citizen’s and the media in this tragedy; “Why?”

          My comments were an explanation, not an excuse. There is no excuse. You appear to be the only one that needed this point explained to you.

        2. EVERYONE deserves a fair trail. He was hunted before charges were even filed. We don’t know squat about what really happened. People were murdered and we still dont know who murdered them. If it was the roided out nutso cop gone bad then so be it. What if it was not Dorner and he was truly on the run because he knew too much and like in Arlington road they made it look like he did it all? We simply don’t know and never will as long as we except trials, convictions and executions in the street administered by one branch of the justice system and blindly swallow the media tag lines. It will be lights out meatball for our future. If you want street justice, the government will be happy to administer it in the camps they have built for tens of millions of Americans just like governments have done to 260 million people in the last 100 years. Once we start making exceptions the slippery slope gets wider and the ride gets faster. The digital broadcast technology and the media controlled by the government does not lend it itself to truth but exists solely to further an agenda and a rather nefarious one at that.

      1. Hes with Mickey, a Narcissist

        “Malignant narcissism has been described as “an extreme form of antisocial personality disorder combined with narcissistic personality disorder that is manifested in a person who is pathologically grandiose, lacking in conscience and behavioral regulation, and with characteristic demonstrations of joyful cruelty and sadism”.[1] In the clinical setting, individuals characterized as having traits of malignant narcissism would be diagnosed as psychopaths…”


        1. What is said to “really” disturb people, when they see homeless is, “primal fear” the fear of what may or have happen to them, like hitting bottom, financial doom and abandonment.

          Sadistic Psychopaths, probably dont have a real good social or fulfilling life. Murder and pain just isnt all that acceptable in the American world now.

          As the city has seen in the last 19 months, murder is expensive, time consuming, world newsworthy, and oh so so very hard to get away with, even if we build a Disneyland for the less fortunate.

          1. Dangerous Politics, and a lack of awareness and responsibility leads to disaster.

            A congruence of failures usually leads to the occurring disaster.

            “…This was a mental health situation all the way around. Imo, some people in law enforcement develop psychotic aggression as a result of…probably PTSD. When people with tendencies toward psychotic aggression perceive that they are being disrespected they experience it as an attack. People with mental illness tend to be perceived as being disrespectful. It’s dangerous for people with mental illness to be around people who have tendencies toward psychotic aggression. I have a mental illness and have been perceived as annoying to law enforcement and was punished for it by them falsifying the report to make it look like I provoked the assault which occurred when I called 911 for them to protect me. They laughed at me…mocked me…didn’t believe anything I said and sided with my attacker. If I were ever in the future to be in need of emergency assistance I would probably request paramedics, because they are more empathetic than law enforcement and so safer for a mentally ill person. Law enforcement agencies should be educating officers of the fact that mentally ill people have symptoms which cause them to be inattentive, confused, agitated, frightened, etc. and how to not perceive this as an attack. Or they should have specially trained officers that they can call in when there are calls involving mentally ill people. Also, there needs to be mental health assessment and care for patrol officers. Probably a good portion of patrol officers would benefit from anti-psychotic medication, because it reduces aggression. However, if they were diagnosed as being in need of anti-psychotic medication they would probably be relieved from patrol duty, but that is probably what should happen. There is too much stress in law enforcement and the mind can only tolerate so much. People in law enforcement develop psychosis from PTSD and this is why they respond as if attacked when they feel disrespected. This is my opinion, anyway…” -News Commenter

            1. “Psychotic Aggression” is also promoted, and the profession by any reasonable study has devolved from a western more industrialized norm.

              Greed and corruption has infected the top levels. Lawyers fees and political contributions are sending America downwards, a lot of the credit goes to near 3rd world public education and its national union desires. Health care is amongst the financial carrots and sticks.

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