The Power to Recall: Unambiguous, Indivisible

Twenty years later and as clueless as ever.

The opponents of the Fullerton Recall, just like their predecessors in 1994, keep yammering about the “proper” use of the recall process. According to these worthy folks, the power of recall is only to be exercised in cases where an office holder has perpetrated malfeasance in office. Their argument is self-serving. And wrong. Here is what the State Constitution actually says, clearly and succinctly:


Recall is the power of the electors to remove an elective officer.

And that’s it. The rest is all about the technical procedure of doing it. There is no discussion of when recall is appropriate or when it may be used. None. From this terse definition we may reasonably infer that any use of recall is appropriate when the electorate deems it to be so. But what about malfeasance in office? That’s why we have a criminal code!

Of course it hardly needs to be pointed out that the Fullerton Recall has several great reasons to get rid of the Three Dithering Dinosaurs, including failure to lead, creating and tolerating a Culture of Corruption in the FPD, backing an illegal tax on your water for 15 years, and of course, let us not forget, all those insider deals to cronies and campaign contributors in which they gave away streets, sidewalks and government subsidies worth millions.

Anyway, next time you hear somebody like Molly McClanahan or Jan Flory cluck-clucking about this, be sure to to ask them if they’ve ever even bothered to read the State’s Constitution.

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  1. Good post, DR.

    I doubt if Molly McButter has ever read the State Constitution despite having sworn many, many time to uphold it.

  2. The funny thing about this is that the recall process was put into the Constitution by the good government reformers of their day.

    People like McClananhan and Flory are forever yodeling about good government, but it’s mostly just camouflage for maintaining an arrogant and often inept bureaucratic tyranny over us sweaty masses.

  3. Just how many pounds of lipstick over the years must be inadvertently consumed to raise blood levels of metals high enough to yield this form of delusional behavior? Is there quite possibly another explanation?

  4. It is always easy to spot a camouflage expert. Molly has had a lot of practice.
    Years ago, when she was on Council she tried to explain why we needed the underpass on Highland by citing that women pushing strollers would be in danger and might be hit by trains. That is assuming that the women were deaf and blind. When asked how many deaths or accidents had occurred on these tracks..umm the reply was..well none so far.
    And do not forget that she is support of Sharon the Quirky Silva.

  5. Let these folks think what they want and claim what they want to each other. This small cabal of people have been convincing themselves for years that they are right on all sorts of issues. They have become a sort of mutual admiration society. Every so often reality interferes with the charade.

    The cruelty of this reality, once its head is raised, is so severe they are unable to acknowledge it. Like a victim of a traumatic experience left suffering the lingering affects of shock, these folks often are left unable to recall (pun intended) the events that took place.

    Let them frolic in their own pathetic world for now. Truth is coming to pay a visit on June 5th. Then we can go back to normal ie. the Boo Hoo’s convincing themselves it never happened in the first place.

  6. Christine is insane. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve known her for a couple decades but we here in Fullerton need to make the change happen and as of the last few clownsil meetings she does not represent the reasons why.

    …carry on.

  7. Is Mayor Quirk-Sliver speaking the truth about the council NOT ignoring the citizens concerns about the illegal water tax?
    Approx. 10:25pm.

  8. How about that Larry Bennet? At it again, “derrr, this 10% is being played-I want to keep it, my flowers. my lawn need lots of water-I dont mind paying” then soon after, his boy, McKinley votes against eliminated it “let’s not react in a kneejerk way” (even though this 10% franchise fee is illegal and has been for years). “lets keep it going and put it in an escrow account” (as he looked down) and then Bankenstein 2nds it of course.

    Question-Is it possible for Count Chocula the atty to answer with a yes or no?

  9. the Mollys and Jans believe they and their inner circle of friends and supporters still own our town, Fullerton. It is not so much that Molly McClanahan believes she has the right to exercise her right to free speech by addressing the city council, but that she knows what is best for our town, the evil triad of Jones, Bankhead and Mckinley. In fact, Molly McClanahan is ignorant of the law of our land and her speech at the city council highlights how ignorance and voter apathy allowed herself and the evil triad to ever sit on Fullerton’s city council

  10. Listening to this person McClanahan reminds me of a verse…”” A man’s view point of his own actions always looks good when measured up to his own standards.” They have become the “Good Nazi”

  11. DR, stop confusing the issue with the facts. The Geriatric Kool-aid drinkers don’t like, it muddles their brain.

  12. I was so disgusted by the volley betwix, Jones, Blankhead and He Bear Mc Fuqnut…they couldnt decide, if the illegal water tax is illegal…they talked so much boloney,I was frustrated-and decided to leave at the end, but I did stay long enough for Jonsey to say, hey lets rename the tax and everybody will be fine with it,just rename gawd people who ever voted that idiot in should be ashamed. He was so old and confused,again Im goin to ask, why has no one gotten the keys for the car from grandpa?

  13. I was very disturbed at the fact the city atty in all his glorious spewing did admit,yes the tax was illegal, and Mr jones chimed in, lets re-name it,with out the tax name in it and lets go home..the very fabric of the current city council is faded and warn, the integrity of the entire body is lacking.
    The City atty ,is not an atty for the citizens, this odd fellow, sort of a garden gnome with a law dictionary-sits on his lily pad like some sort of toad,bellowing non-sense in a monotone fashion,with out really saying anything, yep he gets paid-to tell us citizens,that the talking heads are laywering up..
    Ms Silva, so nicely put it out there, we citizens get confussed when we question, council or proper persons, I have to say I wasnt confused, I was stunned at the fact that no, one could acurately decide why, we were going to be charged now for water rates that wont increase until january…and Im the confussed one? right? I was far from stumped, I was floored at the bravado, and the word wrangling trying to get more monies for their bank accounts,while our infrastructure crumbles-
    Mr Jones defending that scoundrel Mr Blake, who made a cameo of some sort at the water ad hoc committee, I guess it was my fault for not running to Greg Seborne and ask if in fact the old coot in the corner, is that criminal water man Blake, who thinks its cool to charge me to stay in hotels in LA, and my expense? Sir, if I would have had one inkling that that was you, I would have torn you a new one myself..JOnes- defended this guy, along with the other horsemen of death. Next time I will do inventory of everyone in the room,and ensure they get the same sham reports I get, Imagine defending a guy who is stealing from us. Who knew? BAG OF SUCK OUR CITY CLOWNCIL.

  14. THIS was absolutely hilarious and spot on Citizen M:

    “The City atty ,is not an atty for the citizens, this odd fellow, sort of a garden gnome with a law dictionary-sits on his lily pad like some sort of toad,bellowing non-sense in a monotone fashion,with out really saying anything, yep he gets paid-to tell us citizens,that the talking heads are laywering up..

    Loved the garden gnome part.
    Best description of City Attorney aka Count Chocula (thanks merijoe).

  15. The more I see them in action, since Quirk-Silva took over as mayor, I think she should have been included in the recall. And now to add insult to injury she’s running for higher office?
    Also, I keep wondering if attny Jones is related to Dickie J. the former mayor?

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