The Lost Generation

Ah, dear me. I was just waiting for a last gasp from the old, die-hard liberals in Fullerton to oppose the political colonic flush Fullerton needs so badly; they didn’t disappoint. Check out this lame ad placed in the Fullerton Observer:

Predictable. We’ve already dispensed with the “recalls are for malfeasance” nonsense, here. Ironically, some might argue that cultivating a corrupt and murderous police force, colluding to keep an illegal tax, and giving away public property to campaign donors all rise to the level of “malfeasance,” but I’ll just let that pass.

What’s interesting in this list of names is that the average age is somewhere between 70 and 70 million, and that would take us back well into the Mesozoic Era.

A large meteorite was on the way...

These are the worthies who believe in City Hall heart and soul, no matter what idiocy emanates from it. These people sit on committees and even serve on the council itself whenever the repuglicans can’t stop them. They share a common love for government bureaucracies and processes, and more than anything else they believe in hollow platitudes and meaningless abstractions.

And where were these honorable men and women after a helpless, homeless man was murdered by their own police department? Nowhere near the protests, you can be sure of that. It just wouldn’t look good.

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  1. Bill was always pretty nice to me. Made sure I got my kibble even after I pee’d on the floor and got whacked with my mistresses broomstick.

  2. so, this is the list,huh? Im with harpoon-this does in fact sum it up pretty well, the same old people and the same old arthiritic hands clutchin for the monies, they feel is owed to them, what a bunch of geriatric carpetbaggers..o shocker Jan Flory.

  3. I notice that Ellen Ballard and Minard Duncan from the Fullerton Board of Education are on the list of idiots that believe that this garbage is true.

    If these fools aren’t already removed their positions of influence with the Fullerton Board of Education they really should be as soon as politically possible.

    I’m sure if we dug a little deeper that their level of incompetence in handling the affairs of the Fullerton School Board would pale in comparison to the three dithering dinosaurs we have currently on our City Council.

  4. (Think City of Bell)

    OK, let’s think of Bell.

    Bell residents were robbed of $6.7 million. That’s cute, but Fullerton had $27 million stolen through the water tax scam alone!

    1. its not stolen , its parity, not my sentiment but proably of those who stole 27 million $ that probably solely benefitted those who could get it by twisting it away from fullerton’s revenue used to pay for its infrastructure

    1. Pat McKinley didn’t harbor any fools?

      ” I hired them all”. Patrick McKinley’s response when asked in an interview if he knew any of the six savages that beat Kelly Thomas to death.

  5. The old blowhards just won’t go away. I would fathom a guess, each on the list has lived in Fullerton 30+ years on average and has seen the city change quite a bit. it’s getting ready to change quite a bit June 5th.

  6. “They share a common love for government bureaucracies and processes, and more than anything else they believe in hollow platitudes and meaningless abstractions.”
    Not only do the people on the list support the anti-recall effort, many of them are friends of Fullerton Observer editor Sharon Kennedy and were friends with her now deceased parents.
    It is no surprise the Fullerton Observer shills for the evil triad, Bankhead, Jones, McKinley.
    Even when confronted with the facts that the evil triad conspired to hide the murder of Kelly Thomas by their city’s police force, the people on the list stood their ground with Sharon Kennedy , Bankhead, McKinley and Jones.
    The listed fossils have fueled the corruption of our town with their undying support for the status quo of Jones, Bankhead and McKinley and ilk.
    Yet, these people are not fossils due to their chronological age, but results from their mind-set that rebuffs the facts that prove our town’s municipal government has been usurped by bizarro liberals and conservatives. Fullerton’s self-serving , provincial liberals can’t get enough of social outreach funded programs that only touch the tax payers wallets. Fullerton’s conservatives go koo koo for precious tax dollars to fund redevelopment projects into grotesque edifices.
    And unfortunately for us, the good people of fullerton, a perfect storm of Fullerton’s liberals and conservatives put their heads together and mind mixed the municipal mess known as Fullerton PD, Joe Felz(rubber stamp) as Fullerton city manager, Fullerton Collaborative, Fullerton downtown redevelopment into a drunk hang-out punctuated by violence and rape ,illegal taxes and dubious use of our town’s revenue to benefit whom?
    My opinion from observations

    1. Van,
      Felz isn’t a rubber stamp, the council majority is. Felz has been a complete failure and would be the most likely to be fired first. Then Hughes and ??? The day of reckoning is June 5. Either voters will choose to have honest and responsible leadership or voters will choose to maintain the same old relics dolling out deals to their development buddies.

      Great observations by the way.

  7. I’d say being involved in the cover up of a murder rises to a higher level than malfeasance!

    Hell, Nixon was impeached for covering up of his staff taping other peoples phone conversations….I’m taking murder!!

    1. good point, Clinton and Nixon’s lies are nothing compared to our city council’s cover-up of a murder. Though this cover-up occurs at the municipal level and not the national level, this fact does not diminish the weight of their crime. Video, numerous eye-witnesses to the beating death of kelly thomas by Fullerton PD and our city council refused to admit this fact until the OC district attorney and the FBI stepped in to uncover the truth.

      1. Didn’t require the police chief to do his job. Then let him retire with a permanent disability.

        Left 6 cops involved in a murder of an unarmed, mentally ill man on the streets for over a month.

        Gave Felz a retro active $40 thousand per year raise and a years severance.

        Recently gave $20 million away to donor developers friends to build supposedly “low income” housing, where the “affordable” two bedroom apt’s rent for $1,500 per month.

        Collecting and promoted an illegal water tax.

        Bell has nothing on Fullerton.

  8. The list actually says it all. They are old, apologetic for the system and liberal.

    Reading between the lines it actually says ” If you think we old liberals have the ideas needed for the future of Fullerton, then keep the same tired old fools at the helm that we are friends with.”

        1. I’m surprised to read such nice words coming from The Fullerton Harpoon, or maybe someone else is using The Harpoon’s moniker.

        2. the good people of fullerton were nice, and our civility was returned with beatings, theft, molestation of women, illegal taxes, a deteriorating infrastructure, redevelopment of fullerton’s downtown into ugly buildings that serve booze, booze, booze.

  9. If you wanted to scare the hell out of the voters just tell them Ginger Britt, Kathleen Dasney and Chris Huesser have a solution in mind.

    Jesus, these people have no idea how much they hurt their side when they do this.

      1. “Change will remain an enigma, I imagine, but it is to our benefit to ask the questions that will reveal the greater good.”

        Yes Ginger. Change is coming your way. Don’t be afraid of it. Embrace it, just like you embraced your Macintosh.

  10. Mismanagement of our great little city is similar to the demise of brands like Cadillac: It is just a few obituaries away from being a historical afterthought, a footnote in the past history of what had the potential to be greater and more permanent than similar entities.

    Instead, we will look back and see the mistakes made and wonder what could have been had our collective egos been kept in check and fiscal responsibility been more strongly adhered to. Sadly, these listed endorsers continue to circle their wagons and shore up their weak arguments to support their position, rather than admit mistakes and make steps to move forward in a more productive fashion.

    Improvements to our town will happen when the offices are swept clean of these stagnant, self-promoting power mongers, and their supporters either move on to long-term care facilities or pass on to a better life. Frankly, neither can happen soon enough.

  11. I would be ashamed to list my name on that advertisement for the whole world to see even if I supported the 3 stooges. If the age estimate given is accurate those people should be old school from an era when morals and values actually mattered. What a failed society we have evolved into!

    1. JustUs :
      I would be ashamed to list my name on that advertisement for the whole world to see even if I supported the 3 stooges. If the age estimate given is accurate those people should be old school from an era when morals and values actually mattered. What a failed society we have evolved into!

      Sadly JustUs, most of these people fall into the same trap many do as we age. They come to believe that because of their age and experience, their wisdom has grown accordingly. This gives them the impression that they are no longer capable of doing wrong, and that all their actions and decisions are for the best, and are never incorrect. It becomes exponentially more difficult to admit wrong each year after about your mid-60’s (look around at the people you know and see this in action for yourself), and increasingly easier to find fault with anything out of the mouths of those considerably younger than them. This is not exclusive to Fullerton. Generationally, those older and in charge find it increasingly more difficult to relinquish their long-held control of the reigns of society. Hence the “Struggle” to wrestle it away. It’s not a morals and values battle, it’s a “we are right and you are wrong” battle of absolutes. There is no balance.

      1. “They come to believe that because of their age and experience, their wisdom has grown accordingly. This gives them the impression that they are no longer capable of doing wrong, and that all their actions and decisions are for the best, and are never incorrect.”

        This is part of what I was trying to convey in my post “No Country for Old Men.”

      2. I don’t think that’s a fair analysis, BMR. Look at members of the democrat and republican parties and how they defend their own pols even in the face of blatant lies and violations of the law. IMO it certainly is a moral shortcoming. I suspect most of those listed on the ad run in the same political circles and old money as do the 3 stooges. I do not attribute it exclusively to a generation gap. I know many elderly folks who question authority all the damn time. Look at the war protesters at Laguna Beach. All over 65. You’d think the kids would be down there with signs in hand since it’s their own generation that’s dying for blood money in Afghanistan. But no. All old folks. That blow holes in your theory.

    1. No, they only listed the “liberals.” Their “conservative” comrads in armchairs are not listed for fear of spooking the Democratic readers, who frighten easily.

  12. Please note that the above mentioned recall candidates, McKinley, Bankhead and Jones were a No Show at the California Republican Assembly Candidates Forum this past week. According to the group’s organizer, both McKinley and Bankhead did not even bother to return her calls!

    1. Barry,
      Since your involved with the Parks and Recreation department, could you please tell me what the hell is going on with Independence Park?

      Despite being woefully under served with regards to parks in West Fullerton, the parking gate and the skateboard park are locked up so tight, it looks like a Nazi concentration camp rather than a park.

      I also see that the kids are regularly getting ticketed over there which is probably “not a good thing” when it comes to a child’s experience with our parks.

  13. In the same issue (early May 2012) of the Fullerton Observer that this advertisement appeared, there were also photos of Mr Neisses and the Dasneys – all fit the 70 and older demographic 🙂

  14. Really JustUs? Afghanistan? Can we please bring this back, closer to home? Protesters in Laguna Beach would mostly be 65 and over, because that is the demographic of that part of the county.

    And I never claimed an absolute in my observation (not a theory). It is merely an opinion that I, like you, am legally entitled to have. There will be plenty of exceptions to this, as with anything.

    Of course the listed supporters run in the same circles as the 3 questionable city leaders. That’s why they support them!

    And while you and I may see this as an issue of moral decay in the system, the bigger picture, and the part that encompasses some of the decisions from our questionable leaders and their advertised supporters goes beyond that. Seeing and realizing this is what will help us to make the necessary course corrections.

    They do what they do, not because they think it is moral and just, but because they believe they feel they know better and that it is without question they are right.

    If you want confirmation of this, just look at any recorded broadcast from any of the more recent, tense, council meetings, and just look at the expressions on the faces of the three. They tolerate these public exhibitions because they have to. For them, it is a necessary evil to be endured in order to move on to what they feel needs to be done. To say they treat the public at large with complete and total disdain is wholly understated. I dare say they most certainly feel they are better than we are, and are therefore in the best position to make decisions that affect us all.

    I will give you the point that my analysis is not all-encompassing, but it does hit on some points quite accurately. And I will also give you that it is not complete, but I won’t concede that it’s unfair. I would call it more of a starting point.

    1. Baloney, BMR. Have you ever been to the Laguna beach and looked at the demographics on the sand? All the youngsters are working on their tans or playing volleyball or b-ball while the old folks protest the war. Read your own comment above. You asserted a wild generalization. IMO your ‘opinion’ is flawed.

      Look at all the young people who still lick Obama’s boots. And he’s proven to be a total failure and a fabricator. A fraud. Watch some of his old 2008 campaign videos if you question that.

      I know lots and lots of people over 65 who are lucid and have the ability to generate flexible viewpoints based on what is right and what is wrong. Your generalizations are dangerous.

    2. “Of course the listed supporters run in the same circles as the 3 questionable city leaders. That’s why they support them!”
      Sharon Kennedy, editor of the Fullerton Observer and sister of Rusty Kennedy who is director of Orange County Human Relations whose sole member of law enforcement on his commission was Fullerton police chief, Pat McKinley. The names listed on the no-recall list cronies of Sharon Kennedy and her newspaper.
      The listed supporters and those they support run in tightly knit circles. The question is why do these people have blind loyalty to the evil triad, Jones, McKinley, Bankhead?

  15. Can someone from the Recall committee, as well as the City Council candidates running for office in June, get more of their campaign signage posted along Valencia Mesa, Bastanchury, and Skyline Drives to counter the Anti Recall campaign signage?

    This is about the only area of Fullerton that doesn’t have a clue about what’s currently going on in city government, and are instead basing their vote on whether or not the candidate belongs to the Elks or Rotary club.

  16. Anonymous, the Park & Recreation Committee has been diligently working on this issue now for some time.

    Tomorrow at city hall at 6:30 PM there will be a special meeting of our committee and one of the main agenda items is discussing options for the reopening of the skate park at Independence Park.

    We suggested and then authorized a skate park ad hoc committee made up of local residents who want to see the skate park reopened.
    It was originally closed due to drug activity around the park.

    With commitments from this ad hoc volunteer committee, we are hoping to move forward with a plan to repair and then reopen the park.

    I suggest you come down to city hall tomorrow and participate in this agenda item!

    Government can work especially when we have citizens who care and who get involved to help make things better for everyone! The public can and should play a vital role in getting things done!

    1. It’s been a couple months since I last looked, but the park/trail that connects to the Summit House had been padlocked and chained shut for the better part of a year before that.

      Know anything about that?

    2. What’s the skate park committee for? We paid for a skate park for our kids to play in. Now tear down that damned fence before I do it myself.

    3. Could someone @ FFFF please tell me what happened to the skate park being closed/re-opened post that was up yesterday?

  17. What’s the status of the Poisoned Park on Truslow? There’s still a fence up there after 10 years.

  18. JustUs, what battle are you fighting here? If you want to go to war with my “Dangerous” generalizations, that is really up to you. If you are more inclined to right the recent (and not so recent) wrongs committed by a few here in our city, then now is the time to illustrate that. My views are no more dangerous than yours, with you basing your argument almost exclusively on a moral values issue. Based on this, being that these people were voted in by a local majority of voters, then these same voters would also be Immoral. Is that really the case? That’s very conspiracy theory of you.

    As for the young people out on the beach, come on. Cars, buses, etc…. With a median age of nearly 44 years old, Laguna Beach definitely has an aging population. I would guess many of those youngsters are not from that part of town.

    So, why the smoke-screen? Afghanistan? Laguna Beach? If you want to have a discussion about Fullerton, then let’s talk. If you’d rather have an argument about why you are right and I am wrong, we can continue. But, the more you go on, the more it appears likely that you are A) Against the recall, and/or B) an insulted member of that stick-in-the-mud over 65 crowd.

    Also, so you know, I have no problem with being flawed. I’m human after all. It’s part of my genetic makeup.

    1. BMR, taken from your original post:

      “They come to believe that because of their age and experience, their wisdom has grown accordingly. This gives them the impression that they are no longer capable of doing wrong, and that all their actions and decisions are for the best, and are never incorrect”

      Perhaps our little debate indicates that you might fall into this group that you describe.

      Just an observation

      Use caution when you generalize 😉

      1. The Summit House restaurant was one of Fullerton’s original Ackerman scams. I believe Bankhead was right there with him.

        1. You know the access road to the Summit House? On the State College side, there’s a sewer vent that emits some of the nastiest sewer odors I’ve ever come across. You can smell it at least 25 feet away on the upwind side.

          The irony is just so plentiful. The foulest of the foulest crap starts flowing at the very top and runs downhill until everybody must suffer.

          A big thanks to Dick Ackerman for giving us something to remember you by!

          1. Harpoon remembers correctly. It was supposed to be a native habitat park but Ackerman, Catlin and Blankhead voted to put that god-awful restaurant there. Norby and mcClanahan voted no.

  19. Most people probably dont mature or develop into our Humanities Humans. Control Freaks are DANGEROUS! as we have seen in their town.
    “Moral development is the process throught which children develop proper attitudes and behaviors toward other people in society, based on social and cultural norms, rules, and laws.”

    “Moral development is a concern for every parent. Teaching a child to distinguish right from wrong and to behave accordingly is a goal of parenting.
    Moral development is a complex issue that—since the beginning of human civilization—has been a topic of discussion among some of the world’s most distinguished psychologists, theologians, and culture theorists. It was not studied scientifically until the late 1950s.”

    2112-70=1942 🙂

    1. “Erikson’s theory consists of eight stages of development. Each stage is characterized by a differ-ent conflict that must be resolved by the individual. When the environment makes new demands on peo-ple, the conflicts arise. ‘The person is faced with a choice between two ways of coping with each crisis, an adaptive, or maladaptive way.”


      Not providing adequate or appropriate adjustment to the environment or situation.

    1. Thanks. Like I said, I haven’t been there for a couple months to know if the lock is still present. When I first noticed it they had a rig servicing the oil well just behind the gate, so there’s a good chance the lock belongs to Unocal.

      More specifically, this is the gate due west of the front doors to the Summit House Restaurant. The gate for pedestrian traffic.

  20. Well Tuco is approaching the big 70 but he can still shoot straight! Problem is the 3 dinos are approaching 80 or more and should by now have realized that there time has come – to resign and retire.
    But they have another thing that is all encompassing, they are full of themselves! Thus, it is up to Fullerton voters to send them gently into that good night!

  21. Are the three dino’s liberals? I’m the farthest thing from a conservative and am completely for the recall. I would guess these councilmen and all the crooked cops are serious right-wing conservatives. So much for that standing for much.

    1. No, they don’t really believe in much of anything except a need to be admired. It’s narcissism.

  22. There is one thing missing from that list. It doesn’t account for lack of leadership and refusin to take action in time of distress. That list shows nothing more than defensiveness & playing for par. To stand back and do nothing is worse than to try take a risk and fail. To stand by in the face of crisis and play it safe is what the former chief of police pulled. What we the people are saying is that is not good enouph. If your payed to do the job of managing a city then you better be informed and have sompthing to say about it and take action and look for solutions. Some city council very much appear to asserively find solutions to the problems are city faces at present.Our city deserves more than just par for the course in challenging times.That flyer makes me feel a bit ill when I read it.

  23. I cannot believe that the “other” “DICK” Jones just said “the unfortunate death of Kelly Thomas” – how callous!

    And to have “Dick” Jones (Boss Hogg) give the invocation?

    When there is a new council, I hope that they will begin having local ministerial/religious offer the invocation rather than having the council member do so. And, I hope those offering the invocation will include other than Protestant-based faiths.

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