The Lost Cause of Lou Ponsi

Reporting on the submission of signatures by Fullerton’s Recall proponents, OC Register employee Lou Ponsi demonstrates that despite numerous opportunities to actually start acting like a real reporter, he just hasn’t got it in him. Nope. Nada.

Almost inconceivably Ponsi is still regurgitating the same Andrew Goodrich garbage peddled in mid-July 2011:

“Thomas was suspected of burglarizing cars in the Fullerton Transportation Center on July 5 when approached by officers. A physical confrontation ensued, and Thomas died five days later.”

Suspected of burglarizing cars? Really? Say Lou, do you even understand that there has been no evidence of car burglaries?

A physical confrontation ensued? Damn, that’s got to be the understatement of the year! And there’s some sort of antiseptic connection between the massive bludgeoning by the cops and Kelly’s death.

Is Ponsi still acting like Goodrich’s water boy to curry favor with the FPD? Is he really that incurious about what happened on the night of July 5th, 2011? Does he believe his job is to post community events schedules and let it go at that?

Who knows? But I know one thing: if this assclown ever removes his head from his nether orifice it will be a modern-day miracle.

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  1. The sad part is that some of the other media such as network news channels are still using that same terminology; “Physical confrontation” and “Car Burgularies”.
    Come on trial!!!

    1. Thanks. I started out with “asshole.” Then I thought of Chris T’s tender sensibilities, so I changed it to “rectum.” And then I thought about the innocent children reading the blog.

      So there you have it.

  2. The DA, the Register, and the FPD comprises some form of a demonic trinity. The truth will stand on its own. The dying media is so blatantly choc full of such insulting propaganda that you have to be full of allopathic petrochemical pharmaceuticals not to be able to see through it. That crap dramatically shortens life spans. If it must be then that is how we will prevail. We will wait them out.

  3. Prevaricate Ponsi spreading his plethora of poison pen pieces of putrefaction in a paper of no prevalent purpose other than for parrot poop and the promotion of political profiteering.

  4. Ponsi defends his account by noting that he wrote that Kelly was only suspected of burglarizing cars. He still doesn’t acknowledge that even that characterization is at least doubtful. We don’t know that anyone was genuinely suspected of anything, only that the police claim that they received a call reporting someone engaging in that activity. He’s not objective at all, even though he claims to be by not calling Kelly’s death a homicide.

  5. Nobody said he was a good reporter and lack of an editor to post the same bs. over and over just makes the whole paper look bad.

  6. Ponsi, comeon-you so called journalist -rather, stenographer.

    Its your JOB to find out the real facts before printing them in a newpaper that is read by so many including potential jurors.

    This is just irresponsible and could actually cause murderers to go free. Or maybe thats the idea?

  7. His job is to present the news in a dispassionate manner while eschewing exaggerations, half-truths and inflammatory rhetoric blogs like this one are known for. Just because he doesn’t report the news the way you would like it to be, or spin the story the way you want it spun doesn’t mean he’s not an effective reporter. If you think you can do a better job, send the Register your resume. Otherwise, stay in the shadows as a fringe kook sporting a tin foil hat.

    1. “If you think you can do a better job, send the Register your resume.”
      As if they are a credible news source. Besides Rag lover, making staplers is not my craft, but I know a faulty stapler when I see one.

    2. Anonymous :His job is to present the news in a dispassionate manner while eschewing exaggerations, half-truths and inflammatory rhetoric blogs like this one are known for. Just because he doesn’t report the news the way you would like it to be, or spin the story the way you want it spun doesn’t mean he’s not an effective reporter. If you think you can do a better job, send the Register your resume. Otherwise, stay in the shadows as a fringe kook sporting a tin foil hat.

      I will take my tin foil hat anywhere because it works. You see the tin foil hat is like the glasses in “they live”. Would you like one?

      1. The Storyline from the movie “THEY LIVE”—
        Nada, a down-on-his-luck construction worker, discovers a pair of special sunglasses. Wearing them, he is able to see the world as it really is: people being bombarded by media and government with messages like “Stay Asleep”, “No Imagination”, “Submit to Authority”. Even scarier is that he is able to see that some usually normal-looking people are in fact ugly aliens in charge of the massive campaign to keep humans subdued.


    3. Of course you would say that Anonymous who wont even use a name,
      Whatever Ponsi bills himself as, a news reporter or a journalist, this is not journalism, or factual news bonehead. This is news by Ponsi.

      The writers on this blog present more facts than “professional” Ponsi- and not the way I want it. You souless troll.

      1. Ponsi takes the easy road sort of like the Fullerton chief of police who is still sick after 6 months. The easy road is, do not get your law and order editor upset and rely on info that you can say came from a known source. In this case its Sgt. Andrew Goodlie.
        So Ponsi is protecting his job. There have been a lot of layoffs at the Register ever since they turned down a $1 billion offer to sell. Slowly they are sinking into oblivion where they belong. They keep calling me offering giveaway deals for the rag and I tell them they have joined the LA Times as worthless political crap!

  8. An intelligent OC juror (is that an oxymoron?) would never use that piece of garbage as their source for news. They are dying a slow and painful death….and have been for some time.

    The local print world(what is left of it) knows that the Ragister has nary a single respected writer left on their staff, they have ALL gone. So if you are still there, you what that means.

  9. Anonymous :“If you think you can do a better job, send the Register your resume.”As if they are a credible news source. Besides Rag lover, making staplers is not my craft, but I know a faulty stapler when I see one.

    Don’t be a ‘sour-puss’ Lou.
    Your reporting sucks and everyone knows it, which is why The Ragister’s readership is so down.

  10. Home » News » Probe Finds Calif. Officers Got Unwarranted Benefits
    Probe Finds Calif. Officers Got Unwarranted Benefits

    BELL, Calif. (AP) — The California city of Bell says three former police chiefs and other employees received disability pensions worth millions of dollars that they didn’t earn.

    The Los Angeles Times ( ) reports an investigation has concluded that more than half of the disability retirements awarded to police officers under former city administrator Robert Rizzo shouldn’t have been granted. It also concluded that workers’ compensation awards for 13 officers were “exceedingly large.”

    The disability pensions carry big tax benefits and the workers compensation settlements are tax-free.

    The California Public Employees Retirement System will now investigate.

    City officials have said Rizzo used the police retirement scheme to reward allies and persuade officers he wanted off the force to leave.

    Rizzo and seven other officials of the Los Angeles suburb have been charged with corruption.

    1. Bell has its problems, but FULLERTON IS AN EVIL ASS HOUSE OF CARDS CRUMBLING FOR YEARS!!! There is a bright light at the end of this tunnel though.

    2. Bell is a cesspool of corruption, mostly monetary. Fullerton is a septic tank that is overflowing with leaks. Careful of those germs they need to be flushed down a working sewer!

  11. News media is all worthless. This shouldn’t surprise you at all no matter what the news media outlet is. They are all worthless.

    I miss you all. Stir up some good drama so I can some back and post 24/7.

    Xoxo 🙂

    1. Hey, I’m in your corner about the media!! The news media and TV programming emanate from the same dumpster! Anyone who can get you to pay for cable or satellite TV is an absolute GENIUS!

  12. The OC Weekly found out what happens when you cross Andrew Goodrich…you get the silent treatment. No more scoops for them.

  13. Lou Ponsi is part of that same sespool that clings to the old “inside guard” of 1976 GOP Orange County.

    You’ll never read the OCR print something like you did or Pedroza’s FACT FILLED piece on our favorite toothbrush provider:

    Simply put, the OCR is yesterdays newspaper. No matter how young tadpol’s like Andrew Galvin swim around the edges, they still swim in infected waters, from Ackerman, Baugh, Cunningham and all the other SCUM suckers.

    Without courage we would be left with stories of dead retired Santa Ana cops……..

  14. Ponsi might have at least written a paragraph as to what happens when the FullOfIt Three lose in June.

    Will there be new candidates on the same ballot? Will there be a special election? When? Must we wait until November? Can the unrecalled two appoint three new members? What’s the minimum for a majority?

    Thanks for the information, OCR.

  15. Ponsi’s fall from his high and mighty desk as a so called reporter will come when the video is released. We all know what happened and when the truth comes out people wouldn’t listen to Ponsi if he was screaming fire in a theater…he’s a copsucker and everyone knows it.

    1. Ponzi will simply write “the video reveals” “contrary to early official indications” and “as some witnesses have previously claimed”.

      The problem is not with Ponzi in particular but with print media in general. One percent is investigative reporting. The bulk is “straight reporting”, which John Kobylt terms” stenography. A Los Angeles Times reporter from the 1970’s once complained to me how little investigative reporting was done even then.

      Perhaps Ponzi should be more astute and complete, but most reporters will simply repeat what an “official source” says. It is accurate as it is attributed and you can’t get sued.

      The real competition is print media with the blogosphere and talk radio. However, sometimes it seems more like a circular cooperation.

  16. Lou Ponsi is training to be the next ghost writer for editor of the Fullerton Observer, Sharon Kennedy. Weeks after the Fullerton police beat to death Kelly thomas, the Fullerton Observer ran a small article on this event and titled it ” Death Downtown Investigated”. At least the city of Fullerton a year earlier had the integrity to challenge Sharon Kennedy’s claim the Fullerton Observer met the legal criteria of a newspaper. Whereupon, Sharon Kennedy dropped her court case and slunk back to her crayons and coloring book. Sadly, the OC Register has devolved into the Fullerton Observer when it comes to investigative reporting seen by its lack of desire to seek out the truth and adhere to it.
    Lou Ponsi, no matter how low you sink, you will always have Sharon Kennedy and her Fullerton Observer staff waiting for you at the bottom

    1. The Observer’s article on the Kelly Thomas’s death ran in the next scheduled issue, which was indeed weeks later in early August, because historically the paper has only published a single issue in the late summer months. The article to which you refer appeared in the left hand column of page one above the fold and continued on page 5, hardly a “small” article. The city council notes referred to Thomas as having been ” beaten into a coma by Fullerton Police officers.”

      1. However, fullerton savage apologist for fullerton observer, I know the Fullerton Observer may only print one edition on the first of July in 2011, I found it strange the Fullerton Observer on the 12th of July, 2011 ran an extra edition solely devoted to Fullerton city council approves Chevron development west hills fullerton. This was a full week after the notorious Kelly thomas beating death committed by Fullerton PD.
        The article you reference in the Fullerton Observer was printed nearly a month to lump this horrific civil rights abuse against a member of our community by the police under the title “August 2nd, City Council Meeting”.
        Care to comment fullerton observer apologist?

        1. Yes, you are correct that a special edition about Coyote Hills was released online in mid July. I’m not apologizing for anyone. I can only speculate that the Observer already had people who knew the CH material, but no reporter ready for the unfolding story of Kelly’s murder. Personally, I think the Observer should take the overdue of establishing a real website instead of a PDF download page.

          1. Why does the Fullerton Observer not establish a real website instead of a PDF download page? a rhetorical question because the Fullerton Observer avoids confrontation with the truth by avoiding readers comments, opinions and questions.
            Even Sharon Kennedy had enough smarts to drop her court case to have the Fullerton Observer adjudicated a newspaper.

    1. Good link Wrong Guy. That writer really lambasted the Register back then.

      And if the powers-that-be are dragging their feet, then don’t just be a mouthpiece for the Fullerton Insiders’ Club. Use your bully pulpit instead to kick start the wheels of justice, effect meaningful reform, comfort those in need of comforting and let the sunshine in. One doesn’t need to be Al Pacino in And Justice for All to understand that “Something really wrong is going on here.”

      Lou Ponsi is just being stubborn now. He seems determined that his rag will be the last information source in the world to get the story right.

  17. Someone linked that story on fb, and I called it garbage. Lou Ponsi wasn’t happy about it but what do I care what he thinks. Crap is crap lol.

  18. Christian got it right! The register has had a number of cutbacks in the editorial staffing and reporting functions to keep it from going bankrupt. Many times, several newspapers are bundled with similar publishing and editorial to save money. Thats the new world due to the internet.
    So Ponsi probably gets little time to get a story and get it straight!
    Now if the above sounds like I am an apologist for Ponsi, the answer is no way! He should be bold and quit the Register for having him write the poor quality garbage that emanates from his “typewriter”! In fact, I recommend the movie “Teachers Pet” with Clark Gable.

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