The Culture of Corruption Has NOT Changed!

First off, I’d like to thank a good and courageous Friend for sharing this alarming video with us.

I’m still sort of shocked to hear what Fullerton police Lieutenant Markowski said to a group of folks who took the open house tour of the police department last Saturday. Apparently, when she comes to work on Mondays there’s a desk full of complaints from women who claim they were abducted, raped, kidnapped telling horror stories of what happened to them. And thank God she can go review the video cameras, and that not everybody that comes to file a report is truthful. (And of course not everyone who receives a complaint or writes a report is truthful, either, as we now know).

According to Markowski there have been many, many cases that she worked where women report, “he pulled me out of this bar, he pulled he into this alley, he pulled me into his car, he did this that. And then I review the video the downtown video cameras which obviously we maintain and I review the video and I can clearly see that she walked voluntarily out of the bar with this gentleman that she was all over him. I’ve been able to save a lot of men from being accused of things that they absolutely didn’t do whereas if we didn’t have that video evidence these guys would be sitting in here getting ready to go to jail for crimes that they absolutely didn’t commit so they work very well for investigators.”

The idea that a cop by way of a video camera is now acting as district attorney, judge and jury in cases involving women who want to file  charges against one of downtown Fullerton’s army of drunken gentlemen is alarming.

I also find it very disconcerting that Markowski  found it appropriate to regale her visitors with this particular story, given the history of FPD cop Albert Rincon. According to Markowski this false accusation against DTF’s menfolk happens all the time, and it is routine for Markowski, who seems to have a low regard for some of DTF’s female guests.

Of course it is ironic in the extreme that Ms. Markowski makes no mention of her cameras and the story they told about the Kelly Thomas murder, or the assault and false arrest (and later false prosecution) of Veth Mam at the hands of Kenton Hampton.




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      1. She seems like a nice lady trying to do the right thing. I personally would give her some wiggle room and bother her until it is proven she has acted dishonorably.

        1. I don’t give her any leeway whatsoever. She should know that sexual assault is one of the most underreported crimes there is. Minimizing and doubting the women’s complaints makes Markowski part of the problem. Why would any woman report a sexual assault if she is not believed?


          1. Look, I want to see the FPD disbanded as much as anyone as I believe the FPD to be, overall, dishonorable.

            But I want to take the FPD out the honorable way with facts and truth. There is plenty of real reasons to take disband the FPD so no need to taint good reasons with bad reasons. Just weakens our cause.

            I just don’t see what you see in this video. The lady claims to use video evidence to help her in investigations which seems appropiate. I do not see where she claims that reviewing video is the only investigative tool used.

  1. FYI she’s not a Lieutenant. She’s a Corporal. 2 stripes is a Corporal. 4 stripes on her sleeve means she’s been there 20 years, 5 years for each stripe.

    1. Hampton has no shot at being hire by OCSD. Blatney and Craig will most likely get hired unless something outside of the Kelly incident comes up. Just make the move on November 7th. Go tan and green. You will get 50% of the same cops patrolling the city and 50% of new jail deputies. Good mix and then some OCSD jail Lieutenant running the whole city. Fresh blood for sure.

      1. Mickey – do you have any marginally more intelligent police officer friends you could induce to comment on this blog in your stead? Because your comments reach a level of idiocy that would be hard to duplicate, and as such, do your brothers in blue few favors.

        Why don’t you guys realize how stupid you make yourself sound when this is the level of debate you inhabit? The only marginally intelligent police voice I ever see on here is CCCB. I don’t often agree with him but at least he knows how to form complete sentences in the Queen’s English, and sometimes even entire paragraphs.

        1. Like I said. When all the cops and other people weren’t blocked, it allowed a huge eduction of cops and their thinking. Now that they are all blocked and moderated, the education level provided is nill. Sucks.

        2. No offense intended, but this is the USA, not England, we haven’t spoken the Queens, or the Kings, english for some time.

        3. that all you’ve got my bad grammar. My buddies in blue DGAS how I post. They laugh how all you girls get your panties in a bunch. Most have left the blog cause of the one sided opinions. But I will continue to stay here and make everyones day. If I sound stupid to you, get over it. Go back to England and kiss the Queen’s ass. And stay there. Cause I am not going anywhere.

  2. Shadow should have titled the portion of the video that Markowski touts her chivalrous deeds as “Hand Jive”.

    She never once stopped wildly gesturing with her hands while she was telling her bar stories.

  3. The informed public, thanks to FFFF and the cctv showing Kelly thomas beating death by FPD, and those brave,irregular women who successfully sued the FPD for allowing Fullerton Police officer rincon to molest them while detained by him, have allowed the public to see the truth about FPD and it does not match with fullerton police officer’s Markowski myopic vision.

  4. If this is the roadblock a woman who is molested by a drunk downtown bro dude needs to get past in order for a report to be taken seriously, then I would advise all woman to stay the hell away from downtown Fullerton. Perhaps this is payback to all women for the 12 that dared to file complaints against Officer Albert Ricon. Markowski may even have an evangelical viewpoint which is similar to the Taliban. If you are female, and you are in DTF drinking with your face painted up and a short skirt, you are a harlot and deserve whatever is coming for you. Men after all can’t control themselves and as She-Bear warned us, you women are not like the rest of us. I do not doubt that some complaints are false, and they should be exposed, but her mission seems clear up front: Find a way to prove them false, rather than find the truth. With people like this watching for females in this town, they don’t need enemies. Is this reform?

    1. She talked without thinking for sure. These days the main rape MO is ruppies. So they walk out appearing to be in love, all over the guy, as they walk to their car. Now they are taken somewhere and raped all night. They wake up alone and have no clue what happened. They report the crime and get this reaction if they are seen on video in love and kissing the guy walking out of the bar? Couldn’t be what she meant right? Not funny but is funny that someone would speak so freely after everything they have gone through.

    2. “Markowski may even have an evangelical viewpoint which is similar to the Taliban.”

      I was thinking exactly the same thing. This woman doesn’t like girls who go to bars.

      1. Is Marcowski the same officer who shot at a fleeing vehicle in the parking lot of the hotel on imperial hwy where ALL the witnesses were saying WTF including the officer who followed her up….. Thank god the driver side head rest was there to stop the bullet or the city would have yet another lawsuit and blood on their hands again!!!

  5. Well, its nice to know that someone is watching out for the menfolk who come out of Fullerton’s 52 bars and try to p lay grab ass! Does she also review videotapes where complaints are lodged against Fullerton’s Finest, the FPD? Or does she then allow the internal affairs investigator Jason “BONG” Slone handle those much more important cases?

    1. I doubt she watches ANY video tape evidence that shows her badged commerades committing their dirty deeds. She must pass that on to “Bongtoke” Slone so he could cover it up or get rid of it.

  6. What if the women had been slipped Rohypnol or GHB or something in their drink and that was why they were “all over the men”? I’m not saying that happens frequently, but using a video camera as the sole criteria for whether to even follow up on complaints is irresponsible beyond belief. What if the women go with the men willingly but later decide to say no and the men rape them anyway? Is this the standard of investigating we are looking at in the FPD for serious accusations such as rape and sexual assault? This is worthy of an Internal Investigation if Jason Chone and pals can tear themselves away from demonstrating bongs.

      1. YES..FULLERTONISTA can’t hear you or doesn’t want to. He has so much shit in his ears. He is in his own miserable world.

    1. I agree, the cameras evidence should be considered, but NEVER as the sole evidence. I hope she was just making a point and glossed over the rest of the real police work, ie interviews with the victim and the man or men, interviewing the witnesses, etc. Also, is she a detective, or uniformed? If not a detective, is she just talking to the victims woman to woman and referrring her impressions to the detective or is she actually making the decision which case is real?

  7. None of the three remaining murders, Hampton, Craig, or Blatney , will ever wear any other police uniform besides the FPD blue. You’ll never find a decent outside candidate who would want to take on the job of Chief of FPD. When the Sheriff come, and they will, they will clean house, and move forward. Everyone there now will join the ranks of the unemployeed or become prison guards. Then the healing process can begin.

    1. Peanut. You aren’t being realistic. Just so you know, they will almost all come over with OCSD. Now the Sheriff may have them work the jails and all the other OC cities just to avoid conflict early on but as a few years pass, they will all fall into the seniority bidding and if some want to come back into Fullerton later, they will.

  8. Yes, the reality is if the city is going to heal, from the repercussions of a grossly corrupt department, there will be very few of the FPD left, they are most all liabilities at this point, and the Sheriff will cut there losses and tell them thaks but no thanks, and early retirement may very well be an option. No city is going to hire anyone with FPD on their ressumes. Part of the cities negotating will be that very few will be held over.

  9. From Yes: “Sheriff may have them work the jails and all the other OC cities just to avoid conflict early on but as a few years pass, they will all fall into the seniority bidding and if some want to come back into Fullerton later, they will.”

    And that will be just fine because if or when they do come back, there are plenty of Fullerton residents on this blog and otherwise who will know their names and reputation that precedes them. They won’t get away with as much.

  10. Hundreds of LAPD and other PD’s have moved on to other departments when there was a conflict with no problems. Stop talking about things you don’t know. To peanut “grossly corrupt “ funny.

  11. What did the magic jailhouse cameras show when the DAR was smashed and the man mysteriously died in the jail that fateful evening-since the joint is wired right?

    1. Good question. If I’d been on that idiotic “tour” I would have asked to see the cell Gochenour died in, the bars his head struck while being removed, and the wall where Mater smashed his DAR.

      Good stuff!

  12. The problem with police forces is union power in general and POBAR. I am starting to become convinced that centralized control over police in Fullerton comes with the unacceptable downside of added expense through inferior economies of scale and a more powerful, local union. Look at how our city government has zero authority or influence over this taxpayer funded unions’ fabrications about this election. Pot dispensaries? Texting from the dais? Voting to get rid of the Fullerton PD? Pot smoking council members? We pay for that crap mail. The cache that “Fullerton PD” carries with know-nothing local residents, will not be the same with a decentralized OCSD union. If there are any appreciable savings to be had, let’s go to contracted police. Frankly, a wise buyer keeps vendors on their toes anyway. Leads to better service. Open it up for bid every 5 years. The main benefit that I see to the familiarity of the Fullerton PD is corruption and favoritism. Can you say Slide Bar?

  13. Incidentally, this “Open House” was mainly a de-facto campaign event opposing Travis and Bruce. Look what nice little tidbit of reality came out of that high school assembly.

  14. This is outrageous! That cop is clearly saying that when she comes in on Mondays and see’s the “pile” of complaints, she believes none of them to be true! That’s the mentality she is going in with.

    I can just see her now, “Oh here’s another one. I bet she had on a short skirt and asked for it. All they while, rolling her eyes.”

    Acting Dan Hughes, your operation is out of control. You claim you want to build the bridge between FPD and the community! Well, many in this community have absolutly no faith in the FPD. I don’t think you have any control over these idiots. None!

        1. Read the posts. He said 98% would be hired by OCSD which means most. 50% will still work in Fullerton after the takeover. The rest would work in other cities in the OC and the jails, etc.

          1. I’m not sure that your logic applies?

            Since the Sheriff’s Department already employs thousands of deputies, do you honestly think that they’ll need to hire another 150 to police Fullerton?

            The OCSD is already policing nearby Yorba Linda, where our current Chief of the Fullerton police resides, and he seems to be pretty happy with the services that the OCSD currently provides him and his family with?

            1. LOL! OCSD doesn’t move in ’til next year but my guess is Danny Boy will love the greenery and all the green it will save him as a resident.

  15. AND, just becasue a woman leaves a bar with a guy while “kissing on him” DOES NOT means she is consenting to sex. WTF is wrong with that cop. I am so disturbed over this.

  16. Colonel Markowski said that 85 percent of reports of sexual assaults are false or cannot be proven. If true, Colonel Markowski should be fired for speaking such things!

    1. Maybe 85% of the reports filed in fullerton are found to be false because of her and other FPD officers with her mentality.

      As a woman in Fullerton, her statements TO A CROWD nonetheless, have me outraged.

      Seriously, Danny? This is how you run your circus and you want promoted? Clean it up fast or be a part of what is replaced when it happens. It is an embarrassment that during a public event meant to showcase the positive changes FPD is making (yeah fucking right), Danny’s officers couldn’t even keep the charade of reform up for a few hours.

      Citizens injured and mocked by officers, this officer publicizing the fact that she is looking for ways to not believe a woman when she is filing charges… this is truly sick.

      Fix it now or resign, Hughes.

      All of Fullerton deserves safety. Not just your chosen, protected, and well funded elite.

  17. “UPDATE OCT.29, 2012 12:30 P.M.: Nancy Francis, a community leader with the West Island Neighbors, told the Weeky that the Quirk-Silva campaign wasn’t honest about the Democrat’s alleged willingness to debate Norby.

    “When I asked her to attend the candidates’ forum with Norby, I said she could pick the date,” Francis explained. “When they got back to me they said, ‘There’s no available time.’ So her supposed willingness just isn’t true.”

    1. Its probably a great thing that not all the old City Politicians and their ilk were washed away, in “The Citys’ Great Recall” makes it easier to indentify them and seek capable defense, just like efforts against international terrorists!!! 🙂

      I should be a Comedian.

    2. No. She made the best move of her political career mentioning socks. Without that, she is recalled and out of politics. Socks allowed her this shot at political stardom. Huge move. Huge mistake by Tony to let her off the hook.

  18. Truly shocking :
    Colonel Markowski said that 85 percent of reports of sexual assaults are false or cannot be proven. If true, Colonel Markowski should be fired for speaking such things!

    !00% would be unbelievable and anything less than 85% would be too much work for a bunch of slackers with political connections? LOL

  19. I find this all very interesting, as I was on the same tour as the “courageous friend” who shot this video was, and a few things strike me as odd… First, the Officer introduced herself as a Detective; although she may appreciate that you promoted her to Lieutenant, I’m not sure it says much for your fact checking, or even name spelling for that matter. I also found it interesting that you only chose to show that portion of the video, considering the entire tour was captured on this hateful individual’s cell phone.

    The Detective NEVER said that 85% of cases reported are false, nor did she ever allude that any victim “gets what’s coming to them”. She happened to be talking about how the cameras are a great “tool for investigators” in working some of the downtown cases, and how they can be used to “help” in proving, or disproving statements made by victims and their perpetrators. She also never said that the videos were the sole, or deciding factor in any of the cases. She did not appear to be acting as a District Attorney, Judge, or Jury, but simply a Detective, which I believe is responsible for gathering ALL possible evidence before presenting any case to those people.

    I actually took the tour because I wanted to see the inner-workings of my local Police Department, and I was not only educated, but entertained by the Detective. Her FULL description of an investigators use of the cameras, only a small portion of which you chose to post, was very educating, and not once did I ever feel as if she lacked compassion for the job she does, or the victims she works with.

    It’s sad to me how you have twisted what was a wonderful day into yet another personal attack on someone you know nothing about, and the place where she has worked for so long; a place she seemed proud to work, and a place that I am proud to know is on my side if I ever need it. I know exactly who you obtained your video from, as he was a menace during the entire tour, and I even asked my Friend why he was there in the first place, as he verbalized his hatred often.

    My Family did not attend the open house, or the tours, to hear about Mr. Kelly Thomas, rest his soul. For you to write that the Detective didn’t talk about that incident is ridiculous, because if she had, I would have walked out and taken my Family with me. In fact, I almost spoke up during the tour because your cell phone videographer and his friend attempted to bring it up numerous times, and for the sake of the entire group, the Detective maintained her professionalism, and did not address, or respond to their snide comments, or goading insults.

    For those of you who were not there, please consider that you have only viewed a very small portion of what was said by the Guide, and that the surrounding article was obviously written with malicious intent, and is chalk full of untruth.

    It’s sad how your hatred for the very people who would give their lives to protect you, has brought you to this type of hate filled, and one sided journalism.

    1. This was posted while I was typing my post below, so I didn’t review it before I posted. It certainly puts things in better perspective.

    2. I was also there with my Family to show them how wonderful police officers are. It was a marvelous day at the station, and the children quite loved it, particularly when they got to see the jail cells and learned how tasers work. Tasing is pleasant and harmless and I adore it. Nobody was beaten to death either during the tour or for at least several minutes before and after it, so I resent that being brought up at all. Policemen are simply darling, and I often call on them when my neighbors are making threatening gestures at me such as waving their hands or when the local delinquents ride their bicycles noisily down the sidewalk. Thank God that we have helpful and dedicated bruisers to help old ladies cross the street. Everything was simply fantastic our tour concluded with the most sumptuous buffet I have ever seen. I particularly want to thank Office Coffman for his pleasant demeanor and ample girth. Oh thank you all so very, very much!

      1. “Policemen are simply darling, and I often call on them when my neighbors are making threatening gestures at me such as waving their hands or when the local delinquents ride their bicycles noisily down the sidewalk.”

        LOL. A want-a-be tyrant who uses the FPD as her club.

    3. I was also on this same exact tour. I was very close to her when she made the statement. I had to step back, and ask myself why she would even bring this up. I am the “friend” of the videographer. She didn’t have to say that many of the women made up stories. It makes you wonder.

      1. Yes RD, and I know exactly who you are as well, and why would you get on here and lie? You never took a “step back” the whole time you were there!! And why wouldn’t she say that some women make up stories? She was stating a fact, which is more than I can say for half of the people on this blog.

        At the end of your post you say “it makes you wonder”. Well let me tell you what I wonder… I wonder if you would want her on your side if one of the parents of the MANY little boys you cozy up to accused you of being a child molester? I watched you strategically place yourself right in the middle of all the little boys from the Soccer team at the City Council meeting, none of whom you knew, and playing with them throughout the meeting. I also watched as you found a random little boy at the Open House and led him around as if you knew him, which you didn’t! Do you remember that? You had your arm around him as you asked the Female Captain if you could take him to the shooting range, because he hadn’t been? How many tours did you end up going on that day RD? At the very place you seem to despise the most…

        I wonder… since she works with crimes against children, if the Detective would go out of her way to prove to the parents of those boys you seem to like so much, that YOU are not guilty?

        Does any of THAT make you wonder? Because she would have been the FIRST person I ran to if you copied up to my child!

        1. Pure B.S. Anon. She said it. I was shocked she said it. It was stupid of her to say it. Nothing wrong with being a mentor to a teen when in front of hundreds of others. Nice try, but I can prove to anyone that I’m not the type of person you want me to be. Quit acting like a child and release your real name, loser!

      1. I’m not worried about a kid making up a story. I’m more worried about a corrupt police department making up stories. When Kiger, Whitaker, and Levinson are elected, you know that police reform will begin, and very soon. Forget about Hughes, your days are numbered. Who cares about your contract. I’m sure we can do something about that.

    4. Thank you sir for speaking out against all the cop haters. This site is mostly one sided, so hearing the other side is refreshing.

      1. Ive read many Policemens posts that really hate FPD and their leaderships way of functioning, their Honor interests and lives hang on FPD malfeasance and very well pressed and documented court prescedeings.

        Just after the killing of KT a idiot from Fullerton was so scared of Policemen that he ran one over to get away.

  20. Wow. You guys are all making WAY too much out of this.

    First of all, she is a corporal, not a lieutenant.

    I think she was merely trying to illustrate how useful the video evidence is in investigations. Every sexual assault case would and should be fully investigated.

    That having been said, a very high percentage of sexual assaults and rapes either did not occur or can’t be proven. I can’t break it up into percentages, but there’s certainly far more that can’t be proven one way or another than can be proven not to have or have not occurred. Most of these crimes are not timely reported, the victim was voluntarily heavily intoxicated, and most reports don’t come in until sometime the following day or later. That’s just a fact.

    The voluntary intoxication is investigated through statements from the victim’s friends, bar tabs, bar video, etc. The victims are usually very surprised when confronted with evidence of how much they drank, and that’s not to be confused with an attempt to paint the victim as a drunken loose woman. Intoxication levels of both suspect and victim need to be thoroughly investigated.

    The only way in which the victim’s statement would be completely disregarded would be if the ENTIRE incident was clearly captured on video.

    Most of the victims truly believe that they were assaulted, even when it can be proved to the contrary. Some of them are just evil, are flat out lying, and have ulterior motives, but those are few and far between.

    All these cases are submitted to the District Attorney’s office, who makes the final decision on filing the case. It’s not a decision made at the PD.

    If this officer is guilty of anything, it’s failure to elaborate on her statements. Let’s also keep in mind that whoever filmed it also didn’t ask for any clarifications.

    Sometimes I wonder how many of you think the moon landing/walks were faked and believe that Oswald didn’t kill Kennedy.

    This is hardly evidence of a “culture of corruption”.

      1. Google, News,and the internet, Court Documents, Judges rulings etc…


        Danny and MCSATANs FPD Torture Spree.

        ……….I vote for Google and etc!!!

    1. My proofreading sucked on this. Among other things, in the fourth paragraph, I meant to say, “proven to have or have not occurred.”

      Now you’re all going to claim it was all sort of Freudian slip.

    2. What does voluntary intoxication have to do with assualt or rape. Now you’re just making a fool of yourself.

      I think the post hits the nail on the head: cops, regardless of their gender, are taught to blame the female victim.

      Very creepy.

      1. Public Unions are in bed with One World Governance by way of the United Nations, Their whole “Pot of Gold ” rides on the USAs election next Tuesday November 6th. I hope I dont sound too crazy, thats something they are gambling on.

        As the USA goes so does the World!!! VOTE THE BS AWAY!!!

      2. I with the cops on this one.

        Sounds like they have lots of experience investigating such allegations and I am not shocked at how many turn out to be false.

        Voluntary intoxication vs. non-voluntary intoxication . . . . you do not understand why such is important to know?

        Voluntary intoxication proves nothing but non-voluntary intoxication would go a long way in proving the female’s story.

  21. “Oswald didn’t kill Kennedy” now you are on to something-

    The moon landing? Stanley Kubrick? Ah that’s a stretch.

  22. It doesn’t matter if she was all over him.
    It doesn’t matter if she left voluntarily.
    It doesn’t matter is she got into his car.

    When she says STOP or NO, and that doesn’t happen, it’s Rape.

    CPC 261 covers rape and this part is included.

    Where a person is prevented from resisting by any intoxicating or anesthetic substance, or any controlled substance, and this condition was known, or reasonably should have been known by the accused.

    So, intoxicated people who don’t say NO can be raped as well.
    I wonder how FPD determines that these women are not intoxicated or under a controlled substance just from the videos.

    Another FPD can of worms!!!

    1. When she says STOP or NO, and that doesn’t happen, it’s Rape.

      *This rule only applies to commoners not police officers or celebrities.

  23. I have it on high authority that LBJ was behind the Kennedy Assassination. Just look up via Google, Kennedy Assassination Theories and you will find enough to fill your entire vacation time! Or maybe if you are retired like Tuco, you can …….. Nah! I got better things to do!
    Now the moon landing that never happened. hmmmmmmmmm.

        1. Kennedy should not have begun issuing $5 United States Notes instead of Federal Reserve Notes. I like what Louie Prima called them-“greenback dollar bills”

  24. So what was Rincons alcohol level when he molested those women? …. Thats right his buddies would NEVER test a cop.

  25. 115 Youtube views of this clip for the day, this blog like the soon to be ex-councilman blog master is Irrelevant.

  26. In 2010 when Barry & I discovered a pedophile was planning on moving in next door the first person I called was Officer Markoski. I knew her prior to that day and she had always been professional, honest and of good character. She reviewed Eric Hinnenkamp’s file and told me in no uncertain terms that we did not want this guy living next to our family and we should do whatever we could to prevent this from happening. She supported us from that day forward as we got Municipal Ordinance #3149 written & passed. She is a Policewoman to be respected and I resent her name being lumped in with Ramos, Cicinelli, Know of whom you speak before you post a blog.

    1. Good to see you had a happy interaction. I wonder how many women have been dissuaded from pursuing assault charges because, “thank God” she was there.

      1. I highly suspect that this is Fullerton PD’s pattern so not to draw atention to the fact that fullerton ‘s downtown is an out of control wild, west saloon. Our recalled city council members and their cronies who run these saloons would not want bad publicity like the truth interfering with their profits due to deterred patrons of fullerton’s saloon/booze courts.
        having said that, FPD’s primary law enforcement concern seems to be convincin Fullerton’s community that fullerton city council person kiger wants to swamp the city with marijuana dispenseries. (not true)

  27. Quess what? Officer Markowski loves Officer Ramos. They were partners for a long time and thinks this Kelly Thomas nonsense is…Nonesense.

  28. As a mother of young women…. Why would she even say things like that, in front of children? I think she should of stuck with something more simple and kid friendly. Was this a SCARED STRAIGHT program?

    1. Are you that stupid that you believe these goonballs, especially R.D. I hope someone is documenting these comments. It’s going to be nice to know for that fateful day.

  29. Guess what ..officer Markowski loves Officer Ramos. They were partners for a long time. And she thinks the Kelly Thomas incident is bullshit.

    1. General Markowski has a partner alright, but was never Ramos. Good try, facts are not important here on councilman Kiger’s blog

    2. General Markowski has a partner alright, but was never Ramos. Good try, facts are not important here on the councilmans blog

  30. cg :
    As a mother of young women…. Why would she even say things like that, in front of children? I think she should of stuck with something more simple and kid friendly. Was this a SCARED STRAIGHT program?

    Controling what one says and when is a symptom of Mental Wellness.

    1. I think cg is being an overly dramatic alarmist ninny but I also think something is deeply wrong with the FPD and law enforcement in General in certain areas.

      Take Anaheim PD, they dressed their officers up like Marines and put snipers in position to take out protesters.

      I think this is all part of an ongoing domestic program.

  31. I have thought about this for awhile, why don’t we go after the real beast. DTF…..52 bars….Time to tame the beast that has grown beyond control. I think they need to close there doors at 12:00am. Just for a time. Any canidate willing to sign up for that?

    1. Only way that will happen is if you get ABC involved. You will need data. Just saying 52 bars won’t help. They are well aware of the 52 licenses.

      1. There are places that hold as many drinking seats, about 3000+, its not just that there is 52 its the condition they have degenerated into. Then we have the whole brutality and murder issue, its probably more a symptom than a cause of problems.

        Major DEGENERATION!!!

        Ive been to places and know there are venues that hold many many thousands without much trouble!!!

        Young people can be trouble DTF takes it to the next level.

        1. Prove it. There are many more area in So Cal with many more bars and licenses than DTF. Bring the stats, calls for service, DUIs, bar check stats, etc to ABC. They aren’t shy about suspending licenses with cause. They won’t suspend licenses because you tell them to or no reason. They are reasonable if you provide factual evidence. Just because only works here.

        2. I am concerned for the commuters and unknowing victims of the situation.

          Murders, Guns, Knives, Tazers, overserving alcohol, Fight Night Central,
          DTF has a really dangerous well deserved reputation.

      2. True that.

        I honestly believe that the police officers here in Fullerton are extremely overtaxed physically and mentally with policing blocks full of young drunkards on the weekends.

        The only solution is to create a collaborative effort between the City Council, the FPD, the ABC, and the bars and restaurants that make up downtown Fullerton to clean up their acts or risk losing their liquor licenses.

          1. Lack of awareness by the residents of Fullerton.

            Someone within the city of Fullerton needs to centralize the multitude of incoming citizens complaints and videos that document and archive the archaic level of behavior in the downtown Fullerton area.

            Act to ensure that each and every report about problematic behavior at an establishment is reviewed and acted on simultaneously by the ABC,FPD, and the City Council until the problematic behavior downtown subsides.

  32. Bring out the bible beaters, prostitution is the one of the oldest professions in recorded history.
    Therefore, prostitution should be legalized and regulated so complete enjoyment could be had at all the (52) social gathering centers in Fullerton.
    You’re all a bunch of damn naive fools if you can’t fathom that there are probably a bunch of young female college students enhancing their income by frolicking in these bars.
    Who is being protected by who?
    It’s also called organized crime. “RICO”
    Alive & well in Fullerton.

    1. “You’re all a bunch of damn naive fools if you can’t fathom that there are probably a bunch of young female college students enhancing their income by frolicking in these bars”

      Well, there’s another side to this I hadn’t thought of.

      Because it’s nuts, that’s why. I really doubt that the majority of young women are prostituting themselves in DTF.

      1. “I really doubt that the majority of young women are prostituting themselves in DTF.”

        I doubt that any are.

  33. Wasn’t that the cop whose ass got grabbed by Ol’ Doc Heehaw at the FPOA Christmas Party a few years back?

    Too bad the was no video camera to back up her story. But personally, I think she was all over Jonsie that night him bein’ a doctor n’ all.

  34. councilman Kiger’s blog should have a section for posting all the names of sexual assault victims. Not just female cop victims.

  35. Shadow,

    Huh? What is the point of this post? Are you saying you’re a fan of ignoring video evidence? I assure you it’s been quite useful in a certain high-profile case and many others. Are you saying you want innocent men arrested and prosecuted? For a site that loves to go about Big Brother, etc., I would think you’d be happy to spare an innocent person the horrors of being on the wrong end of his wrath. Finally, I am a prosecutor, and there is nothing improper about officers investigating a complaint and determining whether to bring it to the DA’s office. That is the PD’s job.

    1. No, I’m a fan of cops not playing prosecutor and judge based on their own concept of morality, particularly in Fullerton where the cops seem to have a pretty skewed opinion of right and wrong.

      It is NOT the cops job to determine whether to bring a case to the DA it is their job to collect evidence and turn it over. Period.

      1. Not many truths stated on this blog but you finally said one Shadow. Cops are to process, interview, document, and present cases to the DA. The DA decides the filing. The judge and jury decide the fate.

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