The Blank is Back!

Pudding cups!

Tanned rested and ready, after a 9 week hiatus, Don Bankhead, retired police captain, stumblebum, incompetent, tired, phraser of spoonerisms, and the only man in the 162 year-old history of California to be recalled from the same office twice, is back.

Yes, indeedy, recently ousted Fullerton councilman Don Bankhead filed papers yesterday to run for city council this fall – marking his tenth election to get or hold that esteemed position.

Even after the meteorite hit him in the noggin, Blank jumped right back into the game. After all his legacy was at stake. Damn mammals.

You really have to wonder what motivates Bankhead at this point, if anything beyond senile stubbornness. Who he thinks his supporters are is hard to fathom. Perhaps he was encouraged by a room full of cops and cop apologists wearing blue shirts. Blue is Don’s favorite color. Does he believe the FPOA and the fire union will back a clueless octogenarian exhibiting signs of evident cognitive dissonance? Well of course they will!

Still, it will be interesting to see which cruel, thoughtless persons signed his nominating papers.

In a way it’s sort of sad to see a man whom time has so evidently passed by deny the reality: two thirds of the voters in the recent Recall voted to get rid of him.


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  1. Bankhead’s reign of error is now giving off a creepy Kim Jong Il sort of vibe. Please step away before the whole world tells you you’re crazy.

      1. I have to say, you guys are lucky to have an opponent as vain and obtuse as Bankhead is. The odds of 2 or 3 FFFFsters winning in November just went way up because of this dunderhead. Congratulations. Tony, send him a muffin basket.

        I cover this zombie in a recent OJ blog story, but as a courtesy I won’t link to it. Damn, he’s really stupid.

        1. I agree with all the comments against “dickhead” but lets not forget he has gotten the highest amount of votes in all elections…17,000+ .This could be scary especially with Jennifer Fitzgerald also running. Don’t count out too quickly his supporters coming through once more. YOu can ridicule the man but he has friends… we know 6,000+ voted NO on recall.
          I would take this seriously and be ready to spend some political time against him.

        2. I live across the street from and next door to two very long time supporters of Mr. Bankhead. What I wouldn’t give for him to go on a rather long vacation right about now. Doesn’t anyone have a timeshare they can offer this guy to get him OUT OF TOWN?

  2. Good piece although I disagree that there is anything to pity here.

    The man carries with him the attitude of someone graced with superior ability and acumen. He has neither and deep down, he knows it. He knows that people have been laughing at him behind his back for his entire life. His response? Get elected and lord it over the people that laughed at you.

    Well, I guess it is pathetic.

  3. Hey Tony,

    Remember when you bought a used van from Bankhead a few years back? Bushala brothers was trying to get into the redevelopment money at the time. The word is you and your brother paid 50k over market value forr that old van. Was that a good investment?

        1. No you said Bankhead sold an old van 50K over market value. Do you think he did that because he is honest?

    1. I heard that Bankhead’s van had three bald tires, a gold toilet and a tendency to sway to the left under load.

  4. Old Donny must really like that high back chair in the council chamber! Apparently, it provides a wonderful snoozing experience.

    1. It permits him to lean back with that condescending smirk on his face like he actually knows something you don’t. Of course he doesn’t know anything at all, and he knows it, but he enjoys looking down on you from the dais. And then…as…the…energy fades…he slips…off into…a…well-earned…nap…

  5. Bankhead is running, because Club Med was already filled up…so he had to find something to do with his free time.

  6. I still can’t believe that they allow him to drive a car much less hand him the keys to the city?

  7. He’s the 2-time loser, eh? Soon to be the 3-time loser. How mind-numbed would one have to be to get voted out of office by a 2/3rd’s majority then come back for more?

    His opponents should have lots of fun with this one. The creative anti-Bankhead campaign slogans and brochure designs bouncing off the inside of my skull are too numerous to mention.

    It should be a very fun election season for the City of Fullerton. Make the best of it! 😀

  8. The filing papers ask for “occupation”, right?

    Bankhead should write in “entertainer”.

    Thanks for the laughs, Don!

  9. The fact that he is a WRWR is all that is needed for his ilk to back him regardless if he is 150 years old. As long as he holds their same views, he’s a winner baby. Look around, his kind represent most of O.C and sadly this country. Thank all the flag waving, bible thumping nuts.

    1. “The fact that he is a WRWR is all that is needed for his ilk to back him regardless if he is 150 years old. As long as he holds their same views, he’s a winner baby”

      Then I’m confused. Why did 2/3’rds of the Fullerton voters kick him out of office a couple months ago. Did all the Fullerton liberals go to the polls and the WRWR stay home???

      Sorry, you make no sense.

  10. It’s not that hard to figure out. He knows he has no shot. He just wants to do some vote splitting and the biggest key…. Force Tony’s hand at putting in at least a million more of his own money to keep ownership of the city. That’s the main game play going on in the old vs Tony ball game. The more money they can force Tony to spend the better.


    1. I don’t think Tony’s going to have to spend a dime this time around. Once you’ve been elected to office (especially recently by a 2/3rd’s majority) it’s practically impossible to move you out. The money needed to retain power is not significant, particularly in a local election. Tony’s recall money was well spent though. A good business decision. And it was a gigantic favor to the citizens of Fullerton. It helped partially dismantle the ‘culture of corruption’.

      1. Yeah — unless more people vote in a Presidential election than in a recall election — but what are the odds of that happening?

    2. Rea…lity Is :
      It’s not that hard to figure out. He knows he has no shot. He just wants to do some vote splitting and the biggest key…. Force Tony’s hand at putting in at least a million more of his own money to keep ownership of the city. That’s the main game play going on in the old vs Tony ball game. The more money they can force Tony to spend the better.

      Vote splitting helps the incumbents you numbskull.

  11. I hate making this comment, but I must. The humorous and potentially serious implications are too big to ignore…….if elected, how long until he is recalled for a third time?

  12. Truth I must correct your statement:
    “There are plenty of white, right-wing republicans in Fullerton to back the guy.”

    The fact is that Bankhead was a liberal Democrat until 1988 when he decided to run for Fullerton City Council at the age of 58 after filing for a total disability claim from the city.

    During his 24 years in office he voted with other liberals to spend our tax money for such things as Redevelopment and a retroactive increase in police and fire employees pension benefits. Thanks for nothing Don.

    We should demand his medical records which will prove he has been suffering for some time now with Alzheimer’s disease.

    Don is now 84 years old and is running because he has an inflated ego that just will not quit.


    Thanks for running and giving the tapayers of Fullerton another opportunity to kick you out the door.

    1. Correction, FC. Bankhead put in for a total disability in 1991 after running for OC Sheriff, and losing. We may presume that Don didn’t want to run for county-wide office when totally disabled.

    2. “Liberal Democrat,” my right buttock. By your standards, everyone you dislike is a liberal and/or Democrat. Provide some evidence.

  13. In addition, Don promised the voters and his wife that 2010 would be his last time running for office.

    Thanks again for proving that you are just another over the hill politician who can not be trusted to keep his word to the voters.

  14. Saturday, August 18, 2012
    9:00am until 12:00pm


        1. Why is my comment waiting for moderation I thought Friends of Fullerton’s blog gives everyone the opportunity to voice their opinion, or is it that Tony’s opinion is the only one that counts?

  15. Saturday, August 18, 2012
    12:00pm until 1:00pm

    Come to Kelly’s Corner, bring candles, flowers, balloons, chalk, donations, etc but most importantly, bring yourself.
    If you can’t make it during this time please feel free to come by whenever. Lets let Kelly and the world know that we have still not forgotten, and that this is not over.

  16. If Don had a sense of humor he would show up to the fund raisers and debates in a clown costume riding an oversized tricyle with one of big horns on the handlebars. He could really make this a fun campaign season….if only he had a sense of humor!

  17. Dear Mr. Sipowicz: Calling people ‘cruel’ who signed Bankhead’s petition is uncalled for. Your passion may be admirable, your choice of words are not. I don’t think you know most of these people. Why did you make such a blanket statement about total strangers? Even if you know some of these signers personally; why call everyone who signed the petition cruel?

    1. I think it is cruel for a person to support the crazy ambitions of a man who clearly suffers from a degree of mental incapacitation.

      I suppose you are right in that some who signed his papers don’t know anything about him and just wanted him to move along.

      Maybe he got the sigs on a street corner.

  18. This is probably designed to splinter votes and may not even be his idea alone. I don’t have any inside knowledge or evidence to back this idea it’s just a casual guess.

    1. That’s absurd. Splintering votes helps the incumbents — Whitaker and Kiger. If one wanted untainted (or less tainted, whichever) traditional conservative Republicans to vote for, Rick Alvarez and Jennifer Fitzgerald were already there. This is just stupid vainglory.

      1. If you ever call me untainted again I shall have your balls Mr. Diamond, and I have an iron grip. I trust you will remember that.

  19. Mr. Diamond just the mention of your right buttocks makes me ill.

    As far as disliking all liberals, you are absolutely wrong. Just because I might disapprove of someone’s policies does not mean that I dislike them. Do not put your hateful philosophy on me.

    I only dislike people who have little or no integrity as well as those that try to manipulate the truth for there own selfish motives.

    1. “Buttock” is the singular term. You have hurt my buttock’s feelings.

      What hateful philosophy? I mean “dislike politically.” On a personal level, I like Sebourn just fine — and for the most part, Bushala too. I don’t know Kiger or Whitaker that well.

      If you’re going to get all huffy of civility, you are planted in the wrong website. (Actually, if you hate those that try to manipulate the truth for their own selfish motives — uh, look around.)

      1. greg your ass is so fat it has merged as one buttock.
        you stupid old loser get a hobby.

        1. You have a fertile imagination and no grasp of human anatomy. Also, you forgot the other two apostrophes in “murder’ers.”

          This is a hobby for me. You didn’t get that until now?

        1. Yes! I am not allowed to type “B*shala” without going into moderation! Feel free to delete all of these comments where I’ve tried to divine the rule, Travis or whoever.

  20. Again Mr. Diamond you are thinking with your right buttocks and not your brain.


    Once again you show your true colors. Someone with little or no integrity.

    1. Look, the fact that FFFF has its own peculiar terminology (which is shared by my own friend and publisher) for Republicans does not mean that that’s the right terminology to use.

      Yes, Alvarez, Fitzgerald, Ackerman, Royce, my opponent Huff (for whom, amusingly, many of you are voting) etc. are CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS. They’re not RINOs. They’re Republicans in reality, stretching back to a long line of Republicans. If you want to call Eisenhower, Colin Powell, Lincoln Chaffee, Thomas Kuechel, and lots of others RINOs, that’s fine. But the notion that someone is not a Republican because they are not libertarian is absurd — no matter how much it bounces around your echo chamber here.

      If anything, it’s libertarians like Norby, Nelson, Sebourn, Whitaker, and Kiger who are “Republicans in name only” — and I mean that as a compliment! Traditional Republicans shovel money to their contributors all of the time and have done so for more than a century — it doesn’t make them liberals, moderates, or Democrats.

      The fact that you are part of a cult that is trying to redefine political terminologies so that “Republican” = “Libertarian” doesn’t make you right — it just makes you a cultist.

      Here are my true colors: I’m not a cultist.

  21. I said Alvarez and Fitzgerald are not CONSERVATIVE Republicans.

    There you go again Mr. Diamond with your propaganda.

    1. Right. I’m disagreeing with you. By any measure, in most political reporting outside of the FFFF echo chamber, they would be referred to as “conservative Republicans.” What you consider a “conservative Republican” would generally be referred to as a “libertarian Republican.”

      This isn’t “propaganda”; it’s common usage. I recognize that we disagree, but I’m not accusing you of propaganda. I am accusing you of being part of a cult that wants to redefine these terms to its political benefit, but not of propaganda.

    1. He forgot to say “And I am older than dirt” WTH is his family thinking? Please be dead in place somewhere else.

  22. Grandpa Don please come back to the nursing home. You need you to take your medicine and we love you!

    1. don you got my vote as long as you score me that bottle of 25year old macallan!!! Take that out of the water tax.

  23. What kind of gall and lack of sense must one have to run for an office nearly 70% of the public just voted you out of without acknowledging your misdeeds or changing your attitude one iota?

    1. not true… in fact, he received as many more votes the last election he was running for re-election than voted him out… the recall had a very low turn out… be very afraid. be very very afraid.

  24. I don’t live in Fullerton, so I have nothing to fear. Well that’s not entirely true. My town is close to bankruptcy, and an eyesore, but at least the cops here don’t murder people. I guess when the citizens of Fullerton get tired of the police abusing them and the politicians stealing from them they will make permanent changes.

  25. Mr. Diamond this will probably be the last time I respond to one of your grossly inaccurate comments.

    Your stating that my definition of Conservative Republican equals a Libertarian is incorrect.

    There you go again making broad brush statements without one item of proof to back them up.

    God help us if ever our country were run by people whose logic and common sense are as convoluted as your own.

    Good day sir and please go back to Anaheim. I forgot they like you even less in your home town.

    1. You’ve never responded to a grossly inaccurate comment of mine at all; I don’t make them.

      Right now, the situation is that you are making one assertion and I am making a contrary one. You have no basis to get onto a high horse and conclude that as a matter of “logic and common sense” you are right. That’s bizarre.

      Do you really want proof that the general usage (in most places other than FFFF) is to refer to people like Alvarez, Fitzgerald, Bankhead, McKinley and Dr. Dick Jones (and Royce, Huff, Ackerman, etc.) as “conservative Republicans”? OK, I’ll go look for it — but how will you make it worth my while?

      I’m from Brea, not Anaheim. I get along fine with people here, though I’m not much involved in our city politics, which are a bit too placid for my taste.

      1. “I get along fine with people here, though I’m not much involved in our city politics, which are a bit too placid for my taste.”…….. Hmmmmm

        My be they are placid because you are not involved.

        Perhaps if you get involve they would be perturbed and maybe you would get banished from the Brea to Fullerton.

  26. Don “Blankhead” reminds me of some of the protagonists from Passolini’s Salo. His mugshot with the crown on his head is creepy.

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