Some People Really Seem To Like Being Lied To

Over at his website called Fullerton Stories some poor fellow named Davis Barber has felt the need to unburden his soul of lots of weighty thoughts, n’ stuff. Most of the rather embarrassing dissertation is another lame defense of the Fullerton status quo, and the attack on “protesters,” including FFFF, that we have become all too familiar with from City Hall cronies pretending to be journalists.

But there is one part of this coughed-up pabulum that just has to be read, and re-read, to be believed.

Blame the messenger/Fullerton Police Sergeant Andrew Goodrich lied about, well, everything: does not agree.  While there may be reason to doubt statements from Sgt. Goodrich, calling him a liar is un-called for and wrong. It’s his job to tell “the people” what he knows.

The lies were for your own good...

Surely this guy must be joking. Can’t this genius see the problem with his own assessment? Why in the world is there ” reason to doubt statements from Sgt. Goodrich”? Because he made up stories that were not true and passed them to “the people” via complacent boobs like Davis Barber. That’s called lying. And people who lie are liars. Quod erat demonstrandum.

Give me two ciggies and I'll say anything you want...

On the subject of liars in 2011, and changing gears somewhat, one thing I would like to know is how Mr. Barber came into contact with the so-called homeless jewelry peddler named Richard Fritschie; the guy who popped up almost on cue, claiming to be an eye-witness to the Thomas murder and who tried to exonerate the cops of any wrong-doing. That whole thing stank like a rotting corpse.

Of course the DA’s description of events from the audio and video record proved that Fritschie was a liar, but the question remains – why?

Lots of people have wondered who set up that con man with his mark.

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  1. I haves learned in life that if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it must be a duck. I tried for many years not to become cynical, always see the positive, give the benefit of the doubt…blah blah blah. But I don’t have to see the webbed feet to know a web of lies when I hear them.

    1. Phase Ib is about to begin. Phase II planning is well-underway.

      The Three Hollow Logs will never know what hit ’em.

    2. Bob- they tell me there is a note buried and hidden inside a snapple bottle, behind the banana tree across from the FPD that has all that detail-they wrote it down and hid it so they wouldn’t forget.

      Go dig it up and tell everyone what the note inside the bottle says

  2. Why does this idiot believe anybody has an obligation to tell him anything about the recall signature count?

    What a tool.

      1. That’s not the point. He believes that the Recall owes him an answer – or else isn’t being “transparent.” And yet this tool is perfectly happy to defend the serial liar Goodrich who is being paid by you and me (presumably) to tell the truth.

        1. Really? Bob, you’re defending Goodrich?

          And Goodrich is a puppet of a bigger force. Quit thinking he’s God and can lie to us all at whim.

        2. You know, thinking back on it, I really should have emailed daily totals straight to Ackerman and asked him to forward them to Davis.

  3. It’s unfortunate you can not get rid if goodlie for his untruth he has told the public. Law enforcement is allowed to lie due to a supreme court decision. Goodlie might go away if another dept took over, or, he might get absorbed into the other dept. One way or another Goodlie is here to stay.

    1. This law, obiously needs serious specific redrafting and should challenged/amended in a court before a judge –

      Good-noccio lied to coverup misdeeds for his own agenda not to help the public-I think that would constitute fraud and conspiracy -maybe a judge would see this too

    2. The supreme court ruled that they can legally lie to a certain extent. For an example, if you’re suspected of carrying illegal drugs on your person, house or car they can lie and tell that they won’t file charges if you “cooperate” and show them where the drugs are then file charges once you show them.

      What they cannot legally do is plant drugs on you and lie about it in their report. They can be charged with filing a false report, perjury, etc.

      See: Krause v Kentucky

      1. Instead, they have someone ‘cooperative,’ do all of that: “plant drugs and lie.” Someone like Fritchie. Cops don’t get charged with perjury, what they get is this; they get the DA to drop the case in the name of protecting their precious tax dollar investment, in ‘training’ cops (racketeers in blue), thereby sparing the cop and his snitch a perjury charge. The idea that paid perjury is not a career is laughable: The City pays 100 bucks for information leading to an arrest, plus witness perks. They pay the same people over, and over; I can think of five professional perjurers off the top of my head, who seem to just hang out: breaking the law at will, with no arrest record. These people are cop sanctioned career criminals, living comfortably, on the street, but mostly in the hotel rooms that ‘witness protection’ gives them, and rolling in dough that the DA gives them via witness protection. It’s a racket. There is no ‘system of justice.’

  4. Yeah, let’s not blame the messenger for all his lies. That would be mean and would require that someone be held accountable. After all, this is Fullerton. We love stories, especially when they have happy endings.

  5. I don’t know Davis Barber but I know some of his close friends. All but one share an affinity for the Fullerton Observer, uber-liberal politics, Barack Obama, labor unions, and the like. You can probably surmise where Davis Barber stands on a lot of issues based on that. His friends have some very weird notions about the Fullerton recall. Number one, Tony Bushala is doing this with the goal of dismantling the police union. That is enough to reject the recall because liberals like them must protect labor unions at all costs. Number two, Tony Bushala wants his people on the council and planning commission to control the fate of the code violation citations issued on his rental properties.

    I asked one of his friends why a liberal Democrat would vote no given a chance to throw out three Republicans on the City Council. He didn’t have an answer.

    Then I asked why he would vote no given the strong possibility Doug Chaffee, a fellow liberal, would be elected this time around given the narrow margin by which he lost to McKinley. Again, no answer.

    I asked a third and final question. Why keep McKinley around in light of his degrading views on women in the aftermath of Albert Rincon’s behavior? This should be a slam dunk because the Democrats are all about women’s rights and equality. Huh? What? Who is Albert Rincon? He didn’t know what I was talking about.

    I’m sure Davis Barber knows about Albert Rincon but this should give you an idea how Davis /may/ stand on these same issues. His friends haven’t given the recall much thought, other than to reject it because of their preconceived notions about Tony Bushala. Pretty sad.

    1. Vernon you hit the nail on the head. The official animal of Fullerton liberalism is an ostrich with its head in the sand.

      Look at poor old Molly McClanahan. Terrified of her own shadow, smugly satisfied spouting empty abstractions and slogans.

      This Barber character reminds me exactly of that David Whiting goon.

    2. I dont care what you call them, libs, dems or fanatics.

      This freaking recall is being financed by Tony Bushala thats it.
      His agenda?
      well let me clear that up using the best logic I know…
      because, like most people, who arent braindead eggplants,
      he wants to see people who are supposed to be running the city in which he lives, who wont conform to the masses for selfish gain (his or anyone elses) who will run Fullerton with honesty, integrity and who know actually know the law and what the hell they are doing.

      And, good googlie mooglie, do not make me laugh about police unions. More lying spin.

      Geeze, if my parents didnt know how to run things in my house when I was growing up, we’d have gone hungry-get the metaphor?

      Tony Bushala is not trying to get his “friends” in council-that’s bullshit too.

      I think your friends need to go back to watching 48 hours or stop listening to meaningless drivel from a group of manipulating Michael Moore’s.

      All that unjustified nonsense is gossip and propanganda, spread by ignorant zealots with hidden agendas, just hoping to put doubt and fear into people who cant think for themselves.

      So sick of the Tony Bushala card, want to know what Rock, Paper, Scissors of the petrified forest have done to make them think they are worthy to continue to sit in the seats they have now.

      That’s all and easy enough. Leave Tony alone and answer that.

      1. Liberals could use the recall to fill the City Council with a majority of candidates who share THEIR values, not Tony’s, not libertarians, not Republicans. This is a free lunch courtesy of Tony … it is their greatest chance to unseat a Republican majority and they don’t want it!

        Oh well…it’s not like I care.

        1. I bet most of Fullerton’s liberals will be happy to give it a shot. There will only be a few dozen insiders (Fullerton’s political class) who will omit themselves.

          It’s a win for everyone!

          1. That might be true when the recall qualifies for the ballot. But why oppose the recall now? I don’t understand.

        2. How is this a free lunch courtesy of Tony Bushala?
          Tony is not to blame for these miserable 3 headed Dino’s getting ousted just because he’s financing the recall. He hasn’t held a gun to anyones head to sign a petition.

          I still want to know what the 3 buffalo bumps have to say for themselves and why they should retain their seats in council

          The door is wide open for anybody of any political persuation-not just libs

    3. Vernon – excellent insights in this comment. While not all liberals and progressives are like this far too many are. When conservatives are on the right side of issues that progressives have long championed, like the examples you give, but are against unions or for smaller government for example, liberals can’t deal with it and completely lose the supposed moral basis for their positions. We see this nationally and locally.

  6. The Recall is not about TB. Whoever you talked to needs to get out and talk to the real residents. Funny they close their eyes to wrong doing. They can take their belief in strong unions and shove it. Liberals generaling have their eyes closed, to anything that is happening, good or bad…. idiots

  7. Goodrich is the typical LE carnival barker, lying is his trade. He is in charge of the propaganda arm of the PD, and it is clear he is willing to say or do anything for his boys in blue! 😉

  8. What happened to the Presidential Task Force associate who you called a ‘Swinetroll…who shouldn’t be here,’ on Christmas, policemisconduct is her area of expertise isn’t it? Where is she, was she censored, I mean moderated out by Bushala?

    1. Where is she, was she censored, I mean moderated out by Bushala?

      No, you just decided to stop posting under that username.

      1. HAHA oh, its Carolyn Phillips AKA policemisconduct. Now “disgusted”

        No wonder I couldnt understand that crazy loon talk from the dumbass zone above

  9. I can’t fathom why anyone believes that any organization, public or private, tells the truth.

    You’re titling at windmills.

    1. Right on Brian! There’s no place for trust in a democracy, that’s why we demand accountability.

  10. Recall Yard Boss :
    Vernon you hit the nail on the head. The official animal of Fullerton liberalism is an ostrich with its head in the sand.
    Look at poor old Molly McClanahan. Terrified of her own shadow, smugly satisfied spouting empty abstractions and slogans.
    This Barber character reminds me exactly of that David Whiting goon.

    That long neck and tall stature of an ostrich fits the elitism of Fullerton’s liberals quite well. Always looking down on others who aren’t like them.

  11. Richard Fritschie is from Fullerton and claims to be homeless for 20 years. His turf is right where Kelly was killed. He claims to sell jewelry in the street around that area.

    Doing a background check for tickets or arrests in OC had nothing to report. Not even a vagrancy or loitering charge, which is pretty odd for a homeless man on the streets. The only thing found about his background is seen by the link below…..

    I think there was reported cases of car breakins in the area and it’s pretty obvious to me that Fritschie is a prime suspect. Remember, the police said a lot of things to excuse their beating of Kelly and why they detained and searched him in the beginning. We all heard some pretty wild stories of Kelly’s hulk like behavior.

    Frirschie thought if he was the cops star witness for their side, they would be his best friends because they desperately needed his testimony to justify their actions and it took the heat off him.

    I wonder where Fritschie is now? As I’m sure the cops won’t touch his testimony now with a 10 ft pole.

  12. Fullerton Stories knows where their bread is buttered. If Andy didnt provide those police call logs to them, they’d be out of business.

    Because they have zero journalistic skill they know they would be annihilated by the OC Weekly and OC Register also Fullerton PD doesnt have the budget to constantly pay off an OC Register reporter to print favorable stories on them everyday and the OC Weekly has integrity.

    In the end, Fullerton PD needs Fullerton Stories to keep printing those fluff pieces and Fullerton Stories needs Fullerton PD for revenue.

    1. There’s something more about this Fritschie guy that went beyond that, , I just don’t know what it is……


        I know! its so freaking funny! They are and guess who is publicly credited with “confirming” the information?

        ….by the way, the log for the KT call is not there HMMM!!! Funny stuff.

        1. Not the point. The point is that ANYONE can get access to these call logs, not just Fullerton Stories.

          FFFF only looked up burglary calls, from what I recall back in August when FFFF requested the information. So you don’t know for certain that there was no call for Kelly.

          1. And if you are opposed to the cop union’s ever increasing demands, Goodrich may give a reporter embarrassing information about you. Remember the bogus Norby “story” Voice of OCEA was given?

            1. I agree that Fullerton Stories gives too much info in their cop logs. I’ll agree with you hands down on that one.

          2. ANYONE can get access to these call logs, not just Fullerton Stories.

            How can *I* access those logs and have Andy Goodbar “confirm” them?

            And I mean all of the logs not just the ones that Fullerton PD picks and choose to release. Funny how not even an department assist is in those logs for the KT beating.

            I love how Andy Goodrich and his good pal Jeanne Hoffa posts the block numbers of suicide attempts and child molestation calls but leave out reference to any incidents like the KT beating that makes them look bad.

            Unless its a large apartment complex, by posting the block number it wouldnt be hard for anyone living in those areas to figure out who lives where.

            1. You can access the logs by walking into the Fullerton Police station and saying, “Hi, I’d like to see the call logs please.” It’s public information.

              The other part I don’t know, sorry….

              1. You can access the logs by walking into the Fullerton Police station and saying, “Hi, I’d like to see the call logs please.”

                I seriously doubt Mrs. Hoffa walks into the police station every week, gets a print out, sits down with Fatty Andy to confirm each call, goes home or the office then types out each call from the print out. 🙂

  13. here is Davis Barber’s public description of his company “Davis Barber Productions”.
    DBP creates dynamic video and photography for corporate and community outreach and is located in Fullerton, Orange County, California. Its roots are based in newspaper and editorial publications. Its primary focus is community engagement and reportage; telling stories that enhance, develop and stimulate civic participation.

    Many of our clients are cities, corporations and publications. In 2010 and 2011 we produced content for the city of Fullerton, the Fullerton Chamber of Commerce and Southern California Edison. Our cable TV productions include HD advertisements and photography for local restaurants and businesses. Add to that an occasional wedding or two and our annual portfolio reflects a broad range of technical and creative skills.
    Davis Barber strongly asserts Goodrich only told the truth as knew it and thus is a victim of malacious lies told by FFFF. However, like liars and fools, Barber supports his assertion with not one piece of concrete evidence.
    Graphic video of the Kelly Thomas beating and eyewitness accounts of this beating directly conflicted with Goodrich’s public statements on the Kelly Thomas murder by fullerton police officers.
    Barber is a low-life because he cares more about getting the city of fullerton to hire his Davis Barber productions for ” dynamic video and photography for corporate and community outreach ” than reporting the truth and desiring justice for our most vulnerable members of our community, the homeless and mentally ill.
    But then why would Barber Davis care more about the poor and homeless becausae they don’t have enough money to hire Davis Barber Productions.
    But then this is just my opinion aout Davis Barber.

    1. Some people are just victims of denial. If lying sack, Goodhole was so innocent and interested in being honest, he would have come out later and corrected himself. Which he did not.

      And the sound quality from those mics at city council stream, suck

    2. There you have it. Davis Barber works for the city. Of course he will defend the status quo. Dissent is bad for business.

      1. About a year ago, Sharon Kennedy,editor of the Fullerton Observer, wanted the city of Fullerton’s contract for posting city business in a newspaper. this would have dropped $40,000 a year in Sharon’s personal pocket. the. Before awarding this contract The city of Fullerton demanded Kennedy prove the Fullerton Observer is a newspaper. after failing to meet the basic criteria for newspapers, Kennedy dropped her court case to be adjudicated a newspaper.
        How unfair, after all Kennedy’s paper gave free,glowing support in her paper for the three evils , jones, McKinley,Bankhead

      1. You know, , I wondered that too….or at least wondered if it was a fake name. look at how old Fritschie is……how many people get to their retirement years without even a parking ticket?

  14. Hey#5 ”full.harpoon: Whose the idiot here Me, for asking an honest question, because I`m VERY interested???? I`m so surprised to think YOU… THE IDIOT, seems to think that asking a question is a bad thing!! What is YOUR problem, anyway????? I do not feel ANY ONE OWES ME AN EXPLANATION at all, but I AM interested, & chose to ask…. in ”HOPES of a response”, okay??? Is that alright with YOU??? I sure did`nt think I needed anyone`s”APPROVAL” to ask a quesion that I, and so many others would like to know the answer to, MUCH LESS YOUR approval!!! Now, as far as defending ” Goodrich, I NEVER said, OR IMPLIED such a thing, because I sure as HELL do NOT, defend him , or any other of the many rotten assholes in the dept. & on the council ( keeping in mind that there ARE SOME, good ones left…. HOPEFULLY!!!) nOW, i DON`T KNOW where YOU ARE GETING your info., BUT YOU ARE GETTING IT FROM THE WRONG PLACE,……. or….. ARE YOU ONE OF THOSE ROTTEN ”COPS” THAT fULLERTON HAS TOO MANY OF???????… maybe???? m-m-m-m-!!!! Also, I sure HOPE this clears up your question too, anonymous… I don`t know WHERE in hell the ”Harpoon is coming from, and I don`t think ”HE”, ( OR she) DOES EITHER!!!!!

      1. Harp, Why are you attacking bloggers, for a simple question? Look how you responded to his/her question. I can see where Bob saw this as a smart ass answer. We who signed, are very interested, on how the recall is going. Who needs to take a pill?

        1. My comment was not a “reply” to “bob” at all. It was a response to Davis Barber. You need to follow the lines and the indents of the comments.

          And it sounds like “bob” gets agitated very easily.

          1. Woooooooooo. Harpoon, that’s even a little too odd for me. Just own up to it and apologize to Bob. It goes something like this: “Bob, I was responding to Davis Barber. I’m sorry that I offended you.”

            Go on, it’s easy to do.

            1. Reading comprehension is easy, too. You should try it. Hell, you might even get a job working for the Register some day.

    1. Bob, he wasn’t harpooning you for asking a question that interests everyone. This Davis Barber wrote a junior high school quality piece for Fullerton Stories acting as though he is the final arbiter separating truth from fiction regarding the Fullerton melee of the past 6 months.

      The recall wants transparency in government: If this is true, why does recall leader Chris Thompson not release the status of their signatures? Mr. Thompson says “we don’t want to give away our strategies.” If the number of signatures to date is a ‘strategy’ and not a fact, there are some serious issues with the recall.

      Davis Barber is trying to cast aspersions on the integrity of the recall effort because no one will tell him the signature count so far. That is an example of his journalism.

      1. that is so sharon kennedyish of davis barber, kennedy and barber should collaborate and for “observer stories” where a disabled man beaten to death by fullerton police officers would be headlined ” downtown encounter and a death” because as barber puts it his “Fullerton Stories” intent is to “newspaper and editorial publications. Its primary focus is community engagement and reportage; telling stories that enhance, develop and stimulate civic participation. “

  15. Another thing I just noticed from that link above is that it looks like Fritsche just talked to Kelly before the cops pulled up and started on him…..

    Odd? I think so….

  16. For Fritschie to have been on the street without any licensing of any kind, for decades, without being cited for violations, or accumulating an arrest record does not necessarily mean that he is cop cooperative (snitch), but, generally, if you see that sort of person ‘around’ at an arrest seen, and he then appears as a ‘Star witness:’ delivering the cop’s idealized version of what happened, chances are that he is a perjurer who got a c-note from City coffers, for ‘information leading to an arrest,’ (information that the police gave him when they decided to conjure a crime where there is none, and to arrest a ‘victim as perpetrator.’)
    The Fullerton Stories article reads as follows:
    Fritschie, who referred to Thomas as a passing acquaintance, said he spoke with him minutes before the confrontation. He said he stopped to talk to Thomas during his walk from the train station to his bus stop.
    According to Fritschie, after he’d walked away from the conversation, Thomas was approached by a police car and questioned. Thomas then attempted to flee, said Fritschie, and that’s when Fritschie heard “a bunch of hollering” and saw another police car join the scene.
    “I just stayed away from it because I don’t get into that,” said Fritschie. “I never had a problem with the cops. They talk to me like a human being. They don’t harass me.”
    Fritschie, who sells jewelry on the street to get by, calls Fullerton police officers tolerant and says they look the other way when dealing with the city’s homeless. “I didn’t see any beating. I think they’ve overblown the situation.”

    1. Fritshie comments that Thomas was approached by a police car and then attempted to flee. The account neglects that there were 12 minutes between these two events, and that Fritshie saw the events at both ends of the 12 minutes.

      Yet Fritshie stayed away from the aftermath, did not see what dozens of other witnesses saw, and did not see what was on the city “video”.


  17. None too ironic that my posting here of my comment in response to Davis’ story is the 52nd comment here and the first on Fullerton Stories:

    For the record, the Fullerton School District Board of Trustees has 5 members and one must count to 3 to spend money, stop the expenditure of money or to change a policy. In fact, one must be able to count to 2 just to get something put onto the agenda. In the majority of my efforts to convince the board to hold onto reserves, accelerate the termination of under-performing teachers, prevent the foolish pay-off of employees terminated for cause or even to prevent the waste and embarrassment of hiring a wannabe celebrity motivational speaker like Rudy Ruettiger, it has been a challenge to secure the necessary support for change. Not unexpected by me. If you want your website to do something positive Davis, add your voice to the growing chorus of those unwilling to accept the destruction wrought upon public education by the likes of the CTA. In that way, you might actually assist in creating positive change in the Fullerton School District. Don’t be another lazy voice crying for some spectacular “new idea” to save the day. Most of the good ideas aren’t new. They’re very old. Hire the best and reward them and fire the worst. Spend less money than you bring in and take advantage of a strong labor market to improve your average performance. In fact, you might want to try advocating for those very same principles rather than discussing who’s mean and who’s nice in Fullerton city politics.

    As far as your inference that there is something nefarious about not revealing the precise daily numbers of recall petition signatures to Fullerton Stories or any other news organization, maybe you should be applauding the Recall’s competency when we turn in the necessary valid signatures to qualify a recall election. Just out of curiosity, what do you think Dick Ackerman would pay for that information?

    And finally, do you understand that Fullerton’s Future is a blog? Unlike your website, it’s a place where more than just one person is tends to comment on a story. Some comments are good. Some are bad. Some are insightful, some are foolish. Again…a blog. Most of the comments on Fullerton Stories tend to be…uhhh…never mind.

    1. fullerton Stories is a slick website intended to promote more Davis Barber Productions than reporting events or previously unknown information to the public.
      Barber’s tight control of discussion and the cautiously worded articles suggest a need not to offend a select group of people . In sum, Barber panders to our local government . why would anyone who truly cares about our town waste his or her time reading Barber’s propaganda?

      1. I posted this in another post.


        Here’s a video about the Fullerton Public Library expansion made by the engineering company, LPA.

        It looks like the focus was on the building only. That money was earmarked from somewhere. Matching grant maybe? Or bonds? General fund? It would be interesting to know.

        Click on the upper right hand video icon:

    2. Chris, I chose to ignore that part of his boohooing completely and added no link. He thinks you should be part of the “team” just like he thinks he’s part of some dopey team, too.

      I can see no difference between him, Ponsi, Radcliff, and Whiting. They are all just lackeys – symbionts feeding from the withered teat of incompetent and corrupt officialdom.

  18. “I didn’t see a thing.” And, “They wen’t that away.” Both are stale standbys. Well versed isn’t he, in the fine art of perjury!

  19. When I was a freshman at UC Davis, covering Sacramento for the student daily newspaper, accuracy was a goal. Are we not to expect accuracy from Andrew Goodrich, with a masters degree from UC Irvine?

    Pehaps the lesson is that you can’t expect an anteater to be taken seriously.

      1. Noooo not Captain Hughes Noooo! Everyone but my follicly challenged challenged hero!

        We talk and he gives me frequent pats on the back. I refuse to believe its him, I WONT I WONT …I WONT!

  20. Mr. Fritschie has been sporting a new wheel chair lately around town leaving me wondering what happened to him. About 1:30 am last night he was seen pushing his wheel chair very briskly up the bus island leaving me wondering why he had a wheelchair. As long as theres no disability scam going on… to each his own.

  21. lol I wonder if the concern about where we are with the Recall has anything to do with their own ignorance in strategizing i.e. spending thousands assuming people were too stupid to know what they were doing and would readily sign cards to rescind their signatures. Aside from pissing people off and helping us get more signatures; their ill thought out timing left us two months to cover any signatures they might have removed. There is a reason they’re desperate to know where we are. Have faith in Chris Thompson when he mentions strategic reasons for not releasing the numbers. Have patience until he does. There is no doubt this will succeed. Let the anti-recall people drive themselves crazy wondering where we are while they continue running backwards.

  22. And please stop with the bashing of groups regarding the Recall. I can assure you, at least with the people I’ve signed, there are just as many Dems as Repubs as libs as conservatives as old and as young who have signed and continue to sign. There are no barriers. Most are putting their personal views aside and working toward one goal: to remove these three. We can deal with the rest later when people announce their choices to replace them. Keep your eyes on the prize, people.

    1. SherBear, I have witnessed your style of gathering signatures and in my own opinion think you are a bully to people and in return you get bullied.. I was all for signature gathering until Chris Thompson started with his out of line bullying of the non-paid people who really do care about this city and not a flipping paycheck at the expense of Tony Bushula. All the paid people should be ashamed of themselves.. Tony needs to distance himself from such people..

      1. Erin, when a person volunteers to enter a branch of the military to fight for this country and also get paid to do so, are they still a volunteer?

        I have personally witnessed many signature gatherers at Fullerton markets. Your opinion of Sherbear being a bully to people does not fit with what I have witnessed. I’m curious what style, pitch or approach you would have had if you were out there circulating the recall petition.

        1. In my opinion if Erin was circulating the recall petition, the Fullerton police would have arrested her for ____________ fill in the blank.

        2. John H, you are comparing paid signature gatherers to the US Military? I’m sorry, I can’t even begin to debate with you on that one.. I’ll just shake my head and hold my comments.. I really feel sorry for you for making the comparison..

      2. I cannot imagine what it is like to live within your tortured soul Erin. Virtually all of your words and your constant venomous countenance reveal a level of self-loathing that is difficult to watch.

  23. In the other countries that I have visited the police and the military work together to oppress the vasals and protect the criminals in control. Hey Fullerton,are you vasals? Not ! Recall baby recall !!!!. Happy new year. Its 2012 and we are not in Kansas anymore .

  24. SherBear :
    And please stop with the bashing of groups regarding the Recall. I can assure you, at least with the people I’ve signed, there are just as many Dems as Repubs as libs as conservatives as old and as young who have signed and continue to sign. There are no barriers. Most are putting their personal views aside and working toward one goal: to remove these three. We can deal with the rest later when people announce their choices to replace them. Keep your eyes on the prize, people.

    I’m really pleased to hear that, because it seems to me at the city council meetings, the only ones getting up and defending the recall rejects are bluehairs and old fu@3s over 70.
    It’s sad to see age become a barrier to logic.

  25. Coming to think of it, what law enforcemnt agency has ever admitted to wrong-doing?
    The bullshit Goodrich has dished out is typical for any sheriff’s or pd spokes-ahole. First of all, we haven’t had any other police department bludgeon to death a mentally ill homeless man on camera, but if so, they would react the same way Goodpitch did. Lies, ‘we didn’t do anything wrong’ statements, blame the victim bs, etc. are all part of the ‘holier than thou’ law enforcement agencies.
    One would expect honesty and punitive actions on their bad cops, however like we’ve seen with FPD and Penn State/Sandusky, they would rather have their agency smelling like roses temporarlily with false statements and risk the truth coming out later.

  26. @Erin, wtf? Where did that come from? I am anything but a bully when gathering signatures and I would like an example to support your accusation of me. As far as getting paid, I started as a volunteer with no expectation of pay and if the money ran out tomorrow, I would still be out there getting signatures. Personally, I depise bullies and whilst I’ve heard stories of signature gatherers’ unfavorable behavior, I’ve only witnessed one who screams at people and says they’re a non paid volunteer. The notion that everyone being paid is only doing it for the money and doesn’t care about Fullerton is too absurd to be addressed.

    1. Ignore her SheBear. I’m fairly certain that when she wakes up in the morning she screams at her reflection in the mirror.

      1. It’s ok, Chris. Erin and I have talked several times and she even shared my table at Winterfest and had a beer with us. She’s complimented me on my blog comments yet never expressed what she posted here so I was caught off guard. Since she chose to use a public forum to spew nonsense, I called her on it to provide details to support it. I’m confident she can’t. I will say I’m in good company since she called you a bully, too. Seriously though…to hint at skeletons in your closet and warn you to watch it is bullying as well as manipulation imho.

  27. @Wrong Guy: the blue hairs who support them at the council meetings are their friends who benefit or have benefitted from them being in office for the most part. I love the things the older folk folk tell me at my table; they’ve been around for years and are chomping at the bit to finally put an end to these guys, especially Jones and Bankhead.

  28. “Evil is the violation of, or intent to violate, some moral code. Evil is usually seen as the dualistic opposite of good. Definitions of evil vary, as does the analysis of its root motives and causes, however evil is commonly associated with conscious and deliberate wrongdoing, discrimination designed to harm others, humiliation of people designed to diminish their psychological well-being and dignity, destructiveness, and acts of unnecessary or indiscriminate violence.” -Wikipedia

    What concerns me is how unintelligent they portray themselves to be. Personally I wouldnt mess with the Feds, State authorities, News media, or the public. Even the County DA stuck it to them on TV.

    They should not mess with the young people in this town, outside authorities will come in. Kelly was pretty much a child in emotional and legal terms.

    1. What was the difference between this event and the murder of Kelly Thomas? I will tell you. It was the number of witnesses. Outcomes are a function of the number of witnesses.

  29. Great link. Too bad that was not in America. All policemen worry about that happening to them especially in this age of cell phone cameras and mini cameras where their BS like spewed by Sgt Andrew Goodrich is proven to be made up crap!
    However, several days ago before I went on my innumerable vacations, I sent a note saying that Sgt Goodrich is not high enough in the echelon to make up his own version of events. He is merely telling and selling the company story for FPD. Who feeds the bs to him? Is it our new Acting Chief? Is it Don Blankhead? Is it ex police chief and now city councilman Pat McPherson?
    Sgt. Goodrich is not smart enough or powerful enough to make up this junk.

    1. I posted it because it reminded me of this cities strength, a lot more civilized as it is, this is no ordinary city. Even though some want to make it their “Shit Hole”, Fullerton has in my view a Great Great history, Friendly. Humble at times, Fun, and very very precious to the world, IM saying it cause Im sure.

      Not many things would delight a Fullertonian or American like me, more than seeing a EVIL CORRUPT CRIMINAL organization CRUMBLE before the worlds eyes, like Ive seen here recently.

        1. I was able to access JAC link but cant find Fullerton PD on ratemycop site, I was able to find it a few months ago, was it taken off or is it me?

  30. To the persons who demand transparancy from the recall signature gatherers, I have to give a hearty HO HO HO!! In politics no side telegraphs their intentions to the other side! Not ever! It is an advantage to keep your info silent until ready to use. Surprise the other side! The transparancy calls are because the anti recall folks can not plan properly and initiate more fundraisers or not. I have engineered 2 recalls in other OC cities with no intention of having a recall vote but started signature gathering as a way to pressure weak political hacks into caving in to my position on preserving quality zoning. Orange County is a sieve in granting zoning variances to buddies of politicos. Many cities for example have inadequate park space due to poor decisions made years ago for “campaign contributions” by developers.

    1. @Reality Ain’t: There are only a few people or so who actually know what’s going on and neither you nor your insider are one of them. Nice baiting attempt but no cigar.

      1. They already deleted my article on the killing of the transients in the OC. Thought it was pertinent to this blog. Guess not LOL

          1. Just a humble suggestion:

            Focus. I don’t agree with much of what Davis wrote but he is not the enemy. I don’t know why there is a rift between Erin and other signature gatherers but none of them, nor Chris Thompson is the enemy.

            Let’s work together for a pluralistic Fullerton governed by people on integrity and principle. Starting with the recall, which should be broadly supported by people from all sides of the political spectrum, and anyone against police brutality and political corruption.

  31. RI- I thought you were leaving little boy?
    Someone paying you to find out more info about us?

    Tell your salary giver this-your intimidation tactics may work for you on the streets but they don’t work here, and you will find out the status of the recall when Dinasours fly.

    And like John and Ken say “get out of here”

  32. I was thinking that this might be an opportune time for the Fullerton City Council or City Manager to encourage or incentivize our public safety officers to live amongst us instead of commuting.
    Basically, I think that we tend to not shit where we eat, and I think that if we all lived together in the same city that it may create more harmony in our community and less mis-understandings.

    1. Many cities encourage it but it’s not common to require it. Incentives are nice to further encourage it too. Definitely a plus, just hard in most cities due to family locations, etc.

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