Retirement on the Brain

The bright morning of July 19, 2011.

Kelly Thomas was taken off life support only a few days before, the cops who did him in are patrolling the streets of Fullerton, and the public still believes FPD PIO Andrew Goodrich’s lie that cops suffered broken bones in some titanic struggle with a felonious, homeless superman.

Despite the recent string of FPD bad behavior that had been coming to light, Goodrich is upbeat. Great returns for CalPERS that might take the heat off from critics who deride the defined benefit pension plans for cops who get to retire at age 50! Nasty unfunded liability!

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  1. Calpers is a derivative infested blowout waiting to happen. Funny what they worship over there on Commonwealth. You gotta wonder.

  2. Kelly was brain dead. Goodrich has his pea-sized brain fixated on his benefits.

    Connect the dots between the focus of entitlement and the disastrous consequences of out-of-control cops with almost no accountability.

  3. Upon reviewing all the previous e-mails from Goodrich, Sellers and that Sylvia bitch, it is utterly sickening that there was not one bit of concern over the condition or even life of Kelly Thomas.
    Fu*# that Boy Blundering goonsack Goodrich!

    1. Yes , this is post Rodney King Riots, they may not seem to be smart, but with the 50+ witnesses and a VIDEO TAPE. “THEY knew the party was over (deep down).” Narcissists dont feel guilt, they feel shame, and deep inside inferiority, BUT have no empathy, or feelings for others, and really do enjoy making others suffer greatly. Greed is one of the, if not the ugliest human emotion.

  4. Well said, L S. Are you a regular commentor on here using another moniker, or are you a newby to this blog?
    Just curious, as you’ve shared some interesting information thusfar.

    1. Only here a few weeks but have read almost everything for past six months on FFFF, Ive been educated by this Blog.

  5. ****************REPOST**************************

    #50 by Lifesaving Service on January 13, 2012
    You have to be very careful when dealing with vengeful, petty, people and organizations. This is going to take a lot of research and brainpower, maybe even a celebrity that will or does take on this particular cause.

    “everytime you come in with a broken nose the Departments moral goes up 10 points” -Lt. Dennis Becker LAPD

    #51 by Lifesaving Service on January 13, 2012
    Society has grappled with misconduct and corruption issues for as long as it has had police officers. Through the mid-to-late nineteenth century, private police forces were commonplace, and agents of Pinkerton’s and other forhire services became notorious as the muscle employers used to violently end strikes. Heavyhanded law enforcement as well as Vigilantism by groups such as the racist Ku Klux Klan spurred passage of the civil rights act of 1871, which criminalized acting under state law to deprive a person of constitutional or other rights under federal law. Section 1983 of the act remains a critical tool in the early 2000s for enforcing constitutional rights, with direct applicability to police misconduct cases.

    #52 by Lifesaving Service on January 13, 2012
    Department of Justice, police misconduct

  6. Another homeless man was stabbed to death in Anaheim. They believe they have the killer in custody. Let’s hope so, so that this murder spree can be stopped.

  7. Sgt..Goodrich is paid $125,000 to not be the information official. The Lt. and Cpt. have taken over those responsibilities. I think Sgt. Donut has read the writing on the wall and is looking at his options. I would bet that taking a lateral to another LA or Orange Co. agency is not going to happen. One of the problems for all Fullerton PD officers is that other agencies are unlikely to want to take the heat for hiring them….. That includes the really good ones since they are now tainted due to their “Omerta” code of silence!

  8. Try getting a job as a patrolman in Cypress, for example, home of Ron Thomas. Ya think the lady chief there wants the heat of hiring some Fullerton PD officer no matter how deserving they might be?
    Ho Ho Ho oops, Christmas is over! That is why I firmly believe there are NO good cops in Fullerton since none came forward as a whistleblower. Thus none will be hired unless its in Chicago or maybe Detroit!

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