Getting Bloodied. Figuratively Speaking, Of Course.

The real blood on the Transportation Center pavement hadn’t dried yet on July 7th. Here is FPD PIO Andrew Goodrich communicating with his soon-to-be vacationing boss, Mike Sellers.

Of course Goodrich is not interested in public information. He’s interested in perception and propaganda. “In-custody injury ” must be some sort of PIO code for “bludgeoned to death.”

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  1. Yes, Andrew, the FPD has been bloodied. You and your gang of thugs shouldn’t needlessly beat and murder people. You and Sellers can thank yourselves as well as Patty McPension for the blood on your hands.

    1. Maybe some required reading for all city staff ought to be to read Psalm 10 and to do some inward reflection on the darkness in their souls.

  2. Hey Andrew, did you get any blood on your hands when the thugs you are trying to protect were viewing the video while writing their reports?

  3. “The in-custody injury form Tuesday..”

    The FPD is getting bloodied, but no concern for the bloodied, mangled face of Kelly Thomas. I know Kelly had not died yet and they hadn’t seen the picture, but they seem to have had no concern whatsoever.

    I guess they have become inured.

    Criminals, that’s what they are.

  4. I have to admit, I’m getting just a wee bit peeved that 10% is being added to my water bill to pay for that buttplug Goodrich’s salary and pension.

  5. Im reposting from yesterday in case anybody missed these links to the F.B.I.

    ” “Policing requires perfection and unyielding ethics and ultimately depends on each employee’s own level of knowledge, rationality, and devotion to moral excellence. Anything less than perfect ethical conduct can be disastrous for a department, a community, and an entire nation. While officers are only human and will continue to make mistakes, ethical misconduct cannot be tolerated.” ” -Police Corruption, An Analytical Look into Police Ethics By RICH MARTIN, M.S.

    FBI Website. “Research into police corruption offers some understanding of the phenomenon”

    #13 by Just a Champion on January 10, 2012
    Corruption in City Hall
    The Crooked Reign of “King” Albert” “He was so corrupt, he basically put an entire city under his thumb,” says Los Angeles Special Agent David Smith, who led the case for the FBI. -FBI site

    #14 by Just a Champion on January 10, 2012
    Public Corruption
    Why It’s Our #1 Criminal Priority -FBI website
    Question: Why is public corruption so high on the FBI’s list of investigative priorities?
    Answer: Because of its impact. Corrupt public officials undermine our country’s national security, our overall safety, the public trust, and confidence in the U.S. government, wasting billions of dollars along the way. This corruption can tarnish virtually every aspect of society. -FBI website

    1. Good articles. Many salient points. In overview, the FBI readily admits that there is ongoing public and police corruption. Goodrich denies that there is a problem.

  6. Perhaps the root problem is that the FPD has a public relations officer to put forth the best image of the FPD–as opposed to the unvarnished truth.

    Back in the 1970’s journalism schools were changing themselves to “communications schools” to accomodate the growing public relations industry in the modern age (we actually viewed ourselves as modern back then).

    Many feared this would harm journalism. Young reporters openly talked about the fear of “selling out” and taking the higher paying jobs in public relations.

    I could be wrong, but I don’t recall that when Silvia Palmer was lead reporter on the Fullerton beat for the Daily News Tribune, that she had to deal with a public relations officer. I don’t think that there was such a position at the police department, either.

  7. There is going to be a big change at the next City Council meeting, I dont ever remember seeing one of their emails before.
    They always danced around and denied to themselves their situation, but the emails changes everything. There should be a plan for the next meeting.

  8. interesting choice of words Mr.Goodrich. Your use of the word bloodied in covering for the reputation of Mr. Sellers who’s mind is only on vacationing and the department shows complete disregard for the
    reality of has just happened. Are you really the victim that was bloodied?

  9. fullerton lover :
    Another inductee into the Fullerton Wall of Shame…

    Thanks for posting that fullerton lover.

    A serious red flag was flying when FPD hired this guy who at 20 had a DUI conviction. Waiting for awhile to see if this guy made a mistake, or his alcohol use was a habit, would have been the prudent thing to do before hiring him.

    But when you add Cincinelli’s hiring into the equation, then the entire hiring process for FPD should be questioned.

    I have worked around alcoholic and drug using cops myself. Their problems and signs of use are not just detected while “off duty” as described in this article.

    For anyone to say that Major NEVER appeared to be under the influence while on the job would be a lie for the most part. This guy clearly had a serious problem than anyone paying attention to would have spotted.

    Help could have been rendered before the series of thefts took place I HOPE. SAD situation for sure.

    Remember every police department has drug recognition experts on board, just about every cop I know has seen hundreds of intoxicated people whether it be drugs or alcohol. There is NO hiding such daily abuses.

    It appears FPD did a complete investigation, but inlight of the other issue brought forth, I ask myself if Major’s was prosecuted because he was comitting crimes, or FPD was simply covering their butts because other outside agencies, ie the school district was involved and couldn’t easily cover up Major’s misdeed?

    1. …it’s interesting that Todd Major’s father is also an officer and was the former head of the same Orange County District Attorney’s Investigative division that would be investigating the murder of Kelly Thomas.
      Does anyone seriously wonder anymore why the public would be skeptical of the results of a police investigation by any of these characters???

      Also note that this police officer was continually around our high school children at Troy High and in the weekly Explorer meetings of Boy Scouts while Pat McKinley was our Police Chief.

      Major spent nearly every Tuesday night running the department’s Police Explorer program, a division of Boy Scouts of America, preaching to teenagers about what it means to be a police officer. The son of Mike Major, the former head of investigations for the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, Todd Major grew up entrenched in the thin blue line.

      1. The state AG had to handle the prosecution vice the OCDA. The DA didn’t want to prosecute? Perhaps he didn’t prosecute because of the apparent conflict of interest, so it’s strange the DA would tag Chief Sellers’ bosom vacation buddy, Stan Berry to head up the KT investigation. Maybe they are trying to contain all of the testimony in the case to those fateful 30 minutes at the transportation center and limit any testimony about cover-ups, prior plots etc. That will be difficult. Once people begin testifying, other facts begin percolating to the open surface.

  10. Todd Major, the crooked cop?
    From that one story in OC Weekly?-high drama mammas-they should get bloodied and more.

    what did the big loins of pork expect? a parade in their honor?

  11. Did anyone else see the news last night where two cops got on the bus and the male hit (bashed) a woman’s face with his elbow? Meanwhile, a recently returned Vet got it all with his phone. Once the cop saw this, he began trying to intimidate the guy into giving up his cell and telling him he was breaking the law, blah blah blah. The guy still has the phone and the video was shown on the news. Hopefully, everywhere videoing are becoming the norm everywhere.

        1. A video captures a sheriff’s deputy punching out a woman on a bus in Bellflower who called him a “big shot.”
          The sherrifs claim the woman had …almost attacked an elderly passenger on a bus. The video shows the woman yelling at deputies, but she doesn’t seem to be violent. One of the deputies punches her in the face, causing her to topple over.
          The man who took the video Jermaine Green
          said the deputy later threatened to arrest him if he didn’t turn over his cell phone, but Green refused.
          Good Job Mr. Green. Another case of police disregard for common respect all citizens deserve from a peace officer.

          1. It also helps that Green is a big guy, knows his rights, and is a Vet. Tough guy cop routine didnt work this time piggies.

    1. Discussed with John and Ken on KTLA tonight during their segment; they tied it with Kelly Thomas as to law enforcement’s difficulty in dealing with mentally ill

      1. On John and Ken, tey also mentioned that Green stated he had served six years in the military. He was asked if he had any warrants, and stated no.

  12. I love the words “community service” in Goodlie’s title. The only community he serves is his fellow union pals.

    1. He did serve his union as a stupid ass failure, he is F’n em to the Bank.

      Sorry I just watched the posted Bellflower video.

  13. In three states, it is now illegal to film an on duty police officer, even if the encounter involves you, and may be necessary to your defense. So are cameras being treated as the new guns? Alyona talks to Jim Hanson a Retired Special Operations Master Sergeant and military blogger and asks him about this video where the cop punched a woman in the face in Seattle, and ask him if in any law enforcement circles that would be considered a reasonable way to handle that situatuation.

    4-15 years for filming police in 3 states, ridiculous, insane.

    1. In California you are allowed to film/video/audiotape police officers in their official duty as long as you are in public and don’t interfere with the police’s duty. Know your rights and push them to the limits. The police can ask for identification. If they do, you can refuse to give it to them. They have to have reasonable suspicion that you have committed a crime to go any further. LET THE CAMERAS ROLL.

  14. 14 felonies and 3 misdemeanors and he pleads down to 2 charges with 180 days of 8 hours of jail work??? What a deal! What are the chances of Joe Citizen getting a similar break?

  15. Also, this “Hero” stole from the city, which means he stole from us. Maybe it’s a top-down thing at the PD?

  16. I just watched the full video link about the three states that have laws against filming the cops. Besides being sick over the swat team killing an innocent dog, I am really concerned that they don’t name the three states which have those laws.
    Also, I believe that state level laws like these actually justify some sort of federal government oversight. It might be painful now for those people whom are being unfairly prosecuted under these laws, however, I have to have faith that they can appeal these monstrously inappropriate laws all the way to the supreme court if necessary. All because a state makes a series of laws does not mean that they are legitimate or even legal under the Constitution. I’m assuming these laws were made because of direct influence of police unions and corrupt police departments. I believe all Americans should work together to change this.

  17. Hey I got a text late last night from the occupy irvine people…they are taking city hall tonight at seven on the grassy knoll in front of the reflectin pools…reflect this….see ya all at seven tonight!

  18. Erin :
    Police Officer Elbow Punches Woman On Bus | Bellflower CA

    This veteran is a exactly the type of person that we all need to be in order to overcome the contempt that police officer’s are showing the public on an every day basis.
    If you watch the video you’ll see the compassion that this veteran showed a stranger, because it was obvious to him that this woman had special needs.
    Why is it that the policeman feels entitled to brazenly strike a special needs female adult in a bus full of people?
    Why is it that this cops female partner doesn’t even miss a beat after her partner unloads on the special needs lady’s head?

    99% of the world’s religions adhere to the golden tenet of “doing unto others, as we would have done to ourselves” yet here we are?

    God bless you and those like you Mr. Green.

    1. When I was in gradeschool, we were told, what a policeman is really scared of, is someone that has money, or someone who will get a Lawyer.

  19. Bloodied, is probably inappropriate, they are actually digging their own very very very shallow grave of dirt and fertilizer.

  20. Erin :
    Police Officer Elbow Punches Woman On Bus | Bellflower CA

    Good one Erin. Another thorn in Sheriff Baca’s side.

    Video taping cops in California in a PUBLIC place, there is no crime. Good job to the veteran who called BS on this one.

  21. About the Bellflower incident:

    “One witness told NBC LA that prior
    to the exchange caught on Green’s
    video, the woman shoved both
    deputies so forcefully that he
    thought she was on PCP.”

  22. Also,

    “The deputies were responding to a
    911 call believed to be made from
    someone on the bus, Whitmore said.
    The caller said a “violent woman”
    almost attacked an elderly passenger.”

    A bit of balance for those of you that would like to believe the deputies just randomly hopped on FTJ bus and blindsided an innocent woman out of nowhere.

    1. Baca acknowledged the woman’s prior history of run-ins with police and others and that she has mental issues; the gist of what I heard on news broadcasts was that he feels what happened is still wrong

  23. If he was going to strike her it, it should not have been to the head.

    I believe head strikes of any kind violate use of force procedures.

    Alternatively, she could’ve been struck in her body.

    On a bus in very close quarters to innocent people, pepper spray is out, a tazer is out, no room to swing a baton.

    1. Keep making excuses, keep looking the other way, keep justifying abuse, keep maligning the victims of police abuse …one day the wrong person is going to be beaten and abused and that day people will strike back and it’s not going to be pretty.

      Mexico is a good example of what happens when people lose respect for their police after decades of corruption.

      You can lie to yourself, you can lie to your “brothers”, you can even lie to your own family but you can’t continue lying to the people.

    2. Alternatively, she could’ve been struck in her body.

      Of course because most Cops and Wife beaters know very well the face bruises easily. 😉

      Which is why Ramos went for Kelly’s ribs and chest but Officer Cyclops went full retard because of the brain damage he received from being shot in the head and pounded Kelly’s face in with his taser.

  24. I think they should’ve ordered everyone off the bus, which would’ve given them more options to deal with the woman while not having to worry about possibly hurting others.

  25. M.U.R. :
    About the Bellflower incident:
    “One witness told NBC LA that prior
    to the exchange caught on Green’s
    video, the woman shoved both
    deputies so forcefully that he
    thought she was on PCP.”

    Bullshit MUR. I saw that the male cop had a hold of the both of the suspects wrists. The female cop had ahold of the suspect left arm.

    TIME to put said suspect in a control hold and OFF the bus by the suspects own cooperation or with the help of the deputies.

    Lots of painful control holds one can applie from those postions that will make one walk or suffer severe pain.

    Use of taser, bullshit again, YOU know what a “stun drive” is from the taser?

    So forcefully they thought she was on PCP my ass, LOOK how big the woman is, her body weigh makes it forcefull.

    ELBOW strikes to the side of the head,temple area, NOT under these circumstances.

  26. M.U.R. :
    Four prior convictions for assaulting police officers.
    Sorry guys, no female version of KT here.

    No kidding MUR. She’s alive.

    Oh by the way, when one is pushed, one immediatly reacts to being pushed, they don’t wait for a few minutes or seconds to decide to elbow strike someone.

    See push on video, immediate elbow that follows, MUCH more understandable.

  27. I haven’t seen the video as I’m at work, but I did read several articles.

    I guess the witness who said the woman forcefully pushed the deputies was a LASD plant, right? lol

  28. I haven’t seen the video as I’m at work, but I did read several articles.

    So because I’m not toeing the line with an emotional, knee jerk reaction, I’m “making excuses,” and “maligning the victim?”

    You know what, you can fuck right off with your goddemned nonsense.

  29. M.U.R. :
    I haven’t seen the video as I’m at work, but I did read several articles.
    So because I’m not toeing the line with an emotional, knee jerk reaction, I’m “making excuses,” and “maligning the victim?”
    You know what, you can fuck right off with your goddemned nonsense.

    Hey dummy, then maybe you should of watched the video before you opened said mouth and inserted your foot.

    Open mouth, fool walks out, is not my GD nonsense.

  30. MUR just another shot for you, a link was provided for your viewing pleasure. If your at work and posting here, then why didn’t you bother to watch the link before spewing your expertise on police use of force issues?

    Just saying!!!!

  31. Anti:

    I didn’t watch the video because I’m not able to do so. That’s why I read several articles to try to better inform myself.

    Pro tip: you really shouldn’t call people “dummy” if you believe that “your” is the contraction of “you are”. Before you point out the typos I see I’ve made, there’s a difference between a typo and improperly word usage you display.

    Your responses are so subpar and poorly constructed that I’ll not further entertain them.

    Have fun “winning” by getting the last word in, since I won’t acknowledge you further.

    1. “Improperly word usage”…….. you just “improperly used a word”…… “improper word usage” is what you were looking for. There is a special place in hell for the high and mighty “grammar police” who post on blogs.

  32. M.U.R. :
    I didn’t watch the video because I’m not able to do so. That’s why I read several articles to try to better inform myself.
    Pro tip: you really shouldn’t call people “dummy” if you believe that “your” is the contraction of “you are”. Before you point out the typos I see I’ve made, there’s a difference between a typo and improperly word usage you display.
    Your responses are so subpar and poorly constructed that I’ll not further entertain them.
    Have fun “winning” by getting the last word in, since I won’t acknowledge you further.

    OKAY!!!! Go kick the can down the street if you wish.

  33. This is the LA Times article on the Bellflower incident. No doubt the basis for someone’s calling BS on some of our comments.

    Mr.Whitmore is a long time Public Information Officer for the Sheriff’s Department.

    After Sheriff Baca himself accussed the FBI of playing games with his Deputies at the start of the scandal within the jails, then shortly thereafter admitting there was a problem, I don’t put much weight on what LASD says these days.

  34. Okay, I watched the vid. I didn’t see any justification for any use of force at all, let alone a head shot.

    But again, I wasn’t there, and I have the luxury of armchair-quarterbacking this.

    Hopefully he’ll get charged, but I’m not holding my breath.

    1. But again,I wasn’t there, and I have the luxury of armchair-quarterbacking this.

      Isnt that what all of you cop kissers say?

      You forgot to add “I’m reserving judgment until all of the facts are in”, “The video doesn’t tell the whole story.” and “I’m not going to try this in the court of public opinion”.

    1. Go somewhere, else OCCUPOO!!!! We enough problems. Take your give me something for free and support me while I sit on my ass. GET A JOB!!!!! I do not support your “sit on my ass’ politcal crap…..

      1. GET A JOB!!!!!

        HA! I wish but it’s not that easy anymore.

        occupy fullerton has begun

        I feel this too little too late. I remember during the height of the occupy movement which was around the time the officers involved in the beating were charged, I asked you specifically and others to occupy the front lawn of the PD, of course that never happened until now after the momentum died down.

        Anonymous was there, ron paul supporter were there and even the oathkeeps were with us from the beginning but no occupiers. It was like what happened to Kelly Thomas didn’t matter to anyone within the occupy movement.

        It was like everyone was more concerned about damn tents then issues such as this but I could be wrong and I honestly wish you all the best with this, I applaud your efforts and I hope it grows because it’s not over by a long shot.

  35. the fullerton police force must be disbanded as it is beyond redemption evidenced by its drug-addicted, molesting and now murdering police officers and its leaderships lack of morals

  36. The cops that murdered Kelly Thomas are the product of their own making. From my friend PC Robeerts, “Local and state police forces have been militarized not only in their equipment and armament but also in their attitude toward the public. Despite the absence of domestic terror attacks, Homeland Security conducts warrantless searches of cars and trucks on highways and of passengers using public transportation. A uniformed federal service is being trained to systematically violate the constitutional rights of citizens, and citizens are being trained to accept these violations as normal. The young have no memory of being able to board public transportation or use public roadways without intrusive searches or to gather in protest without being brutalized by the police. Liberty is being moved into the realm of myth and legend.

    In such a system as is being constructed in public in front of our eyes, there is no freedom, no democracy, and no liberty. What stands before us is naked tyranny.”

    The FPD will not give up their power to murder citizens anytime soon, but when they are held accountable it is going to get “bloody.” 😉

    1. Have you ever looked at two uniformed cops standing near a crowd?

      They look so angry, spaced out and in their own little cop world. Who knows what will happen if you accidentally bump into one while they’re spaced out in cop land.

  37. Anonymous :
    Any guesses who Major’s supervisor was when he was stealing from the schools and the police department?

    Current City Councilman Pat McKinley was the Chief of Police at that time.
    Patty was usually too busy gazing in the mirror and visiting the tanning booths to care about anyone or anything else other than the $200,000.00 annual pension he’s receiving at our expense.

  38. I believe Major’s immediate supervisor for the year leading up to his getting caught and going to jail was Sergeant Goodrich. Guess he was to busy spinning the facts to the media instead of supervising his own officers. Sellers was the Chief when he was fired.

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