Fullerton Stories Gets a Pooper Scoop!

I just came across this post I ran last August. It’s all about how some chucklehead named Davis Barber posted a story on his local blog about Richard Fritschie – who popped up almost on cue to spin a yarn that exonerated the cops in the beating death of Kelly Thomas. After that we have heard nothing more from Mr. Fritschie. I wonder why not. I also still wonder, as did “Mark S.” how this “witness” was put in contact with Barber in the first place, real convenient, like.

For some reason I can’t get the smug, rotund countenance of  Sergeant Andrew Goodrich out of my mind ever since Mark S. put it there. 

– Mr. Peabody

I just received an e-mail from one of our Friends that has to do with a new-found witness to the Kelly Thomas bludgeoning death. I’ll let our correspondent do the talking:

Enjoying a latte at the Downtown Plaza.

Hey, FFFF, over at the Fullerton Stories website they have a post about some person calling himself Richard Fritschie (image attached) who claims that he saw the Thomas homicide and that justifies the horrible beating and torture Kelly received at the hands of the FPD. Mr. Ritschie claims to be a street person and an itinerant jewelry peddler.

The narrative was both unconvincing and evidently self-serving. He repeats the specious claims by others that if Kelly hadn’t “resisted” he would be alive today, a completely unfounded and irrelevant assertion. He also claims that he has always been nicely treated by FPD. Of course the fortuitous appearance of this character eight weeks after the attack is suspicious in itself.

The most distasteful part of this post is the headline New Witness in Thomas Case Defends Police. I know that this website is dedicated to the usual, hollow happy talk about Fullerton; you know the thing: Chamber of Commerce/City Hall boosterism. It’s proprietor, Davis Barber, recently published a post in which he implied we should be thankful that the City provides us with a forum for public comment. But this latest effort really takes the cake.

After a bit of reflection I began to wonder how and why this Fritschie fellow would even get in touch with Fullerton Stories, or vice versa. Then it hit me: FPD or the DA made the hook-up. That would be par for police spokesman Andrew Goodrich’s  course: selective and self-serving leaking of information while simultaneously telling the public that we must be patient and wait for the fair and objective “investigation” by Tony Rackauckas, the guy who has never prosecuted an Orange County cop for excessive force!

Anyway, keep up the good work FFFF! The truth hurts, but the truth will set Fullerton free.

Mark S.

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    Don’t let your gaurd down. The powers that be are counting on you to distracted by your day to day lives and the memory of KT begins to fade.

    First, they remove the lighting rod in the room Sellars (temporarily) in the meantime, they dispatch guys like this shill, T-RACK and SKS begin to make “editorial apperances”, the FPOA begins to have it’s minions flood the comments section of the OCR and other outlets.

    Finally, they’ll wait as long as politically possible to release the fixed up findings.


    1. Who cares… let them play their games!

      If you remember, Rodney King was seriously beaten (NOT killed) by LAPD and they were eventually convicted in federal court!!

      Any questions?

      1. No question but a comment.

        The officers WALKED during the municipal trial, because of WEAK prosocution, that sparked the LA RIOTS!

        It wasn’t until after that event that US Attorney’s at the direction of William Barr, the then US Attorney General, who as a staunch republican was worried about the reelection of the President.

        By the time the trial ended two and a half years later only two of the four officers were convicted, sentenced to thirty months each in a minimum security facility where they served less than half the time.

        The Kelly Thomas beating is vastly different. To your point however, I hope the FED’S keep up the pressure.

        1. It is obvious that by the death of Kelly Thomas at the hands of the police, this case is far worse from a standpoint of federal civil rights violations. If there are no federal charges in this case, I will fall out of my chair in disbelief and disgust!!

        2. My thoughts then (of course, I was a teenager back then) was that it was double jeopardy for the cops. Oh, you don’t get a conviction the first time around? Try something else in federal court to get ’em! Blame the DA’s office for bad prosecution and learn from it and move on without committing double jeopardy, because the defense team did their jobs and packed the jury full of NRA members, from what I remember on the news. But for Daddy Bush to say once it was all done with that because there’s rioting, oh yeah, we’re looking into civil rights violations now to get ’em because you are rioting in the streets and beating an innocent trucker is just BS, in my opinion. Educate me about civil rights violation trials if I am wrong.
          I don’t like seeing anyone getting the crap beaten out of them by police. I also don’t like government intrusional BS either. I don’t think civil rights violations prosecutions are intrusional BS, but to say oh, let’s appease the rioting idiots and try ’em on something else is just un-American and reeks of double jeopardy, in my opinion.
          It’s good to see those of you involved in this in whatever way fighting back. I sense the cops involved posting and I sense their lawyers also. Good. More power to you. I hope that everyone reading this has learned from this that you f** with some people that they’ll not back off when you yell back. This just reeks of something horrible though. Personally, I’ve never studied PR, but I personally believe it was bad PR all around by the city and PD. There will now always be a reeking of something bad, even if there wasn’t anything bad, all because the city and PD didn’t do some damage control from the beginning. Why didn’t the powers that be, say, hold a press conference at first and make a blanket statement without fielding questions from reporters and say something along the lines of this is very sad for our community, the Fullerton PD doesn’t condone excessive force and rest assured, we WILL look into it. End of statement. I think a human face behind those words would have been a major asset to the city and maybe have calmed things down from the start. Is that admitting liability? I don’t know. And why couldn’t the city have done the same thing, but switched it around a little?
          With all that being said, this all reeks of something terrible. Why offer the family a settlement when you allege no liability on your part? People in the downtown area also seem to know something terrible (which I don’t-let me emphasize that over and over again) and don’t say. I say this because I was talking to a business that’s fairly close to where this all happened (No, it’s not a certain blog admin who told me this), and without telling me anything substantiative, this woman seemed to imply something that made me think I don’t want to know and change the subject. (I DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING. Let me emphasize that.) This is what you are fighting against. People talk and the whispers will never go away.
          With all that being said, I want to add something else. This blog is a service to the prevention of governmental BS. Granted, I’ve looked at some things on here kind of skeptically, such as the go home or go to jail video, but (I can see why Kenton Hampton said that. Yes, it was BS to say that, but when you look at the crowd, I’m sure he and the other officers were afraid of something horrible.) that’s me and that’s okay. I really hope to hell that they have documentation for everything said here though and cringe if they don’t. I can guarantee you that without this blog, Chief Hamilton would have never admitted to arresting the wrong guy in the Veth Mam case. I can also guarantee you that Kelly Thomas would have been swept under the rug also when it shouldn’t have been. This is a part of free speech that I hope is never legislated away. I know that certain people who run this blog are going to have THE BIGGEST smear campaign run against them because he/they have bucked the system and said no more. The bullshit will stop here and now. Hell, it wouldn’t shock me if someone mysteriously dies when this is all done with-kind of like the Clinton staffer in Arkansas “committing suicide.” (I’m not advocating anything-just being my paranoid, crazy self.) People know that this will happen even though they fought a good cause.
          Thanks for reading my ramblings. I know it’s a long read, but really, I hope that the powers that be read this and think about it. Hell, dialogue with me too. I can always learn.

          1. “My thoughts then.. was that it was double jeopardy for the cops.”

            Kim, the US Supreme Court’s ‘doctrine of dual sovreignity’ says that, by definition, the laws of two different governments cannot describe the same offense. Thus there was no protection from double jeapordy in the case of the officers involved in the Rodney King beating. As you know, they were first tried and aquited of certain crimes under state law, and later tried and found guilty of different crimes under federal law.

    2. The apparent connectivity of all involved in this cover-up is chilling. How this pans out will be a true indicator of how much trouble we are in as a people. History repeats itself folks. Wake up and look around people.

  2. I listened to that interview. This guy’s story is rediculously slim on details. I don’t think he saw anything at all.

  3. Im very suspecious of this guy claiming to be a “witness” in defense of the FPD at almost 8 weeks later – he sounds scripted and a “mockingbird” of the trolls on here who also try to defend the FPD by actually blaming the victim for resisting and running

    I think the FPD acting under orders of the DA are paying this guy off and are promising him all kinds of favors.

    Why would he wait so long before coming forth? he had nothing to fear especially if he had nothing but glowing remarks about the FPD. I hope the defense attorney has already taken this into consideration

    1. I agree. I was commenting earlier about their choice of homeless person for a witness. I think it really illustrates that the DA, The FPD and their supporters did not and continue to not see the homeless as real people, only chariactures of real people. I believe that is a major factor in how those officers who beat Kelly Thomas were able to disassociate themselves from what they were doing to him during the time of his “arrest” / beating.

      Is there a council meeting today? I would really like to watch it if you could shoot me that link again.

      1. Next council meeting is currently scheduled for September 6th, a week from today (meetings are 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month unless otherwise rescheduled or cancelled)…

  4. This guy is an undercover cop……I have seen him driving a big 4×4 truck though the dive through at in and out burgers on south Harbor Blvd.

  5. I’m sick and tired of these dirty bums telling us how things really happened. We have a story that suits our needs and we are sticking to it. This guy has a lot of nerve, I guess he has never heard of Bushala’s army…this guys time in Fullerton will be short lived.

    1. I wonder if this guy has spent any time in Fullerton at all.

      Sells jewelry on the street? Where, pray tell? That violates several sections of the FMC. Has he got a business license yet? Honorary membership in the Chamber of Commerce?


    2. This guy coming forward at this time is so suspect it doesnt even pass the straight face test.

      But, its all that bootlickers like you have to cling to so I guess you have to make the best of it.

      Don’t you ever get tired of being a fart-inhaler for corrupt officials?

      I bet the Nazi Youth Corp. was made up of weasels like you.

  6. in observation of this story and the way in which this guy brings his version of the event, I get a feeling of ulterior motives…. in that he is given a huge media forum to announce his business of selling his wares. That in itself could have been a great motivator to fabricate or embellish, (giving him the benefit of the doubt that he was even there on that night), but I feel it’s more than that. One must ask the question of “Why Wait”? If he is indeed on the streets as he claims, then he couldn’t have missed all the evidence of the ongoing battle between the FPD /DA and the citizens of Fullerton over the past 6 weeks. Was it fear? He himself dismisses that idea. Maybe he didn’t like Kelly? no way to tell for certain, and as he stated, “He doesn’t like to get into those types of situations… Maybe that’s why he waited. Because he doesn’t like to get into those types of situations…If that being the case, then again WHY NOW if at all? I fear this is a example of disinformation and slight of hand to muddy the waters down, create dissension and division amongst the population. Maybe even the expertise of the Ackerman and Tony combined with the Union heads understand that they need to supply a “EYE” witness to collaborate the soon to be released video.. My guess is this mans version will all but be a script to go with the (Edited) video if and when it’s released. Be it in court or the media.
    Bravo 4 out!

  7. ALL POSTS ABOVE, ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!! These corrupted officials strategically picked another homeless person, with the very lack of hygiene appearance that Kelly Thomas had, in an attempt to show the public they are non-prejudice towards homeless/mentally ill, and insist he is a credible witness. Hey, I just noticed what Chowder posted about this guy being an undercover stooge that’s been spotted an In & Out. Do Tell. Sounds par for the course for these lying corrupt, heartless, gutless, prickless bastards!

  8. The interview was pathetic. The whole post was pathetic. The “witness” didn’t see a thing and fullertonstories has sunk to a new all time low. Davis Barber should be ashamed of himself for posting such garbage. I normally don’t read Fullerton stories. Just curious who does besides city staff and alike?

    Check out this website: http://www.Alexa.com. They rank websites based on traffic, which is based on content, etc.

    fullertonstories.com has an internet ranking of 264,328
    fullertonsfuture.org has an internet ranking of 15,036
    ocweekly.com has an internet ranking of 4,301
    Yahoo is ranked 3.
    Google is #1

    The few businesses that advertise on fullertonstories have probably been lied to about the amount of traffic they get. Either that or it’s free.

    Pack it in Barber. You could make more $ working part time at In-N-Out.

    Good catch Mark!

  9. This explains everything…

    I didn’t see any beating. I think they’ve overblown the situation.”


    1. Right. Because he wasn’t looking.

      Kelly’s head got bashed in all by itself. His windpipe got crushed all by itself. Those Tasers sprang to life and Tasered him all by themselves. That pool of blood Kelly was laying in just appeared all mysterious like, probably from those self-inflicted gashes in his head.

      Oh Brother, you guys really scraped the bottom with this clown.

  10. Why do you think FBI is a joke as well, anonymous? I am very well aware that they have been and are getting to the roots of this Kelly Thomas murder. Just curious about your opinion, that’s all.

    1. I hope you’re not pinning your hopes on this itinerant jewelry salesman. If so I believe the jig is up for the Fullerton Six.

      1. Nope, theres at least 40 other people who saw the same thing. Bottom line is not everyone can agree which makes this case difficult to prosecute, you’ll see..im sorry, but its the truth

        1. “theres at least 40 other people who saw the same thing”

          Is this based on your personal knowledge of the case or a published report?

  11. Don’t worry, tu sabes is probably Manny Ramos spewing out his GUILTY DEFENSIVE Rants!!! What an EL THUGO!!

    1. Truth Hurts. Why do you feel the need to put the officers names out there? they have civil rights too and are entitled to due process also.

      1. Same reason all other criminal suspects names are out there. Even more reasons exist when those suspects are paid by the taxpayers and accountable to us, at least in theory. It’s called equal justice. It’s close to two months for this “investigation.” Time to file charges and leave it to a jury. That is due process.

        Due process does not require we permit the DA-fox unlimited guarding of his house of hens. (Or cock#$%@ers, to be more specific).

        PS – I think “Richard” must be former commenter “Allen.” I imagine they have the same issues with English usage.

      2. SAVE the Fullerton Cops:
        These entries below were supplied to the Fullerton Stories by Andrew Goodrich of the Fullerton Police Department. It appears when the proverbial shoe is on the other foot, that the Fullerton Police Department have no problems releasing your name and address?

        Rape Report – Back Alley Bar, 116 W. Wilshire Ave. 4:15 p.m.

        8/21 – Suspicious Circumstances – A man was trying to open the door on the 100 block of North Euclid Street. Stephen Candido Otero, 29, was arrested for being drunk in public. 10:45 p.m.

        8/21 – Grand Theft – Spaghetti Factory. The catalytic converter was stolen from a car parked out front. 8:27 p.m.

        8/21 – Church Burglary – A gray Toyota Sequoia was burgled in the First Presbyterian Church parking lot, located at 838 N. Euclid St. just before noon.

        8/21 – Suicide Check – A woman who lives on the 3000 block of Lantana Avenue posted suicidal thoughts on Facebook and the caller wanted police to check on her. His wife tried to call the house and send messages to the 41-year-old, but was unable to reach her as of 7:58 a.m. He said he didn’t know what means the woman said she might use. Police arrived and found the woman, determined she was fine, and not suicidal. The caller was also contacted.

        8/21 – Battery – Alebrije Discotheque & Grill. Station 10 is out with two men – at East Katella Avenue and Howell Avenue – who were assaulted at Alebrije Discotheque & Grill. They had one of the men in custody for driving under the influence. 2:48 a.m.

        8/21 – Fight – Several men were fist fighting in the parking lot of Cantina Lounge in front of a large crowd. 1:59 a.m.

        8/22 – Vandalism – The bathroom at the Fullerton Police Department was vandalized. 6:59 p.m.

        8/22 – Burglary – A car was broken into on the 300 block of West Valencia Drive. 5:29 p.m.

        8/22 – Drunk – A drunken woman was threatening to beat people up in the alley off the 400 block of North Highland Avenue.

        8/22 – Auto Theft – The chassis and a container were stolen from Velacci Design, 1920 W. Malvern Ave.

        8/22 – Burglary – Bus Depot Parking Structure. A silver Toyota Tacoma was burgled in the second level of the parking structure at 120 S. Pomona Ave. 3:24 p.m.

        8/22 – Vandalism – Pacific Drive School. 1:38 p.m.

        8/22 – ID Theft – 3400 block Green Meadow Drive. 10:05 a.m.

        8/22 – Vandalism – Orangethorpe School. 6:39 a.m.

        8/23 – Burglary – A caller said he found that his car had been broken into while parked in a driveway on the 1500 block of West Southgate Avenue. He said he found parts lying on the ground, and parts from the car were missing. He saw two people in the area, but is unsure if they were involved.10:28 p.m.

        8/23 – Burglary – 2500 block Clarke Avenue. 3:31 p.m.

        8/23 – Parking Tickets – Fullerton High School. The principal wanted police to stop citing the Fullerton High School parking lots, and asked that patrol cars not return until they are asked by the school. 12:21 p.m.

        8/23 – Auto Theft – Velacci Design, 1920 W. Malvern Avenue. The caller said a chassis and container were stolen. He had the registration with Tennessee plates. 10 a.m.

        8/23 – Petty Theft – Villa Del Sol, 301 N. Harbor Blvd. 10:01 a.m.

        8/24 – Burglary – 1200 block West Olive Avenue. Tools were stolen. 5:32 p.m.

        8/24 – Vandalism – A man found gravel strewn all around his car, and some type of liquid squirted on his car on the 3100 block of Ravenwood Court. He said his garage area has gravel and liquid dispersed around it as well. He said there was a major neighborhood dispute in the area. 5:07 p.m.

        8/24 – Burglary –A woman came out of Bally’s Total Fitness, located at 246 E. Orangethorpe Ave. and found her white Jeep had been broken into and her purse stolen. 3:46 p.m.

        8/24 – Cable Box Burglary – A thief broke into a Time Warner Cable box on the 1700 block of Sunrise Lane. An employee from the cable company was there. 11:53 a.m.

        8/24 – Cable Box Burglary #2 – A thief broke into another Time Warner Cable box on the 1700 block of Avenida Selva, half a mile from where another box was discovered stolen earlier in the day. An employee from the cable company was there. 3:15 p.m.

        8/24 – Burglary – Cantina Lounge, 2736 E. Nutwood Ave. A beige Jeep Patriot was broken into in the parking lot. 11:15 a.m.

        8/24 – Transient Problem – A white man in a white shirt was asking customers for money at the Arco Mini Mart, located at 401 N. Placentia Ave. 11:15 a.m.

        8/24 – Burglary – 2100 block Teri Place. 9:51 a.m.

        8/24 – Traffic Stop/Auto Theft – West Southgate Avenue/South Brookhurst Road. Fullerton resident Rebecca Ann Kahmar was arrested for vehicle theft and taken to Orange County Jail. 1:06 a.m.

        8/25 – Vandalism – A caller says juveniles were spray painting the wall at Fullerton Dodge, located at 1110 W. Orangethrope Ave. 10:59 p.m.

        8/25 – Stabbing – A 15-year-old, who was stabbed, was at St. Jude Hospital. He was scheduled to be transported to UCI Medical Center. 7:50 p.m.

        8/25 – Fight – A group of gang members jumped a male on the 3100 block of Garnet Lane. 7:29 p.m.

        8/25 – Fraud – 1438 E. Valencia Dr. 6:32 p.m.

        8/25 – Found Property – A caller found a wallet that was left behind at Starbucks by Fullerton Community Bank. 6:31 p.m.

        8/25 – ID Theft – 2300 block Virginia Road. 4:10 p.m.

        8/25 – Suicide Attempt – A 23-year-old man slit his wrists on the 1700 block of Hampton Court. He became combative. 4:19 p.m.

        8/25 – Vandalism – Suspects were paining with a yellow tube of paint at East Commonwealth Avenue/South Yale Avenue. 3:51 p.m.

        8/25 – Cable Box Burglary #3 – A thief broke into another Time Warner Cable box on the 1800 block of Sheddon Street, about one mile from where two other boxes were discovered stolen the day before. 11:53 a.m.

        8/25 – Suicide Attempt – A woman said her husband tried to cut himself at their home on the 1400 block of Citrus Avenue. She advised he has been drinking. 12:32 p.m.

        8/26 – Child Molestation – A caller’s 7-year-old daughter said two roommates on the 3600 block of W. Oak Avenue had been touching her. The caller confronted the roommates, who admitted to touching her. Police arrived, interviewed the roommates and arrested Cristobal Ortiz Rodriguez, 35, and Eduardo Ortiz Rodriguez, 33, for Child Molestation and took them both to Orange County Jail.

        8/26 – Fraud – 1401 S. Jefferson Ave. 3:19 p.m.

        8/26 – Fraud – 1900 block West Avenue. 2:40 p.m.

        8/26 – Fraud – 600 block East Mirador Drive. 12:35 p.m.

        8/26 – ID Theft – 200 block Val Verde Drive. 10:54 a.m.

        8/26 – Vandalism – Valencia Park School. 8:40 a.m.

        8/26 – Hit and Run – A woman driving a black Honda Civic ran into a traffic sign on the eastbound left turn lane outside the Homestead Apartments, and left the scene at Yorba Linda Boulevard and Deerpark Drive. She left her bumper behind in the parking lot of Carl’s Jr. Her license plates were 6KUV181. She was wearing a black shirt. 7:59 a.m.

        8/26 – Burglary – A window was smashed at Ladera Vista Jr. High, the custodian found. He said it appeared the doors were forced open. The loss to the campus was unknown. 6:30 a.m.

        8/26 – Bus Depot Auto Theft – A car was reported stolen from the parking structure. 3:26 a.m.

        8/26 – Area Check – A caller asked police to check for a patient who slit her writs and left St. Jude Hospital with bandaged arms. She is 37-years-old and driving a black Acura. 1:01 a.m.

        8/27 – Unknown Trouble – A man had a gun at the Alberije Discotheque & Grill. 12:04 a.m.

        8/27 – Family Fight – A man said his wife hit him in the face with a glass and slit his lip. Other than the glass, he said she had no other weapons. 10:07 p.m.

        8/27 – Burglary – A blue Dodge Status was broken into at Cantina Lounge, located at 2736 E. Nutwood Ave. 8:18 p.m.

        8/27 – Burglary – A caller at Pizza Hut said a customer broke into his car while he was picking up an order at 5 p.m. He said the suspect left northbound on Euclid Street in a gray vehicle he thought was a Chrysler with the plate 6MNB791. The plates come back as being registered to a 1010 Audi out of Walnut, CA.

        8/27 – Burglary – The caller said he interrupted someone trying to break into a car at the Friends in Christ Church, located at 2311 E. Chapman Ave. The suspect left in a white Chevy or GMC SUV. They are requesting patrol cars through the night. 11:30 a.m.

        8/27 – Fraud – A woman wearing a purple striped shirt was attempting to cash a fraudulent check at Chase Bank, located at 1001 W. Orangehthorpe Ave.

        8/27 – Fraud – Exotic and Exclusive Auto Sales in Suki Automotive, 2507 W. Orangethorpe Ave. 1:27 p.m.

        8/27 – Vandalism – A window was smashed at State Farm Insurance, located at 20 E. Commonwealth Ave. 1:44 p.m.

        827 – Vandalism – Spaghetti Factory, 110 E. Santa Fe Ave. 12:58 p.m.

        8/27 – FMC Violation – A woman in a pink top was selling ice cream in the parking lot of Target, located at 2920 Yorba Linda Blvd. 11:33 p.m.

        8/27 – Transient Problem – A black man in his 60s was asking people for money at 1811 W. Commonwealth Ave. He was wearing a blue tank top and gray pants. 10:49 a.m.

        8/27 – Found Property – A man found a purse with a California ID and miscellaneous items on the 300 block of East Las Palmas Drive. He said the purse was left on top of his mail box. An officer was able to contact the purse’s owner so she could retrieve it. 7:57 a.m.

        8/27 – Unknown Trouble – A woman who sounded drunk said she needed the police at the Grand Inn, located at 1000 S. Euclid St. When asked why, she stated there was blood everywhere.

        1. nice little detail here:

          “8/23 – Parking Tickets – Fullerton High School. The principal wanted police to stop citing the Fullerton High School parking lots, and asked that patrol cars not return until they are asked by the school. 12:21 p.m”


      3. If you truly believe that, it should also apply to arrestees,suspects, and persons of interest. Unless you ride the little yellow bus and wear a helmet, you will understand what i’m saying. There should not be a double standard in this great country we call the USofA.

  12. he got his 15 minutes of fame along with a fifth and a pack of smokes….his own admission- he didnt see any beating…he was NOT there. RELEASE THE TAPE!!!

  13. Can’t wait for the recall! Are any restraining orders or injunctions in place to protect the evidence (what remains that is) so the new officials can try to sort out all the crimes that have happened under the ‘color of law’. Has anyone filed the ‘Freedom of Information’ requests?

    1. Don’t hold your breath for responsiveness to any FOIA requests made of the Fullerton City Clerk; she wasn’t very forthcoming when she worked as Brea’s City Clerk…

      1. Oh! So Fullerton has some nepotism going on, someone should charge that asshole city clerk with corruption.

        So you said she likes to drag her feet right? Well we will see about that after the recall.

        If I were her, I wouldn’t hold my breath for a good recommendation when the door hits her on the ass.

        If I were writing the recommendation, I would make sure to send her out with one with a blood stain reputation for aiding and abetting killer cops and corrupt staff.

  14. Beats your post from last week, where Thompson interviews a person that does not want to be identified. Yeah that’s a very reliable/believable source, that won’t come forward…..Why Not?

  15. As a regular participant in the Saturday Justice Rallies, “Release the Tape!” has been one of the more popular chants. I do believe that it is better to NOT release the tape for the same reasons the DA have been telling the press. I truly believe that if they had released the tape, it would conceivably prolong their Investigation (or Cover-Up) whichever you believe, as more false witnesses for either side would come forth after seeing the tape, and do their best “song and dance”, based only on the fact that they saw the tape. (TU SABES, Manny Ramos?)

    1. I disagree. Release of the video demonstrates that both the cops and the citizens are watched by the same camera and ar responsible for their pubic behavior. How often do we see video on TV of convenience store robberies – long before any preliminary hearings take place, etc.

      In any case, witnesses need to be able to demonstrate that they were at the scene and swear to it in a deposition. How many people are willing to lie under oath (with the exception of the FPD, it seems)?

      1. Good point and I agree that public officials should not be afraid of being recorded, but if this were released before now, the DA’s office probably would have had people in LA at the time of this saying, ‘OH YEAH! I WAS THERE! I WANT TO BE FAMOUS!’ Some can lie well and be believable to a jury and do not give a crap about the consequences of their actions. Then, someone is curious and researches and finds out that they were on a camping trip that day and blows their cover to CNN.

    2. Isn’t it possible to tell that certain witnesses really were there by checking the city camera, citizen cell phone recordings and the infamous city bus recording?
      I think this guy would be on one of those tapes, right?

    3. Hey I heard that In N Out is sick of the homeless, pan handlers why dont you protest there and send them all to the station. I have a life no time for protest why dont you all take one home with you…

    4. Hey wrong guy, pull you fat head out of that big butt of yours.

      In case your not up on current events, we have entered the information age a long time ago.

      You can’t bullshit people anymore, your done.

      Society can’t aford all these ball and chain public employees anymore. Especially when the economic ship is sinking.

      It’s economic darwinism:

      When a bear invades your camp, you don’t have to be faster than the bear, just faster than the slowest camper.

      In three years, when the economy really tanks, it’s slow fucks like you, that won’t know how to survive when the checks start bouncing.

      By then you will be in a bread line all day with nothing to eat.

  16. Those are GOOD POINTS about the tape admin. Especially “How often do we see video on TV of convenience store robberies – long before any preliminary hearings take place, etc.” Thanks for chiming back.
    NICE CHANTING Merijoe. Keep it up.

  17. I guess the people who had just witnessed it within minutes and have their first hand accounts recorded…. remember the bus video. The people on the bus video had first hand accounts and details that they had just witnessed. This guy show up 8 weeks later and speculates on something he admits he did not really see. Cooked up for sure. All they have to do is release the tape. It will either infuriate the people or exonerate the cops…. I amd guessing the later or it would be released already……. Could it be that it is so graphic and horrendous that the Feds are thinking twice about releasing it? Images of the civil rights movement really got people going 50 years ago.

  18. tu sabes :
    U got the wrong guy, wrong guy..this case is more complicated then u think

    It only seems complicated to you because your ‘brethren in badge’ have so obviously made many COVER-UP attempts in this case and have been FAILING MISERABLY!!! Just keep watching the posts here on the ‘Ultimate Station of Truth’ FFFF. Stop listening to your babbling bozos. It’s a ‘Cut and Dry-Your Bad Boyz Murdered’ guilty verdict, dumb-ass.

  19. By the way tu sabes, what were you doing during the death beating aside from having your ‘thumb up your ass’?

  20. They will never be able to hide the Truth that 6 fullerton cops beat a homeless man to death. So many things just cannot justify their actions in any way, even if Kelly was resisting you do NOT hit or use deadly force on someones face when easily the world knows that these 6 over weight cops can just put hand cuffs and just arrest him. This is murder and nothing else. The D.A. better do the right thing because God sees everything.

  21. Hello beautiful FFFF’ers!

    I can tell you right now, FS is not incahoots with the FPD or DA. If they were, there is no way they would go with the story I am about to do for them criticizing both the police and DA’s handling of officer-involved deaths. Thanks.

    1. Thanks, AJ.

      I believe Mark’s implication was that FPD hooked up this Fritschie guy with Fullerton Stories and they took his story at face value.

      1. His assumptions are incorrect. Davis has been around Fullerton for many years and has seen this guy around from time to time. He ran into him at the Farmer’s Market and they started talking about Kelly. That’s how he got his “pooper scooper.” Trust me, we go to the Police and the DA. They don’t come to us.

        As far as his decision to put it on the website…it’s provocative. Can’t say I agree or even Davis agrees with what he says. It’s just another witness.

        As far as taking it as face value, that’s all that can be done at this point because of the lack of transparency with authorities. So far every witness account in the media has been taken at face value. We have nothing else to go by.

      1. Where? I’m going to guess Voice of Fullerton Chamber of Commerce aka Fullerton Stories.

        Maybe they could change the name to Fullerton Fairytales.

        1. Yes it will be on Fullerton Stories, as I said, they are letting me run a story criticizing police and the DA as I did before for their website regarding the gang injunctions.

  22. Wrong Guy :
    Why do you think FBI is a joke as well, anonymous? I am very well aware that they have been and are getting to the roots of this Kelly Thomas murder. Just curious about your opinion, that’s all.

    I feel that they are not putting enough pressure on FPD regarding “this” incident.. they are looking into policies and procedures “as a whole”

    I am feeling upset that there is no media exposure on this murder whatsoever from the national media

    How can cops brutally beat a man to death in a city in CA not be national news?

    I am wanting more transparency and no thoughts of us against them from the cops etc.. I want the tape
    cause of death
    full list of injuries he sustained

    but I realize much of this info must be secured for trial..

    how has nobody been charged with anything whatsoever other than abusing CA FPD property.. They probably faced fines for any damage Kellys head did to their night sticks

    1. the national media has moved on. during the Danziger bridge trial itself you couldnt find the story. that trial was during the Casey Anthony trial. every day i go online and click the latest story just to keep it up there.

  23. There was a rumor circulating that one of the homeless dudes was CHEERING the police while Kelly Thomas was being beaten.

    This might be the guy.

  24. Wrong Guy :
    As a regular participant in the Saturday Justice Rallies, “Release the Tape!” has been one of the more popular chants. I do believe that it is better to NOT release the tape for the same reasons the DA have been telling the press. I truly believe that if they had released the tape, it would conceivably prolong their Investigation (or Cover-Up) whichever you believe, as more false witnesses for either side would come forth after seeing the tape, and do their best “song and dance”, based only on the fact that they saw the tape. (TU SABES, Manny Ramos?)

    words cannot obfuscate brutality and murder

  25. “He would be still be alive if he listened..”

    What a great lesson for Americans here, resist handcuffs and you will die. what the fuck. Oh wait, correction, you will die from “inconclusive” throat and skull injuries.
    Look at his Kelly’s face, he deserved that for resisting????????
    Fuck FPD and their crap PR attempts.

    1. Lesson #2: After you get killed die, your family will be very publicly and personally smeared. All because you resisted the cuffs.

  26. Anonymous :
    “He would be still be alive if he listened..”

    What a great lesson for Americans here, resist handcuffs and you will die. what the fuck. Oh wait, correction, you will die from “inconclusive” throat and skull injuries.
    Look at his Kelly’s face, he deserved that for resisting????????
    Fuck FPD and their crap PR attempts.

    Cops knew he was suffered from mental disease … frightening what they will let each other do and get away with

    1. Yup, when they know they can get away with it.

      How come none of them attempted to stop this savage attack on a defenseless man.

      I hope at least one has an ounce of conscious and comes forward to testify against the others.

    1. “Allowing witnesses to review video is determined by the D.A. on a case-by-case basis, Schroeder said.”


  27. This investigation should have been completed by now and I can’t believe the DA’s office hasn’t even interviewed the killer’s- I mean cops yet.


      1. Tony, I know but it is so sad. And to say they don’t have toxicology and cause of death back yet is bullshit. Do they think just because they print it that we will believe it.

        This is just sickening!

  28. Anonymous Quote: “They probably faced fines for any damage Kellys head did to their night sticks.” ROTFLMAO. NICE ONE AGAIN ANON!

  29. Tracey :
    Check this out.
    Total Bullshit!

    Orange County Coroners office.. maybe politely call and ask if a coroners report is finished and ask if it has been sent to the DA.. let them know you are a concerned TAXPAYER of OC and are requesting information. BE SURE to take down names and time of call


    “At least some of the officers reviewed recordings of the altercation while they wrote their reports, Fullerton’s acting police chief Capt. Kevin Hamilton has said.”

    KEY WORD “recornding(s)” PLURAL

    1. I think I will Anon. And great point on the plural “recordings”.. My anger level shot up 150% after reading that article.

      If I was even thought to have hurt, beat, killed a person, you bet the authorities would have talked to me by now. It’s been almost two months.

      This is unfuckingbelievable!

    1. Hi Anon,

      That link you sent for the Coroner’s office still lists Mike Corona. Have they really not updated that?

      Today is just full of crazy! But I am going to call.

  30. only act curious.. not indignant etc.. when calling

    also ask if these will be made public immediately upon completion since they are fully funded with public citizens tax dollars

  31. Wrong Guy :
    Anonymous Quote: “They probably faced fines for any damage Kellys head did to their night sticks.” ROTFLMAO. NICE ONE AGAIN ANON!

    lol.. I felt bad while writing it but sensed the dark humor truth to it

  32. Anon, are you suggesting we all call the O.C. Coroner’s Office to inquire about their report? Cause, I’m driving around right now trying to find a damn payphone.

  33. 😛 yes.. I think some public knowledge about it would be useful

    I mean knowledge about
    is it public property
    is it done
    has it not been sent if done

    be kind and courteous.. Sit Down movements took more courage than violence

  34. The DA’s office has stated that they have DOZENS of investigators working this case.

    We, the public have already heard the results of Amy Winehouse’ tox reports and I am almost positive there wasn’t a team of folks working on her case.

    With DOZENS assigned to it and they are only half way over? This is crazy.

    Did I mention that this is TOTAL BULLSHIT!

  35. Makes me wonder if it is a team of DOZENS of CON ARTISTS, finagling and manipulating the report to make it appear that Kelly Thomas died of a ‘drug overdose’ or something as “BUTTSTUPID” as that.

  36. Kelly Thomas’ death has done a great services . As story unfold in front of our eyes, we begin to see the whole corrupted system in Fullerton and Orange County.
    God, please let the Fed and FBI complete its investigations. We keep praying for fair and just trials with Federal Judges, not the judges and prosecutors from Orange County.
    Leadership, honorable badges, Protect and Serve with high salary, huge pension, nice health insurance and benefits, etc. Orance County Justice System and Polices are disgrace to America and the World is watching you with disgust.
    Vote your heart out !!!

    1. There is soo… much injustice that if we only knew a fraction of it we would be terrified. We go about our daily lives not realizing that every day grave injustices befall on people we never hear about.

      This one didn’t slip on the radar, although I am sure they wished it did. Ooops

  37. There is so much damning evidence that no matter how much they try to swirl, slander, delay and distract it will all come to light and justice will be done for Kelly. I also believe the attention this has brought to Fullerton will help to create much needed change in our city.

    This ‘witness’ is obviously propaganda and proof they are panicking.

    1. The apparent connectivity of all involved in this cover-up is chilling. How this pans out will be a true indicator of how much trouble we are in as a people. History repeats itself folks. Wake up.

  38. Just curious…Fullertonstories.com has applied for a non-profit status as a 501(c) organization, following the lead of publicly funded journalism like ProPublica.org and voiceofsandiego.org. Who or what are the common denominators? Just thinking aloud. Who would this benefit?

  39. An OC Superior Court records search for Richard Fritschie turned up the following:

    Search Results
    Nothing found to display.

    So what we appear to have here would appear to be a hardcore scraggly bearded homeless person with no local record.

    Hmm, riiiiiiight!

    1. @EyeNeverSayNO

      Good work there.

      Anyone else notice that for a supposed homeless guy, his long flowing locks and beard seem recently washed and combed?

      As for his “opinions”, as I mentioned in thread where “Recall Now” first posted the video link, he’s loopy as all get out..

      1. “his long flowing locks and beard seem recently washed and combed?”

        Damn, I noticed that, too! Great minds are thinkin’ alike.

    2. Yep. I went there too out of idle curiosity. Nada. No jaywalking, no public peeing, no peddling without a license, no illegal camping. Nothing.

      Methinks I smell a rat.

  40. I searched earlier today as well 🙂 , also I could find anything through various other searches, it seemed odd to me as well.

  41. Comeon-the tox screen and autopsy have been completed -long ago. they are just not saying for “other” reasons-and they know it.

  42. Fullerton Stories wrote: “…Fritschie, an Orange County native and self-described “street kid” for most his life…”

    A street kid in OC for most of his life, but with no local record. Yes, the rat stink is strong.

    1. Awesome job on the background check. I know an earlier post mentioned that the person writing the article said the FS was not in league with anyone. Is it standard practice for a newspaper reporter to print a story from a person without checking on his or her story or background?

  43. admin :40? Where are they?

    One of the best witnesses is going to be the lady on the bus. What she saw was horrible.She was so frightened that she FORGOT HER PURSE. When does a lady ever leave her purse in public?! The things she said were spontaneous utterances. Was she in shock? Where is she now? And where is the real estate lady with the video camera that disappeared on the side of a police car? Was that Occifer Kenton Hampton giving her his Pep-talk about public videotaping?? Or another officer? Did the anonymous source ever deduce the sixth occifer from the duty roster? Was it a Corporal? Will he or she testify? Is it true that at a certain rank an occifer is not represented by the union, and can be COMPELLED to testify?

  44. From personal knowledge. Unless you have your own Forensic Scientist they usually go with the Police Report!!! Usually comes back with Heart Failure. There are no legal inquests!!!

  45. This guy Richard Fritschie has no criminal record which we all know is a requirement for being homeless. You must also be a criminal….Ok I did my research on Tony, Chris and Travis’ star witness Mark Turgen he has spent many years in prison for various charges. He has much more credibility than the man who knows right from wrong?

  46. My g/f FEDUP WITH MORONS and I had a chance to talk to the bus driver last saturday. It was very compelling to say the least.

  47. Concerned Texan,
    We talked about his passengers who he said were white-as-a-ghost as they came aboard. He was smart enough to turn on the video equipment in the bus so that their “spontaneous utterances” were recorded.

    1. That was a very good call indeed. I believe I watched part of that video on youtube? I think what is catching my attention the most lately is the difference in the demeanor of those people in the bus video vs. the attitudes of those whom are coming forward now. I find something really unsettling about it. Did you get the feeling that the bus driver is still affected by the incident?

  48. Yes, this bus driver has been at least a couple of rallies so far. He is a hero in this for capturing a fresh look and listen from obvious credible witnesses.

    SECTION 833-851.90 837. A private person may arrest another:
    1. For a public offense committed or attempted in his presence.
    2. When the person arrested has committed a felony, although not
    in his presence.
    3. When a felony has been in fact committed, and he has reasonable
    cause for believing the person arrested to have committed it.
    This comes from california constitution.Too bad witnesses cant arrest cops.That is, unless you dont mind getting beat up, tasered,shot or arrested yourself

  50. Yes, he is still affected by all of this, in fact, he was troubled when he waited for this to be on the news, and nothing. He had to question that if something this traumatic could have happened, why no mention until it came to light?

    1. That is a scary thing that makes one re-evaluate their perspective. Do you know if he kept up with any of the people in the video? It’s ok if you don’t want to make that public blog knowledge. Do you know if any of them have somehow been intimidated because of this?

      1. This incident and fight for the truth has made me re-evaluate my perspective. Good question as well Concerned TX.

  51. Although this may come in handy…..839. Any person making an arrest may orally summon as many persons
    as he deems necessary to aid him therein.

  52. People looking for history of Richard Fritschie,maybe they mispelled his name,I found Richard W. Fritsche in Fullerton,not much Bingham Band rocks the Fullerton Farmers Market,DailyTitan.com.,By Brittny Ulate
    Published: August 31, 2009

    1. Nice pull. I thought of that but had no idea where to start. Sounds like the guy too, right age, physical description.

      In any case, still no OC Superior Court record for Richard ‘Fritsche’ either.

      I suppose it’s possible but it sure seems unlikely that a self-described ‘street kid'” could go 40 or 50 years without ever getting into the system.

  53. Did he say if he went to any media outlet or IA to show the video immediately after he shot it? And if he did, did they not plaster it on the news? I didn’t find out about it until August 3rd, thanks to a facebook friend sending me that video on youtube.

  54. Many years ago while watching the news, they had a segment on, “ask the man/woman on the street” questions. I remember this woman was asked how different issues/events on the other side of the world impacted her life. Her answer was stunning, to say the least. She stated that what happens there has absolutely NO effect on her life at all. So I guess we can all disregard oil prices, war, economic and political strings, etc., as all that is “over there”.
    This case is no different. The things that happen in Fullerton don’t just affect Fullerton, they branch out to many cities/counties/states. All it takes are many people like that lady, or those that just want to take the ostrich-way-out, (head in the sand), and think that their world boundaries only lie between work and home This type of thinking and behavior will absolutely ensure that this kind of abuse and criminal activity will continue.
    Please do not get the idea I bash women. It just happened to be a woman who answered said question. I like these blogs, as it is a sharing of frustrations, griefs, and activism that will make those in charge realize that some will not just go away.
    Respectfully Submitted

    1. That was an incredibly eloquent statement. I’m off for tonight, but I will continue to check back daily. Take care everyone.

  55. Concerned Texan,
    The bus driver, (sorry, forgot his name), stated that he has seen a few of those passengers since the incident, however, he is unsure of the others. I can imagine how scared they must be after watching something as tramatic as that.

  56. I’ve heard plenty of this bum’s bs before. He is 100% full-o-shit. He figures some dumb bleeding heart types will give him something for free. I hope he asks me for money so I can kick his lazy worthless begger ass.

  57. Some of these lying smelly bums need to drop dead. Who does he think he is? Fuck this guy he sounds like he could work if he wanted to lazy sack of shit. Justice for Kelly

  58. “lazy sack of shit.”

    Hmm. Sounds like he has all the qualifications to be the FPD public information officer. Run and tell your buddy Goodstink that he may have competition soon.

  59. Of course this “new” witness is going to extol the virtues of the FPD, he could very well be found “resisting” arrest someday and end up beaten to death himself.

  60. The LAPD is supposed to have pensioned Ofc Cincinelli off with a 70% pension. ‘If’ he was still getting the LAPD pension; in addition to his FPD salary, which itself includes a second pension, he must be about the highest paid street officer on the FPD, or any other Dept. Even if he cashed out LAPD’s pension in lieu of regular payments; he should still be quite well off, because in addition to his FPD salary, he would also be getting the interest, dividends and capital gains from the investments from the pension cash out. When he was hired by the FPD he must have been laughing … all the way to the bank.

  61. I would love for Davis Barber to explain how he met Fritschie at the Fullerton Market one night and just happened to strike up a conversation about Kelly Thomas.

  62. Hey since you guys like to rerun your stories like used condoms. How about reruning that eye witness interview with Thompson and Bushala talking to the guy who saw “that black beast” Kenton Hampton. pounding on Kelly Thomas? Oh yeah that did not happen, or maybe the CIA used mind control to not let us see that on the tape?

    1. Um, I think I did see Kenton Hampton pounding on Kelly.

      I also saw him beating the shit out of Veth Mam. Then he lied about it under oath.

      Yeah, what a guy.

    2. Speaking of used condoms: McKinley; Sellers; Hamilton; Hughes.

      Er, isn’t it time to get a new rubber?

  63. The problem we have are rogue groups of sadist, hired out of the military, trained killers that acquired a taste for blood shed, roaming around the streets at night looking for some adrenaline rushes, finding sexual gratification in Killing easy prey, like Kelly Thomas.

  64. I seem to remember a big broohawa from McKinley etc back in August/September about how they were still waiting for the autopsy and couldnt determine how Kelly died-in fact didn’t he say that in his CNN interview?
    At the hearing the Pathologist was crossed and specifically asked when she did her autopsy-which she replied July 11th and had her complete determination not long after that-I believe it was no longer than a few days. I dont know when tox screens were done but they usually don’t wait too long for those as they dont want anything to dissapate.
    Wonder if McKinley and Doctah Jones were privy to this info way back when.

      1. Mc Satan was on Rustys OC Human Relations Cover up Committee.

        Syria headed the UNs Human Rights Committee, now they are bombing with aircraft, and using very large weapons against their very very many of their own Citizens.

  65. #74 by AJ on August 30, 2011

    “His assumptions are incorrect. Davis has been around Fullerton for many years and has seen this guy around from time to time. He ran into him at the Farmer’s Market and they started talking about Kelly. That’s how he got his “pooper scooper.” Trust me, we go to the Police and the DA. They don’t come to us.

    As far as his decision to put it on the website…it’s provocative. Can’t say I agree or even Davis agrees with what he says. It’s just another witness.

    As far as taking it as face value, that’s all that can be done at this point because of the lack of transparency with authorities. So far every witness account in the media has been taken at face value. We have nothing else to go by.”

    In regards to this:


    And Fritschie quote was
    “I didn’t see any beating. I think they’ve overblown the situation.”

    But they sure didn’t have to print all that garbage if they didn’t want to.

      1. Cops doing something really bad happens, Mc Satan and his Coverup and CORRUPTION is STUPID, EVIL, AND VERY COSTLY. Moral BANKRUPTCY, cost the Citizens and the City a great deal, in many ways

  66. Hey, it worked for Andy Goodrich. They promoted him to Lt. from Sgt.! A few good lies, Andy, can work miracles! It can even get you promoted!

  67. TO: lying, falsifying, fabricating, unionized, self-satisfied, drug-crazed, armed dirty cop terrorists with “police powers.” Y’all will get yours, I am sure of that. enjoy your blowjob from d.a. Ra-COCK-us while you can. 5/11/ 2012 Fri.

  68. Just got done 500 situps…time to break out the thigh master for some cool down, than its off to the bar to popoff some shots wit my boy Wolfe!

  69. Albey Al :Just got done 500 situps…time to break out the thigh master for some cool down, than its off to the bar to popoff some shots wit my boy Wolfe!

    Accomplices in the MURDER of Kelly Thomas;

    Lloyd White
    Johnathan Munoz
    Mike Bova
    David Macshane
    Jose Torres
    John Emia
    Tony Rios

    Never forget thes names. Shun them like the social outKasts they deserve to be treated like. By thier cowardice, they earned it.

  70. Ecclesiastes 8:11 “When the sentence for a crime is not quickly carried out, the hearts of the people are filled with schemes to do wrong.”

  71. This is why even birds find the Register revolting if they find that their cages have been lined with the Orange County Register.

    I have personally experienced an awakening this week as to take what the newspaper reporters have to say with a big grain of salt… and an even bigger shot of tequila!

    They spend little or no real time in court, and instead look around for remarkable quotes from the families and their supporters. Not big on substance.


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