Finally, An Honest Cop

It may take awhile to get through this...

For the past year we have been waiting for somebody inside the Fullerton Police department to get sick enough and tired enough of the evident Culture of Corruption to come clean. I believe we have finally found our man, and I think his narrative will be instructive to those interested in peering behind the curtain that the FPD has drawn around itself.

Cronyism, nepotism, unprofessional conduct of all sorts is the immediate picture, and far from being isolated from the bad behavior, I think we will discover that the “leadership” of the department has been fully aware of what’s been going on. In some instances the upper echelon itself will be found to be neck deep in the morass as two successive chiefs completely abdicated their responsibility to run a clean, effective police force.

Stay tuned as I learn more.

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    1. The one peice of paper in the folder says
      “girl killed by”

      Hey, this better not be an April Fool’s joke part 2..

  1. We have been asking all police officers to join us in solidarity againts injustice. I hope this ONE will be just the begining….
    Can’t wait to hear more details…

  2. I knew that someone had to still have a conscience within the ranks of FPD.

    The only way to effect change is to be honest, open minded, and willing to accept change.

    The hardest step is usually always the first one and in this case that means that FPD needs to take a good hard look at themselves in the mirror and say that they don’t like what they see.

    Instead of this we’ve been given endless cheerleading from the FPD.

    If you think about it, most cheerleaders are pretty happy with their reflection in the mirror, so I’d surmise that there is a complete lack of reflecting on past mistakes within the FPD, which means that nothing has or will change until we change it.

    1. It’s like when ALL OC legislators (except goofy Silva and drippy Duvall) voted to sell the Fairgrounds, and we were lobbying all of them to change their minds. The one guy with enough humility to admit he was wrong and start fighting AGAINST the sale was Solorio … and then (here’s the point) they all started falling like dominoes.

      1. Why ‘drippy’ Duvall. Except for a gutter-mouth, a need to impress ‘the guys’, and perhaps other inappropriate behavior; I thought he had a very solid, conservative voting record.

        1. Sorry… just the scenario of it taking ONE guy to break the silence and then a bunch of others have the courage to join him, that’s all…

          1. By now you all should know that Vern “Gröfaz” Nelson is a hijacker.

            Moreover, he is a communist and has interesting Kingish dreams as shown on my website.

  3. An honest man coming in from the cold. Someone will do right in time. The power of positive behavior is strong and may compel other officers to examine their conscience.
    “Sunlight is the best disinfectant.” Justice Brandeis

    1. Louis Brandeis “the only thing greater than being called president is citizen” our municipal employees and city council persons may find Brandeis views offensive

  4. Of course the leadership was aware of what was going on! How could they not have been? Just like Obama and Holder were aware of what was going on with Fast and Furious!

    1. Accountability=Responsibility

      When have the Fullerton Police department ever been held accountable for their actions until the murder of Kelly Thomas?

    2. Holder should be indicted not just slapped with a contempt citation. That piece of filth did his best to fill body bags while going after the second amendment. It is so vitally important to clean up our local government. This post today shows that there are cracks in the armor of darkness that has continued to shroud those that wish to run this town like a banana republic. Restoration is imminent folks. The lights are stayin’ on this time.

        1. It is nutty but not right wing when the the Attorney General ships thousand of guns into Mexico to supposedly track them and people die and the solution is more draconian gun laws.Its is a local issue because I guarantee some of those guns have made it to Fullerton.Don’t kid yourself. Stick your head back in the sand pal. The silica is good for your lungs.

          1. What have Obama and Holder ever done to take away your gun rights? I’ll let you answer, and probably not respond, because I don’t want to hijack this thread to Fast & Furious.

            Oh. It’s gonna suddenly happen in Obama’s second term, right?

            1. I used the phrase “going after” which implies pursuit. It will be interesting to see how that plays out. I hope he is indicted. I don’t parrot the false paradigm right-left pill popping shills’ disinformation. It is no secret that the second amendment has been under major attack for decades and every administration heads down the same road with incremental attacks on it. This issue on a local level with the help of the court of the media’s controlled public opinion may end up as an agenda item someday in black and white print sitting on the Council Dias in front of whom we elect. The truth of the matter is that Politicians love unarmed peasants. This issue is tantamount to public safety as we all know crime skyrockets and things can come unglued when citizens no longer can defend themselves. Enough said.

              1. Truthseeker: You see rot behind every rock! When Obama was elected, guns and ammo sales soared and ammo became in short supply. All the gun owners, including me, of course, thought an all dem congress with a dem president, GUN CONTROL!! Wow were we wrong! Nothing has happened. But all the time I get NRA bulletins seeing something going wrong, always a BILL but never a LAW. (Big difference)! And always NRA and Brady Handgun Control asks for more donations please, more money, more money. Its the biggest scam of all. Just want our money to pay for their organizations.

                1. What do expect when the EPA goes after lead and the entourage is from the south side of Chicago. Gun sales are skyrocketing and not due to operation mockingbird fearmongering. People know something is desperately wrong. Don’t kid yourself. Rex 84, agenda 21. Operation garden plot are long term plans. The timing is a wild card but sooner or later its gonna come up aces high.

  5. Maybe that individual looked around after the public pressure died down and said to their self that nothing has really changed around here at the FPD, and that being a part of a street gang with their own brand of justice is not the life I want to live, or the example I want to set for my children, and my children’s children to follow?

    1. Some thing tells me you’re going to be giving new meaning to the term “Doe in the headlights” .

    2. HA! “Where in Reality Is comment ? ”

      You still can’t comment without a ‘screw up’, John Dope!!!

        1. Randall the Doe, “We” already know that “screw up” honor goes to you, your blue friends and those who sit in silent approval.

    3. JD/Randall-you are a box of rocks.
      You have permission from your attorney to be on this blog?

      All jerk viewings can be seen in your mirror.

  6. Wouldn’t it be strange if the cop that provided the box of paper was the same cop that raised the money for one of the accused murders bail?

  7. How do we know this isn’t a calculated move by John Barnett to direct the blame onto other people to make Ramos look better?

      1. Ok, I have been reading all the blogs and comments lately as opposed to commenting, but you get serious points for that!

  8. I’m in favor of community policing. You see, with community policing it can still be 2010.

  9. Let’s hope this is not some red herring orchestrated by ex chief McKinley, et al, to discredit the Bushala Recall campaign right before the June 5th election.
    Also, if genuine, might the FBI be interested in some, if not all, the material? Maybe Garo Mardirossian would enjoy it as well……………

    1. No, Squirt-Silva didn’t just say the Du-pooh instead of DuPuy award-at the ceramonies for ROTC

      1. Yes she did. And she also forgot to let attorney Jones do his piece prior to the public comments once again. She didn’t seem as drunk this time though.

  10. I smell a ruse or distraction.
    Nobody walks out of police HQs carrying the material as shown in the picture, also would take two trips or two persons.
    Should be turned over to the FBI Agent that is assigned to the FPD case.
    DO NOT compromise this material in any way or manner.
    This could be part of a scheme to taint the upcoming trial of Ramos & Cicinelli.

  11. Deciper the photo. What do you see? Looks like some binders, black like the ones you see in the PD station, the City buy them by the truck loads.

    Some are over stuffed, while others are relatively bare, leaving one to believe they are individual “cases.”

    That’s my untrained eye…

  12. Wow they really are out of touch…go have your closed session; pretend we don’t know what’s going on. This really needs to stop. In a month and 4 days…

    I for one am done hearing about the ‘limited budget’ while we the people are on the hook for the pensions and other atrocities. Ridiculous.

  13. You know what would be really neat? How about we make total Remuneration equal between private and public employees…based on actual hours worked.

    …just a thought.

  14. Vernon Dozier :
    I think that photo was taken in the FPD parking lot.

    Nevermind. Not the FPD parking lot.

    A very interesting location, however. May or may not indicate the source.

  15. Interesting title: “Finally, An Honest Cop.” How did you determine that he was honest? Are you carefully checking out his story or are you just going to post whatever he has gives you?

      1. Hey fake Curious, find another moniker jackass.

        Talking shit about being “honest”? Yeah right…be honest and stop faking like your me.


  16. who needs inside info linking culpability between Mckinley and his police force and the civil rights abuses they committed upon the community. the numerous court documents showing the city of fullerton paying large sums of money in legal settlements to numerous victims of the FPD. the facts alone show FPD, since Mckinley rode his pony into our town as our police chief, has a pattern(history) of civil rights abuses and our city council looked the other way at this fact until FFFF twisted their tacitly complicit heads towards the crime scenes left by their very own police force, FPD

  17. I wonder if we are going to learn that McKinley did indeed watch the video when other councilmen were denied that opportunity to see what really happened. That would put McKinley squarely in the middle of the cover-up.

  18. merijoe :JD/Randall-you are a box of rocks.You have permission from your attorney to be on this blog?
    All jerk viewings can be seen in your mirror.

    did he get permission from his mother, to post? He lags that old white haired thing around, for protection, yeah big city cop, has to lug his mom around…what a douche

  19. So…..where’s the evidence from your “source” to feed all of the conspiracy theorist circle jerk participants?

  20. What if this unknown officer that has come forward is on the side of the two officers charged in the Kelly Thomas mess and knows that they should not have been charged? What then? You still gonna want to hear from him?

    1. And what if Kelly had a hatchet under his shirt. Oh right. He wasn’t wearing a shirt.

  21. Hog Wild :What if this unknown officer that has come forward is on the side of the two officers charged in the Kelly Thomas mess and knows that they should not have been charged? What then? You still gonna want to hear from him?

    Yep, I heard from Sissynellys pathetic peice of shit step dad, if I can live through that and city council with that 3rd grade teacher trying to run things, I can handle anything this cop has to dish out.

  22. Hog Wild :
    What if this unknown officer that has come forward is on the side of the two officers charged in the Kelly Thomas mess and knows that they should not have been charged? What then? You still gonna want to hear from him?

    Kelly Thomas “mess”?

    Kelly Thomas was murdered on the night of July 5th, 2011.

    We haven’t sorted out which if not all of the six “peace” officers are going to eventually be charged with the various crimes committed that evening.

    Deal with it.

  23. Why so much hostility here?

    Most of you wouldn’t believe anything said that is against your way of thinking so I’m not surprised to see your filthy words in print. Your lack of couth and common sense is astounding! All this gratutious baloney is amusing. As Anonymous said “Deal with it!”

    1. After you park your 1962 Rambler with the blinker that’s still on and wonder wha happened to all the hitching posts and dirt roads, you might want to ask yourself, has anyone cared about your idea of “filth or hostility”?

      Since you make no sense about anything and beat the same damn drum everytime you post-about filth and hostility, which has been for months-what IS your point? What has ever been your point?


  24. How much did that box cost you, Tony? Boy, between this, your recall election and divorce settlement you’ll soon be as broke as Kelly Thomas! And then how in the world will Chris Thompson live without your allowance?? He may actually have to find a job!

    1. I guess the REAL question is how much is that box going to cost you and your cronies?

      What you and the rest of your moronic ilk fail to realize is that despite the Fullerton Police Department spending $19,000.00 of their union dues to try and STOP the recall from happening, that almost 20,000 OTHER Fullerton registered voters decided that they would freely sign their name to petition to have these three recalled from office before they could do anymore harm to our city.

      It’s also obvious to most of us that nothing would have changed in Fullerton if the recall had never happened.

      Not one of these three individuals has EVER accepted responsibility for ANY of their bad decisions, and have instead chosen to demonize Tony Bushala and use him as a scapegoat simply because he has chosen to challenge the status quo.

      Blessed is the age when men and women have the courage and conviction to stand and tell the truth.

      God bless Tony Bushala and Chris Thompson.

    2. TW-
      You wish it was bought.

      Not that your post is even relavent…but, know,
      if it was that easy and money was all it took to get intelligent, responsible and accurate info regarding a murder or anything else in from city workers or elected officials then there wouldn’t be any murders, coverups, idiots like you running around saying dumb crap that no one but you cares about or sitting in office doing what’s wrong just to be obnoxious, pretending to know crap and napping on the job…
      and most people with a heart and a soul-that dont have superglued wallets, would gladly throw in a few bucks toward “the box”, me included.

      Well, you’re proof, I guess you CAN train monkeys to write.

      And make sure you watch Rockaby Bankhead… Im sure you have already.

  25. C’mon Tony, I’ve been waiting for you to reveal the contents. Did this stuff ever get viewed by the DA/FBI? Are you just gonna tease us with your post? And what’s this about a the cop who delivered the box being put out on investigative leave or some such thing. Please dedicate your next post to this untold story.

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