Excuses, Excuses


OC Register excuse for a journalist, and notorious bad-cop-story-misser, Lou Ponsi, really outdid himself today with a ridiculous “story” about all the excuses his pals on the force heard from folks who wanted to dodge a traffic citation. Real tough, hard-hitting piece there, Lou.

I wonder if Ponzi will ever tire of writing stupid fluff pieces for one of the most notorious police forces in California. I also wonder if writing salacious cop-accounts of wanton females is the best story line, given the well-documented behavior of FPD serial sex batterer Albert Rincon, whose activities were essentially known, and condoned by the department.

Anyhoo, that’s all introductory to my own version of a real human interest piece, something of which we are all too familiar, by now. And that’s the excuses doled out by the cops themselves to try to explain away their own malfeasance – crap subsequently sucked up by drones like Ponsi. Enjoy.


1. He was running.

2. He was fighting.

3. He disobeyed a legal command.

4. He was reaching for his “waistband” (whatever that is).

5. That donut was supposed to be jelly-filled.

6. We put our lives on the line every day.

7. Our belts weigh 80 pounds.

8. We die at average 53 years old.

9. We try to arrest the right guy.

10. He thought he was beating up the right guy.

11. That’s POBR covered. Can’t talk about it.

12. It was not just honking. It was excessive horning.

13. No, it’s not tax deductible, but give us your money anyway, you’ll get a decal.

14. The job stress hooked me on those pills.

15. I just set my bag of chicken on that iPad. After that I don’t know what happened.

16. I got mad at my DAR and smashed it against the wall.

17. We slammed his head against the bars as we removed the dead body.

18. Those ladies weren’t like you.

19. Just wait to see the video. You’ll change your minds. I’ve seen it 400 times.

20. There were broken bones.

21. There was only one, maybe two deeply involved.

22. He was breaking into cars.

23. He was high on PCP.

24. He was a gang banger.

25. I feared for my safety.

26. The 90 pound girl with the jack knife entered the 22 foot radius so we had to shoot her 18 times.

27. Ron Thomas was never a deputy sheriff.

28. He was just a smelly bum.

29. The free sandwiches and beers are just a small perk for an otherwise unrewarding job.

30. My second wife doesn’t understand me and my girlfriend just wants a chunk of that pension.

31. It was suicide by cop.

32. He was a terrorist.

33. It was just a bong from the evidence room. It’s not like i was going to use it or anything.

34. Once you take a guided tour of the station you’ll feel differently about everything.

35. it was really all just a misunderstanding.

36. They are either misinformed or lying.

And now, feel free to add your own.




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  1. 37. We deserved the 3 @ 50 because we are the best and brightest everyone else would have hired instead of Fullerton.

    38. That GED is just as good as a high school diploma.

    39. Our jobs are too more dangerous than a construction worker.

  2. 40. We can’t talk about it – there’s an ongoing investigation.

    41. We are doing a thorough internal investigation conducted by our crack Sgt. Bonghit.

  3. 42. The paramedics killed him

    43. I saw the video 400 times and it will change your mind once you see it.

    44. We are community oriented.

  4. 45. Ron Thomas is a lying scum of the earth.
    46. Ron Thomas is not and has never been a sheriff
    47. Ron Thomas is mad he got kicked out of the academy.
    48. Ron Thomas has I want to be a cop syndrome.
    40. Ron Thomas abandoned his son.
    41. Ron Thomas is not Kelly’s biological dad.
    42. Ron Thomas should of taken the money, now he is getting

  5. 37. He had stolen mail on him.
    38. He had superhuman strength, I was in the fight of my life.
    39. I ran out of options and smashed his face in.
    40. One eyed cops are just as good as two eyed cops.
    41. Getting shot in the face does not change your psyche.
    42. I’ve had my eyes bloused before.

        1. Mam was prosecuted based on perjury by two of Fullerton’s Finest. He never even got an apology. He will get big bucks.

    1. Nobody in the Establishment has. Quirk said she has daughters and was outraged and then dropped it like a hot potato.

      1. Maybe somebody should go to the next Council meeting and ask Flory, FitzFlory and Chafee what they think about the case.

        They can read Judge Andrew Guilford’s comments into the record.

    1. Yes. FFFF is still here to make you uncomfortable.

      Of course you could start your own blog. But that would take effort and at least a minimal degree of literacy!


      1. Oh.. is that what this? A knitting circle for all you girls to share your discontent and emotional turmoils?

        I get it now.

        All you have to do is look at who posted on Christmas. Those are the FFFFrs that need the circle the most.

        Of course.. you could call this blog a circle jerk instead of a knitting circle.

        Your choice really.. Either is pretty accurate.

        1. And yet you return. over and over again. it’s the only game in town, and Fred is right. If you can do better start your own blog; Wankers for Fullerton’s Moral Failure.

  6. Although the all above is very entertaining, it is like laughing at your own castration.

    Since there was no PD in 18th century the 2nd’s phrase “well regulated militia” is inclusive of such “militia” as is a police.

    Therefore, instead of laughing at your own balls to be jarred by your City Council and FPOA it would be prudent to enforce the 2nd.

    I am sure that a proposition can be put on the ballot to establish People’s commission, independent of the City Council and FPOA, to WELL REGULATE the FPD13 because a self regulation is unconstitutional as provided by the 2nd.

    The “well regulated” is not synonymous with “self regulated”

    Furthermore, you can also regulate their use of assault weapons and subject them to a semiannual mental evaluation same as the Airline Pilots are.

    Good investment TB!

    You may also entertain my, rather vigilantist, prior suggestion posted at: http://www.fullertonsfuture.org/2012/the-settlements/#comment-142398

    1. “The majority of cops are good. There are just a few bad apples.”………… Hmmmmm

      If that would be true the good majority of COPs would control few bad apples.

      In fact, the few bad apples can only exist in the bad environment, physically, and metaphorically as used in your statement.

      1. Depends, Stanley. Do you really think that this was a good, squeeky clean cop who just couldn’t take it anymore? Or was it a bad cop that developed a conscience? There’s a difference, but each class should be praised for coming forward. I don’t know Mr. Lira or his motivations, so ultimately I can’t answer your question.

          1. All yours, my friend. I hadn’t seen it in a while. I was thrown by your comment because I would have said the same thing.

  7. Hey.. could we please get Travis to post teacher’s salaries again? Those FFFF comments were really fun to read.

    This is all trivial. Travis knew how to post real meat. No offense Joe, but you just aren’t offensive enough.

    I miss Travis.

  8. Ponsi avoids asking the hard question; how did the Fullerton PD’s numerous and gross civil rights abuses they committed upon Fullerton’s community avoid public scrutiny?
    Not until FFFF showed the facts surrounding the Kelly Thomas beating death by Fullerton PD, were the good people of Fullerton made aware their police force had a recent history of sexually molesting female detainees, perjury, false arrest , excessive force and suspicious jail suicide.
    Here is my question that Ponsi should be asking instead of writing fluff pieces about Fullerton PD. Who are the persons responsible for hiding the fact from Fullerton’s community that their police force had devolved into a “culture of corruption” ?

    1. 46. Sir Robert Peel said we needed to be paramilitary!

      47. Fullerton Police Academy is Harvard.

        1. Forgot number

          48. Lifesaving Award given to FPD officer was not a fraud, witnesses are always mistaken.

          1. Good one. I wonder whatever happened about that. Another “internal investigation” by Bong Rip Shone?

            The FPD got busted phonying up a hero award for some limp dick and then nobody ever heard anymore about it.

            Of course in our world heroes generally have to be seen doing something heroic. In cop-world their word is their bond. Like Hampton’s sworn word is his bond.

  9. Lou Ponsi (English translation: “Little Pussy”) was the guy from high school who spent most of his time avoiding offending anyone with the truth or facts, and would instead replace facts with floral prose as a defensive measure to avoid conflict.

    1. John Murray is one of the biggest bootlickers in the room at the recent Fullerton City Council meetings…

      Dear Sir: Read your articles often. Regarding Fullerton, I have just learned of a newly formed group called FULLERTON FIRST which is circulating a Petition for Recall of Councilman Greg Sebourn. I would love to hear more about this. Are you aware of this group and its direction? Please let me know. Thank you and keep up the fine journalism you offer to all of us. John Murray

  10. from OC Register “A surveillance video shows Ramos and fellow officer Joseph Wolfe questioning Thomas about 15 minutes before the encounter escalated into violence. Four other officers, including Cicinelli, arrived and piled on, prosecutors said. Thomas is heard on the videotape screaming for help, yelling that he couldn’t breathe and calling out for his father.”
    What is galling after reading this is Gennaco’s “independent review” , authorized by city council persons, amongst them retired Fullerton police chief, Pat Mckinley and retired Fullerton police officer Don Bankhead, paid for with the good people of Fullerton’s tax dollars, concluded no “culture of corruption” existed within the Fullerton PD, just a “culture of complacency”.
    If I was defending Cicinelli, Ramos, Wolfe, I would argue these police officers’ professional judgement had been corrupted and distorted by Fullerton PD’s leadership for years evidenced by: sexual molestation of female detainees, perjury, false arrest, excessive force committed by Fullerton police officers .
    From what the OC Register reported,it does not seem Cicinelli, Ramos, Wolfe and the three other Fullerton police officers spontaneuously and independently piled on top of Kelly Thomas eventually crushing him to death. It appears more a concerted effort by these officers to terrorize and torture Kelly Thomas into submission.
    If a “culture of corruption” exists within the Fullerton PD, then it is unreasonable to expect Fullerton police officers to know right from wrong when enforcing the law upon the populace.
    When Fullerton’s city council members on numerous times were legally forced by the courts to make monetary settlements to the victims of Fullerton PD’s civil rights abuses, did they not make public these abuses and force the Fullerton PD to remedy their pattern of civil rights abuses?
    Prior to the Kelly Thomas beating death by Fullerton PD that exposed this police department’s pattern of civil rights abuses, was it tacit or even explicit Fullerton PD policy to use excessive force to terrorize Fullerton’s community? And did Fullerton city’s council members fail or refuse to address the “corruption or complacency” within its police department?
    I don’t assert what I wrote as arcane facts, it is my conjecture formed from what I have read in the media.
    However, when will our government agencies who have sworn to protect the rights of our populace not only ask these same questions, but seek out the truth by performing their own investigations to determine with facts whether a culture of corruption exists within the Fullerton PD and who are the persons responsible for this corruption that eventually led to the beating death of a disabled, malnourished , homeless man.
    And when will Ponsi et al asked these same questions?

  11. Way to go Admin. What made you think you and your sleeze bag gf could pull off such a stupid stunt? You dressed up like a homeless person, and while in the slidebar parking lot pulled on car door handles while your sleeze bag dirty nasty bleached blonde gf video taped it. I hope you get sued for this. The only way to get to you is through your pocket book. It will happen. Wait til the library board hears about this one.

    1. I’d seriously like to know how you can suit someone in civil court for videotaping someone who dresses poorly?

    2. Sounds like more jealousy over the recent appointee to the library board on top of ignorance. If this happened, where is the crime and what are the grounds for a law suit? You sound about as bright as that dim bulb, Christine Walker who got married and gave her swan song at a council meeting and moved to Huntington Beach. Now she says she never moved and still lives in Fullerton. Either that was one short honeymoon and marriage or she needs to lay off the dope and realize she’s not in Kansas anymore. Especially before she throws stones (or is that buds?) at others.

  12. Suit? Don’t you mean sue? When one does something like this for the only purpose of waiting for someone to call the police, that right there tells us, Admin is a piece of shit and needs to be dealt with accordingly. He is a very sick man with an agenda.

    1. Meant to say “file suit”.

      Not completely following your story either?

      There are MANY of us residents who live here in Fullerton who in light of recent miscarriages of justice within the FPD, have now chosen to make sure that we are at all times “armed” with a smart phone or camcorder to ensure and record our personal safety.

      Do you think that the officers accused of murdering Kelly Thomas, would’ve ever been charged with manslaughter and murder if they had not been surrepticiously recorded by the City owned camera that captured the whole incident on video tape?

      That was the one and only camera that the officers couldn’t confiscate and destoy the film.

        1. Sorry to disagree, but it was “Patdown” Pat McPension who brought all the trash to Fullerton, to wit:


          Do I really have to go on?

          1. pat mcpension’s bedroom city commando squad.
            Is the mascot for this squad a shebear?

            speaking of Pat McKinley, he seemed all too happy to turn his back on his pillar of the community role as fullerton city council person and retired fullerton police chief and quietly fade to black.
            However, is the FBI or DOJ or anyone who cares about justice investigating Mckinley’s role as fullerton police chief(1993-2009) and then fullerton city council person(2010-2012) in causing the Fullerton PD’s “culture of corruption”?
            Since 1993, pillar o Fullerton’s community, Pat Mckinley, has been involved in the municipal machinations of this town. Maybe he knows something that may enlighten us and explain why his police officers brazenly beat a disabled man to death.

          2. Alcazar is a shit head.
            Alcazar wears his mom’s panties
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            Alcazar doesnt have a life
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            Alcazar is a butthead

        2. I personally don’t think that the majority of Fullerton residents would honestly want to be part of your scary little pitch fork world where anyone who is different is “dealt with accordingly”.

          What are you so afraid of?

          You sound like one of those dim-witted KKK members that used to string people up for non-conformance to your own twisted moral values.

  13. Yesterday was beautiful in so many ways and Jeremy knows that I do not blame the Slidebar for Kelly’s murder. He also knows that I think his established attracts a bunch of out of town bro dudes, but that has nothing to do with Kelly Thomas.

    I don’t know why they called the cops and until I have facts which tell me otherwise I will assume that the manger thought Kelly was pulling on car handles. Kelly was not a thief, he had plenty of opportunities to steal from me and he never did.

    Kelly did not meet his death because of hunger, exposure to the environment or because the Slidebar called the cops, he was murdered by at least 3 Fullerton police officers and at least 3 more that did not react to his murder they way a good human would.

    His murder was actively diminished by the Fullerton PD leadership. That is not on the Slidebar. Jeremy has been beyond generous in this matter for Mike and I plan to give him credit regardless of the flack I will get from Kelly’s Army types for it.]


    1. Yeah, what a prince. We can also thank the douchbag for the Double D-cember contest and other uplifting events.

      I know why they called the cops. They did it to get rid of Kelly. And the cops acted like the germ’s own hit squad.

      Baxter needs to quit writing public letters. Nobody gives a crap.

    2. Unfortunately, the responsibility belongs to the owner of that bar.

      When a business utilizes legitimate Security Guards, everything they do must be in accordance with the law. Yes, they have the same “power” as a private citizen with a very large difference: they must follow certain laws that private citizens are not held to.

      Security Guards have a duty to document what they observe and also have an additional duty to intervene when the situation calls for it. The owner of the bar is entirely responsible for the actions of the Security Guards they contract with.

      Security Guards are agents of the property and business owner. When something becomes known that poses a financial or legal risk to the owner, or owners, Security Guards have a duty to inform and document.

      When the bar personnel came to believe that Kelly Thomas was pulling on door handles, one of the guards should have gone out and checked. This is their job. They didn’t and instead stood by knowing that a false claim was being made to the police.

      The Security Guards on duty that night had an opportunity to make contact with the law enforcement responders and inform them of the situation but never did. They had the ability to neutralize the conflict. This is assuming that the bar personnel are telling the truth.

      This very subject is a lawsuit on its own.

    3. I think that Mr. Baxter should reserve judgement and not diminish the role that the Slidebar Cafe played in Kelly Thomas’s murder until he hears more testimony in the upcoming criminal and civil cases expected to wind their way through the court system this year.

      I think that after the various attorneys and technicians have deposed enough witnesses, and searched through various cell phone records and hard drives on computers, that Steven Baxter will live to regret openly praising someone in a public merely because they gave him a guitar to donate for his upcoming fundraiser.

      1. When a citizen is being a confrontational threatening ass, thats life.

        When someone is oathed, and entrusted to serve the public good and for selfish reasons becomes a confrontational threatening dangerous ass (now charged with murder), on camera and audio tape. Its simply a inhuman, crime under the color of authority, and a threat to all of humanity.

        After the facts of that day the Stupid Stupid Desperate Pathetic actions of the leaders is simply sickening and causing anything but peace as it continues to this day.

  14. You forgot to say what a wonderful dumpster diver Bruce is… I’d would have loved to see him in that three piece jumping around in the back dumpster of the FPD.. It must have been a sight. Did he find anything good in there?

    1. One man’s trash, is another man’s treasure.

      I think most residents are going to be really upset whenever they get to see the treasures that were dug up courtesy of the dumpster at the FPD.

      1. The comments here are very enlightening, they have to be taken for what they are worth, but patterns are very obvious and point to areas that are worth investigating. People not in it for personal fame can also give a lot more information then otherwise possible. It is also very obviously a serious safety issue. “Complaining about the complaint department to the complaint department is like hitting your head against a wall”


        It would be really nice to have a wonderful forum and great meetings but, there have been credible threats and known instances of illegal actions and just plain EVIL by The City Leadership.

        1. Also this Blog is very intelligent, humorous, informative, and entertaining. That is why there are such high regards, reviews, recommendations, accolades and even awards.

          It really helps your ability to develop your speed reading and scanning abilities when there is a strong interest. Remember the 800 or so comments per post. 🙂

  15. I cant wait till Tony dresses up as a homeless guy and tries to bait the cops again. What a Jackass. Yes, This did happen, Yes it was documented. what a d bag

    1. Somebody has to do the Investigating, The admitted Culture of Complacency seems to breed lack of knowledge AND brutality.

      1. Up to and including Large UAV Manufacturing Facility Installations. Corporate Executives and Pentagon types, need security, Even an Ex President has only one full time Serviceman.

        “The history of West Coast Detectives is long and filled with many accomplishments and awards with the most important being our thousands of satisfied clients. When we hear statements like, “We should do more then just pay you” or ” You got that result and that is all it cost” or “When I leave my business at night I leave with Peace of Mind for I know West Coast has done their job” and we could add thousands more to these.

        One of the reasons for our success is our focus on prevention to avoid problems but when our clients have a breach we move quickly and with state of the art techniques to achieve the desired results in the most effective way possible.

        Our firm was started by Jay Brantley in 1922 with offices in south Los Angeles and was taken over by Stanley Comstock in the early 1950′s and I took over from Mr.Comstock in 1977. The agency since its beginning has been a multi-service agency providing Investigations, Undercover Agents, Security, Executive Protection, Forensic Support and Training. Mr Comstock led West Coast as it became a national recognized leader in the security field. Mr. Comstock was active in helping guide the investigative and security service industry improve its self in California. He served two governors as the head of the private investigative board…”

    2. Yeah the cops made contact with him. They almost shot him cause he wouldnt take his hands out of his pockets. They should have shot him that dumb ass.

  16. Long Time Reader, New Commenter :Yeah, what a prince. We can also thank the douchbag for the Double D-cember contest and other uplifting events.
    I know why they called the cops. They did it to get rid of Kelly. And the cops acted like the germ’s own hit squad.
    Baxter needs to quit writing public letters. Nobody gives a crap.

    Did you see the tape douche bag. Kelly was a piece of shit disrespectful asshole. Telling Ramos if he like his balls and stupid shit like that. Poor Kelly, Poor Kelly, He was a piece of shit just like his father. He died cause he was a sick bastard, his heart stopped. Get your head out of your asses and stop beind influenced by idiots that make shit up and do not read between the lines. Stop being a follower of cop haters.

    1. “Professional” vs Murder Charges and International outrage.

      Shortsighted thinking!!!

      Hell stop eating so much and run, bike or something. It will calm you down and make you happier. Happiness from food is a vicious cycle.

      Stay off the roids the puffiness shows.

    2. Good luck using that defense in court.

      “But Judge Froeburg that mentally ill man was making fun of me! Was I just supposed to stand there and take it”?

    3. I agree. Kelly made Ramos look like the GED idiot he is.

      But making cops look stupid isn’t a crime. You do it to yourself every time you try to write a coherent sentence.

        1. Mayor Jones also admired how the Mafia controlled his town in Texas, and wanted them to go down hard on “THEM”.
          Orders from a delusional unconcienced has been city political puppet.

          In the eyes of the law Kelly was like a child, or even worse.

          Even many and probably most Doctors consider their patience a terrible burden to simply be passed on, and they pay greatly in astronomical insurance fees.

          1. What is the reason Doctors kill their patience???

            Doctors Are The Third Leading Cause of Death in the US, Killing …

            by Joseph Mercola – in 331 Google+ circles – More by Joseph Mercola
            Jul 30, 2000 – Third, the estimates of death due to error are lower than those in the IOM report. … However, evidence from a few studies indicates that as many as 20% … An estimated 44,000 to 98,000 among them die each year as a result …

            1. Doctors Are The Third Leading Cause of Death in the US, Killing 225,000 People Every Year
              July 30, 2000


              1. Could you be any more annoying ‘Lifesaving Service’, ‘Pat McSatan’ or whatever you call yourself?

                1. You call it truth, I call it incoherent rambling.

                  Our lax policies regarding the mentally ill over the past few decades has allowed folks who would have been institutionalized decades ago not only be free but allowed in every facet of society. We’re talking about law enforcement, law makers, teachers, doctors, etc.

                  Some of these wackjobs go on rampages and shoot people, others shoot unarmed people under cover of authority and fabricate stories while others kill their patients for kicks.

                  Then we have people like you, Stanley Fiala, etc who have nothing to do with their day but live off the dole and post psychotic rambling messages all day.

                  Gary Jules is right, its a mad world.

                  I still can’t get over the fact that Fullerton gave a badge, a gun and a patrol car to a man who had been shot in the head, lost an eye and had to go through years of rehabilitation.

        2. Don’t hate..I know him and he was a quite kid growing up. Stop spreading your lies. You are a disgrace to the Hispanic name. Piece of mierda.

            1. El baboso no sabe de que esta hablando. Solo dice todo por el fundio. Ya cayate menso no sabes nada de lo que dices. Eres un puto hablador. Que todo lo que digas se conveirta en mierada, lo que eres.

              1. Although your Spanish is really poor, I think you would be surprised at what I do know, and what will be revealed to the public very soon.

                Be patient.

          1. Here’s the video that the world has watched and determined to be the biggest disgrace to the Hispanic name.

            MANUAL RAMOS !!!!!!!!!!


            At 2:05 into the video, Manny Ramos destroys any sort of argument about him not being aware of who Kelly Thomas is, by asking Kelly “do you enjoy running into me on an daily basis?”. Kelly: “Oh yeah, I love running into you on an every day basis”.

            At 2:25 into the video, Kelly asks both Officers Wolfe and Ramos, “what do you want to know”?

            At 3:51 seconds into the video, Kelly clearly volunteers his name, “Kelly Thomas” to former FPD Officer Manual Ramos.

            At 5:30 seconds into the video, Kelly volunteers his backpack to Officer Wolfe to search through.

            At 14:30 into the video, Officer Wolfe determines that the discarded mail that’s in Kelly’s backpack is worthy of him being charged with PC 496, or receiving stolen property, even though the addressee never reported any of his mail being stolen, and ex-Officer Ramos begins his own twisted version of “Manny Says” and Kelly is seen trying to comply with each request.

            At 15:20 into the video, you see that Kelly has clearly complied with each request and now has his legs completely extended, and his hands are on his knees.

            At 15:21 into the video, you see that despite Kelly Thomas complying with each and every request, including allowing his backpack to be searched, ex-Officer Manual Ramos menacingly stands over a compliant 137 pound suspect and asks if he sees that he is donning his gloves onto his hands, and asks Kelly whether or not he realizes that these are the hands that are going to soon be fucking him up?

            At 15:39 into the video, Ex-Officer Ramos starts to initiate unprovoked contact with Kelly Thomas, which leads to Kelly trying to fend Ramos off.

            At 15:45 into the video, Officer Wolfe starts beating Kelly with a nightstick and ex-Officer Ramos joins in and Kelly Thomas is savagely beaten and eventually murdered in cold blood by the FPD.

            1. and the “independent investigation” by Gennaco only found “complacency” caused the: beating death of Kelly Thomas, molestation of female detainees by Fullerton police officer, perjury that led to imprisonment of an innocent person, busted fingers and noses of detainees caused by excessive force, suspicious jail suicide.
              Complacency is synonymous with smugness, unaware of own character flaws.
              Corruption is synonymous with immorality, depravity, debasement.
              I highly doubt smuggery lead to Fullerton PD’s thuggery.
              Murder, molestations and breaking bones of detainees, perjury leading to an innocent person’s imprisonment show cruelty and debasement of Fullerton’s community by its police force that has sworn to protect Fullerton’s community from harm.
              How could our city council persons and Fullerton’s grandstanding, self-appointed watchdog factors say nothing about the horrific civil rights abuses that was inflicted upon the good people of Fullerton?
              It seems our city council and the pillars of fullerton’s community at the time of Kelly Thomas death cared more about preserving cacti and coyotes in Chevron Hills than preserving the human rights of the good people of Fullerton.
              Who were/are the persons in Fullerton’s community who protected Fullerton PD’s depravity and debasement of Fullerton’s community?

            2. Boy you must really have a big jealousy issue with ex officer Ramos, though Wolfe is an ex officer also, you never mention that. And its Manuel not Manual…menso.
              Anyway..Poor little Kelly complies to all of this instructions to the officers, opps, ex-officers. He acts lik an asshole through the whole 15 minutes. Then he tries to run and is brought down by the officers and starts yelling like a little bitch, cause now he wants his daddy. I think Kelly thinks he is being beaten up by his father like he did when he was growing up and is getting flashbacks. But anyway, he yells like a little bitch so the officers can let him go. Well that doesnt work Kelly. You run you get an ass beating by the cops. All smart people now that. And about Ramos telling smelly Kelly that they are tired of running into him..Dont be stupid, it’s called a tactic and all police officers use it. Like trying to make you talk. You watch the cop movies..yes they lie when trying to get info. Boy are you stupid. And fucking up the bum, that is called using words to make him comply…boy you are really stupid. Dont embarras yourself by trying to show us the video. Remember even the chief of police said he saw it 400 times and said it would change your mind. And if you like to see the video so much. Ramos never strikes Kelly and is holding his feet and then is relieved by an other officer and is out of the picture. So dont hate.

              1. I’m not jealous of a man who has brought nothing but dishonor and shame to his iimmediate family, his race, and his community of law enforcement officers.

                I’m not jealous of a man who has spent the last year in and out of Superior Court with his mom and dad watching the horrid reactions and gasps of those who had not seen the Kelly Thomas tape in the courtroom.

                p.s. let me give you a little advice, before you try telling peope:
                “boy are you stupid”
                “boy you are really stupid”
                “Don’t be stupid”

                Try to not embarrass yourself by spelling it right ; )

                In the mean time I suggest that you review the Kelly Thomas video again and tell us what we have to feel proud about the FPD, instead of trying to demean me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPaIA5ErHDU

                1. I dont have to see the tape again. And you are right I would hate to be in his place because some idiot bum did not do what he was suppose to do. Now his career is gone, I am sure his income is gone just because some idiot could not do what he was suppose to do. Instead reacted like an jerk. Now his dad is trying to be in the picture. Its all about the money and his mug in front of the cameras. He is alooney like his son. That asshole ruined 3 lives cause he couldnt just comply. What a waste of time. All you see is the bad officers. Why dont you see beyond that. I dont see the officers family asking for money than keeping it then asking his attorney for money so he can come up with it. Look at the whole picture buddy. The only horrid part about the video was at the end when Kelly was going to break Ramos’ arm and they had to beat him to let go. NO…you go back and see the video. One sided piece of shit.

  17. Fred Alcazar :
    I agree. Kelly made Ramos look like the GED idiot he is.
    But making cops look stupid isn’t a crime. You do it to yourself every time you try to write a coherent sentence.

    Saying the f word is not a crime either, Pendejo!

    1. I agree, however in the case of the bird-brained Ramos it does render the detainee the legal ability to not let himself be BEATEN TO DEATH.

      1. Fred Alcazar :
        I agree, however in the case of the bird-brained Ramos it does render the detainee the legal ability to not let himself be BEATEN TO DEATH.

        Local Government cronyism and sadism, a highlight in the recent history of Fullertons… (long SIGHHH!!!!)… World and Local News coverage.

        1. Did you know that Union Thugs are old news and passe’, Mickey a Union agitator is hired thug in blue.


          According to a 1969 study, no major labor organization in American history has ever advocated violence as a policy.[1] However, violence does occur in the context of industrial disputes. When violence has been committed by, or in the name of, the union, it has tended to be narrowly focused upon targets which are associated with the employer in question, or upon others closely associated with the target.[1] If union recognition was extended, an employer was more likely to consider a strike just a temporary rupture in labor relations. Violence was greater in conflicts in which there was a question of whether union recognition would be extended.[1]” -Wikipedia

              1. The Dr said Mickey was sadistic and immature, just a child pretending to be grown up. We all know hes a dangerous pathetic union kool aid drinking fool now.

                🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

        1. Yes I am sick of Sadism in the form of poor weak stupid pathetic leadership (for lack of any other term). 🙂

  18. if Ramos and Cicinelli have limited education, then this fact makes them very susceptible to anyone who leads and guides them.
    The purpose of higher education is to teach a person to think for themselves, not be dependent on titles or symbols of authority to tell him or her what is right or wrong.
    Ramos and Cicinelli’s ignorance forced them to follow the dictates of their superiors, their leaders, or else lose their jobs because these two men did not know they had the option or obligation not to follow corrupt leadership.
    Due to the numerous civil rights abuses Fullerton PD has committed upon the community it has vowed to protect, it is increasingly apparent to me that the recent past leadership and its current intellectual heirs at Fullerton PD corrupted its impressionable officers into believing that breaking the law is how to enforce the law.
    And staying true to its nature, the leadership at Fullerton PD now ruthlessly tosses Ramos and Cicinelli “under the bus” by not admitting its own culpability in the beating death of Kelly Thomas.

    1. Life is a hole you have to dig yourself out of with education. Most people think education is about reading writing and arithmetic etc, But its absolutely more about social skills and developing your ability to interact and relate to others. Book smarts can be learned just about anywhere, social skills are a highly valued art necessary for success and happiness.

      Sociopaths do group together why would anyone else.

      “…probably the worst case of negligent retention in the modern history of the free world…” -FFFF Comment (the next day Ramos lost his job)

    2. Very true Van get it da artiste.

      Any one that has ever been in the military, will tell you that only the soldiers with the lower I.Q.’s and ASVAB scores are designated as Military Police.

      Basically a German Shephard with a beret.

      1. I went to the store the other day in downtown Fullerton. I was only in there for about 5 minutes, and when I came out there was a damn motorcycle cop writing a parking ticket. So I went up to him and said, “Come on, buddy, how about giving a guy a break?” He ignored me and continued writing the ticket. So I asked him if he was involved in the Kelly Thomas beating? He glared at me and started writing another ticket for having bald tires! So I called him a pencil necked Nazi! He finished writing the second ticket and put it on the car with the first… then started writing a third ticket! This went on for about 20 minutes. The more I abused him, the more tickets he wrote.

        I didn’t really give a damn though — my car was parked around the corner at the Fullerton train station!

  19. I was going to bed the other night when my neighbor called me and told me that I had left my shed light on. As I looked for myself, I saw that there were people in my shed taking things to their truck. I quickly phoned the Fullerton Police Department, but they told me that no one was in this area to help at this time, but they would send someone over as soon as they would be available.
    A bit miffed, I said OK, hung up, and waited just one minute, Then phoned the dispatcher at the FPD right back.
    I said: “Hello. I just called you a minute ago because there were people in my shed stealing from me. Well, you don’t have to worry about them now because I’ve shot every last one of them!”
    Then magically within a very few moments there were half a dozen sheriff cars in my yard, an Armed Response Unit and a Police dog ….. the works! Of course, they caught the burglars red-handed. One of the officers came over to me and said in a gruff and very demeaning manner, “I thought you said that you’d shot them!”


  20. A blonde in a convertible is speeding down Harbor Boulevard when she gets pulled over by a female Fullerton police officer named Lorraine Jones, who also turns out to be a blonde.

    Officer Jones walks up to the convertible and asks to see the blonde’s drivers license.

    Confused, the blonde asks, “What does a license look like?”
    Eager to help, the officer Jones happily responds, “It’s that thing in your purse with your face on it.”

    The blonde begins searching through her purse and finally pulls out a mirror. She flips it open, sees her own reflection and figures that must be it.

    After handing it over to the officer, officer Jones carefully looks at it says, “Oh, I’m so sorry. If I knew you were a cop, I wouldn’t have pulled you over!”

  21. Since our OCDA office is corrupt, essentially any county DA is corrupt, therefore, will not prosecute by COP committed brutality, I am toying with an idea to form an organization which would file charges for crime against humanity with the international court of an appropriate jurisdiction.

    So if such COP would leave USA he would be arrested and prosecuted by the world criminal court.

  22. Hey Booshla (known as the Big, Fat, Naked Dude in front of the Monitor),

    I wanted to say nice picture of you in your latest post. You described yourself perfectly.

    “unemployable, ego-driven loser who finds reward in the world of political blogging instead of gainful employment”.

    1. “unemployable, ego-driven loser who finds reward in the world of political blogging instead of gainful employment”………. Hmmmmmm

      Calling TB “unemployable” when in fact he is self employed millionaire entrepreneur shows that you are left liberal pinhead — Onanymous.

      Calling TB “ego-driven loser” when infarct such ego drove him to his millionaire status is your grave IQ deficiency — Onanymous.

      Therefore, TB has “gainful employment” — Onanymous.

      In contrast, you Onanymous are yellow-coward-left-liberal-moron-mongoloid.

      Have a miserable New Year!

      Enjoy your mental illness!

  23. Stanley you must live in a dream world!! Haha “world court” are you f’ng kidding me!!! Lol you just keep proving what a bunch of short bus,window licking morons you and the ffffers are!!! Go ahead and work on that brilliant idea Stanley!!

    1. [On Friday in Kuala Lumpur in the first ever conviction of its kind anywhere on Earth, Bush, former vice president Dick Cheney, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and five of their legal advisors were found guilty of war crimes for torture, cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment of prisoners who suffered at the hands of U.S. Soldiers and contractors in Afghanistan, Guantanamo Bay, and Iraq. The Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission convened a five-panel tribunal, and after a week-long trial delivered the unanimous guilty verdicts with full transcripts of witness statements, charges, and other materials being sent to the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, the United Nations and the Security Council. The Commission is also requesting that the names of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Gonzales, Yoo, Bybee, Addington, and Haynes be entered and added to the Commission’s Register of War Criminals for the public record.] http://www.politicususa.com/bush-cheney-war-crimes.html

  24. The title of this thread (Excuses, Excuses) seems appropriate for re-posting the following:

    #2 by Ben Liera on December 19, 2012

    Im in the process of meeting with 3 city council members in the future. With the holidays and New Years it’s tough to plan anything. For now Fullertonian is coming up with a series of articles to hold you over. After Christmas I will be releasing a you tube video.

      1. And be very very careful if God forbid, you ever need any of them do your job. (City Workers)

  25. 12/24 Transient Problem – A caller wants police to move a transient asking for money with a sign on the median at Magnolia Avenue and the 91 Freeway at 1:58 p.m.

    12/25 Transient Problem – A caller wants police to stop “aggressive panhandlers” on Harbor Boulevard and Orangethrope at 2:03 p.m.

    12/25 Transient Problem – A man has set up camp across from a caller’s address on the 3600 block of Randeee Way at 12:42 p.m.

    12/26 Transient Problem – A man is sleeping on Gilbert Street at the 91 Freeway surrounded by trash at 2:27 p.m. The man turned out to be a woman.

    12/26 Transient Problem – A security manager says a couple are sleeping on the property on the 100 block of E. Liberty Avenue at 11:42 a.m.

    12/27 Transient Problem – A white man who has been asked numerous times to leave a business on 119 W. Orangethorpe Avenue has returned, and is asleep out front at 2:44 p.m.

    12/27 Transient Problem – The inhabitants have returned to a tent that has been pitched on a caller’s property on the 1400 block of Pheasant Court at 1:08 p.m.

    12/28 Transient Problem – A caller says transients set up camp and started two fires on 512 N. Harbor Blvd. at 5:14 p.m., and asks police to send the “Delta” unit.

    12/28 Transient Problem – A man or woman is sleeping on the side of a caller’s home on Gilbert Street at Orangethorpe Avenue at 6:59 a.m.

    12/29 Transient Problem – A person is sleeping in the elevator closest to the café at the Amtrak Station at 6:59 a.m.

    12/29 Transient Problem – An employee found a man sleeping by exit eight on 1001 S. Lemon Street and wants him moved along at 11:56 p.m.

    12/29 Transient Problem – A caller wants an Asian transient removed from the prayer room on 150 S. Brookhurst Road. He asked her to leave, and says she refuses at 6:14 p.m.

    12/30 Transient Problem – An employee is willing to support trespassing prosecution of a black man sleeping by the exit on 1001 S. Harbor Blvd at 12:32 a.m. Police arrived and cited the 27-year-old Fullerton man for trespassing.

    12/30 Transient Problem – A caller wants police to move along a man who is setting up camp in front of the restaurant on 2219 N. Harbor Blvd. at 7:17 p.m.

    12/31 Transient Problem – An employee wants a “dirty white man” removed from the store on 1100 S. Harbor Blvd. who refuses to leave due to an assault that occurred there over the weekend.


    1. 12/24 Suspicious Person – A naked man is yelling obscenities in the parking lot on 136 N. Raymond Avenue at 5:52 a.m. The same man was reported on Victoria Drive and N. Acacia at 6:49 a.m.

      12/25 Suspicious Person – A man is throwing hamburgers at passing cars on Harbor Boulevard and Orangethorpe Avenue at 1:59 p.m. A caller told police the man said to stay away because he had a weapon.

      12/26 Welfare Check – A caller is concerned for a person sleeping on the sidewalk under a bridge at Gilbert Street and the 91 Freeway at 7:02 p.m. She says she gave her coffee, food and socks, but she’s worried because of the cold.

      12/30 Welfare Check – A caller wants police to check on a Hispanic woman with a small baby under the overpass on Euclid Street and the 91 Freeway.

      And probably:

      12/25 Area Check – A nurse at St. Jude says a 29-year-old who overdosed on heroin ripped the IV from his arm and walked out of the hospital at 7:43 p.m. She asked police to check the area, and return him if they can. She says he’ll be with his girlfriend, a woman with pink hair.

      12/25 Overdose – A man who overdosed on heroin is lying by a fire hydrant on W. Southgate Avenue and S. Harbor Boulevard at 5:42 p.m.

      12/27 Man Down – A man in a beanie was found face down next to the Fullerton College Public Safety Office on 321 E. Chapman Avenue at 7:56 p.m. Reports say he was so intoxicated, he was taken to St. Jude Hospital.

    2. 12/28 Dead Body – A woman found her 62-year-old husband had died at their home on the 2200 block of Virginia Road at 1:08 p.m. Russell Boyd told his wife he didn’t feel well when she left for work that morning. Police say there are no signs of foul play in Mr. Boyd’s death.

      Geez! the FPD and Fullerton’s Stories should be ashamed of themselves for posting and releasing such personal information.

      And only 1 drunk call and no DUI calls especially during the holidays?


      1. I just realized that they omit all DUI related calls from those logs. Its entirely skewered/slanted.

        Davis Barber I know you lurk here, care to explain whats going on?

        1. All those drunks in downtown Fullerton in the shadow of the Chamber of Commerce just doesn’t look good.

    1. “healthier lifestyle”……….. Hmmmmm

      Folks, obviously the Mayor of Fullerton Bruce Whitaker is absolutely correct.

      However, because his constituency consists largely of the moron mongoloids he must be politically correct so you must read between the lines and properly interpret his statement “healthier lifestyle”.

      5 Health Benefits of Masturbation

      “Masturbation is part of a healthy sex life,” says Gloria Brame, Ph.D., a clinical sexologist. “It’s totally safe and harmless. It’s healthier than brushing your teeth every day.”

      And just as brushing your teeth should be a regular occurrence, so too should be cleaning your pipes. Here are 5 reasons to take matters into your own hands right now. (You’re welcome.) See http://news.menshealth.com/masturbate-every-day/2011/12/29/

      However, I am strongly commanding that Golem should consult his Physician before he try to regularly masturbate because he can actually injure himself as describe in the above article.

      Happy New Year and Masturbation in 2013.

      1. that’s the funniest comment I’ve ever read on this blog! A+ Stanley!!! My gut’s still hurting from laughing so hard.

        1. Stanley, Leon or whoever you are at any given moment, you’re talking to yourself again.

          Just thought you should know.

  26. “The National Guard Armory on Brookhurst Road provides shelter for the homeless but only during winter months.
    A task force – formed in the wake of the July 2011 confrontation between police and mentally ill transient Kelly Thomas that led to Thomas’ death and criminal charges against three officers – has recommended establishing year-round shelters in town.
    Plans to provide year-round shelter are in the works, City Manager Joe Felz said.
    If that happens, the number of homeless on the streets will likely decrease, DeCaprio said…”

  27. Methbuster :
    Then we have people like you, Stanley Fiala, etc who have nothing to do with their day but live off the dole and post psychotic rambling messages all day.

    Actually, since I professionally masturbate myself 24/7 I am very busy and exhausted from my profession.

    Therefore, my posting of psychotic rambling messages all day is pleasuring myself to relax.

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