Doug Chaffee Gets Serious…

Okay, get beyond the hilariously portentous music and the dyed hair, and choose your favorite phrases.

“A few changes…”

“If we can ever get there…”

“Right now we’re a little short…”

“Community based policing…”

I was standing in the lobby of City Hall last week as Chaffee went to the table there to fill out a speaker card, went outside to make a phone call, and then vanished. He just couldn’t get up there to say anything. maybe he finally realized that the jig was up.

After waiting 11 months and saying zip about the Kelly Thomas murder we’re supposed to believe this limp noodle wants to reform anything?

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  1. Doug spent lavishly on this video: John Williams soundtrack, Roger Deakins cinematography, and a tank of oxygen right off-camera for when his lungs sputter out of air. Jesus he is so short of breath it seems like he could croak any minute

  2. Listen’s to this dinkwad’s buzzwords and talking points – and listen VERY CLOSELY to what he doesn’t say.

    What does community based policing to eliminate a ‘culture of corruption’ in a police force? Nada. Did Chaffee mention the ‘culture of corruption’ @ FDP that has been corroborated many times over in the last few years??? Nope! Community based policing only decentralizes the ‘culture of corruption’ so that it can be spread more thoroughly in the community! It does nothing to abate or eliminate corruption!

    Did Chafee call for ‘accountability’ of the rank and file??? Nope! If people are not punished for their wrongdoings – it only stands to reason that you’re going to get more of it.

    And now that the election is drawing closer old Doug now FINALLY sees the injustice suffered by Kelly Thomas. Sorry, Doug. You’re a day late and a dollar short, friend. Not buying the BS! 🙂

  3. Yep, knock off the soundtrack..look at the camera at least half the time and hair coloring? geesh..come on Mr C, I am not seeing any heart.
    And while we are at it, where was Paden, Alvarez, Hakim, Birsic, Georgieff, and Williams the last 11 months after Kellys death?

    1. I agree. #4 Breathing fire. “where were Paden, Alvarez, Hakim, Bursic, Georgrieff & Williams” ??????
      Those who do not campaign usually are ‘vote splitters’.

  4. Well now I feel differently. Can’t you see him standing there with a cape flowing in the breeze? If you’re gonna come late Doug, at least come strong.

  5. I am suspicious of people whom continually speak in passive voice. They misuse the English language while giving any monologue the aura of universal non-responsibility. That’s right everyone, consequences aren’t the natural repercussions of bad decisions, they just magically happen.

    1. Hi Matt, I’ve sent a private message about the sign. It was nice to see you the other day. ElleBear and I had an impromptu political table going. Several people and candidates came and went. We all enjoyed good conversations and hearing each other’s views.

  6. Breathing Fire, you don’t see any heart because he doesn’t put any into it. He is so old school and old guard, back from when people voted on familiar names and past or current seats. This is one of the mistakes the three fools have made. Another one is he thinks his political double speak will buffalo everyone.

    Tell him to stop with the political double speak and give you a straight answer and he crumbles. Ask him if McKinley is backing him and he says not openly but he doesn’t know if he is or not behind the scenes. Ask him if he supports the recall and he’ll tell you he supports the right to recall. Keep on him and he says he doesn’t support or oppose the recall and that he will not discuss it. This was my discussion with Chaffee at the candidates meet and greet a few weeks ago, including telling, not asking, him to stop with the political double speak and give me a straight answer. I finished telling him I had voted for him in the past but he no longer has my support and I’d be sure to let all my fellow Dems know. Of course, others were listening and he couldn’t finish with me fast enough. Mwahahaha

    1. SherBear, can I interest you in a “Matt Rowe” campaign sign for your yard?

      We have 2 signs:
      1) Character / Competence
      2) Compassion / Matt Rowe Fullerton City Council.


      p.s. Thanks for saying “Hi” at the Farmer’s Market last Thursday.

  7. Concerned Texan :
    I am suspicious of people whom continually speak in passive voice. They misuse the English language while giving any monologue the aura of universal non-responsibility. That’s right everyone, consequences aren’t the natural repercussions of bad decisions, they just magically happen.


  8. I get it. The older he gets the younger he looks. He must be Dorian Gray, the man who sold his soul to the devil to stay young and to try to get elected to the city council.

    Your old, your stale, your last decades news! Stay retired Doug. It is what you do best.

  9. “A little short on that…” Yeah, no kidding. I don’t even live in Fullerton, and the Kelly Thomas beating changed my whole view of the world. I have never been in trouble with the law, and now I don’t trust police the way I used to. What happened to Kelly Thomas caused me to look at every cop with a shred of doubt and suspicion. I wonder how many of them are psychopaths like Jay Cicinelli.

  10. Someone really needs to tell Doug not to hit the grog so hard before being filmed for campaign videos.

  11. By the way…this is off the topic of this video, but I’m sure most of you have probably seen that lame “Friends For Fullerton” website. I can tell you for sure now that they read this blog!

    A little birdie told me they know all about FFFF.

    Whoever runs that site is a raving lunatic and a religious nut. Maybe that might help narrow down who the trolls are who have been posting here?

  12. Whoever runs that “Friends For Jay” site is a raving lunatic and religious nut, and they obviously read the FFFF blog.

      1. > What is wrong with religion?

        Nothing at all Jay Cincinelli.

        In fact you if you actually followed it you would have stepped in and stopped those thugs from murdering Kelly instead of joining in and smashing his face in with your taser.

  13. ADMIN,

    This is also a little off topic, but responds to what Chris was saying. I just went to the Friends for Jay website and there is this AWESOME picture with McKinley and Cicinelli. Can you do something with that?

      1. > God is watching YOU!

        Calm down Jay Cincinelli. There is no need to lash out at Texan like that.

        …People with Traumatic Brain Injuries are known to have sudden fits of rage. This is why you do not give them a gun, badge and patrol car.

      2. I feel comforted that God watches over me. I think it’s partly because I pray often for Kelly Thomas and his family.

  14. Doug Chafee says nothing because he will do nothing if voted in as a councilmember. Anyone, even Tuco Maria Ramirez can figure that out!

    1. Did you notice that Jay’s wife has not posted an update to his site since January 31, 2012… and I quote ….”We just ask that the truth, whole truth is revealed”

      Well looks like God answered her prayers with the video made public


    This is enraging. I strongly urge the admins to create a separate entry on this to call attention to this lunacy.

    The central argument is that he’s innocent because he was wounded in the line of duty, and the mean nasty LAPD relegated him to desk duty after being declared medically unfit. Fullerton plays the role of the white knight by doing what LAPD wasn’t stupid enough to do. Thanks to the Kelly Thomas incident, he can’t make sergeant now (this is per some e-mails from his wife or sister, I gather). Otherwise, there’s no mention about Kelly’s death.

    You can’t make this shit up.

    1. Trina Cicinelli has experienced a psychotic break with reality. Check her post dated November 22, 2011.

      She’s winning that nobody informed Jay about the next Sargent’s exam at the FPD in December 2011 so she had to call Kevin Hamilton to inquire.


  16. Concerned Texan is 100% right. The picture with McPension is downright creepy. His grin is the thing of nightmares. It should have gone on the recall campaign flier.

    The worst part is the updates & links section. Who the fuck is this woman? OMG! What a clueless B-I-T-C-H! Plus, the only media source they link to is the OC Register.

    Thanks for pointing this out Chris.

  17. I think I saw either his wife or maybe it was McKinley sitting behind him “working him” like a puppet ..did you?

  18. Epic failure.

    The music is stupendously awful.

    Won’t look in the camera. Seems like he had too much speed mixed with cheap wine.

    Still can’t come out and say the FPD is rife with corruption. We have a few problems that will be solved by “community policing.”

    Jesus H., 3-time loser, just go away!

  19. My brother Doug is running for the Fullerton city council for the 4th time. I voted for him in 2004 and 2006 and I almost voted for him in 2010, however he brushed me off right before the election as if he didn’t want my vote. He did everything he could to keep me isolated from the prosesters in front of the police station. He apparently doesn’t that people with disabilities have the right to assembly.
    His wife Paulette has been telling people that I’m a drug addict. She has falsely accused me of getting prescriptions for pain medication from more than one doctor at the same time. Patients are required to sign a statement that they will not obtain prescriptions for pain meds from any other source if they are admitted into the program that I entered. My siblings and inlaws seem to blame my cerebral palsy on my use of opioid pain medication.
    Specialists in the field of pain management make a distinction between physical dependence and addiction. However Doug and Paulette cannot be educated. So much for his talk of Fullerton being the education community.
    Kelly Thomas was killed because a large segment of the population has a deep seated subconscious hatred of people with disabilities. Unfortunately my family is part of that segment of the population.
    I don’t think that Fullerton has the money for Doug’s solar energy program. I wonder if Doug has a financial interest in solar energy. A better idea is to have Fullerton host a thorium energy conference.
    I think that Doug is a puppet. The question is who is controlling him.

    1. Thanks for posting Bill. I honestly wish that you could have experienced the ultimate pride and great joy that I and other members of Kelly’s Army felt for standing up and doing the right thing while others chose to sit and mock us.

  20. Doug uses alcohol but he has negative attitude about prescription drugs. Once he remarked “why would I want to know anything about drugs”?There was a 60minutes program about the French paradox which resulted in a large increase in red wine. Appearently Doug missed the statement that alcohol is a drug.

  21. When I did a google search On
    physical dependence vs addiction I learned that the national institute on drug abuse recognises the distinction. I suggested that I be evaluated by an independent third party to determine whether my case is one of addiction or just physical dependence however Doug and other family members rejected the request. Drug rehab programs are paid to diagnose people as drug addicts and the don’t even recognise the importance of eye drops for glaucoma. Some nonsmokers become smokers in rehab just to fit in. Doug promised to feed my cat If I went into rehab then he took of to Las Vages. I wonder if he has a gambling addiction.

  22. I made it to the last city council meeting however Doug harassed me so I Didn’t get to speak. I wanted to ask dr jones if he heard of the distinction betwee physical dependence and addiction and if he had any comments on it. The intractable pain act of1990 and the pain patients bill of rights of 1997 are two laws that are not being enforced. I was forced out of my home on hillcrest dr after utililitieswere shut off. My mother died on 3/19/2012.Doug refused to pay money that he owes me. I would like return home run for the nov 2012 city council race.

    1. Don’t worry Bill, there is no way Doug will be elected, focus on what you can control and let go of the rest. Namaste.

  23. I wanted to attented the candidate forums and meet the candidates. In 2006 I pulled papers to run for city council. I was planning to run on a platform of advocatcating for disabled people. I didn’t know Doug was planning to run again. He said “not enough people care about that”. In response to my puposed platform. He was referring to himself, but it much worse that that. Doug and paulett really have a deep seated hatred for handicapped people. I my siblings are each getting about 1,000,000 from my mothers estate directly to them. Doug and other family members persuaded my mother to essentially cut me out and not let see she will. He doesn’t any people with disabilities in government. My home has been trashed and the refrigerator stolen.

    1. Bill, I know that you want to move back to Fullerton, and I have recently requested a meeting with your brother Doug.

      I want to help you get your house back and move back to your home town. I’ll let you know when Doug responds to my request for a meeting.



  24. Thank you for the prompt response. My family doesn’t have a problem with my younger brother using Vicodin for his back pain. I was always the family scapegoat because of the cerebral palsy which went undiagnosed for 3/8 of a century. My late brother Paul told me that I should be glad that my disability is ” not deafness or blindness or cerebral palsy”. Paul could have been educated if he had lived but my other family members have intentional ignorance. I am very aware of the misdiagnosis problem which I think is a qualification for public office.

  25. I suggested Morningside in Fullerton if my family wants keep me in an assisted living facility. Doug’s election is illegal he has deliberately forced a competitor out of town. Would the fair political practices commission be able to do anything?

  26. My personal possesions keep getting stolen in the facilities where I have been placed. Better regulation of “assisted” living facilities is badly needed.

  27. Thank you Tony, but I don’t thing that you will get anywhere, Doug. In addition to refusing to what he owes me on klimple manor, Doug used undue influence to get my mother to cut me out of my her will. My home has been trashed and confidential records were stolen. Doug didn’t want competition in his run for city council. Also doesn’t want me to amount to anything be he want’s me be the family scapegoat. Some of the people mentioned in the records are in a high risk group for being murdered. That was made very evident when I read of murder of one of people mentioned in records in the LA Times.

  28. Carla Salazar was stabed to death in her own apartment in Santa Ana in mid 1989. To the best of my knowledge the case is still unsolved. Doug referred to the minority that Carla belonged to as “very self-centered”.

  29. I feel bad that I “lost it” at about 10pm on 7/6/12. I have had 11 operations on my right knee and not long after I found a place to sit down somebody recognizes me and approached. I made the sexist assumption that she would empathize with me largely because she is a woman. I am not immune to society’s
    faults. I wish I had learned of the art show sooner. If I had been able to help out then I would have had access to the back room where I sit down when I needed to. When my pain is adequately controlled I don’t have such a short temper. The FDA has impeded research into an adult stem cell treatment which could restore knee cartilage.

  30. I have decided to make most of my posts on FFFF at this location pertaining to my self and family members in order to group them together, that way people who know where they are can choose to or not to read them.
    Regarding my behavior on 7/6/12 at about 10 pm. The term “lost it” is a popular euphemism for unaccecptable and just plain stupid behavior. I would not have resisted if her friend had decided to punch me out but he chose not to. He has my vote if he decides to run for office.
    A social disadvantage that I have I am deficient in the ability to recognize faces. I look for the tattoo on her right arm in order to be sure that I have spotted Marlena Carrillo, and other I look for other non-facial clues in order to ID other people.
    Given the frequency with which eye witness to crime ID the
    wrong person, I think it is a common problem.
    A 20/20 program mentioned that the term for it is prosopagnosia.

  31. Regarding the above mentioned incident where I “lost it”. I said to the above mentioned person five or six times “you’re not listening” she said the exact same thing in response to my statement every time. I should said “what did you hear me say?”.
    My impulse control problem was not nearly that bad prior to 2011. I attribute the increased impulse control problem to a decline in my health which my family has deliberately induced.
    The assisted living that I’m in is not air conditioned. The dew point temperature is about 72 deg F. Indoors. The relative humidity is 100% when the air temperature is the same as the dew point temperature.

  32. Another thing that bothers me about assisted living is the filthy conditions. Staff members always handle food with their bare hands. Once I became violently I’ll after eating.

    1. A lot of demented psychopaths are attracted to assistant living facilities. Quite a few of Al “Albey Al the Rapist” Rincon’s friends work at these facilities.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if he hasn’t slinked his way in either.

  33. I have been placed in an unpleasant in enviornment becaused I made the mistake of telling the truth in January 2011. My mother moved to Oregon in 1999 after my sister and her husband moved there. In nov 2010 I received a call that my mother had suffered a silent heart attract which resulted in congestive heart failure. I stayed with my sister and family’s home for 2 days, which was next door to my mothers house. I made the mistake of being honest when asked what medications I was using. The meds included oral morphine. My sister and her husband Duncan immediately went to my mother and told her that I’m on drugs. Of course Doug was notified. Doug put a stop payment on a $5,000 check that was sent to me as a distribution from klimple manor as my share of the operating profit. My mother died the following march 19.
    Paulett tried to have the appointment cancelled that I made the orthopedic doctor that has done previous surgeries on my r. Knee. She not only doesn’t want me to have pain medication,she doesn’t want to find out what can be done about the underlieing cause of the pain.
    They made sure that they wouldn’t get any competion from me in the recall election. Doug is the ultimate dirty campaigner.

  34. If a home goes into foreclosure, then I don’t think that it should be permissible, to modify the home in a way that makes it less handicap accessible before putting the home on the market. Ripping out a tile floor and then putting in a high pile carpet with foam padding makes it very difficult for both wheelchair users and people with certain types arthritis.
    Doug said that local government doesn’t have the power to ban the practice. Doesn’t that assume that such an ordinance would be challenged in court? I don’t know why it would be burdensum enough to warrant challenging it.

  35. From 1977 until 1980 I had an electrology (permanent hair removal business) at 1913 E 17th street ste 103 in Santa Ana. I made a profit in 1979, however business collaspsed and my lease expired in1980.
    My business included three groups, women with unwanted
    hair, people seeking a sex reassignment (M to F), and men with unwanted hair. I passed out business cards at transsexual support groups in an effort to get more business.
    One person who used the name Carla Doughtery came to me for removal of facial hair and also referred a friend of hers to me. Carla had sex reassignment surgery in 1979 at age 25.
    An LA Times article dated July 1, 1989 had the title stabbling victim was transsexual. The article went on to say that Carla Salazar was found FULLY CLOTHED on the floor of the living room of her apartment in the 1600 N Bush block in
    Santa Anna. I didn’t know if it was the Carla that I knew because a different last name was used so I called so I called her friend. I was told “it was her”.
    The Norbys seem to be much more tolerant of people that want to be the other sex than my family. Sadly June Norby died prematurely of pancreatic cancer.
    Doug commented “people that have had the sex change are very self centered” What is his definition of self centered and what is the basis of his statement? My late mother said “it turns my stomach”. My sister and her husband have very strong Christian beliefs. My late brother Paul seemed to be
    nonjudgmental, he had right personality be a phd psychologist.
    The hostility that a large segment of the population has toward gender dysphorics is the main reason that I’m afraid that the records removed from my home could result in more
    more murders. It is my belief that gender dyphoria is caused by neurological intersex condition.

    I’m not sexually attracted to men, however I have been called a faggot so I guess you could call me a nongay faggot.
    Some mannerisms that some people perceive as feminine might be caused by cp. If I had been isolated form Kelly’s
    Army then maybe I would have found somebody that I could have had a long term relationship with. I think that Kelly also wanted to have a woman friend.
    My family’s reference to me as a “drug addict” might be motivated a negative attitude toward gender dysphorics.

  36. Correction-I meant to say that if I that if I had NOT been kept isolated from Kelly’s Army then maybe I could have found somebody that I could have had a long term relationship with.

  37. Aside from gender dysphoria there is the privacy issue. People that have had hair removal often don’t want other people to know abou it.
    I had books written by people out in the open in my home.
    That may have contributed to the trashing of my home.
    The version of th Americans with disability act (ada)
    that passed the house did not contain the words
    homosexuality, bisexuality or transsexualism. The version that passed both houses and was signed into law contained all three terms however it didn’t put homosexuals or bisexuals in the same category as child molestors, however it did put transsexuals category as child molestors.
    That’s why I regard the ADA as a Trojan horse. The ADA has not been effective in helping people with disabilities.

  38. I would rather support somebody else whose platform includes advocating for people with disabilities but I haven’t seen that happen. There are some kinds of work that I could do if I received proper medical care. I pulled papers to run for city council in November. I think that my family is trying to keep me out Fullerton so I won’t qualify. If I just got on the ballot it would establish that people with disabilities have a right to run for office.

  39. I need proper medical care if I’m going to survive. I lived in Fullerton all my life and I want to be a part of the community.

  40. I just learned that my brother in law sent a letter to a doctor that was willing to treat my pain say that he can’t treat me any more. I think that I probably have congestive heart failure, however I can’t get my symptoms be taken seriously. It is easier for me to sleep in a reclining chair, however I don’t have access to it in the board and care place that I have been put in. The deliberately induced stress that my family is puting is certainly not good for that has a heart problem.
    I don’t think that my family is any better than the cops at the Kelly Thomas fatal beating.

  41. If I actually got elected to the Fullerton city council then I would have a good chance survival because city council members receive excellent medical benefits and because I would have something to live for.
    If I were filthy rich then I think that I would try to have a ventricular assist device installed. It makes more sense to have it installed before causes chf causes serious organ damage rather than afterward.

  42. I predicted that Doug would run for city council again when the recall went through. He got in with about 42%of the vote in a low out election. He probably spent the most per vote. But there is still the question, who does he work for?

  43. I have indicated on a number of occasions that I would like to try hyperbaric oxygen therapy (hbot). I would have tried it already if I had as much access to medical care as my siblings. It it my understanding that some people with neurological problems have benefited from it. If you have had personal experience with it, then please let me know.

  44. I shouldn’t have to post my personal medical problems in order to get medical treatment however that seems to be the situation that my family has put me in.

  45. Each of my siblings are receiving ove a million dollars from my mother estate. However Doug used undo influence to get my mother to cut me out of her will.

  46. Doug is a hardened criminal. I didn’t know that until after my mother died. My family is being permitted to make my life a living hell, notwithstanding laws that are supposed to protect people with disabilities.

  47. I sure wish i knew how to do clips from city council meetings. During the last city council meeting (mwd discussion) the intrepid mr. Chaffee stated (as part of his qualifications) ” I have the ability to read and understand books”.!!!!!


  48. Doug wants my health to be destroyed so that I won’t be a political threat. I have taken positions on energy policy that are different from his. I regard “green” energy as a scam that is deliberately designed to drive up energy prices in order to increase energy poverty. People with disabilities are far more likely to be affected by energy poverty than the able bodied.

  49. Paulette’s mother was on both morphine and fentinyl, but that was o.k.,because she didn’t have cerebral palsy.

  50. Doug endangered lives when he drove an indicated 120 mph. On Bastanchury Road in a Ferrari (the Ferrari was forfeited by a client who couldn’t pay his legal bills). Now he support’s “sobriety checkpoints”. I’m not sure which way that I would have voted on the issue. I think that I would have requested more information. However Doug’s position seems hypocritical to me.

  51. The jerks at the board and care facility that I’m in got me a new cell phone with a new number. What happened to number portability? The new phone is smaller and more difficult to use. I was not allowed to be present when either phone was picked out. They keep denying that they are being controlling.
    There is no number posted to call an Umbudsman at this facility.

  52. Wow! A micro study in Sociology: “what results when people can remain anonymous and get to type all they want?” Like Communism, it seems to steer people toward the absurde.

    I just stumbled upon this site, and I’m in awe that the speech is so consistently groundless, inconsistent, and downright hate filled? No moderators, I’d guess?

    I must be the only hypocrite that exists? Well, besides every politician, or person with money, and even newspaper writers are, according to what I’ve been reading. Its all a big conspiracy, and I’m angry I’m not a part of it! At least thats my take on what I’ve read.

    Oh well, I’m forgiven, and being so, its seems natural to do the same. Something I’m very grateful for. I can’t help but think of the few Fullerton PD’s that I know, one that shared classrooms with me from Rolling Hills all they way through High School. They’ve taken two pay cutt’s yet still work. Both are great dads, and are willing to do a job that I am glad I don’t have to do. Unimaginable ugliness, day in and day out. I’m be nuttier than I already am!

    So I guess what I’m trying to say is simple:

    Rule # 1: Life isn’t fair. Rule # 2: When its not fair, refer to rule one.

    A total of 84 comments attacking in some way, Doug Chaffee. Not one of them, “zero,” praise or even acknowledge his efforts — for doing or saying anything, at all, not one? Even if you don’t like his policy, just his willingness to be subjected to certain slander and public scrutiny in wha, in the last ten years, has become a city wide mudslinging contest. No thank you’s? Nothing? Just misinformed jokes, about a man they can’t know.

    From what I can tell, the sling-fest might have started back when some affluent members of our local “Christian” right wing community; who happen to live in large homes with large properties — disturbingly close to Coyote Hills. (One more reason not to wear your religion on your sleeve.) Small falsehoods lead to bigger ones, we all know. Both curious and wishing to rid major intersections I traveled on daily, from the visual clutter the code breaking signs were, I asked a few of them why they hadn’t gone down to Signs By Ron, down on Commonwealth? “He wouldn’t charge that much,” I said. “I’m sure you have the financial wherewithal to do so; that “professional signs would be less of an eye sore,” plus “they’d just-plain-look-better.”

    To my (youthfully ignorant) surprise they replied, “We keep the Save Coyote Hills signs intentionally “Folksy.” We wouldn’t want people to think that the movement was started by people with self serving interests? And “Code enforcement is less likely to take them down for sign violations.” (After all, they looked like they may as well say, “Lenimaid – 5 – Sent.” )

    Mr. Chafee is an honorable man — period. Quiet, yep, but a darn good man with a very big and well-meaning heart. I wan’t to say “shame on you,” for spewing nonstop vitriol, but by doing so, I’d be just like the other people on this site. And I for one, am tired of the petty things we distract ourselves from ourselves, by doing, or saying, or writing?

    Doug does his own gardening. He digs his own soil, weeds his planters, and does so because he’s the type of person, like me, that not only enjoy’s working with the earth, but who likely feels a bit emasculated when others do things for him. All a part of the “pioneer spirit” that I’m not certain is actually a good thing, but its not a terrible one. I have a jar of his home made apricot preserves in my cupboard, a better gift is hard to come by.

    I’ve done the growing and canning of apricots myself, and I didn’t want to share them with anyone! It was a lot of work, and I’m selfish, self centered, and a friend of Bill’s. (If you know what that means.) Aware of my many defects, I’m doing my best to rid myself of such behavior. Its one day at a time that I can do so. I’m honest — yes, but perfect? Heck no.

    So he’s not on oxygen, he’s not drunk, he’s a soft spoken man, who had the willingness to be slandered over and over in his attempt to serve the community he loves.

    I’ve been involved with the Chaffee Family for over ten years, and haven’t heard a negative syllable out of Doug Chafee the entire time. We can curse him for being born into an affluent family, with a well known obsessive compulsive black sheep in the family, yet until recently, they spent their own time and money attempting to allow him a “normal” life.

    Unfortunately, when it comes to mental illness, the one who has it seems to be the last to know.

    I’m glad I found the site; at least I know where to go if I wan’t say something kind — and have it be noticed. Though this site may need change its name to something more appropriate; something like “Whiners Anonymous?” “WA” would work.

    We get what we give, and I can only hope that some of the comments and story writers can see that they are equal, at best with what they are so openly (a joke) protesting.

    My last comment? Doug also was a Peace Corp volunteer. Selfish type of guy, right?

    Good luck,

    David Gardner
    (Yes, the one you know.)
    Enjoy your day.

    1. “A total of 84 comments attacking in some way, Doug Chaffee. Not one of them, “zero,” praise or even acknowledge his efforts — for doing or saying anything, at all, not one? ”

      His efforts? What efforts? The man is a “zero.”

      1. Dear Joe Sip-o-Wicz,
        (reminds me of Steve Martin’s: “Cup-o-pizza”),

        Do you work for Fox News? Or do you just watch the 24 hours of daily B.S. One sentence – taken out of context – IS NOT a valid argument. If your IQ is on the low side of the bell curve – then I apologize and regret your inability to understand the world around you. How all of us fit in it together, and are either a positive or negative force, whether we can see it or not. Your words shout truth, pointing to the real “zero.”

        Like closet homosexuals, chanting anti-homosexual rhetoric; the one yelling the loudest, is doing so to cover their own homosexual desires. That secret which kills any hope for peace or love in their lives is a heavy rock to hold; as they put all their effort into continuing to hold it as to block them from accepting themselves as they are. Its a pitiful way to live; I’m sorry for you.

        I’ll try to help by posting the sentence that immediately followed the one you chose as your platform. (As was done without regard to context, truth, or any form of self decency, and was also short sited – narrow minded – nieve and self serving slander; like much else on this board.)

        I’ll help. The sentence that follows the one used as the basis of reply: (typo – found and corrected upon a re-read)

        “Even if you don’t like his policy, just his willingness to be subjected to certain slander and public scrutiny in what in the last ten years, has become a city wide mudslinging contest. No thank you’s? Nothing? Just misinformed jokes, about a man they can’t know.”

        I’ll add to that:

        “Bill Chaffee is a non-politician: quiet, peaceful, and not part of the “good ole boy network.” The ones who stand quietly in the back ground; “placing” chosen people (Like the grandios, manic depressive, drugging, drinking, gambling multi-millionaire – swindler – Scott; recently appointed to the commission by the very same people. Its the stepping stone to council, they told me. (Something that was offered to myself from them; yet rejected — as I don’t believe in local polotics being filled by parents with young children, but reserved for people with experience and the free time to truly serve while on the council.
        In other words, “70 year olds,” as was just quoted on this site as a negative? For some ignorant reason?
        (Likely written by an early twenty something who blindly sees 70, as old and feeble.)

        Subjecting yourself to this mudslinging “is an effort in itself.” For that alone, he-can-not-be-a-“zero.”
        (For you Joe.)

        Joe, are you running for elected office? How would you feel to see complete fabrications and lies about yourself in print? Or see this silly board and its ridiculous self-righteous, misinformed and unhelpful in any way comments?
        (I’m thinking like the open minded, “Tea Party” type. They remind me of Jr High. “Eww, yucky; I can’t vote for her, she has a zit!)

        I take it that its your goal to add more than you take in life, and you can’t wait to be of service to the community that you grew up in? That your motivation is to make the world a better place, and as what was so eloquently said about my daughter as she graduated from Jr. High as one of two students out of three to four hundred, that were honored to be invited up to the podium as she won the citizenship award, “a quiet leader who accepts others for who they are.” A quality profoundly perfect, and one you are likely striving for yourself.

        I forgive you. Whatever secrets your holding that are making you ill — let them out to someone. You may find peace after all.

        This chapter should be closed. Its become the “Bill Chaffee – personal-mental-masterbation exercise page. “Someone is listening to me? Cool. I’m looking at everyone to blame for my own issues besides the guy who lives my life, aka -myself” – rant board.

        Bill, get your own blog and invite these people to read on.

        Otherwise, I have a life to live other than getting ten emails a day on what “Bill” has to say about how unfair everything is today and why.”

  53. I didn’t see post 85 until today. I’ve been checking this site less frequently. There seems to be more than one David Gardner in the area based on a google search.
    I wondered if I have obsessive compulsive neurosis when I read about it in a high school health textbook in the summer of
    1966 at FUHS. The word disorder has been substituted for neurosis, however Wikipedia still has a listing under neurosis.

  54. I am the only member of the Chaffee family the was born in Fullerton. There is a “NO TRESPASSING” sign in front of the building that I was born in. As I stated previously, I was born at 201 E. Amerage in Fullerton on Saturday Feb. 24, 1951 at
    3:20 am. I was first diagnosed as having cerebral palsy on Sept 6, 1988 by Dr. Mark Weissig.

  55. I have not received any indication that Doug wants to repair the relationship but I guess that I will try by saying “happy birthday Doug” (Doug was born Nov 9, 1943.) It is my understanding that Doug was born a month early because mother was in an auto accident .

  56. Paulette almost always picks up the phone when I try to call Doug. That makes it difficult to know if Doug wants to repair the relationship.

  57. I doubt if Doug reads this site, however I think that somebody might relay information about some of the posts to him.

  58. Although Dr. Weissig is the first doctor to diagnose me as having me as having cerebral palsy, there were other doctors who asked me if I have cerebral palsy BEFORE I was diagnosed with the condition. I failed to self diagnose my CP. There have been other occasions that I have been criticized for engaging in self diagnoses.

  59. The name David Gardner is starting to seem familiar however I still can’t remember who is. I would probably remember if the context in which we met was mentioned.

  60. I didn’t gain interenet accesst unital 2004. Some members of my family didn’t want me to gain internet at all. Early searches pertained to prostate cancer because my late brother Paul (4/15/1945-6/30/2007) had a recurrence after being diagnosed in 1994. Paul was a phd psychologist who lived in hingham MA. I had to make several requests for his phone number after I heard of his recurrence. Other members are incredibly ignorant about medical matters. Paulette thought there is only kind of anemia. I wanted to help Paul and I think that he wanted to help me but the geographic separation was a problem. Paul’s widow is a nurse and I like her better than my other inlaws but I havn’t Heard from her.
    I think that most people with non obvious physical handicaps are treated the way that I am. That is one reason that I’m making these posts.

  61. Some of my posts dealt with policy issues including handicap access, unsolved murders and energy policy (people have been murdered because of disagreements over energy policy).
    Maybe it is unrealistic to think that I have a chance of getting into office. Society is determined to keep people with disabilities out of office.

  62. A person who really has a controlling personality is my religious extremist brother in law. He seems to be of view that you have to die in agony in order to go to heaven.

  63. I had misgivings about the recall of Dr. Jones because at least he was medically knowledgeable. I didn’t get a chance to interact with him as a result of being forced out of Fullerton by my family, so I didn’t know which way to vote on the issue.

  64. Board and care facilities are subject to large temperature swings. The thermostat is located near the front door which is often left open. Some staff members like it much much warmer than others. If the “Greens” want to take on a cause this should be one of them.

  65. Regarding the suggestion that I get my own blog, I have been allowed to have an Ipad-it might be possible to set up a blog with an IPad but I don’t know how to do it. I have been allowed to have enough money to buy fuel for my can but not enough for proper maintenance and (hopefully minor) repairs. My family turned on me after my late mother died.
    I would rather have a desktop with a land line rather that a wireless device. I much more concern about microwave radiation than I do about radiation from nuclear power plants.

  66. Typo correction, The word at the end of line 2 should read car. I wish there was a way to correct posts after they are made.

  67. I have more than one IQ. When I entered the first grade most of the time I would sit passively and daydream or stare at the clock (I knew how to tell time before I entered kindergarten). Then I was given an individualally administered IQ test. My mother was told that I scored “off the books on the verbal part of the test but that I wouldn’t touch the puzzles”. Appearently I had the highest possible score on verbal part of the test and the lowest possible score on the performance part of the test and therefore the largest possible difference between my verbal IQ and my performance IQ on that particular test. If there are 4 standard deviations of difference between the floor and the ceiling of that particular test (seems to be typical) then there would have been 4 standard deviations of difference between my verbal IQ and my performance IQ.

  68. After I was given the IQ test my first grade teacher would sneak up behind me than she would shake me and say “Mr. May says you’ve got to get to work(Mr. May was the school principal). I came to the conclusion that parents spank and that teachers shake and that shaking doesn’t hurt as much as spanking. However I wasn’t so sure after she started shaking me harder and longer.
    I realized that my conclusion was wrong when I advanced to the second grade.
    Several decades later there was publicity about severe brain injuries caused by shaking. It make me wounder if the shaking added to my birth injury.

  69. There has been a frequent reference to IQ on this blog which is one reason that I brought it up .
    Doug claims that Fullerton has an excellent school system. I don’t know what he means by that. I had some good instructors and some poor ones. I liked summer school better than the school year because bullies wern’t a problem then And I didn’t have to take PE. However ostracism was always a problem. There were an odd number of students in my chemistry class and I was the one that didn’t have a lab partner. Now I have been exiled from Fullerton. I can’t watch the council meeting on Channel three.

  70. From post 44 to 108, ten were not written by Bill Chaffee.

    Sixty four comments, fifty four from Bill.
    He even reply’s to himself? Time to close the thread.

    I, for one, am busy; and am tired of getting emails that the post has been updated by, “surprise,” Bill Chaffee!

    Sorry Bill, its not that I’m part of society that is out in secret meetings, figuring out ways to keep our physically or mentally ill individuals down — but how about within reason? Not anti-crazy, just anti-abuse of a public board.

    P.S. In response to the peace corps being some sort of terrible place because of one murder by a schizophrenic, and that the people in charge didn’t handle it well?
    (I’m sure YOU would have handled it as well as if you had a large PR firm at your side.)
    In balance, I’d say if thats the best you have to say how bad it is, then I’ll vote its a terrific institution. Imagine, people “volunteering,” how un-American can you get? A very weak argument; if I was persuaded to change my opinion of the corps based on the one wikipedia article, I’d be staying in the room next to Bills. Yikes.

  71. My take on the murder of Deborah Gardner (post 90) is that it was committed by a non Schizophrenic who was misdiagnosed as schizophrenic. People are harmed more often than they are helped by a misdiagnosis. In this case priven was able to milk the misdiagnosis for all it was worth.

  72. I don’t feel good about bashing Doug. I had lookeded up to him as a brother and I thought that he was honorable. He seems to have changed for the worse. I called him a hardened criminal, however I think that more likely his actions are the result of a mental health problem. The same for Paulette. Maybe Paul’s death affected him more than he admits.

  73. I have dozens of invention ideas, including a way to prevent heat deaths in pets. Is it possible that at least one of my ideas is both patentable and marketable? If I had been treated the same way as my siblings by my mothers estate, then I would been able to hire an engineer to help me to develop my ideas.

  74. Are there any women’s board and care facilities that don’t have mirrors in them? If there are any then do any of them belong to Cerna? Even in the 21st century sexism seems to be rampant.

  75. If my family had its way then people wounl be required to pass sexist physical fitness standards in order to run for public office.

  76. Doug will not say what his religious views are but he needs to be cornered and asked what his religious views are.

  77. Doug was of draft age during the Vietnam war and his draft number was low enough so that he would have been subject to the draft if he had not received deferments until after the age of 26. He tried to join the navy after graduating from law school but he didn’t qualify for the position that he wanted because of defective color vision. Then he joined the peace corps.

  78. During the Vietnam war Doug commented “I think that we should go all out, we’ve been pussyfooting around for to long”. However he wasn’t willing to join military unless he got his choice position in his choice service. He joined the peace corps because he didn’t want to be drafted into the army.
    He could have served in the army and then and then joined the peace corps if he wanted to.

  79. For the record I am a virgin and I am not a sperm donor. I regard sperm donation as a prostitution if money changes hands. I bring this up because some I have been asked if I could have children that I don’ t know about.

  80. Post 121 was an impulse post. I could have posed the rhetorical question “Is sperm donation prostitution if money changes hands?”. As an after thought I realized that a woman could have children that she doesn’t know about if she is an egg donor.

  81. My ipad always says “Capital I” after I type the first letter of a word that starts with with I”. If there weren’t numerous other factors involved then I wouldn’t see that as evidence of a negitive attitude toward handicapped people. My writing speed is even slower than my typing speed. I received failing grades essay tests because I can’t write more than 2 or 3 words a minute for more than a few minutes.

  82. When I was of draft age I was hoping to get a low draft number. I was hoping that a military physical would detect physical problems which civilian doctors had over looked. I would not have been able to keep up with the other soldiers if I had been drafted, however I don’t know how the military would have delt with it. I thought of going into a recruiting station and asking if I could be trained in meteorology.

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