Doc HeeHaw Ain’t Skeered Of No Change

Here’s everyone’s favorite Fullerton council yokel F. “Dick” Jones robbing folks who are forced to listen of three minutes of their lives – precious time they’ll never get back. True there are none of the usual vertiginous rants about make-believe central Asian countries, Hitler, syphilis, or Galveston’s Red Light District; but I challenge you to follow a single thread woven into this rhetorical demolition derby.

I especially liked the irony of the Angry Big Gummint swerve there in the middle of the speech from this biggest of all Big Gummint boobs. Being afraid of change? Was that supposed to be some kind of joke?

And he doesn’t know the difference between a storm drain and a sewer? Really?

We now know Dr. Heehaw won’t pay twelve bucks for a car wash; and of course we already know this jackass is utterly clueless about why over 17,500 of his fellow Fullerton voters signed up to recall him.

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  1. The reason why this idiot thinks anybody cares about what he has to say about car washes is that same reason why he can’t figger out why he’s being recalled.

    This butthole said ten times more about more a car wash than he said about his cops murdering a human being.


      1. Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg said today that he believes an effort to extend the life of local redevelopment agencies through April 15 is “not going to happen.”

        Legislation to that effect, Senate Bill 659 by Democratic Sen. Alex Padilla, faces a Tuesday deadline for winning passage in the state Assembly, in addition to the planned Feb. 1 date of closure for the agencies

        “I’m skeptical,” Steinberg said. “I think the speaker is skeptical, and the governor is dead set against the bill. The focus needs to be on recreating a new set of economic development tools for cities and not on trying to keep alive the current form.”

        1. “development tools for cities”? WTF!

          What ever happened to letting the free market dictate the fate of our community and our country?

    1. It’s jackasses like Doc Jones who prescribe the wrong medicine and leave tools & other utensils in their patients.

  2. And WHERE is that $11 million dollar loss coming from, Dick? Think hard…… Don’t make it sound like its the fault of the citizens that caused the multi million dollar payouts and legal fees. What an asshole.

  3. Wait, I mis-heard… abolishment of redevelopment is causing the loss? My apologies.
    I need to do my homework, I dont understand this statement. So what is the new low income multi family (aka Soco Projects) housing complex on Santa Fe if not redevelopment?

    1. You mean the low income housing development that those who make less than $60000 a year can’t qualify to buy?

      1. that’s the one…but I’m sure HUD voucher holders will qualify just like the “efficiency living” apartments on Lemon/Commonwealth.

    2. Redevelopment doesn’t officially end until Feb. 1. They’re ramming these projects through in order to get the bond money in time..

  4. And at no point did he explain why it was necessary to approve a zoning variance so that this car wash could built at a non major intersection, despite the pleas of the homeowners with houses backing up to it.

  5. Tha’s right! That car wash’ll bring in mo’ taxes, an’ we NEED them taxes a’cuz they’s takin’ redevelopment from us! The residents livin’ right behind it will see their property values go up cuz there’ll be a car wash a few feet away from them, Ah guess….Anyway, we used redevelopment ta’ build that skateboard park so’s the property values in that neighborhood would go up, uh, ceptin’ we had ta’ close the park on account’a all the drug dealin’ in it….how does this redevelopment thing work again…?

    1. You mean without Redevelopment we won’t be able to spend all that money on parks and then close em off to the public like we got to do at the Valencia Skateboard Park and the Union Pacific Park?

      1. Come over here Louie, come get a picture of the chain link. Gosh do ya think without Redevelopment there wouldn’t be enough money to fence these parks off after they build em?

  6. Oh shucks. Just keep me in office. I like how all the old’ ladies think I’m sexy. Let’s just wwerk it ou ya all. Yeah aww.


  7. Video cameras at street intersections.
    FPD patroling the homeless population.
    At the skate board park, no cameras & no FPD.
    Now =no park

  8. OH MY HE’S RAMBLING! I actually felt sorry for the poor guy watching this. He might as well be in a bed at a nursing home talking endlessly to his deaf roommate.

    Guys, after he’s out of office, give an old man some respect and send him old 1950s council agendas and staff reports each week so the old guy can still think he’s the mayor.

  9. It is not a loss of eleven million dollars in redevelopment funding, it is the end of our state giving petty, municipal government eleven million dollars taken from hard-working tax payers.
    and if the community extremely desires a skate park, then an entrepreneur may buy a vacant lot or abandoned strip mall, office bldg , tear it down, build a skate park and charge admission to the private enterprise called a skate park. the plus in this plan is tax payers won’t have to pay for a skate park rarely used by them.
    Dick Jones foolishly laments the loss of his bread and circuses approach to ruling Fullerton.
    we, the good people of Fullerton, don’t want or need government to provide us diversions . what we want is not a skate park but a municipal government that does not take redevelopment monies and transform it into their personal wealth(now a moot point) . However, the end of redevelopment money will not cure the cronyism or kickbacks to the evil three and their cronies ons,Jones,McKinley,Bankhead.

    he role of municipal government is to provide an infrastructure that protects the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Police and fire protects our rights and property, schools gives us the knowledge that allows us to pursue pursue “happiness” through industriousness and enterprise.
    how does a skate park protect my individual rights?
    Fullerton’s municipal government oversteps itself when it presumes the needs and wants of the community and then takes our tax dollars and serves us up some dopey scheme that guarantees money flows into our civic leaders pockets

    1. “[T]he role of municipal government is to provide an infrastructure that protects the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.”

      Well said.

      1. thank you, Christian. If people uphold and adhere to our Constitution instead of interpreting it to meet the immediate needs of (insert politician’s name), then the formula is simple; how does this public works, policy, statute truly protect my individual right to life, libery and pursuit of happiness?
        Skate parks, festivals, paying 6 million for a lot so to move a Mcdonald’s a few feet from its original site does not protect my individual rights.

  10. Anybody else notice how Doc HeeHaw’s right arm seems to be disconnected from the rest of him as it waves around? I wonder if that arm doesn’t belong to Dick Ackerman who is hiding under the dais table.

  11. I say all those who willl have this car wash near your house…record the music being blasted from 8 am unti 8 pm …and go to Jonses house and see if he likes the 20 different music wars..that always go on at a self car wash…when he said there are 4 way to wash a car- you know this fat lump o lard hasnt gotten a bucket a washed anything in 17 years…DOUCHE

  12. Kevin, you got it, it is the most disjointed bunch of thoughts and words coming out of his mouth but this is not the first time. Sad really and also sad that the ego that is Jones’ cannot see himself and step down.
    To: Van Artiste…yep …yep!
    To: Just Plain Weird: ROFLMAO!!! Soooo true and scary!

  13. Jones and McKinley will never get over themselves.
    Bankhead seems to have some hope as we haven’t heard much blathering from him.

  14. Wrong Guy: no blathering from Bankhead as he is sleeping thru a lot of the meetings. Heard he made a fool of himself in the OC Waste Management meeting last week. Oh what we see might just be the tip of the iceberg!

  15. So, they’re “not afraid” of the recall or change?

    Why then is Tony’s name plastered all over the “Recall No” page? lol

    Rather than say, “This is why you shoud oppose the recall” and TRY to tout their “accomplishments,” all they do is sing, “Tony Tony Tony has done it again”.

    1. Accomplishments:
      1) Higher taxes
      2) More debt
      3) Police corruption
      4) Payoffs to cover up the above
      5) and did I mention higher taxes?

  16. Just shows they are infuriated with Tony because he helped expose those ‘crooks’ and they got NO defense, as well as NO intelligence.

  17. This video clip was the funnest part of the Council meeting. I have been talking about it since Tues.
    Thank you Dick for all the entertainment. Now go out to pasture.

  18. I love how Jones corkscrews off onto redevelopment and then chastises someone in the audience (you) for wanting a skateboard park – the one built by redevelopment (misuse) but closed because the good old boys couldn’t figure out how to keep it open.

    This imbecile is a walking, talking advertisement for his own recall.

  19. Thank you Dick. I am now dumber for having listened to your speech.

    But please tell me more about removing scum from my windows.

  20. For the first three minutes I was hiding under the desk to hand mime for the doctor. I just couldn’t resist the repeat performance, and this time I wasn’t even handcuffed!

    1. He is referring in his own Jones-speak to the NPDES – the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System – a requirement of the Clean Water Act.

      Apparently Heehaw likes it when the scum off the back of his fourteen cars runs into the Pacific Ocean.

  21. Why does this boob find it necessary to lecture people on how to wash their car? Is he really that clueless about his own self-importance?

  22. I hate to say this, but this stupid old boob Doc Heeha is so damn entertaining, I think we’re going to miss him after he gets recalled.

    1. me too. I have to admit that sometimes he gets me rolling in laughter . I guess that’s why they called it the HeeHaw Show.

    1. Yes, you would think so. But 15 years of people kowtowing to him and sucking up his obnoxious behavior has taught him that there’s no down side to being a loud, rude, ignorant cretin.

  23. The Fullerton Harpoon :
    Yes, you would think so. But 15 years of people kowtowing to him and sucking up his obnoxious behavior has taught him that there’s no down side to being a loud, rude, ignorant cretin.


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