Travis Kiger Gets Under Skin of Loathesome Liberals

First off, let’s get one thing clear. Some of my best friends are liberals. We go way back. They are confused and misguided, but I like them and they like me (I think).

Then there are some of the local Democrats who are no better than our OC repuglican crew – except that they inhabit a Red County and don’t get to tap into the scratch. You know who I mean: The sad sacks at Liberal OC, for for whom no idiot Democrat is too low or too stupid to dream up outlandish apologies.

Geez. He uses power tools. He's already smarter than the average Planning Commissioner.

It seems that the chief of this scabrous tribe has got it into his noggin to criticize my friend Travis Kiger for an incomplete and unsatisfactory application to the Fullerton Planning Commission. Dan Chmielewski thinks this is some sort of breech of transparency and takes Travis to task as some sort of hypocrite. Of course, the idea of anyone who prostitutes himself for Boss Agran’s crooked Irvine machine talking about transparency is downright laughable.

It was a slow month for liberal news.

Alas, Travis didn’t list an employer or a single reference. Well so what? The appointment is a recommendation from a City Councilman (Bruce Whtaker) who is personally responsible for the appointment. And that’s what we promote here: accountability. Dan C and his cohorts should try it some time.

Here’s the truth: upon assuming office Travis will have to submit a Form 700 and then Curious Dan and Jerbal Cunningham can have a look at his financial interests. And that’s transparency.

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33 thoughts on “Travis Kiger Gets Under Skin of Loathesome Liberals

  1. Dan’s non-transparency shtick is pretty short-sighted. I’ve expressed more views publicly than the rest of the applicants (save, perhaps, for my friend Greg Sebourn.)

  2. Dear Dan,

    Before ever posting anything related to Fullerton again please refer to the instruction manual and follow step one. It reads “Remove head from rear”. If for any reason this does not clear things up for you please move on to step two which reads “Repeat step one”. Based on your comments these tips are certain to help you.

    You should have asked the Friends for help a long time ago.

  3. Dan, just for future reference, Travis is the favorite Son of Ffffuftville. You would be better off walking into Saddleback Church with a “Jesus is a Hypocrite” T shirt as to go after Travis. He evokes nobility and heroism from those of us who are flawed sinners. I actually felt that I could easily beat up a 600lb blow hard in defense of this fine young man. I’m a much better target. We should do lunch. We can go liberal first. Maybe the Gypsy Den.

  4. I wonder if, when he applied to be a planning commissioner in Orange, the Jerb listed the Children and Families Commission as his de facto employer!

  5. On of the things that bothers me the most about people like Dan and Chris, is that they sit in the cheap seats and critizize guys like Travis and Sean, allthewhile doing NOTHING to improve thier own community.

    I read an exchange where Dan claimed as a youth Basketball coach he contributed to the community. COME ON.

    These guys should get off their asses and do something for thier community, weather it be Irvine OR Long Beach.

    Dan runs a sham PR buisness out of his wifes spare bedroom. SOUND FAMILIAR?

  6. Isn’t that the truth. I love that these turds are absolute zeros by any definition except in their own minds. They command their “army” of three readers from a make believe perch atop fictional moral high ground.

    Reality is that all of these idiot bloggers in OC combined don’t employ so much as one person. A gold medal pool of loosers with one exception. Tony Bushala.

    Yep, you heard that right. You see he is the only one of the lot that actually employs people and makes a living doing something other than “public relations” bullshit.

    Throw all the stones you want lib loonies but the truth is no friend of yours.

  7. Congrats on the appointment Travis and kudos to Councilman Bruce Whitaker for such an excellent choice.

    I wear the attacks perpetrated by Chmielewski and company like badges of honor. You should only begin to worry when those folks start singing your praises.

  8. From my perspective, I you’re too stupid to fill out an application correctly you’re probably too stupid to understand land-use law. At least the people of Fullerturd can rest easy at night knowing a brain surgeon like Travis has the power to affect their property values. But like all good planning commissioners their job is to rubber stamp what the professional planing staff put before them since they know enough about land use planning to be dangerous.

    1. And you’re too stupid to avoid making a completely self-contradictory statement.

      Why don’t you double check that nonsense next time before you hit “submit.”

  9. Hector,

    While I enjoy the ability in America to dissent from popular viewpoints, a right which we are afforded in the Constitution.

    What pray tell is the actual meaning of your post? Please take a moment to breathe, read your writings and then try again.

    Thank you for remaining calm.


  10. “The sad sacks at Liberal OC, for for whom no idiot Democrat is too low or too stupid to dream up outlandish apologies.”

    That is absolutely false – LOC bags on the really stupid dems regularly – especially the sad-sack idiot dems on the SA council.

    1. Yeah but that’s only because Pedroza turned asslick for those idiots. Otherwise FibOC would be kissing Pudrido’s backside even worse.

  11. Holy Shit Kiger, what have you done being appointed to a city commission?

    You’ve got them calling each other Fag’s and Drunk’s and all kinds of other stupid stuff.

    You know the next time you go and do something like try and help the community, you better check with the LOC first.

    Wait a minute, they started all of this………Hmm, better check your Domain Name before they try and HIJACK IT.

  12. I wish everyone would just ignore the sad joke that is Dan C.
    Don’t talk about him. Don’t read his shit. And just ignore him. While he is certainly pitiable, one should not, out of pity, stoop to reading his garbage as it will only encourage him to churn out more in the hopes he will scrape yet another glimmer of that thing which he so desperately craves, attention.

    Note to Blogmaster: I’m sure the racist epithet that begins with N be deleted, removed, or altered if it were to appear here, therefore I surely hope the same action is taken with the word used above by dkmfan. I know from our meetings and conversations that you are a gentleman and quite reasonable, so as a gay fan of yours, I hope you deal with it appropriately.

    1. Well, Luke, he is using it to refer to comments (presumably) made by others and says it’s “stupid stuff.”

      P.S. I’m not sure why I gave Big Dan the courtesy of a link since it no doubt drove up LibOC hits by several orders of magnitude.

      1. Stinky,
        Not quite sure what your point is, seeing as how the work that you are referring too is over 100 years old. Society has advanced and if you feel empowered by continuing to use racial and gay slurs than be my guest. I just hope you use it in person as well, so Darwin can take care of you sometime.

  13. “Yeah but that’s only because Pedroza turned asslick for those idiots. Otherwise FibOC would be kissing Pudrido’s backside even worse.”

    Also false – LOC was calling the entire ass-clownish SA council on the carpet long before Pedroza became morally bankrupt.

  14. Luke,

    I wish The Patriots were going to the Super Bowl!

    But, you make a good point. Ignoring The BLOWHARDS at the LOC is a good idea.

    FWIW, I thought I was being sensitive, in relating the comments, regarding Chris’ sexuality. I felt it in bad taste to comment on his HIV status, and the baggage that goes along with it.

    If you want to bait people into a predjudicial fight, keep your eyes on people like Dan Chmelilwinski, who openly supports people like Laura Cunningham.

    In other words. DON’T GO THERE KID!

  15. Hey Sean Mill. I just watched video of you answering a softball question from Claudia Alvarez. Learn to be a smooth liar. Don’t stutter so much. It is a dead giveaway

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