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  1. A Saturday Haiku Interpretation

    The teachers who make $90K+ per year and get 16 weeks of vacation demonstrate on the town square in Fullerton, beating drums in time to their silly chants about being oppressed.

    An unwelcome rain falls on their demonstration, in the form of Friends of Fullerton’s Future who bring cameras and ask questions in acid tones.

    The teachers, well trained by their unions, continue their begging for higher taxes to fund their ridiculously high compensation packages, while smiling falsely at the Friends of Fullerton’s Future.

  2. Good to see the Bushido Poet is back.

    I get it: Pam Keller bangs her little drum on the street corner, the public purse is corroded by perpetual concessions to union demands and there she stands with that manic, idiotic grin.

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