Bread and Circus. The Return of Pam Keller

Yesterday teachers launched another demonstration along Harbor Boulevard to promote higher taxes (yours) to pay for higher pay and bennies (theirs). FFFF was once again on hand to remind folks of the hundreds of teachers in Fullerton pulling down more than 90K for nine month’s employment.

Yes, my jaw is retractable.

KFIs John and Ken were there too to engage in an intelligent conversation with the protesters as only they know how to do. And guess who was there to defend the indefensible? That’s right – Pam Keller – the prototypical Fullerton Boohoo out of whose mouth hardly anything intelligent has tumbled in living memory. But that has never kept her from opening it. Wide.

Hey Pam, your'e on the clock collaboratin', right?
It's all about the kids you idiot!

Photos by OC Register.

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  1. Thanks for starting out my day with this. I had been hoping never to have to see that stupid, manic grin ever again.

  2. It was another great John and Ken event. I am grateful for sites like this that point out the atrocities that the greedy teacher’s union are trying to pull.

  3. Here’s what gets me. If we are to solve the problems (and not just have a bit of theatre) that currently besiege us (and brother do we have problems!!) then what we need are rational, fact based discussions guided by logic ( ) resulting in decisions that are based on a sound framework of sustainable policy, not emotional or political diatribe as put in perspective so visually as the photos above show.

    Is California in ‘a state of emergency’ as the teacher signs suggest. I think the answer is probrably YES.

    The real question is what is the cause of that condition and what are rational solutions. (IMO it isn’t related to inadequate taxation policy and if true, it follows, that increasing/extending taxes does not fix or otherwise adequately treat the problem).

    Mix emotion with politics and you end up with disaster.

  4. If Fullerton teachers are really about the children, then the classy thing to do would be to lobby for a pay cut (not furlough days) but a true pay cut. That way, children could have the same amount of teaching days as they had in the past and smaller class size because teachers wouldn’t need to be laid off. But we all know its not really about the children so that will never happen. BTW, most teachers would not even talk to us yesterday. And the few that attempted to defend their position were stopped by fellow teachers. That is because they and their union know that their position is indefensible. That what makes me weep.

    1. Not exactly a shining moment of reasoned discussion.
      It takes two to go in a certain direction. Two rationale people will have a rationale discussion. Two irrational (or more politely stated ‘two emotional”) types will have an “emotional” discussion.

      Mix a rational and irrational type and you get what’s contained in the video. I’ll leave it to the objective viewer to determine which is which!!

  5. Does government accountability include an appointed public official lying to the media and the public about his identity? Once again, the situational ethic of FFFF prevail.

  6. Thompson has lost it. He is trying so hard to please his blogger friends that he is not a true representative for all of Fullerton on the School Board. His sole purpose yesterday was to mix in among the teachers and to antagonize them. I was listening on the radio when he was interviewed all he wanted to say was how he was the top voter getter. Talk about being full of himself. This is what we get with BLOGGERS like Thompson, Whitaker and Kiger. Thank god that Sebourn got his ass handed to him. Again only trying to impress the select few.

    1. “Thompson has lost it.”

      Actually, it sounds like Thompson is winning. That union rally was severely interrupted by the presence of John and Ken.

      If you consider the size of their radio audience, and the fact that they spent three hours devoted to bashing Fullerton’s unions on the So Cal airwaves, I would say that the event was a net negative for Fullerton’s unions.

      Next time, stay home.

    2. Savethefox, “Again only trying to impress the select few”, try a few hundred thousand! The John & Ken show is the most listened to radio station in the country.
      And while we are on the subject; Nelson, Norby, Whitaker, Thompson are all Friends of this blog. They advocate for limited government by words and actions. Those words and actions will help guide us out of this fiscal mess. The mess that was created by government employee unions, and big government cheer-leading elected stooges like Bankhead, Jones, Flory, Keller, Duncan, Ballard, etc., etc. have created “trying to impress the select few”.

  7. Can we please have an article on how to opt out of the teachers’ union? I am sick of being lumped in with these bonehead leaches. I just want to do my job, get paid reasonably and maybe help some kids learn along the way.

    I have had enough of this UNION BULLSHIT. Not all of us think like this.

  8. Can we please have an article on how to opt out of the teachers’ union? I am sick of being lumped in with these bonehead leaches. I just want to do my job, get paid reasonably and maybe help some kids learn along the way.

    I have had enough of this UNION BULLSHIT. Not all of us think like this.

    Nice try, Travis GED? or ATT tech?

    1. You seem intent on dragging my educational background into various posts here, so let’s just get it out of the way…

      I am self-taught. I dropped out of the honors computer science program at UC Irvine near the peak of the dot-com boom.

      Shortly thereafter I took a job with the Walt Disney Company designing and operating web infrastructure for,, ESPN, etc. I worked closely with some of the brightest minds at the apex of the entertainment and technology industries. It worked out well for me.

      I do not pretend to be generally educated, although I logged many more hours tinkering with computer systems, teaching myself and absorbing from my generous mentors in my specialized field than any college student could ever have managed. 

      In short, I do just fine for myself and none of this is relevant to taxpayers or public employee unions so let’s just move on.

      1. Travis, you can’t be “educated” unless you have spent your days “taught” by unmotivated, unlettered lunkheads preaching out of outmoded, useless textbooks full of platitudes, lies, and propaganda of one kind or another.

        Then you get “your” degree. A worthless scrap of paper that may as well have been printed on toilet paper. Ditto all those phony Masters and MPA degrees that serve only to enrich public employees, but that convey no real understanding of anything.

        Please note: Shakespeare, Dickens, Twain, Lincoln, Menken; all uneducated.

        1. Well said. And don’t forget those phony “doctorates’ in education that seem to adorn the wall of every educrat in the nation. Board meeting are rife with “Dr. This and Dr. That.”

          What a load of crapola.

          1. Ok, but I did notice a public university in there somewhere. That costs so much more than it used to that many people can’t afford to attend it, and it isn’t because of a professors union.

  9. Why wont you guys knock Chris Thompson for the $20K in healthcare benefits he gets for free? Teachers are paying big chunks for their benefits but if he’s so worried about teacher salaries, he should renounce the money he makes as a board member.

      1. No. It’s Pam Kellar. No. It’s chris prevent. No it’s claudio. No it’s Thomas Gordon. No. It’s Sean Mill. No. It’s chmielewinsky. No. It’s Matt Cunningham. No. It’s chris Norby.

    1. You’re on to something Bankrupt. I have an offer. Lets have Chris Thompson drop the health benefits and in exchange the teacher’s union will give up furlough days and take an across the board modest pay cut to restore all teaching jobs and reduce class size. Deal?

  10. The kids are and should not be any ones political or personal platform. The CA Governor spent the money which should be for the future of our children and not to mention the country.
    Otherwise we would have empty heads running around. And bogus blaming for free education. Without me, me, me…. it’s time to come together and reform our education for our children before it’s too late.
    Pretty soon we would be a nation of mutt heads because of all this drama from bigot’s around the city and the country. I just don’t feel like talking for or against any of these. Makes me sick.
    Yeah John & Ken do you really care for children? Do something better. Because I want an education for all kids.

    1. Nowhere, I agree with you but why is raising taxes the answer to reforming education? Can’t we be for reforming education and putting our kids first without being called names? Why don’t the teachers unions demand their slice of the existing pie and force the bloated public safety and prison guard sectors to contribute more?

      1. Hollis is right on the mark about the prison guards. Their union fuels officials who skew our society toward locking people up rather than educating them.

  11. Ok, so Travis has no degree, but beats on others who’s professions only require a GED. He lies to the media and the public, and is a public official.

    So Travis is an unprincipled hypocrite who is full of hate and jealously against anyone else.

    Thank god that this site is the same 40 jerk-offs spewing over each other with various pseudonyms.

    Speaking of spewing, your hero Chris Thompson was on John & Ken calling for a freeze to raises only, not for actual cuts. So was he lying to appear more reasonable, or he as without credibility as Travis and Tony.

    1. 1st, you are not Riley Hall. 2nd, you’re an idiot. 3rd, Travis never told the Register he was Riley Hall. 4th, this blog had 37,671 visitors in the last 30 days. 5th, you’re still an idiot. 6th, most likely you will always be an idiot! 7th, if God does exist you should beg for mercy cause he probably doesn’t allow idiots behind the pearly gates.

      1. Who the hell is Riley Hall? Who cares? and if they are an idiot, what are you?

        To us, there is no difference between you and the other freaks on this site.

        If you had nearly 38,000 visitors this month.. and you have no legitimate posts anywhere on this site.. that’s pretty interesting.

        Congrats on your little freak show from me and my 37,000 other lurkers.

        1. I have posted this before but it needs repeating. If you are constantly reading this site only to bitch about those that read the site, the mirror is the answer to your biggest problem.

          I’m sure you think John and Ken are goofs too. No one believes their ranting etc. Problem is, they are the most listened to radio hosts in the nation. This site has more readers than any political blog in OC and it’s not likely close. If this site is so full of loosers and idiots why do you tune in?

          Have you ever noticed that sites like the liberal OC dont have all the conservative types signing on to counter their view? Could it possibly be that it is a waste of time to read that site or respond? Yet you spend your precious time reading and commenting on this site. Perhaps you have become one of us “freaks” yourself. Welcome!

          Then again, maybe the writers of this little blog are right and you are the bitter fringe.

          1. Listen, Hollis.. all I’m saying is that it’s pretty Entertaining. I don’t listen to John and Ken. I don’t have an opinion of them, but it looks like idiots on all sides here. That’s why we (my friends and I) come here.For the entertainment. There are no ads, no popups.. It’s all fun. Maybe if I knew some of you folks I’d get upset at things, but I don’t… You are all in your little world of smalltown fullerton and it’s funny. It looks like John and Ken came to town to provoke some response and get ratings. That’s their job, I guess. What’s yours? That’s why this is so damn funny. Many of you post constantly.. How in the hell do you do that? I’m a lurker.. I have time for that.. but wow. That’s why you are all freaks.. I don’t see any gain for you in this except that you all have some kind of screw loose. Even you taking the time to answer my post is funny. I see that there is some kid involved here now.. That’s pretty bad. Brining a kid into this.

            I don’t think I’m on a fringe, Hollis.. you are damn funny. You think I have some motivation other than entertainment!

            Back to lurking. This is too tiring.

  12. The “90% of budget goes to salaries” is true, but only HALF of that is for teachers.

    The other half is for administrators and non-teaching jobs (that could be contracted out).

    The fact is, we could afford to pay good teachers $90k/yr it by cutting administrators and contracting out maintenance & other non-teaching positions.

    But those salaries must be based on performance, not longevity. And with high salary must come greater scruntiny.

    1. It’s more than half. Here’s one of the budget charts for FSD from last year. If you break out employee costs, teachers account for 75%, management 10% and non-teaching staff at 15%.

      1. God damn it Travis, it is so much easier to argue with you when we stick to feelings. Get off this math stuff. It’s too exact and certain to be used in this debate.

    2. College Park – I like the idea of contracting out for non-teaching services. Would the teacher’s union be willing to loosen support to non-teaching unions so that could be a possibility?

  13. Sheesh, Tony. Struck a nerve, did I? You seem awfully upset over what was said here. If God doesn’t allow idiots behind the Pearly Gates, you’ll most certainly be on the outside looking in. This is why everyone that has known you for years all say you lost it several years ago. But I’m sure you look stunning in your tin foil hat. Your response there saying idiot over and over was very sharp and witty.

    1. Another troll comment, but not by FPOA. This one must have been a public teacher. It’s not coherent writing.

      1. Everytime someone disagrees it’s either a FPOA member or a teacher. Wrongo dongo Fullerton Rudy there are a lot of others like me that disagrees with most of what you knuckleheads spew out but you always want to call names and blame some other group

        1. Admit, it you union goons got nothing – except bought and paid for Boohoo and RINO politicians.

    2. Riley Hall is Thompson’s kid…….maybe Kavis Tiger is also a kid of his. Bioth are very arrogant jerks

  14. Hey teachers if you need a job and you have no experience please call Tom Daly. He likes to waste taxpayers money by hiring his friends like Jordan who has absolutely no experience and getting excutive salary.

    Also hispanic hot teachers you will get the job on the spot just ask Ana.

  15. I’m an idiot, you’re an idiot, we’re all idiots but Hollis you’re a special kind of idiot. You’re a fucking idiot.

    Tony keep on patting yourself on your back about all your web hits. Out of all those hits, probably a dozen or so are people that like you. The rest of us just like to read what nonsense will come out of your THC soaked brain. Most of it is pretty fucking funny.

    Now spark up funny boy.

    1. Anon, congratulations! You reference what you read here by stating: “Most of it is pretty fucking funny”. I think you are starting to catch on.

      Lets face it, I, like you, keep reading this site because it has some information and a ton of entertainment. This site has more wit and humor than a copy of MAD magazine.

  16. It’s time to be a good collaborator. Turn off your computer and take your meds.

    Tony, don’t be such a big meany. Public school teachers have the most important job in the world. They have to work from 7:30- 3:30 and take lots of furloughdays WITHOUT PAY! That’s just wrong.

    Seriously, the 4F hit a big nerve with Pam’s Posse. Expect to see more Tony trashing and Bushala bashing as they begin to feel the taxpayers’ pain.

    Don’t forget the Union motto: JOIN OR DIE! Not my words, theirs.

  17. Anon :Comparing Travis to Dickens, Twain and Lincoln?!? You guys are complete morons

    True. Those guy were technically illiterate. Should have included Edison.

  18. Who’s the blowhard jerkoff with the cell phone antagonizing the crowd? Too bad he didn’t get his phone shoved up his own ass.

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