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  1. Disney has cracked down on school districts showing their films without the requisite rental fee, especially if patrons are charged for admission. Now, you might wonder if a cash strapped school district really needs to spend 2K on a mainstream film almost anyone could rent on their own for a buck or two. How about buying some books with that money, or at least picking a film students migrate not have already seen a the mall.

    1. Savage, check out that contract. It’s not for the rights to play the film to the kids.

      The $2,000 is to hire the actual Rudy to give an hour long speech at the FSD Management Retreat next month.

  2. If anything those district “leaders” should be giving a motivational talk to Rudy, i.e. how to make a whole lot of nothing out of something. Pam Keller can be the lecturer.

  3. He’s going to be speaking to district hacks? If they are going to have Rudy come out why not have him speak tithe football team, they almost play as well as him.

  4. it is difficult to treat teachers as professionals when their leadership consists of fools. And how much in our tax dollars will management be paid for attending the management retreat to hear Rudy speak about: fiscal responsibility and reform within FSD, how to better integrate technology into curriculum, discussion and adoption of best practices in the teaching profession and how to raise the professional bar for all teachers and ancillary school district staff, effective use of school personnel to overcome the budget cuts and pending budget cuts to FSD? This contract is proof that FSD leadership(management) best serves itself as it indulges its whim to be entertained by Rudy at tax dollar expense. this is very Pam Kellerish of FSD management. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Keller’s goofy grin in the midst of this pending event

  5. This is just Mitch Hovey proving that he can get five idiots to vote for anything he puts in front of them, no matter how wasteful or inane.

  6. I pulled it from the consent calander explaining that I could not believe this was a consideration in light of all we are facing. I subsequently learned much about how important it is to inspire and motivate the leadership at the begginning of the year. And, since it seems that Rudy typically charges much more, it was a “great deal. ” 4 – 1 with me shaking my head. It’s a common scene.

    1. Getting paid a huge salary for failing is not enough motivation for the administrator educrats?

      1. Mitch is wholly sincere in his belief that Rudy’s speech is what is best for the District. Educrats as you call them (not an unfair characterization), are mostly sincere in my experience. Their affliction is an inability to see the forest for the trees in regard to our role as a representative example of good government. Their perspective is that of fish living in an aquarium utterly helpless and dependent upon their masters (the State) dropping in a few flakes now and again.

        1. Yeah but there’s big fish and little fish in the tank. The little fish (us) get their fins nibbled off.

          1. There is another Superintendant in Fullerton who uses the Big Fish analogy to every parent looking to pull their daughter or son from the grips of high school administrators. What was their name??

  7. Really great…remember Rudy was a football talent lacking and lousy student that begged his way into the Notre Dame Football program. He was on the field for 2 plays. Besides the bok and movie, what did Rudy do with his degree? The movie is typical of Hollywood’s love affair with the underdog and rewriting history to create a hero.
    To spend educaton money on such a stunt is inconceivable. Education administrators and elected officials should be inspired by the desire to best serve the parents and students in the District.
    Rudy could be an inspiration to Pam Keller at the Collaborative…be mediocre and beg and ride the coattails of achievers and you too can pirate treasure from the Fullerton School District. Wait a minute…she already is!

  8. How about they pay him to talk to the students?

    Now that might be worth two thousand bucks, but for a bunch of paid employees to be motivated. I thought thats what paychecks were for.

    Somebody needs to stop this insanity.

  9. Hey, I turned being a no-talent annoyance with a low pain threshold into a life-time money maker.

    Maybe that’s why they want me to talk to educrats. We speak the same lingo.

  10. My child attended FSD schools from 1991 to 1999. His elementary teachers did their best considering their classrooms had close to forty students, only one computer per class, a ridiculous curriculum called spiralling curriculum where every year my son and his peers were taught the history of dinosaurs(Hey, I heard human history is another engaging topic for kids), he was submerged into whole language program to teach him and his peers reading; failing standardized tests in reading finally forced FSD to abandon this unproven approach to teaching reading, and his elementary school was so overcrowded, regrdless of the weather, he and other students had to eat outside. If FSD wants to inspire its lackluster managers, then they should meet with the FSD students who overcame their sub-standard educational experience and became self-sufficient, educated, gainfully employed adults.

  11. Rudy? That’s so 90’s!

    Was it Warhol who said we’d all get our 15 minutes of fame? Rudy’s was over 20 years ago.

    Seriously, this is a joke–those administrators having to sit through this should feel insulted & patronized. Get a couple of old Tony Robbins tapes at the local thrift store & send the $2k to fix some playground equipment.

  12. Dan Devine later said that the recreation of the players turing in their jerseys was total bullshit.

    “these kids were no longer kids, they new EXACTLY what was at stake and not a one of them, no matter how much they loved Rudigers heart and drive woere foolish enough do do something like that.” Dan Devine ND COACH

    So why don’t they hire Nemo or Tarzan, they come cheaper than $2K

  13. As a product of the K-12 Public School system and a parent of students I can say that there are good teachers but that they are so intimidated by the pompous administration hacks that they have become less than effective the furloughs and the lay offs need to be for administration not the people that actually teach our children. The salaries of the administrators have become obscene

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