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  1. “To most of us living in the city of Fullerton, it is obvious that there is a serious problem with the entire police department culture.”

    The only ones who don’t see that are the numbskulls at Fullerton City Hall, the FPD and all their lackeys.

    1. I wonder if that woman attended a “she-bear” class – she had bear spray that she used on the LAPD jerk! Heh heh heh 🙂

      According to KTLA last night, the cop bailed out and the woman is not staying at her home (for obvious reasons). I wonder if McKinley knew this LAPD cop during his LAPD tenure 🙂

    1. It doesn’t he’s being paid only, “administrative leave”.

      He was arrested nearby because he crashed his car, probably due to the pepper spray.

      Maybe it was from stress on the job. Whatever. He’s a crook.

    1. There is a lesson to be learned here if you are a Fullerton resident or frequent the Fullerton bar scene, especially women: BUY BEAR SPRAY. IT WORKS! The old fashioned pepper spray for people will not disable a Fullerton PD officer who wants to sexually touch you, or steal your ipod. Thus you must be ready to incapacitate them quickly.
      Luckily, they do not work two in a car since so many are out on various leaves, mostly paid, that only one per car is the usual system now.
      So women, remember, BEAR SPRAY!

  2. Me thinks that pulling off a successful recall is far fetched. The recent Bushala mailer citing unsupported “facts” justifying the recall shows how desperate they are getting for attention. Seal Beach knocked the Fullerton issue right off the media radar. Don’t expect it back until the officers are tried. Meanwhile Mr. B will be at his table waiting for someone to sign……

    1. I disagree with your opinion. The Fullerton Police Dept. murdering a homeless,disabled man, Fullerton city council members Jones, Bankhead and Rusty Kennedy’s pal, Fullerton city council person and ex-Fullerton police chief who hired the officers who murdered Kelly Thomas ,Pat McKinley attempts to cover-up this murder by their own police force has revealed a plethora of crimes committed by this same police dept., collusion between city council members and the police to hide these same crimes. Add these council men’s lackeys and the roots of corruption runs deep and for a long time. I think this is not so much a scandal as it is a significant historical event that shows the shift from representative gov’t. to authoritative gov’t. and its effect on a community. Fullerton is a microcosm of our nation’s schism between all levels of government and the tenets of our Constitution that mandates representative government.

    2. Um, telling us that the media has dropped the story doesn’t make it so. Also, the pre-trial hearing takes place the day after the anti-recall party. That’s only a week away. So, even if the story were off the radar, it would be back next week. I think we could handle waiting a few days.

      1. Oh, and with people still writing opposing viewpoints in the OC Register, the story keeps going. If they really want it to go away, they should stop bringing it up themselves.

    3. How many of the people in Seal Beach did the police save? Hpw many people in the salon were not carryin concealed weapons because the OC Sheriff does not freely give out permits and the State of California does not have an open carry law?

      Seems Seal Beach is a factor against the police culture to me.

  3. Me thinks that the recall will be successful and will be the Christmas present that Fullerton will treasure for years to come.

    1. How’s it going my friend?

      I sure hope you are right and I know that many are taking your lead and working hard to make the Recall a reality.

      Like we talked about that Saturday, now is not the time to relax, rather it is the time to increase the intensity on our trek for justice.


      1. The signature gathering for the recall to oust these three will succeed, it’s really just a matter of how soon.

        I hope to see you out there in front of City Hall/Fullerton PD this Saturday.

        I had to miss last week’s protest as I had promised Mrs. Fullerton Lover that I would take her to a Vince Gill concert out in Laughlin.

  4. Anonymous :Does anyone out there know why Fullerton is not “OCCUPIED”??

    Most are afraid of severe beatings by the FPD if an “Occupy Fullerton” protest/campaign gets underway. They’re liable to bring out the nunchucks once again.

  5. Like The Moron said, we need to keep up the protests. Change only occurs when there is pressure applied. If things die down, as they appear to be, then the powers that be, will resume business as usual.

  6. For Wrong Guy

    Thank you for that post—do you think that the FPD would do more brutality based upon all the stuff that has come out since the Kelly Thomas murder??

  7. Great write-up JT!!!
    You summed it up perfectly in 3 short paragraphs.
    I wonder if I could cut and paste that and send it to L.A. Times.
    Would you mind JT? I won’t take any credit for it; unless you want me to.

  8. Anonymous :For Wrong Guy
    Thank you for that post—do you think that the FPD would do more brutality based upon all the stuff that has come out since the Kelly Thomas murder??</blockquote

    Only if there were a small handful of people would they then get brutal, however, if we occupy in high numbers and many visible video cameras, I think they would behaive.

  9. Might have been given a “metal medal of valor” from sustaining all of that anti-bar spray! bwwwwahhhh!

  10. The recall signatures is not the difficult part. The tough part is ousting via an election 3 old codgers who have financial ties to a number of businessmen and women who received sweetheart deals whether from redevelopment, new development, leasing public property, etc.
    The money will pour into the coffers of the 3 old codgers because “Money is the Mother’s Milk of Politics” Jesse Unrah, former speaker of California Assembly.

    1. do political cnadidates really need googles of money to get elected in the era of mass instamedia, the internet? More voters look to blogs like this to form political opinions and it seems the FFFF has done millions of dollars of political damage to these three self-serving, public servants, jones, mckinley and bankhead

    2. But will money help them do anything? If the signatures are gotten, then what do they plan to use money for to counter it?

  11. I hope Paul (#30) is wrong….but sadly he makes a very good point about all those old guys sticking up for each other. I signed the petions weeks ago, the council members must go. Their inability to defend the citizens is shameful but I really feel McKinley needs to top the list…his recent quotes from the Soroptimist meeting a few weeks ago regarding “women like you and it wasn’t sexual abuse it was inappropriate touching” etc. is dispicable. How on earth can you support anyone who says that? What a f’ing pig

    1. Those comments are what made me drive down to the KFI broadcast last week. I couldn’t have signed my name fast enough.

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