Hey! Wait A Minute!

Yesterday, we received this anonymous e-mail from somebody who obviously reads our humble blog regularly:

I’m sure you heard about the vicious political attack against Congresswoman Giffords in Arizona. It was clearly driven by all of the anger and hate spewed from places like this very blog. This is the kind of event that might happen in Fullerton if you keep up your mean rhetoric and hateful talk. If it does, I hope you go to jail for a very long time.

Yes, this “kind of event” might happen in Fullerton. Or Anaheim, or Azusa, or Cucamonga. Or Timbuktu.

Confused thinking is not uncommon among some of our critics, but this is just ridiculous. Blaming “people like us” for a mass murder perpetrated by a wing-nut with an agenda is absurd. But it is also insidious because this type of argument is clearly used to provide cover for incompetent, irresponsible  and unethical local politicians.

Mean rhetoric and hateful talk. Hmm. Mean? Dunno. How about honest? Hateful? Well, anonymous, you got us there. We do hate unaccountable government; and maybe even politicians who say one thing and do another, who waste public funds on junkets and who turn over our city to out of town developers.

And to deal with them we have elections.

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  1. Yeah, better watch it. Exposing the hypocrisy and incompetence of your electeds is hateful and mean.

    Can’t you just be nice about it? Or better yet please say nothing and let my experts handle it.

    1. Hey F. Rudy, I really like the way you think, would you like to join 4F’s blog pen?

      Thanks for the post Joe, I owe you man.

  2. My guess is that your message came from Pam Keller. Sure sounds like her. And note the idiotic description of the murders as a “political attack.”

  3. Are they trying to silence FFFF’ers with the fear that some day they will be arrested if some whackjob goes off? That’s just shameful and anti-democratic.

  4. Well, anonymous, i see you have the courage of your convictions. If you are so afraid to sign your name, you do not belong on this blog which is for freedom-loving citizens, not fearful cowards. I have NEVER seen this blog advocate violence. Period. Dont use this as a straw horse for your whimpering submission to govt misdeeds and corruption. Why do you think there is so much anger? Do you really think it is caused by FFFF? This is an example of blaming the messenger, you moron. You are indeed pathetic or perhaps part of the corruption. I do not fear you suing me for slander since you cant do so anonymously and you are a demonstrated coward.

    BTW, while violence may appear to be a solution, it is in fact clearly counterproductive: the corrupt people will only be replaced by other corrupt people who will then use a “patriot act” clone to take even more freedom from us. So even those who think a violent revolution necessary will have second thoughts; we are ill-prepared for this drastic action at this time. We cannot let free speech be inhibited even if it may not be conclusively proven. However, Jefferson’s advice may come to pass in the future. God bless the FFFF & Wikileaks patriots.


  5. Jared Loughner was not politically motivated by any political movement, he shot Congresswoman Gifford and killed five others because he is a paranoid schizophrenic who in his psychosis believed Gifford was responsible for his personal problems and for currency not backed by gold(this shows the extent of his psychosis). The writer of this comment suffers from hysteria and reacts to economic and political instability by scapegoating blog sites that conflict with their political beliefs

  6. Thinkin it was Obama hisself… Said something to the effect: “They bring a knife… We bring a gun” ???

  7. We shall all understand that our words have consequence. As in all public discourse there is a fence that you ride while trying to make a point and influence discussion. It is the nature of public debate. To compare the words from this site to those that incite senseless acts is a stretch. But an argument that will be balanced when all of the facts of this horrific act are known.

    1. A stretch?

      The horrific act was perpetrated by a guy who seems to have been unhinged – some dangerous combination of paranoid and schizoid personalities.

      This blog never advocated anything but mocking and unelecting the chisel heads that (mis)run Fullerton – following a long and honorable tradition of satirical invective hurled at politicians.

      Nobody is going to be fired to acts of violence over what he read on this blog. I don’t care how whacked out he is.

  8. gfletts, this is a blog site where opinions are expressed; not a site with legal, official status like city of fullerton’s website. blog sites may not please everyone, but inflaming the public to kill or riot is not a stretch, it is illogical because political idealogue does not cause paranoid schizophrenia with homicidal tendencies

  9. Mean rhetoric and hateful talk.

    By all means keep your mouths shut when your glorious leaders are wearing their asses as hats.

    1. Vern, nobody pays any attention to Pedroza anymore. Before he was just an annoying irritation; now he’s just a pathetic shill for the Gang.

      I seem to remember he was the one who floated the idea of Pulido getting gunned down by the drug cartel.

  10. What is the history of political violence in OC? When I ask myself the question, nothing really comes to mind other than white supremacist hate groups who operate here and violently carry out their hate against minorities…

    The email suggestion is rubbish.

  11. “.. this type of argument is clearly used to provide cover for incompetent, irresponsible and unethical local politicians.”

    Yes, and also applies for dishonest state and national politicians and unethical (New SA)blogs as well.

  12. Art Pedroza said:
    “Considering all the violence and crime in Mexico, Pulido will feel right at home! Moreover, it is likely that at some point he will be kidnapped or whacked while serving in Mexico. Perfect! We will be rid of him in Santa Ana, and he will be taken care of by criminals in Mexico. It doesn’t get any better than that.”

  13. I think it’s ridiculous to jump to a conclusion that the letter has anything to do with Pam Keller. It may, but she and her supporters are not the only liberal-minded people who read this blog. To assert it ensures that many who are even fond of her personally will not learn from the site.

    What I want to know from those who might agree with the letter writer is this. Assuming that something like the Tuscon murders occurs in Fullerton and the perpetrator flat out states that ffff drove him/her to it, who should go to jail and for what?

    1. Well, like i said it was only a guess. And given the bathos of Keller’s farewell oration I’d say it was a good one. And the thing has zero to do with liberal/conservative.

  14. Just as I have said before! Liberals all over this world are prone to violence because they cannot stand the truth, common sense and independent thought!

    They are prone to violence, but like the Jared L. They have to be really, really nuts to do something! We just have to be careful of the liberals we know to be nuts!

    A lot of them I know:(

  15. Why does the Left always try and say the murderer isn’t responsible for their own actions? How come it is always “they were abused” or “they had a history of mental problems.” Why can’t it be, Jared was a violent person, he had crazy beliefs, and he chose to shot 20 people killing 6 of them.

    If someone other than Jared “has” to be responsible for the mass murder that took place on Saturday them I blame the President for encouraging people to read the Communist Manifesto.

    Let’s remember this was an extreme leftist, probably would have liked Pam Keller, not a right winger at all.

  16. I think this concerened citizen has a point. Remeber those harrasssing messages to Lori Galloway from 4f followers. Ive also heard of harrassing and intimadating phone calls to campaign managers who 4f doesn’t like. That stuff is all an early warning sign(the shooter in Arizone exhibited similar behavior) Then the hate, racism, and overall dribble that is written and posted on this blog from its followers. The uncomfortable run ins with tony bushala and his political enemies (pho anyone?). Its probably safe to see that the majority of 4f followers arn’t crazy enough to go on a shooting spree, but all it take is one.

    1. Compton Lori Galloway may or may not have received any harassing message but it had nothing to do with this site (not that facts have ever mattered to you) but I guess in the world you live in reality doesnt matter.

      The dangerous one is he who obsesses about singular issues to an extreme such as you over this blog.

  17. Seriously people! If you know anyone who exhibits any of the signs that they might be ready to start shooting people please report them before it gets that far..after hearing the interviews with Jared Loughners friends…they had warning signs apparently they just ignored.

  18. Uhh i dont know what your talkin about Hollis, the caller mentioned 4f by name, its on Liberal OC. And as for you Joe, thats exactly the type of comments and attitudes were talking about. Again, I dont think this site is going to lead to a massive shootout on Commnwealth and Harbor at a Bankhead gathering, although if it was Roland Chi, but then i digress, but this site and sites like it, with the rhetoric and hate spouted here COULD lead to something like this, it already happened in Arizona.

    1. Ah, poor illiterate, uninformed compton. The quintessential Hairball Sidhu supporter.

      As always, you digress completely and I presume you have always done so.

      So your constant hate-speak against Shawn Nelson is exempt from your own lofty standards?

      You really are a pathetic little tool.

    2. compton :
      but this site and sites like it, with the rhetoric and hate spouted here COULD lead to something like this, it already happened in Arizona.


      I could be wrong but he sounds like a crazy person that didn’t like TV, the news, or talk radio and all he did was read books. I guess only someone like compton could argue 4f’s could end up killing a bunch of people.

      “We must reject the idea that every time a law’s broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.” Ronald Reagan

  19. Liberal talk radio host Mike Malloy told his radio audience:
    “I have good news to report. Glenn Beck appears closer to suicide. I am only hoping that when Beck does put a gun to his head and pulls the trigger, that it’s on television.”

  20. junior :Liberal talk radio host Mike Malloy told his radio audience:“I have good news to report. Glenn Beck appears closer to suicide. I am only hoping that when Beck does put a gun to his head and pulls the trigger, that it’s on television.”

    How “open and affirming!”

  21. Can we blame Canada? It must have the mouse in his bottle of Elsinore Beer that caused him to snap!

    Or maybe they’ll place the blame on Road Runner cartoons and link them to enticing people to commit violent acts. I know that every time Wile E. Coyote purchased explosives from ACME to catch the Road Runner, I had this urge to commit acts of arson and beat my dog with a kendo stick.

  22. If facts are of any importance, there is no evidence the AZ nut kid was motivated by “Hate speech” much less “mean speech” by FFFF clones. Lets dont over-react and shut down speech on false allegations. Some crazies may even be motivated by any negative speech, should we eliminate that too? Punish the violator, not the messenger. Same with guns.

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