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    1. Nah, too inflammatory, better to describe the citizens as riled up, and like the incoherent mayor says, a lynch mob.

  1. No one needs to “calm down”. This is an outrage. Thanks to everyone that is stepping forward to defend this poor young man and to demand change.

    1. I live in Chino Hills, I have heard that some FPD officers have received death threats and I believe that is just plain wrong. That said, I applaud your community outrage and demand for justice and transparency. Also hope you get a top down restructuring, and replacement of the upper brass. This arrest was too violent, and there were too many officers their on the scene for this to be considered an incident from a rogue police officer. It demonstrates the mentality of FPD in general. If I lived their I was ask that FPD be dismantled and law enforcement contracted out to Orange County Sheriff. That department has too many problem officers. Good luck keep up the protest.

      1. I can understand how uneducated and liberal thinkers have their “emotional” feelings about what happened. It is a tragedy for Kelly. But I have done some research. Did you know there are over 25 similiar cases any one of you can find on the internet right now about a schizophrenics, with history of mental illness, that have been a victim of other police agencies? The difference with this case is that most of those victims’ families were taking care of them, not allowing them to leave on the street. Have you asked yourselves where was Mr. Thomas and Kelly’s family? My answer is this would not happen to anyone in my family because I would not give up on someone with mental illness and let them fend for themselves. When these other mental patients became violent, the police were called to help. Sure those families are upset about their schizophrenic family member that resisted or had a mental breakdown of some sort. They all received a settlement of some kind and the public was just as upset as all of you. But here’s the difference….there was not a blog posting officers name and personal info like yours. Well, you can be exposed too. Think of how your life would be, victimized, with children. It’s easy to criticize and speculate as to what happened. By the way, every instance the officers were exonerated and were able to keep their jobs.

        1. Let’s assume that the family didn’t care which they did, EVERY single human has the right to life and one unarmed man is not a threat to six armed trained police officers. There is no speculation a man was killed by police officers. Lastly you are wrong exposing means there has to be something to be exposed and an easy way to avoid that is to not do terrible things you wouldn’t want anyone to know about.
          PS I don’t believe anyone here has hung anyone on the street or called themselves a lynch mob so the statement beneath me is ignorant and only for clearly inflammatory purposes. If anything you are self seeking to be noticed and responded to so I will indulge you. You are a jaded and ignorant piece of shit and I hope if anyone is stupid enough to conceive having children with you, that they come out with mental problems so maybe you can realize they also have rights.

          1. I never said there was no right to life. But clearly there is precedence that has been set with schizophrenic patients having mental collapses that result in combative behavior. I was not there. All I can do is think logically not emotionally. I didnt say they didnt care, I just said that I wouldnt have a family member of mine living on the streets. Did they release the cause of death yet? I have been monitoring the story pretty closely and I havent heard that. Falsely accusing someone is illegal, if you know it to be false. That is the law. Really, there are very few people that really know what happened from start to finish. I do not care about the spotlight, I am merely trying to bring up other points that have not been mentioned. Not everyone is a researcher, they just believe whatever they hear, much like gossip or rumors. I believe facts trump speculation. I am not jaded. I think you have a worthy adversary and are trying to intimidate me from posts, not gonns happen. Thats why there is freedom of speech.

        2. You don’t have a clue about dealing with a mentally challenged family member or you would not make such a stupid statement. Politics have nothing to do with the outrage over this incident. Again I say clueless !

        3. What difference does an Address or a Condition make? This could have been Anyone!! The Police were called out to question a man who was reportted to possibly be breakng into cars. Did they interview the person who made the call in person? Was Kelly pointed out or identified to be that suspect? Was there any evidence of any sort of break-ins? They were there to respond to the scene and investigate the situation…it could have been anyone. I for one will always question what I am being a ccused of and I have a temper to match my attitude and if I felt that I was being treated unjustly you better believe that I would fight back. Does that give them the right to beat an unarmed 135lb person to death? I ask you again what does an Address or a Condition have to do with the brutality and lack of humanity that was shown by those six men that night?

    2. I am not sure about all of you but I live in the real world. I do not believe that these blogs are selflessly helping Kelly Thomas and his family. I am sure the short-lived notriety is what this is all about. YOU are being noticed. Well everyone is noticing you. Think about that. Enjoy the lawsuit you received today? I am sure there will be more lawsuits to come with your history. Also, everyone has an angle, EVERYONE! Even you so called lynch mobbers. Youll be jumping on a new cause when you get bored of this one.

  2. Connect the dots, Fullerton taxpayers. Every politician in your city is owned by government worker unions. Their currency is resentment and “us vs. them” solidarity. Unions were invented to fight corporate power, but when they represent government workers they fight taxpayers. Government workers have taken over the government, and “negotiate” with politicians they elect, using your taxes. No government worker can hope to advance in their career unless they please union leadership, who are the real bosses, year after year. When union power and money trumps civil authority and democracy, there are no checks on police corruption, or corruption of any kind in government.

    1. Reality Check, you are dead wrong. Whitaker, Nelson, Norby, Thompson all Fullerton politicians are not owned by government worker unions.

      1. Yates, I could be wrong, but aren’t most of the names you mentioned, hard nosed anti-employee Republicans who are owned by Party. In my book, that is equal to being owned by the union. What ever happened to the elected official who was his own man and could think for himself.

    2. Couldn’t agree more. The grand bargain is this : In exchange for extremely generous pay and unheard of pensions, government workers will donate money to make sure they are the primary determiners of who they will “negotiate” said pay and benefits with. The career politicians now on their way to building up their $200K pensions, now have their own little STASI force to collect revenues with and administer needed beatdowns on any citizen who dares to step one milimeter over the line. Kelly Thomas like beatings not only intimidate the homeless and poor, they also serve as a reminder to regular working class, middle class constituents that the government will crush you if you truly question or try to change current set up between politicians and government union workers. They may not physically beat you down, but they attempt to destroy you through the tools at their disposal – bogus drug laws, code enforcement officers, tax laws, etc

    3. This is a spot on analysis of where we’re at in this state. It wasn’t that long ago that Jerry Brown was pretty much run out on a rail after bungling the medfly crisis and the Rose Bird fiasco. Now he’s back running California, having been installed by that half of the population dependent on the state for a paycheck, unionized government workers, aid recipients, etc.

    1. to # 19 you yanks are wackos how did he get elected
      you yanks get what you vote for, bush cheney obama biden reid your countrey is a prison your cops are gastoposyou are scared shitless
      get out and stand up take your country back be a man look at your tsa border check points
      you yanks have lost a lot of respect and love because of the cops and gang of crooks that run your country i will never viset the usa again as long as i live you loose my tourist dollars / and billions more
      look at youe tube see the cops out of control shame shame on you yanks take back your country

      1. Canada, if I were you, I’d worrry about taking care of my own country before bad mouthing us yanks. With Canada’s tilt toward Socialism, you will be in the same boat as your big sister Great Britain before long. Funny thing will happen on your way to anarchy and bankruptcy. You will be whining like a little girl, begging Uncle Sam to bail your sorry butts out. Do us a favor and never grace us with your presence again and put those tourist dollars where the sun doesn’t shine.

  3. Why don’ ya’ll show the otha’ parts of mah interview? Ah had lots more ta’ say. Show the whole thing! Release the tape! Release the tape!

  4. Yesterday, I heard John & Ken say Dick Jones sounds like Yosemite Sam. I think he sounds more like Yosemite Sam on helium.

  5. This incident is simply a Political agenda to: scare tactics, to hate Police Officers, to divide and conquer, to disorganize between police officers and we the people, hoping to protest with a violent arm crime to take away the right to have GUNS. (Follow the money)

    1. Huh? I’m sorry…I don’t speak Jibberish. Your theory is they brutally killed Kelly as you put it “Simply as a Political Agenda?

  6. Realty Check has it right. Think about it. How did we get Jerry Brown back as Governor? Last I’d heard he was pretty much run out on a rail after mishandling the medfly crisis and the Rose Bird fiasco. Now he’s back running the state and protecting that half of the population which depends on the state for a paycheck of some sort (pensions, welfare and gov work, including teachers). Will this be the wakeup call this state needs?

    1. Regarding the reincarnation of Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown. Remember the quote of the great American philosopher Forest Gump, “Stupid is, as stupid does.” Does that answer your question?

  7. i DON’T UNDERSTAND! The six offecers’ lawyer says they were not using execessive force? I thought that we got a trial before sentencing. The punishment does not fit the crime!!!

  8. Thanks to the efforts of FFFF, the national and international media daily play the video of Kelly Thomas beating death. The horrible cries of Kelly Thomas pleading for his life, for his father echoes in the hearts of people everywhere. And this silly man,Mayor Jones, tries to deflect Thomas’ dying agony and fear by using the emotionally charged phrase”lynch mob” to describe the people of Fullerton’s moral outrage over the beating death of Thomas by Fullerton Police officers. Mayor Jones, Police Chief Sellers comments to the media, to the FBI, to the OC district attorney can’t drown out the echo of Kelly Thomas dying words for help from Fullerton police officers. For too long, our elected officials have decided for us, residents and business owners in Fullerton, the style of buildings in our town, what is blight, what civic programs we need that serve only those who adminster these same taxpayer programs, a $10 million library expansion to accomodate a coffee bar. And now we are told by this same pompous fool, Mayor Jones, that we need to shut up and mind our own business because we are no better than a lynch mob. The echo of Kelly Thomas cries shreds the credibility of Jones, McKinley and Bankhead, Sellers and exposes these public servants cowardice and desire only to serve themselves at the public trough.

  9. Ponsi from the OC Register writes “Thomas, 37, a transient with schizophrenia, was fatally injured in a fight with six Fullerton officers last month.” A fight with six police officers? Numerous videos show Kelly Thomas on the ground being beaten by the police. Where is the “with” and “fight”? Why is our local media lying to the public? I exclude FFFF in this accusation.

    1. I saw that too. What a joke. Since when is a 6 on 1 beatdown of a 135 lb, malnourished homeless man, a “fight.” I’m going to call and cancel my sub to the Register. We hardly read it anymore anyway.

    2. Ponsi is a joke. And a story thief.

      He’s also a coward who will only write what Goodrich & Co tell him is okay to write.

      1. Always has been. Always will be.

        …If you want real accurate coverage of what happens in Orange County you need to go with an outside news source or small publications like the OC Weekly.

  10. Colonel Sanders keeps greasing that frying pan with his whole approach to this situation. All of these council members need to give it up and move on. Time for a new era of politicians in Fullerton.

  11. Jones and Bankhead have been on the city council for years. They somehow seem to get re-elected every term. They need to be replaced with a people that actually care about the city they live in and represent. This world is changing and they try so hard to keep it the same. Jesse le Tour needs to be elected. I voted for him the last go around and if he runs again I hope he makes it.

  12. The Fullerton City motto, “to serve and collect”.
    And its mayor, F Dick Jones is most like:

    1) Yosemite Sam on helium

    2) Boss Hogg

    3) Captain Wally Binghamton

    3) The Captain

    This is what you get when you have a union centric cop shop.

    We citizens of Fullerton need to recall the union/s and make it easy to fire public servants that that fail to serve, this should be our process.

  13. His “an education? or torture? yuck yuck” comment at the end of the meeting was very telling.

    1. He didn’t want to be there.
    2. The matter bores him
    3. The public’s outrage and anger is annoying to him
    4. Kelly Thomas’ death means nothing to him

    He’s either losing his mental faculties due to his age, or he sees himself as one of the “elite”. He needs recalled so he can deal with more pressing matters – checkers games at the old folks home. What a dick.

  14. Our Mayor sees a lynch mob while all I’ve seen here in Fullerton for the past month have been peaceful protests and candelight vigils in front of city hall without one uniformed officer in sight and no reports of violence? The lynch mob that I saw in front of city hall was sticking around after the protest to make sure that they had cleaned the entire area before disbanding.
    Blessed is the city where the residents have the courage and conviction to stand and tell the truth and Fullerton is truly blessed.

  15. Let’s define Lynch mob for clarification,

    Lynch mob; a mob that kills a person for some presumed offense without legal authority.


    Perhaps the mayor has forgotten the 1st amendment of the constitution. Last time I checked, we as citizens still have the right to a peaceful assembly and protest.



    1. Yeah well I’m sure their working on that right now. We just need to be good Americans and pay our taxes spend our money and have blind faith in our “leaders”.


    whats everyone doing this weekend?

    we used to play DRUMS downtown…. anyone ?
    mr.boo???is that you???

    the mayor is ridiculous, pathetic, and an embarrassment.

    the people, passionate , justice seeking, articulate.

    and Kelly , DEAD,

    = (








  17. lynchmob: a mob that kills a person for some presumed offense without legal authority.

    paging mr. mayor! who is the lynch mob here?

    this is just insane. when can we start the recall petition.

    there’s a fpd that lives close to me , he is a cocky guy. i want to know if he is part of the fullerton6 so i can stay away from this guy.

    enough of this spin fullerton council.

  18. Maybe a lynch mob is needed since everybody knows our “justice” system is broken and does not work, especially when it involves cops breaking the law, violating our civil rights, and killing people.

  19. maybe a lynch mob IS NEEDED , because I KNOW FOR SURE OUR SYSTEM DOES NOT WORK … FOR SURE … NO DOUBT….

    “especially when it involves cops breaking the law, violating our civil rights, and killing people.”



  20. Mayor F. Dick Jones M.D…I kind of feel sorry for the guy….it’s obvious he’s over his head with this thing.
    Then our police chief’s inability to address even the slightest bit of concern to the public just fuels more outrage.It’s a sad day for Fullerton…the city will never be the same.

  21. When we see a strayed animals on street, we take them in, care for, and find nice home. Kelly is only a drifter so let him rest in peace.
    Ron Thomas and his family are ready to accept a generous $900,000 offer from Fullerton City and Police Union until you spoiled everything. Why create more works and waste more tax money?
    Remember, Ron Thomas was an Orange County Sheriff. Once a cop, always a cop. Double an offer or go to jail.

  22. To Ignacio Lopez

    Maybe Ron Thomas had the police do this to his son so he could collect big $$, not only from a settlement, but other stuff.
    He also gave the doctors permission to pull the plug at UCI medical Center. Allegedly the doctors said he was brain dead. If true, isn’t there always a chance of a miracle?!

    1. I have seen some sick responses on the boards since this story broke, but “annonymous” you get the prize for effed up douchebag of the year. Oh and learn how to spell. Wait, that would require thinking. Sorry.

    2. I will remeber your careful choice of words comparing “Kelly” to a stray animal and referring to him ” As Only one drifter that we should just let rest in peace.” What wonderful sentiments you have on the value of a human life. I will be sure to look the other way when you are being attacked six to one, and take your well though out advise by not wasting a single moment grieving over your pathetic life.

  23. Ignacio Lopez :
    When we see a strayed animals on street, we take them in, care for, and find nice home. Kelly is only a drifter so let him rest in peace.
    Ron Thomas and his family are ready to accept a generous $900,000 offer from Fullerton City and Police Union until you spoiled everything. Why create more works and waste more tax money?
    Remember, Ron Thomas was an Orange County Sheriff. Once a cop, always a cop. Double an offer or go to jail.

    Open your eyes and read the whole story!!!
    you are way behind
    Mr Thomas told them to pound sand
    and wants to see those officers in jail with no pay!!!

  24. ya ,, ignacio and his anon response ,,

    ARE THE THEM , instigators ,, and from the other side,

    ignacio lopez ,, SHUT UP,






  25. This is a clear outrage and the mayor and council are being fundamentally insulting. But why do some of you want to turn this issue into a question of public employee unions. The chief is not a member, after all. Neither is the mayor. The problem is police brutality, not police unionism.

  26. Doc HeeHaw should take into consideration the gang of 6 who killed Kelly Thomas. What we’re demanding is justice. We’re far from a lynch mob.
    This is a matter of police brutality, but one has to look at the extent to which the unions overlook, therefore condone the mentality that leads to the actions that killed Kelly Thomas.
    The union is an incredibly powerful force, that not only limits the power of the cities who employ the police, but in so many ways, might also deter internal changes within police departments.
    While citizens must address the mentality that gives sanction to putting force above all else, it’s fair to level our sights on the unions, which hamper the efforts of community activism to make necessary changes.

    1. Yes police unions protect police officers. Teachers unions protect teachers. Firefighters unions protect firefighters. But mostly they demand fair procedures. They are also, in fact, as a whole one of the most progressive forces that do cause change in the community. The SEIU, for only one example of a largely public employees union, supports many progressive policy positions with their money and by mobilizing their members. It is not the police union’s job to punish its members. It is the job of the city and of the prosecutor’s office. This “lynch mob” aka, citizens expressing their first amendment rights to demand that public officials do their job in dealing with brutal actions by police, or anyone else for that matter should not direct its well justified ire at the union but where they are in fact doing so, at the elected officials. The Fullerton City Council, like many others, if not responsive nor responsible. For many years (when I lived in Fullerton in the 1970s I often attended their meetings and worked in electing some pretty good members) this council, like most, listens largely to the city attorney who always urging far too much caution. The city management often controls the council rather than the other way around. This is what people are rightfully demanding should not take place in this case. If the council is unwilling to put proper pressures on their own employees they must be replaced. It is true that police chiefs have had too large a role in Fullerton politics. Citizens should start learning not to give so much credence to past police chiefs.

      1. Bruce, you’re right on a lot of this.
        But what does the Police union have to say to this brute force mentality that has led to this tragedy? Anything? I mean, if there was an injustice and brutality, don’t you think they should be leading the way against it?

        Also, I don’t think the Chief of Police should have such a cozy relationship with either the City Council or the City Manager. Just because someone appears to be a “a nice guy,” or one has known them, “since he was a kid,” (as commented on another thread earlier, makes for a very slippery slope on which to uphold the scales of justice, fairness, and only leads to the appearance of progress.

  27. My father was the superentendant of the OC juvenal hall back in the 60’s and early 70’s . and he talked about having to restrain kids all fucked up on drugs with as many as 6 men. He never talked about ever killing anybody, if they ever say that this was nessesary is bullshit!

  28. #15 Anonymous,
    I agree “follow the money”
    They are also Puppets of Developers and Speculators of Redevelopment…. Goes with the territory.

  29. Who ever takes part in covering up this dreadful murder, is part of the CONSPIRACY.
    Let us do our own research ready for the FEDS!!

  30. So if I have this right, the mayor’s train of thought is:

    Cops developing lynch mob mentality almost instantly is a non-issue.

    Citizens expressing outrage over said lynch mob mentality over the course of one month is cause for concern.

    That is not the logical train of thought of a moral individual…it’s a derailment. Fullerton’s mayor is mentally unfit to hold office.

  31. Peaceful (yet rightfully outraged) citizens are a lynch mob?

    You want to see a real lynch mob, watch the unreleased video you dumb old fart.

  32. This mayor is an embarrassment to the city of Fullerton. John and Ken on KFI call him a moron. They say that if the people of Fullerton are stupid enough to elect someone like Jones they deserve what they get. How does this jerk continually get reelected?

      1. The problem with that is the lack of people challenging Ed Royce. Voting against him would entail voting for a whack job Democrat in most elections…

  33. Just wait and see. Somehow the crooked Attorney’s Office, the FPD and Mayor will cook up a story and say the man died of an overdose and not by his physical injuries. The six officers will end up not being charged or prosecuted and will be back on duty. The video from the bus stop will probably not be released due to some cockamamie story. Police all go by a code. What the boys do on duty stays amongst themselves and they will cover up for one another, even if another police officer doesn’t agree, he has no choice. My friend’s brother is a police officer for the FPD and he won’t say anything to her even when she asked what went on. My condolences to the Thomas family. The mayor needs to cut down on all that KFC and start talking coherently.

    1. Will it work for the FBI though? Would the State AG do any better job? Because if the OC DA isn’t handling it Kamala Harris will. T Rack has political ambitions and knows that his conservative base is queasy about the beating. He has an incentive to do a good job, because if there is a cover up it’s recall and game over for him.

  34. “They didn’t use excessive force say’s the mayor! then what in the hell did they use!!! they KILLED him! those cops are what you call dirty cop’s how they could go home and sleep that night is beyond me. all 6 of them should go to prison. but they wont. they’re cops and they all stick together no matter what!!!!! but in the end they will pay for what they’ve done GOD don’t like murderers!!!!!!

  35. I just sent this email to Nancy Grace. I dont like her really but she does have a tendancy to get a story out there….

    I know Kasey Anthony and Warren Jeffs are big news to you but what about the Kelly Thomas beating. Six police beat a homeless man so severely that he was almost unrecognizable and later died from his injuries. Sadly this happened a month ago and is just now being reported. What about the coverup by the police in this case? Why are they hiding the identity of the officers in question? Why have they refused to release the video of the beating? Why are there no charges filed and these officers still on a paid leave from their department? Why were these officers put back on duty days after this act to only be removed just recently when the father has become vocal? Why was there a $900,000 hush money settlement made?
    I would LOVE to see you give this situation even half the attention you have given Casey Anthony and Warren Jeffs. This is an outrage and on par with the Rodney King beatings. Is it being ignored because Kelly was a white man with a history of mental illness? Come on Nancy lets focus on a crime against us all for a change.

    1. I’m sorry do you know exactly what his injuries were? Was there another informant at the hospital or coroner’s office that only you are privy to? WOW, I didnt know how SPECIAL you are. It was reported the day it happened and the day he died. Why don’t you do a little more research before you make any more speculations. They cannot file charges until the investigation is complete. Again, do some research! Umm, I am sorry there is no race issues in this case so again enough with your uneducated guesses. Yes, please tell her about it and then she can bring up all of my research about the other cases pending across the nation right now involving schizophrenics and mental illness patients.

      1. German citizen- 1942-“I’m just going to wait until the government tells me that they are not really putting people in ovens. There must be another explanation for the burning flesh I smell everyday.” Keep on trusting your government dude- right up until the time they come for you.
        “I saw a man who was brutally tortured and beaten to death by police and did nothing.”
        “My friend was falsely arrested, tried and convicted for a crime he did not commit and I did nothing.”
        “then one day they came for me and it was too late to do anything.”
        Now get back to your big screen TV and reality shows, stock portfolios, time shares, day spas, corporate bonuses, ipad and keep trusting those elected and appointed officials who put their self interest above everything including truth and justice and the Constitution.

          1. Try this:

            “First they came for the communists,
            and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

            Then they came for the trade unionists,
            and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

            Then they came for the Jews,
            and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

            Then they came for me
            and there was no one left to speak out for me.”

  36. Mayor Jones,
    You are calling this a “lynching”? You are dead wrong. Its just simply a protest to show that the sorrow of the wrongful death of Kelley Thomas. You, on the other hand, have not issued an apology statement like Mrs. Sharon Quirk-Silva and Mr. Bruce Whitaker and therefore you probably don’t give a damn shit about this at all! You, sir, Don Bankhead, Pat McKinley, and Chief Mike Sellers should resign from your position because you guys lack the leadership for this community during this time of crisis. What makes you think that you are so worthy of holding this position if you cannot give a speech or a letter, addressed to the citizens, about this incident? I hope that you are happy to leave the mayor’s position behind once we have a recall election to fill your spot.

  37. So you must be a part of the Lynch mob that Jon Phillips talked about on KABC last night. He said that the mob doesn’t care anout the facts, they just want the officers and police department to suffer. How would you like to be accused of something before the investigation was complete? It’s against your right as a citizen, you know. Maybe you don’t know.

    1. Yeah it’s really frustrating when someone goes and judges someone and then carries out their execution in horrifying fashion right out in public. What facts could possibly come out to exonerate these officers?

  38. Well in other cases as I have referenced in a previous blog, you need all of the facts to make a decision. This includes everything. You cannot form a conclusive decision on what this blog and KFI and those videos have presented. Theres so much more to it than that. In those other cases and I watched the videos and they were intense. It was shocking to see that these claims of superhuman strength and blatant disregard for authority leading to resisting and eventually their deaths. What is really sad is the law enforcement community needs to have better training to help officers recognize the difference between a mental breakdown and combative behavior. When you feel threatened, anyone feels threatened you will protect yourself.

    1. Exactly…did those six police officers have the full picture when they attacked Kelly?
      Were they sure he was the suspect they were looking for? Were they sure he had in-fact been breaking into cars? Were they sure that he was enough of a threat to justify the use of exessive force? I think you are making my point most beautifully.

    1. Did the Police have the whole picture you think…when they attacked Kelly? It seems to me they drew the conclusive decision that his rights and most importantly his life did not matter.

      1. I’m starting to think FPD targeted him for a hit. Was it an assassination? Let’s get the info on the supposed call to the cops that conveniently described a guy who met Kelly’s description. We know it came from a Slidebar employee. Lets put ’em on the witness stand!

        1. Yeah, Kelly was assassinated because he was connected to the Filthy, Stinky, Drug Cartel that was hell bent on smuggling cigarette butts into DTF! He also wanted to curb their pension payouts. “Targeted him for a hit.” What a dipshit.

  39. This is now an international story. Heard it on the BBC yesterday. There are those who feel that the ‘good’ officers of Fullerton are being unfairly tarnished. Crap! Is it a co-incidence that every cop that showed up just happened to be one of the rare ‘bad’ cops? No, every one of the cops who arrived for the boot party also joined in. Any one of them could have saved that man’s life, but chose not to. And, I have no doubt that behind closed doors every one on the FPD has closed ranks and supports the murder. They are all guilty of aiding and abetting.

  40. Those 6 S.O.B should wait in jail util they was “No guilty”..
    -That is S.O.P. when somone is a suspected murder.

  41. K Teas :I live in Chino Hills, I have heard that some FPD officers have received death threats and I believe that is just plain wrong. That said, I applaud your community outrage and demand for justice and transparency. Also hope you get a top down restructuring, and replacement of the upper brass. This arrest was too violent, and there were too many officers their on the scene for this to be considered an incident from a rogue police officer. It demonstrates the mentality of FPD in general. If I lived their I was ask that FPD be dismantled and law enforcement contracted out to Orange County Sheriff. That department has too many problem officers. Good luck keep up the protest.

    This ^

    The same advice I gave to my girlfriend that lives in Fullerton. The FPD will never be rehabilitated with the current management in place. The problem I see, the City Council is loaded with former Fullerton Police Chiefs. The citizens of Fullerton need to act swift and demand OC Sheriff oversight and remove the current management. Asking the Police Chief for his resignation shouldn’t be optional and isn’t harsh enough – he needs to be fired and removed from the premises.

    1. The two who asked for his resignation only did so because they don’t have the three votes to fire him.

      Hence the recall.

      1. agreed-im suspecious especially of Quirk. They both have their own agendas and are willing to dowhat they think others want to hear/see

  42. The lawyer for the police said that they “didn’t use excessive force.” He is f*cking dead you moron. How much more excessive can you get?

    Kelly Thomas was not only a victim of the police but he was the victim of the Republicans who saw no point in spending money to help the mentally ill. RIP.

    1. Dear TMac, They have not yet determined what killed him. I know, I know, he looked bad, but when you fight with the cops for upwards of 7 minutes, you’re not gonna look good. If, for 7 minutes, the cops merely beat on a guy that’s not fighting back, he would have looked alot worse. Also, Obama the Great has been in office for nearly 3 years. What’s he done to help the homeless or mentally ill? Hope and Change! Riiight.

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