City of Fullerton’s Proposed Budget Unveiled – $274.9-Million To Be Spent

The City of Fullerton unveiled the proposed budget for fiscal year 2011-2012 and 2012-2013.

The budget appears to be largely a rearrangement of the deck chairs with no real cuts proposed.  There are proposed cuts in certain projected spending to help make up for significant increases in employee benefits.

There were no explanations about the benefits increasing which Councilmember Whitaker took issue with.

Councilmember Quirk-Silva reminded staff that last year there were several ideas proposed for generating revenue and increasing fees such as the tow franchise which will be heard by the Council later this year.  Quirk-Silva expressed appreciation that the tow franchise was moving forward but would like to know about the other measure proposed last year.

One of my major concerns continues to be the infrastructure.  As Public Works Director Hoppe pointed out, we still have a nearly $150 million dollar paving deficit to deal with.  The current paving plan does not adequately address this nor does this proposed budget.  I hope the council members and City Manager Joe Felz will give serious consideration and address our infrastructure with this budget.

Below are the summaries for the proposed budget. (click on image to read)  The big question remaining in my mind is how does $274.9 million in taxpayer expenditures next year benefit my family, my neighborhood, and the quality of life in my community?


14 Replies to “City of Fullerton’s Proposed Budget Unveiled – $274.9-Million To Be Spent”

  1. They’re living in FantasyLand, pretending that the economy will just get better somehow in a couple of years when there is no logical reason to think that it will.

    Get ready to pay for streetlights and parking, forget street sweeping and other amenities, and buy some new tires because the roads aren’t going to get better any time soon.

    1. That’s used for all vehicles. The City occasionally receives grants for specialty vehicles but most are purchase outright and this is the main source of the funding.
      They will do to their vehicles what they have done to our public streets: use them till they reck’em and then use them a little more!

  2. The police already spent a huge load of money recently snapping up some model cruiser that’s going out of production.

  3. Sebourn if anyone cared about what you say or write other than the 12 or so “friends” you would have fared much better in the election.

    1. and if anyone gave a rats ass about the fox, you would have saved it 25 years ago! Must be another gubment knuckle dragger.

  4. It looks like they’re assuming the usual 10% in-lieu franchise Water Fund rip off. Given the proposed rate increases that’s going to be a huge tax increase.

    Whitaker? Where are you?

  5. big mistake to presume redevelopment agencies will not be eliminated. BIG BIG Mistake.

    TB Legislation is set for reconsideration over the next two weeks by Assembly. 1 vote short in Assembly. DONE DEAL

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