Chris Thompson and Martha Montelongo on the Radio

Beginning tomorrow, Fullerton School Board member Chris Thompson will be co-hosting a radio show with Martha Montelongo every Saturday night on KRLA 870AM.

You can listen in on AM 870 or at on Saturday night from 11:00 pm to 1:00 am. Montelongo and Thompson will be discussing all things political, including education, unions, taxes, limited government and freedom.

Chris Thompson is a newly elected trustee for the Fullerton School Board, a longtime advocate for education reform as well as a member in good standing of both Friends for Fullerton’s Future and the Fullerton Association of Concerned Taxpayers.

Martha Montelongo is a long-time broadcast and internet radio host, writer, blogger and stay-at-home mom. She describes herself as a former Democrat who has seen the light, and now supports limited government and free enterprise.

The show should be a real kick in the pants, so don’t forget to tune in for the premiere.

7 Replies to “Chris Thompson and Martha Montelongo on the Radio”

  1. I’ll be listening for my epiphany encapsulated in the voice of reason that rings truth through my radio or laptop.

  2. I know Joe won’t be listening, 11:00PM on Saturdays Joe is almost passed out trying to clean his gun.

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