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Where's China?

I really don’t know why I bother communicating with the feather-headed Sharon Kennedy and her wretchedly incompetent Fullerton Observer.

When she wrote an unsigned “article” last month alleging that I rent space from the City worth more than $12,000 a month for  a mere $1300, I felt obliged to respond. So I sent in a letter to The Observer to add important facts that she casually omitted and also to question how in the world she came up with her crazy valuation. To my knowledge Ms. Kennedy has no experience of any kind in the commercial real estate business and knows nothing about the subleasing potential of the Santa Fe Depot or even its vacancy rates or square foot lease potential.

The deal looked pretty damn sweet for the City 20 years ago when I offered to make a large up front payment and finance the historic restoration myself – especially since the other responders wanted to be paid; and this ignoramus somehow thinks the City gave something away. I mentioned in my letter that if she had any complaint to take it up with the Good Folks at Redevelopment.

As usual, Ms. Kennedy appended her inevitable dingbat editorial comment to my correspondence that completely ignored my points and instead launched into a diatribe about all the good that Redevelopment does for poor people. She neglected to inform her readers that this so-called “affordable” housing costs twice as much as the regular kind, that it pays for high roller lobbyists, hustlers and bagmen, that it is principally just a mechanism to employ house-ocrats, and that, of course, it ends up displacing the poor for the less poor. She also mentioned to explain that Redevelopment giveaways are financed by robbing other local agencies that rely on property tax revenue.

For some reason Kennedy believes if you say something enough times it will become true: just like she claimed (again) that I am suing the Redevelopment Agency for $1,000,000. That of course is just bald-face lie made somewhat amusing by the weirdness of her fabrication; I am suing to stop Redevelopment expansion into areas of the City that are not “blighted,” the minimal legal requirement for Redevelopment spelled out in the State Health & Safety Code.

At the end of her little tantrum, in an hysterical twist, Kennedy chided me for not fighting the corporate abuse of Redevelopment – even though my friends and I on FFFF have been attacking Redevelopment and its history of abuse in Fullerton, for years when she was silent. This includes the City’s illegal planning review for the Hillcrest Park/Lion’s Field reconstruction on which she was utterly silent – until they had the temerity to install synthetic grass – a move that apparently injured her delicate aesthetic sensibilities.

Where O Where has Sharon Kennedy been these many decades as Fullerton Redevelopment lumbered along, including a ridiculous proposal to spend $6,000,000 to move a McDonald’s 200 feet? You guessed it. Happily cheerleading for Redevelopment with all of its corporate boondoggles, every sad step of the way.


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33 thoughts on “Another Fowl Observer Plop

  1. Nobody with any brains gives that idiot any credence. She and her old man have been making stuff up about their enemies for over 30 years.

  2. You might consider suing her for defamation. Her assertions aren’t based on any facts. She’s just making stuff up. As usual.

  3. Is there something else you feel you might like to discuss, such as the document posted on a certain Web site last night? I don’t read the other drivel, so I apologize if it’s all related.

    1. President Tyler, (LOL) I mean the same exact issue that was posted on the anti-recall site yesterday-using LEGAL DOCUMENTS to make their point. Were you meaning to address what they posted yesterday on the anti-recall site and chose to make your point this way instead? That’s what I meant.

  4. You speak of the Observer like it is a real news source. It’s value is way below the OC Register, both of which are only useful to those of us that own birds.

    For Ms. Kennedy-It is better to say nothing and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

  5. FUCK HER ms.kennedy is a do notting bitch-dog that has keep her mouth shet whild kelly thomas cover-up was going on under her nose.O and it take,s 2 weeks befor she can get back to you.she is a bitch JOKE HAHAAHHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I’ll bet if you re-wrote that comment Tiger without the dripping Jr. High cursing that somebody would actually absorb your point.


    1. I get that you’re posting these crazy messages to discredit Fullerton’s Future and to make the posters look like a bunch of wackjobs but you’re trying a bit too hard.

      You really need to dial it down a bit. Even the most naive person knows what you’re up to.

  7. I bekieve it was last year or the year before, licebilly sharon dropped her court case to have the Fullerton Observer adjudicated a newspaper. Even the city of fullerton denied her argument that the fullerton observer was a newspaper

    1. You’re still trying a little too hard 🙂

      Trolling is like being an middle to upper class real estate agent. You have to sell yourself.

    2. the wheels on the bus go round and round, round and around fuller town, and if its rockin don’t come a knockin
      Tigermanlsu, are you another disatisfied customer of sharon kennedy?

  8. relax tiger.. you only get one life

    Buddhas Brain.. good book

    only use aggression-fight or flight when necessary.. any over amplified senses only shorten life

  9. So many usless, wasteful, established entities and establishment lackeys in our city which do nothing but milk and ride the gravy train. Got news for ya’ll. She’s comin’ off the tracks. Will the new future leaders of our great city PLEASE STEP FORWARD?

    1. truthseeker;

      You have just explained our entire system that seems to be the Normal nowdays. Small wonder why we are teetering on the brink of total collapse in the USA. Way too many taking while way to little giving. We are broke on a local, state and national level and you are right, the train is coming off the tracks. Hell, some might say it’s already off the tracks.

      The corruption in Fullerton is a microcosim of what is going on all around the country. Take what you can take and to hell with the rest. No more God, Country or Humanity.

      Where this all ends in anyones guess…………

    1. Even the DA’s timeline in the press release is screwed up but as people have said before, the DA only filed this case to quiet down the uproar.

      Manny Ramos and Jay Cincinelli are going to walk thanks to the DA purposely filing a weak case full of inconsistencies and holes.

      1. it a technique they learned from the NOLA murders. screw the charges and investigation while the pigs cheer their killer hero brothers. it will take the feds and at least 5 yrs

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