Will Sidhu Drop Out Of The Race For The 4th?

Those peacocks are not going to feed themselves...

Contrary what Harry Sidhu told Register heart throb Jennifer Muir the other day, speculation is mounting that Hide and Seek Harry Sidhu is not going to spend another dime on the 4th District Supervisor’s race, and neither are the unions – at least not on Sidhu. So where does all this leave us? What happens if ol’ #2 re-registers at his true home, the Elegant Yorba Estate, thus disqualifying himself for the November election? Will the race for third place suddenly become meaningful despite our attempts to make fun of it? Will the third place finisher Lorri Galloway be thrown back in the November election? She seems to have finished up about 50 votes ahead of Buena Park’s Art Brown.

Maybe Galloway better hold off on her own re-registration back at her real home.

OMG, you mean I gotta fake it for another five months?

So will Hairball Sidhu back out thus keeping Lorri’s fortune cookie dream alive and causing the unions to rethink their fall plans ? Fun stuff! Stay tuned!

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  1. Maybe Sidhu figures he can cut a deal with the OCGOP to try to regain some standing. That might work but his ‘pug handlers won’t be too happy if his goal is another election in 2012. They have other pans for the 3rd District and they don’t include #2.

  2. Interesting question. What is the law? If Harry drops does Shawn run unopposed or does the spot go to 3rd place? Anyone know?

    If left to Harry’s ambitions he would continue to pursue this insanity, while expecting others to continue shelling out for his expenses. But if he could not beat Nelson in June with all that union money, he is unlikely to take him out as an incumbent. Expect one more round of phone calls in the ” we will remember our friends” school of fundraising, and when he realizes nobody is going against a party-backed incumbent, I suspect Mrs. Sidhu will get her gated estate back.

    1. I reliable source told me that Mr’s Sidhu did not spent one night at Lucky Way and won’t pretend (lie) like she did any more.

  3. “I suspect Mrs. Sidhu will get her gated estate back.”

    To get technical it’s hard to say she ever left it.

  4. I think it’s time for a visit to Lucky Way. Maybe even tonight. Now that Little Billy is off the payroll let’s see if the lights are even on.

  5. I was told that Tom Daly is helping Harry Sidhu. The reason is that Tom Daly would than continue to waste taxpayers money and Harry will not question Tom Daly when Harry becomes supervisor.

    We need to help Shawn Nelson win this election so he can keep an eye on Tom Daly.

    Tom Daly likes to do back door deals.

    1. Okay. So I’m a stalker. I don’t trust Sidhu. Can you give me a single reason why I should?

  6. Leave the whole thing alone. Harry stays on the ballot but makes no effort. Shawn beats him 70%-30% in Nov. (similar to numbers Walters got).

    Harry’s got a marriage to save, after all. His wife won’t maintain the Lucky Way charade, nor want to see any of their personal money dumped down a black hole in Nov.

    1. In other words, all the money he spent against Walters did him zero good.

      This guy really does seem too slow to learn.

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