Tom Daly Finally Has a Website, And Boy Is It Lame – Real Lame

Complete with photo of Tom - taken 15 years ago.

Friends, by the time I got around to posting this piece, Daly had modified his website, but not before I culled the quotations below. Notice how those generic accolades have been tweaked to the actual circumstances. Now they make the endorsers like Jordan Brandman look ridiculous. And boy is that par for Daly’s course.

If you thought that our Clerk Recorder Tom Daly was arrogant and lazy you were right. Get a load of this crappola straight from his website:

“I am proud to support Tom Daly to be Fullerton’s next representative on the County Board of Supervisors. The people of Fullerton can count on him to listen to our concerns and deliver results for our community.”

Fullerton City Councilwoman Sharon Quirk

and there’s this:

“No candidate for 4th District Supervisor offers the proven record of success that Tom Daly has achieved as Orange County Clerk-Recorder, Mayor of Anaheim and member of a local School Board. His experience will make a difference for all of our communities.”

–Molly McClanahan
North OC Community College Board Trustee

and this:

“Tom Daly is a passionate and effective advocate for our schools.  He will be a strong voice for education as our next County Supervisor.”

– Jordan Brandman Anaheim Union High School District Board Member

Oh, brother! Daly quit on the supervisor gig several months ago, but apparently he is still confused about which office he is running for. Or he really wants to fool people. Or he’s really lazy. Or something.

Let’s see how long it takes before Daly does something about his lame ass website.

14 Replies to “Tom Daly Finally Has a Website, And Boy Is It Lame – Real Lame”

  1. “Tom Daly is a reformer with a successful record for creating jobs and bringing government closer to the people. His leadership will be a great asset for North County residents.”

    Buena Park Mayor Art Brown

    Creating jobs for the kids of donors. I wonder if Art’s relatives will be working in the archives anytime soon…

  2. It looks like someone just freely altered all of the quotes on Daly’s site. Makes you wonder if they were legitimate in the first place.

    1. Yeah, I noticed that, too. I wonder what the protocol is on these boilerplate tributes. You know:

      “My friend Linda Ackerwoman is a businesswoman and water issues expert”

      “Tom Daly will fight corruption and wasteful spending”

      “Harry Sidhu knows how to create jobs”

      Yadda, yadda yadda.

      I think they just get permission to make up quotations. Sometimes the words put in people’s mouths are just ludicrous.

  3. “Tom Daly is a passionate and effective advocate for our schools.  He will be a strong voice for (fill in office here).”

    1. School??? WTF? What does the Clerk-Recorder have to do with schools? Why would he lobby for schools as the OC Clerk-Recorder??? I don’t think he was elected because of anything to do with schools. In fact, I thought he was supposed to run the Clerk-Recorder’s Office into the ground, not the schools…

  4. Hey Jean Pasco probably did it during county hours. We all know Goofball Daly is running his campaign from the office. Ask Paul Lanning. They booted his ass to another office to make room for CEO flunky Matthias. Funny cause Lanning is more help than failed candidate Renee Ramirez and Matthias. Oh wait, Daly failed 2 times at supervisor so really its like the blind leading the blind. But don’t tell them. It’s a big secret.

  5. Tom Daly is an IDIOT.

    Jean Pasco you can’t campaign at work for Tom Daly during county time. We have evidence that you will find out so

  6. I left work and saw jean pasco, renee ramirez, tom daly still at work. Looks like the 3 stooges are campaigning on county property after hours. Board of supersivors? Is this legal? They never stay this late so they are campaigning. I thought Tom quit the supevisor race to stay with kids more. I guess Renee and Jean are the kids. Time I left was 5:40pm. Let’s ask for computer records now!!!!

  7. What a retard. Daly only removed any reference to running for supervisor on all the lame quotes he has on his web page. He is so f N lazy that he can’t even go and take a new picture of himself. The photo he has is about 15 years old. if you see him in person he has aged badly. He even has thinning hair so why put up a false front?

  8. Goodbye, Tom – your time has finally come!

    After eight (8) years of corruption and gift wrapping County jobs to personal friends and the children of your personal friends/campaign donors.

  9. Translation from Tom’s website from a know it all Clerk.

    “About Tom”

    “He opened a North County branch office and a South County branch which together serve over forty-five thousand individual customers each year, and growing. With the opening of these two offices, at least one million driving miles are saved each year, not to mention precious time for all customers.”

    TRANSLATION – I am campaigning on County Money by opening a South and North Branch office by putting my name and my picture everywhere all over the branch offices.

    “As our elected Orange County Clerk-Recorder, Daly has been a careful protector of taxpayer funds.”

    TRANSLATION – Not your taxpayer funds, just his.

    “At the same time, he has delivered remarkable value and results to the people who have elected him.”

    TRANSLATION – I will gift wrap you a County position or give you a contract. If hired, all you have to do is show up to work and browse online all day or be on a County phone for personal conversations. Okay, if you don’t feel like showing up you don’t really have to.

    If I reward you a contract, you simply have to pretend you did something.


    As our Clerk-Recorder, Tom Daly is delivering convenient customer service, low fees and innovative results.

    TRANSLATION – Uh, no – The rest of the County Deputy Clerk-Recorder’s and I are… not him.

    “He’s protecting our vital records while making it easier and faster to obtain important documents.”

    Then why are his Deputies forced on a DAILY basis to brake State Law – Health and Safety Code 103526 where it specifies who is eligible to obtain an authorized Certified copy of a Vital record simply because they get a complaining tax payer?

    Do you want your Vital record released to a stranger simply because another tax payer is complaining about not being able to obtain the Vital record?

    “Works closely with Law Enforcement agencies to improve safeguards for public.”

    Sure, except ignore and not report to Homeland Security about an individual ordering a 100 COPIES OF HIS BIRTH CERTIFICATE! Who needs a 100 copies of their birth certificate? Most likely someone who is up to no good with that certified vital paper.

    Not to mention his Deputies are not allowed to call the Deputy Sheriff when they are being attacked by anti-government, upset individuals.

    There’s something about the safety he cares for you.

    “His department leads the nation in the implementation of electronic recording of deeds which reduces costs to property owners and reduces fraud.”

    TRANSLATION – It doesn’t reduce costs to property owners, but it does to title companies, thus making a bigger profit from the homeowner.

    Reduces fraud? Please explain Tom. How the F does this reduce fraud? The document will still be public record!

    “He has produced balanced budgets each year, with lower staff ratios than similar departments in other counties.”

    Translation – LOL

    Sure, lower staff ratios – but I’ll just make up good important titles for my friends.

    These are some personal friends of Tom Daly and the titles that they acquired. Also, never in the history of this Agency have these title existed nor were they needed.

    *Director of Archives
    *Executive Assistant (isn’t the Assistant Clerk-Recorder and a secretary enough?)
    *Director of Public Relations
    * 2 Supervising Deputy Clerks (Manager of room 101 and 106)

    Tom has an Executive Secretary,an Executive Assistant, Assistant Clerk-Recorder, which has an assistant, which also has an assistant.

    Confused? 🙂

    Welcome to Tom Daly’s Administration.

  10. “Then why are his Deputies forced on a DAILY basis to brake State Law – Health and Safety Code 103526 where it specifies who is eligible to obtain an authorized Certified copy of a Vital record simply because they get a complaining tax payer?”

    Daly cannot force Dept. Clerk-Recorders to break laws. He may put pressure on them but force? Ca. has a whistle-blower protection law that protects those who report activities they believe to be illegal from reprisal by their employer. If state laws are being broken at the behest of the elected department head, the Grand Jury should be looking at this. The real problem is that the DA’s Office is equally tainted as we saw with Sidhu, Choi, and others when it comes to fight corrupt politicians.

    Now, if you could prove that Daly used a telephone or the internet (via email?? Blackberry) to order illegal activities, I would think the Feds would want to get involved.

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