The Bright Lights of Soco

Have you noticed the ever present searchlight in the sky above downtown each night?  Could you possibly miss it?  Anyone curious enough to follow this beacon to its source will find it right outside of Joe’s restaurant in Soco:

Say, do you think Joe’s has some kind of permit for that thing?  If they do, I’ll bet they didn’t tell anyone they were going to park it in the middle of a sidewalk, blocking access for everyone, including people in wheelchairs.  I’m guessing they probably aren’t supposed to have it set up in front of a handicapped parking space either.  And I’m pretty sure they aren’t supposed to cable it to a natural gas meter pipe!

And while you’re there be sure to turn around and wish Rosco’s a Happy New Year!

17 Replies to “The Bright Lights of Soco”

  1. I’ve been wondering what that beacon is for. At first I thought it was coming from the Fullerton airport and had something to do with airplanes practicing. Thanks for clearing up this issue Mr. Savage.

  2. What frickin nerve of Joe’s restaurant/bar has to shine this feaakin beacon every freaking night. I’ll bet they don’t even have a permit for the fumkin light.

    Off with the light!

  3. What does this have to do with anything? It really seems like a waste of time too!!! What right does the city have to tell Joe’s it can’t use the lights? I know it’s wrong the way it’s setup but come on are you really advocating for more government?

    1. Light penetrates property lines just like odors and noise. If the light was preventing his neighbors from enjoying their own property, correcting this would actually make sense from a property rights point of view. But the light is pointed straight into outer space, so that would be tough case to make.

      The neighbors might even appreciate the clientelle that the light brings in, although that’s only if their customers are the types who are attracted to shiny things.

      I think the Savage is more disturbed by the perpetual obstruction of the public sidewalk and the constant abuse of a public parking lot for private benefit.

      1. You mean the way the various athletic field lighting has destroyed the quality of life of neighborhoods with a flick of a switch?

        Or the way the car dealerships’ (Renick & McCoy-Mills) lights stay on and penetrate the sanctuary of my bedroom’s blinds?

  4. No lights on tonite! And the whole appliance has been moved 8 feet towards the gelato store. Now get pictures of the kitchen mats being washed into the storm drains early in the morning. But don’t bother calling the local clean-water enforcers–it’s the fire department, receiver of largesse from the offender.

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