One Thousand Posts Later…

Slow down, I only have twenty toes...

Well, Friends, this is our 1000th blog post.

Those thousand posts have taken us from the ridiculous to the sublime; from the arid steppes of Kharakhastan to the steaming jungles of Tanzanisha; into the squalid precincts of the Poisoned Park; through a sad litany of humiliating Redevelopment failures.

Friends around the world have darkened our blogstep, including irrepressible Barney Wewak, the Papuan Highlands tribal headman and 1974 Troy High School exchange student.

We have exposed the unintentional corn pone comedy of our beloved Doc HeeHaw; we have chronicled the heavenly observations of Jan Flory’s deceased canine (me). We have skewered repuglican miscreants and Democrat boohoo spendthrifts. We have awarded coveted Fringie Awards¬© to the deserving among us.

We have shared the serial nonsense of the Yellowing Submariners at the decrepit and irrelevant Fullerton Observer. We noted the vacuousness of the local mainstream media.

We have blasted unscrupulous carpetbaggers – from the revolting Linda Ackerwoman to the comical Lorri Galloway and the even more comical #2 – Hide and Seek Harry Sidhu whose phony residence at the now infamous Calabria Apartments must rank as the stoopidest stunt ever pulled by an OC politician.

As the Fullerton Redevelopment bureaucrats like to say: much has been accomplished, yet much remains to be done. With the perpetual misbehavin’ and idiocies of our electeds to provide us constant inspiration, we seemingly will always have job security!

4 Replies to “One Thousand Posts Later…”

  1. Perhaps the city will be giving you guys one of those plentiful awards that seem to suffocate the early moments of every council meeting.

  2. FFFF is a work of art that graces our fair town and disgraces those who deserve it. FFFF keep up the good fight and keep taking it to the street via this blogsite.

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