Hide and Seek Sidhu Discovers Bottom of Barrel

Over at the Red County blog, repuglican scribe, Matthew J. Cunningham, has once again gratuitously passed along a new and typically comical Hide and Seek Harry Sidhu press release touting new endorsements for his waterlogged campaign for county supervisor.

One is none other than Fullerton’s own cracker barrel nutsy-cuckoo philosopher F. Richard Jones. No surprise there. Old Doc HeeHaw endorsed Sidhu last time around, too – for all the good it did either one of them. Having the kook Jones brag about you is, well, not exactly a badge of honor.

I voted for Sidhu! Have you voted yet?

The really fun new addition to Hairball’s stable of endorsers is none other than Fullerton Collaborative scammer, and soon to be forgotten ex-councilwoman, Pam Keller, whose image, in a fervent embrace with the overly deodorized #2, was recently shared on this blog.

Old Spice?

Pam’s contribution to the Fullerton political scene has been a string of comical performances and embarrassing ditzy routines.

Ah, the poor Hairball, relying on the semi-lucid and mentally challenged. Last week it was the deranged creep Richard Faher; this week it’s Jones and Keller. The next seven weeks are going to seem like an eternity for the almost pathetic Sidhu.

And  speaking of semi-lucid and mentally challenged:

11 Replies to “Hide and Seek Sidhu Discovers Bottom of Barrel”

  1. Ah thought he wanted ta be mah new towel boy! Yee haw! Ah need a footrub! Ah was in the tropics an it was hotter’n ah bull’s boilers. Whoooweeee!

  2. At least when Sidhu says he won’t take a County pension we can rest assured he won’t. Unlike that lying hypocrite scumbag Ambulance-chasing Shaun Nelson who opted to enrich himself at our expense.

    1. You spelled Shawn wrong. And what makes you think he’s taking a pension?

      Also, Sidhu actually did sign up for Anaheim’s pension gravy! I wouldn’t take that carpetbagging, pejuring sack o’ crap’s word for the time of day.

      BTW big mouth, Nelson never took any pay during seven years on the Fullerton City Council.

      1. Nelson got a pension from the city Admin; of course he got paid. And he is still taking a pension. He double dips…..

  3. Keller sold us out on Amerige Court and Jefferson Commons after we walked precincts for her. Sidhu can have her and good riddance!

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