Fullerton Observer Takes Dump On Self. Again.

On a clear day you can see forever...

In its page one retelling of events at the last Fullerton School Board meeting, Yellowing Observer Jan Youngman spun out this yarn about the District’s unconscionable arrangement with The Fullerton Collaborative for the services of FSD employee and soon to be ex Fullerton Councilwoman Pam Keller:

Five spoke in opposition to
continuing the relationship,
including the president of FACT
(Fullerton Association of
Concerned Taxpayers), a group
responsible for vicious hit mailers
in past school board and council
campaigns. (The group’s major
funding comes from Bushala
Brothers Inc. Tony Bushala heads
the group FFFF (Friends for
Fullerton’s Future) which has
made both Pam Keller and the
Fullerton Collaborative frequent
targets. FFFF is currently suing
the City of Fullerton.).

Hoo boy! Now there’s a mouthful of tripe, even for one of the Observer crew who can’t discern the difference between editorial and news reporting. We haven’t made Keller or her illicit arrangement with the Collaborative a “target.” Oh, no. That was all her doing – by a multiplicity of conflicts of interest as a councilmember, by skipping out without having to account to anybody for her time, and by remaining an FSD employee with the attendant benefits without having to set foot in a classroom. We only shed some light on the whole rancid deal.

Bad girl. Bad, bad girl.

But back to the egregious Youngman. Important fact, hon. FFFF  sued the Redevelopment Agency, not the City. I know it’s next to impossible for you people, but next time do please try to get your facts right. By the way, why is that even relevant to your story?

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  1. before FFFF, the fullerton Observer had no need to subscribe to accuracy or objectivity because it did not have to compete with another local source of news and insight into Fullerton’s government’s machinations. In essence, the Fullerton Observer was local propaganda churned out by Ralph Kennedy, the chronically unemployable “rocket scientist” and his cronies, then after his death, it was churned out by his intellectual heir and daughter, the chronically unemployable, welfare mom Sharon Kennedy. FFFF with its fact-filled, insightful blogs exposes the Fullerton Observer to be nothing more than a poorly written propaganda that loves to appeal to the heart and not the mind with its stories. Thanks to the FFFF, Keller’s conniving collaborator/educator role catches her stealing our tax dollars.

  2. Pretty soon they’re going to have to back up a mobile skilled nursing facility to that operation and take it all away.

  3. Some people actually carry that rag around the world.

    Observe the thread: somebody from FACT shows up; Bushala has given money to Fact; Bushala operates FFFF; both have done “vicious” hit pieces (i.e. most likely factual and deserved); FFFF is suing the City (a falsehood); and all this is supposed to suggest that opposition to the Keller/Collaborative deal is evil.

    Fortunately two trustees saw the light, and there were no doubt a bunch of people behind the scenes that helped them do so.

    And please note the idiots who supported Keller/Collaborative. Of course Minard Duncan is just a clueless buffoon. Perhaps the most priceless quote is from Ballard who claims that anything that is good for children is good for FSD, immediately demonstrating her ignorance of the FSDs mission which is to TEACH kids.

  4. One thing is true. If Keller hadn’t been using her position on the City Council to gin up contributions to the Collaborative that went to pay her salary none of this would have even showed up on the radar screen.

    So long as the mission remains evidently boohoo, The Observer crew can’t bend their minds around misfeasance.

    1. The Redevelopment Agency is a separate entity organized under the State Health and Safety Code. It isn’t a City department.

  5. Let’s hope Ellen Ballard turns in re-election papers, it’s time for the voters to learn about Ms. Ballards recent shenanigans.

  6. joe, redevelopment agency is under the auspice of the federal government, thus tax dollar subsidized, unfortunately it has little oversight and it is this fact that gives municipal governments carte blanc to our money reinvented by the governmnent as taxes

  7. wooops! redevelopment agencies funded locally and via state, yet I do remember federal block grants factor into municipal redevelopment

  8. RDAs are state agencies administered by cities (and a few counties).
    Will we have any choices in the fall school board races? Maybe at least one alternative to the entrenched crew running the HS Dist.? What about the Elementary? Thompson? Or?

  9. “FFFF is currently suing the City of Fullerton.”

    Where is the explanation of this statement? It sounds significant, and yet the poor Observers are left in the dark. What kind of journalism is this?

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