From Pawn Shop to Sex Shop in Downtown Fullerton

How did an empty pawn shop become a sex shop?

For months the 219 W. Commonwealth has stood depressingly empty, but at least the trash was on the outside.  Now it seems that Commonwealth will sport its very own lingerie shop just two short city blocks from the Boys and Girls Club and the Senior Center.  And that’s if we’re lucky, and they limit their wares to the wearable variety.

The lights went off one by one just as I began to take some snapshots of the buxom mannequins through the iron gated windows.  Such class in our fair city–”The Education City”.  Well, some kids are going to get quite an education from across the street at the friendly gelato cafe.  I guess there will be something skimpy dressing these hotties to keep them from showing off too much, but is this really what was envisioned for our downtown?  Where is zoning on this one?  How long has this area been a redevelopment zone?  Is there any better evidence of redevelopment engendering blight?

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  1. I don’t know what the big deal is here, free market enterprise at work. I’ve been looking for a place to buy a new pair of____________________.

  2. It goes with the tattoo and body piercing emporiums–seven in downtown. And the council and city manager want us small business people to pay–via a Business Improvement District they are trying to foist on us–for the cost of maintaining this free enterprise zone. As Chris Myer said to me, “We have an eight block area that is costing us over a million and a half a year. We have to do something.”

  3. When the owner of the new “lingerie” shop was cleaning the place, my apartment building caught fire less than a block away. The owner showed up on the scene taking photos and laughing his ass off. He approached me and the other tenants and said, “Oh man so you lost F’ing efverything? Thats’ so F’ing AWESOME! I wish I saw the fire!!” And he laughed at us. A lot. He said he was going to send the video on his iPhone of my neighbors crying to YouTube because it was “F’ing hilarious.” What a great guy.

    1. When the owner of the new “lingerie” shop was cleaning the place, my apartment building caught fire less than a block away. The owner showed up on the scene taking photos and laughing his ass off.

      How low can you get. The above post is an absolute lie. Never happened. By the way, the owner who laughed “his” head off was not Dawn, the owner of the Naughty Teddy. She doesn’t have an iphone and isn’t illiterate enough to use “F’ing” every other word.

      If we are going to have an honest discussion, lying assholes like you will have to go find a rock to hid under

    2. ItFigures tells us something about himself, when he contrives this false accusation. One, that he has very little concern about ethics. Two, that he finds some misguided fault with Naughty Teddy. But how can you listen to a person who will lie to you, slander others, deliberately misrepresent and defraud in order to get his way?

      The story sounds contrived on the surface, but can someone be so unprincipled and malicious as to concoct this elaborate tale against his neighbor on a public forum?

  4. cmon grow up guys, this is america, if they pay the rent they should be able to stay. there are people in the city with different lifestyles and values then u guys, they have every right to express them. the kids and seniors will be ok, trust me.

    1. Not exactly. If their lifestyle and values include subject matter that is illegal or very likely to incite riot, then they do not have as much right to their public expression.

      But in this case, so long as the dildos and like are out of site from the sidewalk, then no harm or foul.

  5. Yes, our city really does have class… First they take out all those strawberry fields, and now this. Our city’s been prostituted! >o<

    1. Ken, the store sells sexually oriented clothing and accessories. Now just because your sexual experience and knowledge revolves around prostitutes please don’t lump us all into that category. Some of us have meaningful loving relationships, like the one that brought you into existance, with willing participants.

    2. Maybe if there were cucumber fields instead of strawberry ones there wouldn;t be a need for a Naughty Teddy.

      But really–if anything they’re doing Fullerton a public service staying open till the bars closed. Helping make sure when people leave the bars they’re fully “protected” before they make any life altering decisions. Is that so wrong?

  6. I got all excited about a “sex shop.” Finally, a place to buy sex. But, alas, it’s just an adult toy shop.


    If they pay their taxes and their advertising conforms to local standards, why should anyone care?

    Where would you prefer the good citizens of Fullerton go to buy their sex toys?

  7. what exactly is wrong with a lingerie shop, a sex toy shop and a tatoo parlor? Would you rather someone or some group decide what is appropriate for our Downtown? Won’t they’re fates be decided by the amount of money spent inside each venue.
    You are insane. Are you suggesting that everyone who owns sexy lingerie, owns or has used a sex toy or has a piercing or tatoo is somehow ‘less’ of a person, less of citizen, less entitled to the same rights as those who would engage is such behaviors.
    Sounds like you’d have no problem with a video/comic book store selling ultra violent computer games and related materials.
    I really expect much more tolerant thinking from the bloggers here.
    As long as the business is legitimate and the owners/management abide by the laws as everyone else , there is nothing wrong with these business.
    and by the way, the kids get a much more graphic eduation in School and on the TV set than they ever will by looking in the store windows of Orange County.

  8. Not sure if I agree with the poster, but I like the controversy. Who is the Fullerton Savage? A new blogger?

    Off to a good start, I say.

  9. “As long as the business is legitimate and the owners/management abide by the laws as everyone else, there is nothing wrong with these business.
    and by the way, the kids get a much more graphic eduation in School and on the TV set than they ever will by looking in the store windows of Orange County.”

    Alice, you are correct on both counts. Those are some of the reasons I have my son in a private school and I watch what he is watching on TV. I can control both of those environments while it is a little more difficult to sensor what he might see in a store window near the Boys and Girls Club.

  10. Fullerton Savage, great post title and welcome to the blog!! We have already received 318 hits to your post.

    Key word “sex”.

    1. Dear Friends, an interesting and amazing fact I’d like to share with you; this post was our 800th post since we began our blog a little more than 16 months ago, and at the rate this post is being read, by the end of this day this post alone will have been read by over 1,000 politicos. Not bad for a start up blog 🙂

      Fullerton Savage, can’t wait to read your next post!

  11. -As Chris Meyer said to me, “We have an eight block area that is costing us over a million and a half a year. We have to do something.”-

    Maybe make the bars pay their own way, instead of costing the city in excess of a million dollares a year for policing, cleanup, etc? How about that for starters, Chris?

    I remember a couple years back when the downtown working group finally discovered that in spite of the city’s ‘genius’ in attracting vibrant downtown bar business, the more successful they were the more the city lost hacing to deal with the fallout since the bars are getting a free ride.

    Can I say ***ing idiots on the internet?

  12. “Those are some of the reasons I have my son in a private school and I watch what he is watching on TV”

    How would private school make a difference, Kids in public school are not getting ‘much more graphic’ exposure to anything as part of curriculum. From other students maybe, but when in history of mankind has that not been so.

  13. The private school keeps the sphere of social influence to a minimum. Not to mention the time that public schools waste preparing for state/fed exams. Oh, I could go on and on about public versus private education but I have better things to do today.

  14. what is more a threat to our town’s morality; a sex shop or an ACORN office in fullerton? At least the sex shop doesn’t offer to use our tax dollars to subsidize child prostitution to potential brothel owners.

    1. If it’s squandered tax dollars you’re worried about, 95% of the problem can be found within the walls of city hall

      1. eh, I amend that to include a few other entities, like NOCCD and Fullerton College who are pretty good at spending lots of money on the wrong things.

  15. 800th post…Congrats to FFFF…!!!! how many of you guys have called that phone number and asked for Dawn?

    Actually I read the sign, Lingerie…I must have missed something aka dildos/sex shop, when I read it?

    Tatts, booze, lingerie, and hooka bars…Fullerton is going to Hell in a handbasket, whatever that means.?
    If anyone here remembers, Fullerton used to have an adult toy store on the corner of Chapman and State College right next door to the dog groomer…and we survived it all.

    So the question is this..will you all disown me if I apply for a job with Dawn to sell Lingerie..?

    Seriously, it is always a wait and see …let them open, go in and visit..make your opinions then.

    1. I am glad there are still Fullertonians who believe in free enterprise, and the right to live any lifestyle that doesn’t harm others. For those of you open minded enough to come into The Naughty Teddy, mention this blog and you will receive a 50% discount on any and all Penthouse Lingerie. I am also hiring experienced sales people. And finally, Post #7 “It Figures” is a slanderous, foul smelling, low life, scum sucking, etc………

  16. Yeah, this is no big deal.

    But the discussion about City control of land use is important, all right. The City’s self-serving vision of land use has created an open air food court/booze emporium and fugly subsidized, overbuilt apartment buildings.

    The architects of this mess have been calling it “revitalization” for twenty years – and taking credit for it! And now that idiot Myers is complaining about the revenue hole! Jesus, just a year and a half a go these dimwits voted to subsidize fire water mains for all the goddam bars!

    And now you know why I gave up and moved out permanently to the Desert Rat Compound on beautiful Screech Owl Road.

    If the “lingerie” business works it will be an asset, say I. If it doesn’t it’ll disappear PDQ. And gee, no interest free loans or other Terry Galvin/Rob Zur Schmiede hand outs.

  17. Build it and they will came.
    Well, the city subsidized the nightly free for all and what followed is all the reset. What the tatt parlours and lingerie stores indicate is they move here because they’re betting they’ll be able to find the type of customer they are looking for.
    I mean, think of the convenience. Go out, eat dinner, drink a lot, get drunk… look for a tatt parlour..oh! There’s one next door! Yup, their customer base is built in. They’re business owners and pretty smart. Whether they’ll get enough business to support 7 tatt parlours isn’t known. Some might close up as some of the beauty parlours did as well. And that’s not very much fun to imagine. I guess the solution might be to open more bars.

    Fullerton’s Harbor Bl. ceased being a real downtown decades ago. It’s a destination zone more than a real functioning downtown. Sure, there are vestiges of it left –the hardware store, the banks, a few clothing boutiques, the gelato place. But gone is the stuff that makes a downtown a place where people can run to get everyday things. Or do Fullertonians now add “stopping in to grab a dildo and tatt” on the grocery list as well?
    You’ll have to clue me in. I’m not here very much.
    Yup, they built it alright.
    Not they’re stuck with the subsidies and the nightly costs of policing and cleaning it up.

  18. fullerton’s downtown is not an adult Disneyland, yet. Before totally bashing downtown,it was worse with the totally dive bars My Shrink and the Melody Inn

  19. Next thing you know girls in Fullerton will be killing thier babies……..Oh Wait a minute.


  20. News flash… release from Lorrie Gallloway…..if elected she will open a district office in the lingerie shop…..she wants to make certain the Fullerton voters have a direct voice in county matters….dan “i am the polish peashooter” chmielewski

  21. so what is exactly wrong and immoral with lingerie and sex toys? Seriously. I’m not interested in your fears that your children will be exposed to something in a window (not like there are lingerie stores at the Brea Mall). Are you not assuming that the window displays will be any different than what you and your children see at the mall.
    This is ridiculous.
    I’d hate to see how you’d all feel if someone tried to open a Muslim book store on Commownealth. You people would probably burn it to the ground.
    Your such good Americans.
    wiping your asses with the First Amendment.
    You should all be ashamed. Celebrate diversity. Celebrate Free Speech Celebrate our rights to participate in the Capitalism that makes our country great.

  22. the divine miss k :

    Fullerton’s Harbor Bl. ceased being a real downtown decades ago. It’s a destination zone more than a real functioning downtown. .

    Oh please! I am so sick of people verbally trashing our downtown as much as I am people literally trashing our downtown. Love it or hate it, our downtown is our downtown. It remains the commercial heart of the City, and it’s up to us, it’s inhabitants to let the carpet bagger business owners and City Planners (that don’t actually live here) design it, direct it and run it- or not.
    It seems many here are so preoccupied with the negatives of Fullerton because many here are profiting from the negatives. Wake up Fullerton, many of your politicos are on the anti-downtown band wagon simply because it’s so PC.
    Have those of you who so fear Tatoo shops and Lingeries stores actually been inside Fullerton’s establishments? Are they really that evil? I am really surprised no one has commented negatively on the ‘weird’ church on Chapman (and it’s right next to a High School). I would suggest that we all one day a month celebrate the diversity of our downtown by walking through the doorways of the business we most fear, despise, distrust and dislike and (knowing the police are somewhat nearby) we walk into those places of business and we extend our hands and we say hello. My name is Alice. And this aint no wonderland. Come on little scardey cats, come on out and play. You people here are such articulate bastards.

  23. Alice, I really think you’ve had too much to drink.

    You’re arguing with the wrong people! We probably agree on a lot.

    The problem with downtown Fullerton is that it is the fucked up creation of bureaucrats and brain dead politicians who desperately need to take credit for something – anything!

    Why accept that – “our downtown is our downtown?” That’s stoopid. “Downtown Fullerton” stopped being a real, authentic downtown decades ago when the Redevelopment bureaucrats took over. Can’t we agree on that?

    Nobody here is “profiting” from anything – except the Redevelopment bureaucrats that have turned “revitalization” into a never ending cash cow. Downtown Fullerton isn’t the “commercial center” of anything. It’s a financial sinkhole created by the same bureaucrats and pols who need to put some accomplishment on their campaign mailers every four years.

    Redevelopment has been going on in DTF for almost 40 years and has been a total catastrophe.

  24. well I have had a few too many gin and tonics; but nevertheless, I am not suggesting we dont make our downtown better; rather, we must pull our heads out of the sand first and simply acknowledge that this is our downtown. What’s exactly wrong with it anyways.
    The mix of F&B, retail, service and art is evolving quite rapidly. I want to know what a real authentic downtown is supposed to be?
    So please tell me. Lime in yours?

    1. A real authentic downtown is a commercial district where business isn’t coaxed and cajoled and pushed by city bureaucrats and politicians who believe in subsidies and write-downs, and above all else in shitty architecture and brick veneer.

      1. Bingo. You hit it. No one here has their heads in the sand. We’ve repeatedly brought up issues concerning redevelopment and also the huge amount of money the city is spending to keep the downtown as a place where most of the foot traffic is after hours. Understand what’s behind all of it, and you’ll see the problems, Alice.

    2. Alice, why don’t you write up an essay on downtown Fullerton – whatever you want. Send it in and we’ll give you your own post.

  25. Historian :
    A real authentic downtown is a commercial district where business isn’t coaxed and cajoled and pushed by city bureaucrats and politicians who believe in subsidies and write-downs, and above all else in shitty architecture and brick veneer.

    so using all of the above, and bringing the topic back to the Pawn Shop’s transformation into Lingerie/ToyStoryX … tell me how this business has been coaxed, cajoled, pushed and subsidized? Where’s the veneer?
    You’re one of the archetypes that loves to complain. If the City does absolutely nothing and simply lets the market dictate and the strong survive, then what do we get? We get strong assertive business men who spread their seed like a virus … but it still remains a seed that gets watered by customers, who tend to those gardens. The problem is, not everyone likes the same fruits and vegetables. You included. Now you yourself can’t intervene, but the City can. And so, when the City does your bidding, your happy as a lark. But alas, the City is composed of Men and Women, just like you (marvel that) who also have dreams and visions of what downtown might be; and so it is that the eternal conflict of public vs private interest is born.
    Everyone is never going to be happy.
    Somehow, it seems that you (and people on both sides of the fence like you) seem to think that your happiness is more important than Others. Certainly not a Christian ethos, eh?

    You seem to be the one who knows what an ‘authentic downtown’ is. Odd as well, because, it seems you are making a case that the only thing that keeps our downtown from being ‘authentic’ is the City and it’s Intrusions. Take that away and … whala … authentic downtown! Same bars, same shops, same same.

    What would you do to make the downtown authentic?
    Pass laws banning tattoo parlors and lingerie shops?
    Would you have the City cease all of it’s oversight, extra manpower and cleanup associated with downtown?

    And then what? The reality of our fare little education city is that in today’s day and age, an education city is also a party city. The two go hand in hand.
    You are not going to change that. Laws will not change that.
    After 10pm, downtown Fullerton is a party town. Plain and simple.
    The business men and women have adapted to that. Some are failing and some succeeding.
    If the City does nothing, then chaos will ensue. Most of the business owners in Downtown do not live in the downtown area, thus they have no stake in the ‘morning’s after’ .
    The City must steer the course.
    And yes, it must be done responsibly.
    But like all things politic, most of you here really don’t put that as the number one priority. What you all put as your number one priority is as childish and ridiculous as some of the behaviors you so despise … you put the party above the purpose.
    You attack instead of empower.
    Instead of offering solutions, you bring sledgehammers.
    You see only elephants and donkeys.

    The number One priority should be:
    1. creating a business climate of tolerance where any man or woman who wants to engage in legal commerce can do so.
    Number 2 Priority:
    2. acknowledge reality and then maximize the strengths and benefits of that reality, while minimizing the negatives (and look for ways to transform those negatives into positives) ie-
    the drunken mayhem after 10pm. Make all City/Public Parking Lots attended parking lots starting at 9pm. Restaurants and retail can validate. Residents/Employees get a sticker. Have the Fullerton Museum Staff oversee this, as it falls under the Arts/Culture Umbrella. Enforce the Curfew for Minors by asking to see ID’s. Believe me, there are plenty out there. People who commit any kind of crime downtown have to spend a few weekend mornings cleaning up downtown. So yes, we make some new laws (if we don’t already have them) and we enforce them …. specifically about littering, vomiting, peeing, being drunk in public (set up random breathalyzers at parking lot entrance and exits) … we don’t extract money from these infractures, we extract TIME and elbow grease.
    3. The City should not be controlling what goes on inside the establishment (unless it is illegal) but should be treating the public space as it’s business. We encourage the use of downtown before 9pm and we tax the use of it after pm (parking lots) We make it clear to all that we want them to have fun in downtown, but not at the expense of our environment and quality of life. We, the City, in effect, must parent the after 10pm activities.

    As you can see I am in agreement with many here. Where I am not, is that both sides (the City vs the Bloggers) have turned this into something personal, and the reason is because of #1. You all turn everything into politics. This is not about politics. Making it politics dilutes the issue and feeds the virus.

    To the City I say – Channel your efforts into the public spaces and seek to use your resources to control the patrons of the night
    To the Bloggers I say – Understand that the City has to be involved and has to establish itself as a Player, and rather than constantly critisize and undermine, seek to use your wealth of experience and knoweldge to find solutions that make sense.

    I am late.
    for a very important date,

  26. Wait, the alarm clock is ringing and I must go, but I need to clarify a point ….
    by having an enhanced presence in the downtown after 10pm, especially in the parking areas, that presence in and of itself becomes a controlling factor. The cost of one policeman allows for how many parking attendants? Probably a few. Parking Attendants then become the eyes and ears for command … while paying for themselves and probably much of the clean-up on public areas as well … although, because of the enhanced presence and enforced consequences for bad behaviors (time and labor) , we’d likely see a change in behaviors quickly.

  27. Alice you really need to check out our archives on the history of Redevelopment in Fullerton.

    Also, please don’t confuse our posters and commenters, or lump them into the same “you people” group.

  28. I’m new to this blogging. My apologies regarding the use of ‘you people’. However, I’d note that my use of the term ‘you people’ was in reference to the politicking here. While there are plenty of different voices representing many different political and social views, it seems from my point of view as a newbie here and someone who is non-political, ‘you people’ here have one thing in common … politics drives the outcome.
    Can someone post the rules/protocols of being a socially conscious ‘good’ blogger please?

    1. Actually, the let’s “revitalize downtown Fullerton bandwagon” seems to be a non-partisan collaboration (heh heh) to screw things up and dodge accountability. I was a novice myself until the many series last year on the history of Fullerton Redevelopment manifest failures.

      BTW, we are not a politically homogeneous group although we lean toward minimizing government intrusion into business issues.

      The only rules or protocol we have here is to ask commenters to try to stay relevant and topical.

  29. I don’t know where you get your perspective Alice, but Fullerton has been a “college town” for 97 years. The bars and bootleg nightclubs are a City-sponsored phenomenon – they got free passes, and ultimately CUPs and free fire water service for their operations.

    Also you’re reading comprehension is off. I never condemned the lingerie, etc. place.

    You also completely missed my point which is that city regulations and micro-management is death to authenticity. “SoCo” is a classic example. It started out an authentic experience by business pioneers of a sort. At the first flush of success the Redevelopment Agency got on board and started wasting who knows how much on idiotic signage and arch structures, and proceeded to fuck up the place with their brand of corporate fun zone hygiene.

    Some folks may like what’s happened. I don’t. Some people take comfort from the fact of the City as a “Player.” Not me. All I can think of is a lousy third baseman who keeps making error after error – but his dad owns the team.

  30. So what would you do to make the downtown ‘authentic’? I see/read only complaints and critique? What are the solutions that don’t involve the City as a Player.
    I just disagree with you completely in that for a downtown to be authentic (especially in the context of Americana), it must include the City itself as a participant/player. That’s what truly creates the authenticity. If a downtown is to be the heart of the City, both culturally and commercially, the City itself must be a part of that.
    I HATE the SOCO sign as well. The expense for the pavers in the alley in SOCO that is now covered in oil and grease and grime is/was ridiculous. But I find it hard to believe that the business owners in that specific area didn’t contribute somehow to the erection of all that waste.
    Do you propose we tear it down?
    What do you think needs to be done to create authenticity?

  31. Joe Sipowicz :

    BTW, we are not a politically homogeneous group although we lean toward minimizing government intrusion into business issues.

    could not an arguement be made that a number of the problems we have in downtown (especially after 10pm) are specifically because government minimized it’s intrusion in business affairs? And now, when government tries to tighten the reigns, the only business that suffer are the new ones because the old ones are now grandfathered in.

    How do you now come up with a solution that is fair to all?

    Why can’t we redo the City Charter? And just start the City all over.

  32. Let me spell this out, briefly.

    The “City” in theory is the sum of people itself. However “City Hall” is a group of people entrusted to do stuff for us; those people come to have their own interests that may not be compatible with ours. When redevelopment was established in Fullerton it gave the bureaucrats a powerful tool to do what they wanted and impress upon downtown their version of how things should be.

    It was like watching somebody play Monopoly with other peoples property and businesses with cash incentives thrown in for those who wanted to play ball.

    The damage that has been done in cheap, crappy remodels subsidized with free loans is truly incalculable yet it was incrementalized. But it’s not over the Amerige Court monstrosity is just more of the same.

    My solution: shut down the Redevelopment Agency.

  33. Sue them and block the expansion. The existing mess will sunset in less than ten years.

    Oh wait! That’s what FFFF is doing.

  34. “Why can’t we redo the City Charter?”

    First, we can’t do it because Fullerton is not a charter city.

    As for starting the city over, the core of the problem is that Fullerton has the government it deserves; the laundry list of kooks on the city council didn’t elect themselves, and ths history of empty headed and self serving incompetents in city bureaucracy is an outgrowth of this. As soon as enough people care and have a clue, things can improve. Until then..

  35. This type of dialog is what has been missing in Fullerton, finally a place (blog) to openly discuss issues and solutions. I like Alice’s idea of taxing the nightclubs, after all it’s their clientele puking on the sidewalk’s, peeing in the nooks and crannies, etches the glass, fighting in the public parking lot’s, driving drunk on their (hopefully safe) way home.

    Perhaps an annual fee (tax) for all nightclubs based on square footage or on volume of booze sold.

    I also believe we don’t need the PD doing the downtown beat, a private company would no doubt be cheaper and more efficient, self policing, just an idea.

  36. All a booze tax will do is get passed on the boozers and alike, hey wait a minute…..that is a good idea, instead of paying $4.00 for a Bud Light it’s $4.25, then the barf zone get’s cleaned up by the barffer and the barffee. Brilliant Idea all started by Alice questioning things.

  37. Well let’s be clear, this stuff has been talked about for a long time, just not by the people whose job it is to do something about it. At least sice the downtown working group figured out how much the city was *losing* every year from its vibrant night life.

    The closest anyone did to addressing the downtown problem was Don Quixote Bankhead, who predictably did the worst possible thing and moved that the city hire more cops to patrol downtown. With a simple vote of the council it was done, without budgeting, without debate, without notice, and will end up costing the city untold millions on into infinity, not only from officer salaries but paying them lifetime pensions/benefits on top of it – all to do a job that the bars should be required to chip in for, if not pay for in its entirety with private security.

    The one thing that has never been addressed seriously is making the bars pay their own way. What kind of lunacy/idiocy at city hall cultivates a wildly profitable bar scene yet manages to cost itself millions to sustain bar profits? Un-f’ing-believable.

  38. Alice,
    Your ideas are great and your rants phenomenal. In fact many of the other ideas have merit as well.

    I hope this November we clean house. That would be the closest we can come to starting the city fresh. Assuming Nelson wins the 4th SD, that would mean a majority of fresh minds, fresh ideas, and the power to implement those ideas.

  39. Conservative Orange County at it again. Wanting to control peoples lives. If you don’t like the adult shops don’t go in them.

  40. I have been to the Naughty Teddy and the window to the outside has nothing dirty or disgusting. All the more questionable stuff is in the back of the store and you have to be 21 to come inside. Kids cannot see anything but tasteful lingerie. I see nothing wrong with this. It is no different than A Touch of Romance in Brea. It is tastefully done and hurts nobody, not even children.

  41. If you are seriously this uptight then you have no business living in California, or America for that matter. Move to Vatican City or Saudi Arabia.

  42. So everyone knows, the city cited the proprietors of this business for “Adult Business Without Conditional Use Permit” and “Unlawful to misrepresent to officer or employee of the city any material fact in procuring registration certificate.”

    Both plead “not guilty” and litigation is pending.

  43. “7.95.020 Adult use development permit required.
    It is unlawful for any person to open, operate or conduct an adult business within the City unless such person first obtains and retains a valid adult use development permit for an adult business pursuant to this chapter. Any person desiring to operate an adult business within the City shall file with the Department of Development Services an adult use development permit application on a form supplied by the Department. (Ord. § 5 (part), 1996).”
    My spouse and I walked by this the other night and it looked nice. Nothing shocking or over the top visible from outside. The city should just give them the permit and collect the sales taxes generated by this bustling shop. We wanted to go in but it was getting past our bedtime.

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