Another Classic Jones Moment. “Why I Quit Vector Control”

Listen to good ol’ Doc Jones explain why he bugged out of the OC Vector Control Board. It’s pretty ironic that during Jones’ explanation he does the same thing that he accuses Vector Board members of doing – going on, and on, and on.  In fact Jones goes all the way to Africa and beyond in his four minute plus spiel. And of course he’s a die-hard supporter of the bureaucracy and its arrogant ex-chief to the bitter end.

Anyway, I always thought the purpose of leaders was to lead – not quit when they get annoyed or impatient or “baffled by brilliance.” It’s leadership failure.  No Dick, our concerns are not “improved.”

Watch the clip, Friends, and you’ll get the picture.

6 Replies to “Another Classic Jones Moment. “Why I Quit Vector Control””

  1. This is how an elected official communicates his concerns about a board upon which he serves? The residents of Fullerton deserve to know if threre are problems wirh the Vector Control Board in a timely manner, not after things have reportedly become so disfunctional that our representative walks out of a meeting. This man and his meandering, reluctant excuses needs to go now.

  2. Would it be fair to say that he would have quit much sooner had he been forced to listen to people as long winded as himself? The ulimate irony dont you think?

    He tells us for 10 minutes how he cant stand hearing people drone on about nothing.

    1. Hollis, you make a good point. In Heehaw’s pinheaded world listening to droning bureaucrats is a hardship. Our having to listen to his country-fried crap coated ramblings is just our tough luck.

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