Young Artist Moves to Fullerton


New Fullerton resident Marco Torres is a young self taught photographer whose work can be described as the fifth and final stage of sleep where the mind produces its most lucid hallucinations, confusing a dream with life, the ambiguity of tragedy or triumph engages the audience through out the entirety of each piece; a keen eye for bizarre locations both extraordinary and mundane is what sets this young up and coming artist apart from the rest. Click here to see more of Marco’s work.

3 Replies to “Young Artist Moves to Fullerton”

  1. Wow, beautiful images, tones, colors and shading. Great composition!

    Welcome to Fullerton Marcos.

  2. What does this have to do with the cost of tea in China? Although I agree images are amazing. Welcome to town Marco!

  3. Very Beautiful! Any town would welcome such a fantastic artist… Lucky to have Torres in Fullerton.

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