We Get Mail: Have We Confused You?


We recently found this missive in our FFFF e-mail sack:

Subject: Having trouble figuring out FFFF

It seems this blog doesn’t know where it stands politically, I’d originally assumed it to be non-partisan, but have seen it seem to lean towards the right. Which I figured was corrected with the Norby expose until the duvall affair. Now it seems focused purely on the republican side of the 72nd special election, somehow supporting norby who recently the blog said was illegally raising funds. what?

There seems to be an ideological disconnect.

Good points. It seems a little clarification is in order. First, we have several bloggers – some Libertarian, some Repuglican and others of unknown political persuasion. Second, we have no particular espoused blog-philosophy other than trying to promote independent and relatively intelligent office-holders who will be accountable for what they and their employees do. We are not a party-affiliated operation and have no ambitions in that direction. There are already several partisan blogs in OC and they are full of self-congratulating hacks.

We do tend to be persuaded that less regulation and government micro-management of our everyday lives is a good thing; but we especially believe that the rules laid down by government should be applied evenly and fairly – especially to the government itself.

When Norby’s campaign goofed up and sent out money solicitations to County workers, the Shadow chastised him; similarly she had at him for his hapless County Clerk campaign that smacked of desperation on his part. But when an opening occurred after the Duvall mess, the Harpoon (rightly, I believe) suggested that Norby go for the State Assembly where we are in dire need of Redevelopment reform – a theme constantly revisited on this blog.

Our readers may be interested to know that we are actively recruiting both Libertarian and Green Party members to run for the 72nd race because we would love to see some alternative voices heard for a change.

In short: we may seem unpredictable, and if we are its because there is more than one of us; certain issues may resonate with some of us; and we don’t write about everything. 

So keep visiting. You never can tell what you may discover here. 

5 Replies to “We Get Mail: Have We Confused You?”

  1. Do you mean Democrat ideas? All represented opinions are Democratic by the fact that they are presented, freely, in this forum.

  2. I think there are some Democrat ideas represented on here. Marijuana reform and law enforcement/civil liberties come to mind.

  3. One of this blog’s attractive features is its willingness to take on members of both political parties who screw up and try to ignore it, or dodge it.

    Although you don’t espouse a specific platform you tend to view entrenched, unchallenged power structures as a principal cause of ineptitude and corruption. And with a refreshing sense of skepticism.

    Unfortunately most Democrat ideas involve larger and more expensive solutions to problems – many of which were caused by government in the first place – the same 75-year old song.

    However the past eight years have also demonstrated that Republican ideas, in so far as they have any at all have very little to do with its historial role of fiscal conservatism.

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