A Redevelopment Boondoggle in the Making

Teachers are being laid off, we have fewer police officers patrolling the streets of our city, and our library is cutting back. 

(Christine Cotter, Los Angeles Times) March 12, 2009

So why did Pam Keller, Sharon Quirk and Don Bankhead vote to spend 6 million of our tax $ to move McDonalds 150 feet closer to Fullerton High School?

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    1. Unemployed Teacher, no this post in NOT a joke. 3 million for the land and 3 million for the building. This money comes from your property tax and your sales tax collected that is then sent to the Redevelopment Agency. Nothing for the schools, nothing for the Police Officers, nothing for the Lybrary. It’s all funny money, Big Mac stuff, smile now cry later 🙁

  1. Wait a minute, a little update please — I thought this issue was formally still undecided. Did they vote on this at the last clowncil meeting? I thought at least Quirk was on the fence, leaning in the responsible direction. What’s the current status? Is this actually moving forward?

    1. Mr. Peabody, I too thought Quirk was on the fence, she told me to my face she had changed her mind, however, it appears the staff has her in a headlock and wont let go, ouch! Apparently, the city staff needs this project in order to keep people busy doing something. I’m thinking of a new post that will identify other “make work projects” in Fullerton, I’d love your help?

  2. For anyone paying attention, this has been in the making for years.

    When did they tear down the houses? Do you think that someone had a plan for those lots? You don’t tear down rental property just to let the empty lots turn to mud.

    Tune in earlier and you won’t be so surprised…


  3. This is a hit piece in the making. $6 million in tax dollars to put h.s. kids 150′ closer to fast junk food.

    Crum–you may be right. Maybe this has been in the making for years. But there’s still time to stop it. That big vacant lot could be used for low cost first-year teacher housing, rather then moving the McDonald’s there.

    The McDonalds franchisee doesn’t even want to move.

  4. Great photo–the fake plastic golden arches against the venerable concrete arches of FUHS (my alma mater–Go Big Red!).

    Message to McD–keep your greasy hands off our kids. You’re too close as it is!

  5. why did quirk keller bankhead want tax payer money wasted on this scheme? these three council members are either very stupid or they get kickbacks for funneling our 6 million dollars into this pointless project. I’ll let quirk, keller, bankhead choose the answer.

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