Norby Job Prospects Uncertain

Will he work for food?

Termed-out OC 4th District Supervisor Republican Chris Norby has announced his intention to run for the possibly soon-to-be vacant County Clerk job currently held by Democrat Tom Daly. But the road could be rocky as Norby now has two credible candidates challenging him: Hugh Nguyen of the Board Clerk’s office, and Buena Park’s own grandfather figure, Art Brown. Rumors on the street suggest that Daly and fellow Democrat Brown have decided to swap endorsements since Daly has previously announced that he is running for Norby’s job.

Art Brown has staked his claim to the County Clerk job...
Tom Daly is mining for Buena Park votes while Art Brown has staked his claim to the County Clerk job...

It is also rumored that Norby is becoming anxious about his future employment prospects. So much so, in fact, that he was recently seen handing out his business cards to prospective employers in his office. While we can’t verify this, we have discovered this photo on his own website:

Let me know if anything opens up!


9 Replies to “Norby Job Prospects Uncertain”

  1. While he may be politically palatable to many, Chris is a joke. Let’s not forget about his sleeping one off on the front lawn of the Old Courthouse — no pass for that sort of behavior.

    Who wants this flake running a County Department while he’s looking around for his NEXT job? He needs to get beat.

  2. A new job must be Norby approved….a government job to supplement retirements from the Public Schools and the County. Not much of a pension fighter when it hits home. So much for meaningful philosophy. Perhaps the Post Office or the DMV.

  3. Norby was a candidate when he fighting for the people and valued principles. now he is just a politician looking for a job. that plus all his baggage, its hard to imagin he will get much support.

  4. Norby :
    Glad to see I have so many friendly constituents concerned about my future!

    Chris, As you know the Friends here are fans because you have spent your political career fighting for principals and issues that are righteous. Your history in politics has always been highlighted by finding those issues where you could stand up for the greater good even when it would have been easier to go with the flow. We know you as a guy willing to fight the machine of government. Many see the run for Clerk as an attempt to join the machine of government. This job offers no real opportunity for reform and as a result, offers little more than a paycheck to you.

    We support you but do not support politicians gaming the system for the mere chance at a paycheck and benefits with little else. Your run looks like no more than an effort to get a county paycheck and not a true desire to accomplish something for the taxpayers. We would rather see you run for city council where you can do some good. Sure the gig doesn’t pay well but politics was never supposed to be for earning a living (something Tom Daly has never come to grips with). Go find a teaching job for a college or High School and focus on what made you so popular in the first place. Putting principle over pay.

  5. #8 J Bird:

    To quote the guy in Forrest Gump wearing the the American flag shirt during the rally on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial: “You said it all man”.

    When Norby runs for office to milk the system is when his core supporters become his former supporters.

    Chris: What in your background possibly makes you a good candidate to be the Clerk-Recorder of Orange County? Other than some variation of “I need to run for something” there is no reason you want this job!

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