Marty Burbank Hopes Norby Has Short Memory

Well, you’ve gotta give Marty Burbank credit for unmitigated gall; or as my friend Jeffrey Goldfarb’s Nana used to say in Yiddish: chutzpah.

This Chamber of Commerce/Repuglican/Rotarian/Redevelopment cheerleader-type zero (think Dick Jones and you have the model) who wants to be on the Fullerton City Council, recently sent this supplicating letter to 4th District Supervisor Chris Norby. One of our fearless white van investigators got a hold of it.

Marty the One Man Party
Marty The One Man Party...

Marty wants Norby’s endorsement, and tries to grease up Chris a little bit about how much Norby loves his town and ergo should consider giving Burbank his endorsement.

But wait! Only two weeks before he sent his letter to Norby, Burbank was supporting Linda Ackerwoman in the 72ndSpecial Election primary; he made a contribution to her carpetbagging, lying, smear-filled campaign against Norby on October 9th. Burbank’s contribution went to fund the slime Ackerwoman threw at Norby.Oy vey!

It’s pretty clear that Burbank was following along with of many other Fullerton drones who were swayed by Dick Ackerman’s promises of easy victory lubricated by a big ol’ sack o’ Sacto lobbyist cash. Too bad Marty chose to participate personally in contributing to the defamation of Norby, as well as being a willing participant in the Ackerman, Inc scampaign, of course.

Now, we know Chris, and we know him to be a very forgiving kind of guy. But really, you’d think ol’ Marty could have waited more than a couple of weeks to come a knockin’ at Norby’s door.

Hopefully Norby won’t forget. We won’t. And that’s a promise.

15 Replies to “Marty Burbank Hopes Norby Has Short Memory”

  1. Too funny. Look at little man’s form letter: “Your name and reputation will be a significant contribution.”

    No doubt it would be, but you’re not going to get it you snivelling little Ackerturd.

    1. Norby is just not vindictive.

      I suggest he take some lessons from my mistress then bitchslap Marty back to the 2nd grade.

  2. I see a Yes! option, but why isn’t there a No, I do not endorse Marty Burbank choice? A bit presumptuous, no?

    Also, there is a stain in the top right corner of the letter. I think Marty needs to clean up his act.

    1. Good catch, jag. I guess you’re supposed to draw in your own “No!” box.

      I wonder if Linda Ackerman got one of those letters. He probably doesn’t think so much of her name and reputation nowadays.

  3. Before the Internet, candidates could do stupid things like this and nobody would know. Now that we have blogs we can see how stupid these people really are.

  4. This guy is supposedly some kind of badass ex Navy Seal SCUBA soldier or something. It sounds cool but then he says limpy things like “Helping Fullerton Flourish!” and it makes me want to challenge him to a dance-off.

  5. Marty needs to don thick, academic glasses and pound down a couple of arugula salads (Obama’s fav-O-rite) and ask for the Fullerton Observer’s support.

  6. What with the JD, llM? Didn’t the guy pass the bar yet? Noooooo Chris. Don’t do it. He’s part of the Ackerwoman scourage.

  7. If Marty was smart (an oxy moron) his letter (not a form letter) would have said this:

    Congratulations on your victory over the carpet-bagging Hackerwoman. The reason why I gave her money to slander you I was because I was led to believe that she was going to kick your ass, she lived in a granny flat in Fullerton, she was a businesswoman, and she would endorse me after she won.

    I guess I was wrong and now I would like your endorsement. In fact, I actually voted for you. Please put a check in the YES box and I promise if elected, I will be for Fullerton first!

    Always Accountable,

    Marty “the 1 man party” Burbank

  8. So this guy gave $$$ and endorsed Linda Ackerman and now a few weeks later, he’s asking Chris for his endorsement? That pretty much tells you that this guy stands for nothing.

  9. He is ex-military and a fellow Rotarian like Bankhead and Jones–no doubt getting the nod from them. Hes a young mix of both the old coots with his background.

    Just what we DON’T need!!!!!

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