Is Jan Flory’s Dog Really Still Dead?

Gone, but not forgotten, apparently.
A broomstick across the eye socket does wonders to curb errant leg-lifting

Despite our repeated efforts to assure our loyal Friends that former Fullerton City Councilwoman Jan Flory’s dog is still dead-as-a-doornail, and still out of its misery, persistent rumors to the contrary, and alleged sightings keep occurring. The most recent of the latter happened last week as our own dedicated Friend Ed Peabody claims to have witnessed the hapless mutt peeing in the bushes along Brea Boulevard, directly beneath the new Elks Lodge compound.

While this reaction to the monstrosities on Elk Hill (that we have previously documented herehereand here)  seems appropriate, we cannot, however, lend credence to these wild stories, even from a normally reliable source like Peabody. Although we were willing to cut him some slack when he claimed to have seen Elvis passed out in the West Harbor Alley, now he has just gone too far.

Until we are provided with concrete evidence, we will continue to maintain that Jan Flory’s dog is still dead.

10 Replies to “Is Jan Flory’s Dog Really Still Dead?”

  1. Not true. I saw Flory’s dog at the celestial bark park the other night nipping at people’s ankles and generally being a nuisance.

  2. Geez, how could a mutt resist peeing on that giant flag pole.

    BTW, admin, you never told us what ninny approved that monstrosity.

  3. Is it me or is that dog giving me the eye? Reminds me of a maintenance guy I see driving around the Walnut area in the mornings in a beater white pickup with a rack on top.

  4. Hollis, I saw that same truck in Santa Ana somewhere around the French Quarters area… and swear I saw Jan’s mutt eating a hamburger happy meal in McD’s parking lot next to the HS on Sunday afternoon right around 5:30.

  5. #6:
    I can tell you which dog I’m voting for right now. Flory’s dog should take this thing hands (paws) down.

  6. Starting a fund to commission a bust of this famous Fullerton dog at the pooch park. Will FFFF baby sit the cash until we raise enough?

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